In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In this time of Armageddon, companions, I call you to cross unknown oceans with your feet so that the limits of ignorance may be overcome, so that the voice of My Heart may resound within each one of you.

Just as the apostle Peter, step with both of your feet upon the unknown oceans that I present to you today; in this way, you will discover within you what you truly are, and what you came to fulfill in the name of My Father.

I am the Fisherman that calls his companions to the deep seas, to the profound oceans of the infinite so that you may submerge in the essence of life, so that, within the Source of Light, you may find the Truth, that Truth that the world lacks due to its indifference and ignorance, due to the lack of search for higher Truth.

I Am the Lord of the Oceans, I invite you to walk upon the waters, and in this time of Armageddon, it will be your faith that will allow you to cross the very vast oceans that I present to you. In this way, with your offering, you will also elevate the consciousness of humanity and help to remove it from the great abysses of these times, when suffering and desolation reign within hearts.

I call you to cross the unknown oceans of the infinite in trust, igniting the flame of faith at this planetary moment, because faith and trust will allow you to understand everything, to accept everything and to no longer suffer.

I invite you to cross the unknown oceans with courage, with the bravery of a server of Christ, with a soul in detachment and in selflessness for the service of others, to meet the great planetary need.

When you step upon the oceans with your own feet, do not doubt, because if you doubt you will sink, and then your faith will be weakened, it will be poor faith for not believing.

If I call you to cross the oceans, it is because you can believe in Me. I continue being the Way, the Truth and the Life. I Am the Way to reach God, I Am the Truth to find it within each one of you, I am the Life that will never die, because it is an Eternal Life, the Life of the Spirit.

Now cross the oceans, upon the waters, feeling the firmness of what I tell you. Do you know how you will be able to cross these unknown and infinite oceans? Not by looking at your feet, at your imperfections nor at your doubts, but rather by looking at the horizon, where I Am, waiting for you as the Eucharistic Sun of Adoration. In that direction, you must look.

Your eyes must penetrate the mystery to be able to cross the great oceans of consciousness and go through the thresholds of ignorance and indifference in order to find, beyond yourselves, My Spirit of Truth.

Today, I am upon the oceans of the world and I invite each one of you to also be upon them because it is in these great oceans where you will find your inner void and you will be free from the expectations of the end of these times, of all that could happen.

Although the world view is something more than a serious and painful crisis, I call you, as My apostles of the end of times, to cross the unknown oceans of the infinite with your own feet, stepping firmly upon the waters, feeling the elevation of consciousness, leaving that which is material and earthly, superficial and petty; walking upon faith and trust, spiritual dignity and prayer, until you find, upon the horizon of the oceans, My solar and cosmic Consciousness, opening its Arms to receive and welcome you into My Heart.

If souls would decide to cross the oceans that I offer you, these unknown and infinite oceans, the whole world would not be in this situation. The oceans, on which you must step with your own feet, invite you to overcome your own fears, your insecurities and your doubts.

I know that you will go through these feelings and thoughts, because walking upon the oceans not only means having a spirit of determination and trust, but also going beyond faith, what is beyond faith and what comes from that which is eternal, from the unchangeable, from the unconditional.

The unknown oceans of the Christic Consciousness open before you so that you can cross them at this critical moment of humanity, as it will be through the path of the oceans that you will be able to find the peace and emotional serenity that you need at this moment, in the face of the whole planetary situation.

However, if throughout your walk upon the oceans you come to feel doubt, uncertainty or insecurity, know that I will be there to help you. I will help you to walk upon the waters of the typical turbulence of these times.

Trust, beyond what you live and what you know.

Trust, because I will extend My hand towards you and you will hold it tightly. And if out of ignorance you fall into oceans that you do not know, I will raise you up, and I will bring you with Me to the end of the path, towards where My Father needs you, at this moment.

If many more let themselves be led and guided by Me, you would not be living this moment that humanity lives today.

Although you are on this planet and within this school, which the universe has given you in order to learn to love and serve, I have precious treasures for each one of the souls, but these treasures are in crossing the great oceans of the inner and spiritual consciousness.

If your trust is strengthened and not lukewarm, you will cross, with your own feet, the oceans that I offer you, and you will not fear what is unknown because, in the end, upon the horizon, you will find the portal, a threshold that will lead you towards something more profound that you still do not know.

Thus, when you come to this moment, you will perceive that you are losing the control and the power that you believed you have always had. For this reason, I speak to you of trust and faith at this planetary moment.

Do not fear to cross the oceans that you do not know, because they will never cause you harm.

Today, see yourselves before the oceans that I offer you, at the shore, upon the sand, listening to My Message, hearing My Words, seeing My Presence on the sidereal horizon.

I call you to cross the oceans with your own feet, without fearing that you might fail. Your history and your past will be left behind, the wind of the oceans of My Christic Consciousness will impel you to reach the goal that I propose to you today, which is an inner goal.

If you cross the oceans with your own feet, you will be able to become aware of the talents that I have deposited within your hearts, souls and spirits.

This is the time to launch into the unknown, into what you cannot control nor direct with your power, but rather launch into what you can live, in divestment and in emptiness, in humility and in surrender.

Many still find themselves at the shore, barefoot on the sand, thinking whether or not they will cross the oceans that I offer them towards the unknown and infinite. But they see Me, many see me on the horizon of the oceans. They listen to the sound of the waters, they see the movement of the waves, feel the breeze of the wind upon their faces, but they have still not taken the final step. Because there will not be a boat that will take them. Their boat will be trust and faith, which will sustain them at this moment and in this time.

And when you cross the oceans with your own feet and step upon the waters, if you trust, you will know who you are and from where you have come, what you have lived and how long you have been here, waiting for this great moment of again meeting your Lord, the Lord of the Oceans, the Lord of the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Meanwhile, I pray for you and for the world so that the ocean of ignorance no longer embraces you nor causes you shipwreck; so that the ocean of indifference does not drag you towards unknown places, without a safe harbor, without firm land.

I pray for the world and for you so that the Ocean of My Love and My Mercy may flood you. And so that someday, free from your inner and outer, bodily and spiritual prisons, your true being may again be born, that which once emerged from the Source, from the sacred Lakes of Light of the universe, to fulfill the Divine Will.

The oceans prepare the Return of Christ.

This is the time to overcome your fears. It is time to no longer fear the unknown.

It is the time to lose the control and the power you believe that you have by means of emptiness and divestment.

I call you to step with your feet upon the waters, where doubt, insecurity or lack of faith cannot make you fail.

I am here to help you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, with the wind and the ocean waves, I come here, crossing the portals of the universe so that I may penetrate in the human consciousness its spiritual aspect..

Today, I bring to all the deep pain of My Heart before the situation of the planet and humanity.

Although I Am in the universe and the Hierarchy is working to relieve the situation of the world, My Eyes do not cease to look at what is happening, what no one can yet see in-depth, to understand the meaning of why it happens.

On this day, I come from Heaven to ask you again to pray for the refugees, especially for those who try to survive and find a destiny, a promised land, crossing many oceans. Many of them do not reach the end goal, they do not reach the destiny that they seek with hope, although their faces reflect the suffering of abandonment and non-acceptance.

Beyond everything that happens in humanity, and by means of this Marathon of Divine Mercy, in which your prayers are elevated to God, in attunement and love, I share with you this pain of Your Master and Lord; because everything could be different, but it is not. And as it is not different, with no response nor relief toward the situation of brothers and sisters like yourselves,  destiny modifies the events.

For an instant, think of what it would be like to hear, in the middle of the ocean, a boat adrift, children, women, elders, men, all seeking a safe harbor amidst a spiritual and material tempest reflected within their nations of origin.

The spirit of welcoming is something humanity owes to the universe, the spirit of receptivity and solidarity for the suffering of a fellow being.

I know that this does not depend only on humanity, but also on those who create and generate these situations of instability in all senses, within the poorest among the poor nations, as it is in Africa.

Therefore, I still keep waiting for the most opportune moment to arrive upon African lands, where My task and the task of the Mother of the World will not only be centered in the nations where we will arrive, but also throughout the whole African continent.

If the humanitarian response is not efficient in the nations of the world, in the face of these events, greater will be the consequences that the different human peoples will keep living in their nations of origin; because today we do not speak only of famine, of war or of social or political indifference, we speak of something that goes beyond what it seems and what is superficial.

Within your refugee brothers and sisters, see God Himself suffering shipwreck, the shipwreck that His children generate when they do not fulfill His Plan. Place your gaze and your heart before this meaning that I am bringing to you today.

Try to go beyond appearances, beyond what is superficial, beyond all that is known or material.

Penetrate the universe of mystery and you will understand the spiritual meaning of all that I say to you.

I only hope that more beings may be conscious of what happens because what happens to some human beings, like the refugees, happens to the whole world.

In this situation, there are no material nor mental borders. There must not be indifference nor omission in the face of the great need of the end of these times. If today this situation happens in the world, it is because it is a mirror of humanity.

You cannot aspire to the higher spheres or to the levels of contact if this situation, the situation of the refugees, of your brothers and sisters, is not placed within your hearts.

All are brothers and sisters, beyond your race, your language or your condition. In essence, all are equal before the Celestial Father, and this will not change.

What is material is transitory, what is spiritual is eternal. Service is the great key of the times to relieve humanity from the conditions of chaos and suffering that it generates towards itself, time and again.

But the Primordial Source is there, at the service of the Children of God. You must call upon It correctly, you must invoke It correctly, you must unite to It correctly so that the Primordial Source can help you.

Thus, your talents will awaken, your virtues will become visible and you will be guided and led through the path of service and prayer for the urgent causes of the planet.

Today I come, with the wind and the ocean waves, so that you can hear within yourselves and feel the Feeling of God, His silent Feeling that speaks about this reality to the inner worlds.

You are already at the moment of understanding many things that are not material, but immaterial.

If your inner world and your gaze are before knowledge with reverence and humility, you will be guided by the Law, and the Law will act through you to correct this increasingly chaotic and difficult planetary situation.

Since the Garden of Gethsemane, I knew this would come. This is the reason for the cost of My Blood, for each drop of My Blood shed upon the soil of this world for humanity.

Through you, My merciful Heart needs to reach those who suffer, the refugees.

During these days of merciful prayer, pray with fervor, and fervor will renew you, will always place you in the correct vibration in the planetary emergency.

The world will see situations that are more indescribable than those ever seen before. I invite you to become conscious of this and to turn your lives towards solidarity and the good.

Build with Me, in the inner planes, the renewal of forms, so that those retrograde forces that oppress the consciousness of the planet and subdue humanity may be expelled and liberated from the surface of the Earth, and everything can be renewed.

While the interest of humanity for spiritual life and prayer is cloudy or indifferent, the doors of My Mercy will not open; the response to this great help will be proportional to your prayers with Me.

Humanity is not ready to face the end of times and see unimaginable things, not only of this planet but also of the universe. It would be like waking up in the morning and finding the world totally changed, under a reality you have never known nor lived.

What would you do? What would be your first thought and your first action?

Humanity has allied with the retrograde forces and this leads it to constant suffering.

The prayer of the consequent ones sustain balance in that which is unthinkable to you. This means, companions, that prayer, at the moment, maintains in harmony that which is about to break.

I know that many do not want to accept the end of times because it would lead them to change definitively. But as the Lord and King of the Universe, I tell you, “There is no other way out.”

If you are incarnated, at this moment and in this time, it is for a greater reason, it is for a greater duty, it is for an undeniable commitment.

While souls and consciousnesses continue to force doing what is different from what they came to do, they will suffer. Resistance can no longer be in your spiritual paths and, above all, in your inner contact with the Heights.

You must not challenge your destinies, because you do not know them.

Be worthy, in this time, of the supreme Grace that descends upon a transgressing and indifferent humanity, upon a sick and chaotic humanity.

Beneath your feet you have the most sacred places, the most unrecognizable to the world, those places known as Sacred Precincts. They are there to help you and for you to venerate them.

Avail yourselves of what is real and divine. Leave behind that which seems to be and that which is illusory.

The world wants to remain in illusion and feed it, day by day. If this continues on like this, how will the world find the portal towards the Real Time?

Everything begins in your inner world, in the living practice of your faith, in merciful actions.

In this attitude, the nations will understand that the refugees are not human waste nor are they an international plague.

Have pity on those who suffer and you will see beyond what is happening.

Relieve the pain of those who sail the seas and the oceans of the world, seeking a safe land to live in family and in unity.

If the world and the nations do not do anything, a test will come that is harder than the one you are now experiencing. God does not punish humanity, it is humanity that punishes itself through its actions and ideals.

The oceans today speak of the pain of the refugees in the seas and, especially, of those who did not leave the sea alive. Therefore, today I convert these oceans into the Ocean of My Mercy so that all can be salved and rescued.

Appeal to Divine Mercy and do not allow Justice to act in this time, because the world would live a great correction it has not yet lived.

Be consequent with our words. Live My Message and do not just listen to them. It is time for the awakening of the New Christs.

“Celestial Father, who has untiringly given all of Yourself for the creation of the universe and life, sustain Your servers who have decided to follow the Path of Christ.

Have Your Light and Your Mercy descend into the dark spaces of this world.

Welcome into Your Arms, Adonai, those who are without a nation or land.

May the cry of pain in the oceans be soothed by the descent of the powerful Blood of Christ, and may all be converted according to Your Will, Adonai, so that humanity may be responsible and conscious of all that it does.

Send Your Light, Lord, to the inner worlds. Nourish the deepest layers of human ignorance so that it may be dissipated.

Heal all of Your creatures with Your Love so that all may have the joy of participating in Your Celestial Kingdom. Amen.”


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

United, at this moment, to the Lord of the Oceans, before His merciful and spiritual Presence, we place ourselves before Him in prayer and supplication, offering the prayer of the Angel of Peace so that Christ may emerge as a Divine Tabernacle in each human heart and all may awaken to the call of His Voice and of His Presence.


Most Holy Trinity,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I adore Thee profoundly.
I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood,
Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ
present in all the tabernacles of the world,
in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges
and indifferences by which He is offended.

And by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

(repeated three times)


We thank God for His immense Mercy and Pity and we renew our vows in Christ and for Christ as soldiers of Light.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


When the soul of nature enters into dialogue with God, what does it say? How is it answered by its Creator?

The soul of nature speaks with God in silence, through the expression of the beauty and the movement of the elements. The soul of nature expresses its pain to the Creator through the wind, the rain, the closed and silent sky, the time that seems to stand still to feel the life of the Earth.

Nature expresses its self-giving and love through the flowers, fruits, the green leaves and the leaves that are dry, surrendering to renewal. It speaks through the deep silence of the oceans, its balance and its surrender, its constant and selfless service, its effort to keep the Project of the Creator alive for this world.

The soul of nature speaks with God through the silence of the earth, in its deepest layers renewing the most ancient records of humanity, transforming with fire that which took place and giving the planet matter that nurtures, that provides, that supports.

And God responds to nature with the sun that shines upon and communicates with life, with the night that restores and brings encouragement, with the breathing that becomes air and breath so that, in spite of all the density of the planet, there may be Spirit in the spirit of beings. God responds to nature with gratitude, renewing its perfection and beauty, its life and its form, its peace.

May this dialogue, children, teach you to serve unconditionally, to give of yourselves out of love, to express peace even in times of chaos, to adore in silence when the world becomes stirred and, from the Lord, to receive the gratitude and the Love of His infinite Heart.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The awake human being is like a little grain of sand in front of the sea.

While it was sleeping, it was far from the water and, in the desert of its inner drought, it could not even conceive of the existence of the ocean.

Until one day, when the Breath of the Spirit of God touched its heart, moved its life and pushed it to the edge of the sea. There, this little grain of sand began to understand the immensity of life and Creation.

It understood that not everything is desert and drought, but that an ocean exists. It sees it, feels the freshness of its waters, but it can barely imagine what life within it is like.

Until one day, the Breath of the Spirit of God moved it again, pushed and transformed its life so that it would draw closer to the water.

When God gives impulse to the sea of Creation and gives a Grace to the little grains of sand, a wave draws closer to them and, for a few instants, the little grains find themselves submerged in the waters of the ocean.

Those who see the ocean from above know that this grain only knows the soft foam of the great impulse of God and that the source of this impulse is an immense ocean full of life.

But the little grain, submerged for a few instants in the water, thinks it already knows the ocean, that it knows how life within it is, and that it understands what it is to be submerged in the waters of Creation.

But in truth, children, a grain of sand only knows the ocean when it is carried into its depths; and after experiencing life within it, this little grain dissolves, becoming the ocean itself, in the immensity. It is then that it will be able to know the truth of Creation, because it will be a part of it.

Until this moment comes, the little grain travels a long path, in which it opens to the Spirit of God, and He moves it, transforms it, changes its life and its deepest structures, deconstructs its certainties and shows it a new truth.

The truth is always the same, but it broadens, deepens and becomes enriched, until the consciousness is able to not only understand things, but also become a part of it. At that moment, there will no longer be a need for understanding, and everything will have been accomplished.

Tiny grains of sand in front of the sea: let the waves of the divine impulses carry you ever deeper into the ocean of the Heart of God and, at each new impulse, dissolve into Him, until the day comes when you will eternally merge into Him.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While you cry out for Mercy, in your heart contemplate those who do not know God.

In your heart contemplate the ignorant of soul and spirit, who do not believe in a higher reality and who suffer for not seeking in God the encouragement and the purpose of their lives. 

While you cry out for Mercy, contemplate the seas and the oceans, the violated Kingdoms of Nature and, with your consciousness, travel through each needy space of this planet. In this way, find the meaning of your prayer, of your song, of your cry, of your life.

Contemplate the consciousness of this planet, the Infinity and the Time of God. In this way, child, while you pray, aspire for this Higher Life so that it may come to the world as a healing of all the ills and deceits, as the doorway toward redemption for all souls.

Give meaning and depth to your prayer, each day enter deeper into your heart and, in this way, you will enter more deeply into the Heart of God. Like a mirror, you will be in God and He, in you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The oceans are great planetary receptacles and vortexes of transmutation.

During certain times of the year, the oceans have to purify, purge and transmute onto the surface all the harmful and physical, as well as spiritual effects that the human being provokes.

The only way in which the oceans, as consciousnesses, can continue carrying out their task of elevation and of purification of the human consciousness is by,  every so many cycles of the year, they must intensely release all that humankind places within them. But this movement of purification that the oceans experience is not sufficient.

Thus, the great elementals and devas of the marine species, such as those of the whales and dolphins, help in this immediate purification, so that the consciousness of the oceans can renew, and thus, continue working on the harmony and the planetary equilibrium of the emotion of humankind.

If humanity truly valued and respected the oceans, it would discover, through a personal connection, what the great oceans represent within Universal Creation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

Today, children, I come to this place, on such as important day for Me, to bring the Graces and blessings that I am able to pour upon the world, through the prayers of My children, so that this nation may be redeemed and these people may be liberated from the chains of error and of sin.

Today, I come to dry My tears with the Sun that ignites in Fatima, by the victorious prayers of all praying beings that unite to My Immaculate Heart. I come to expand My Kingdom of Peace amongst nations so that human beings may no longer be under the yoke of darkness, but rather under the Light of My Love.

I come here on this day not only to shed tears but, above all, My children, to deliver to you a warning and the opportunity of redemption.

Repent of your sins and cry for Mercy. Return in prayer to the Heart of God, while there is time. Ask the Father for forgiveness for all that was done up until now and decide to renew your paths and your souls.

As your Celestial Mother, I come to this place with My Scepter of Light and with the potency of My Celestial, Universal and Divine Mirrors, to liberate and heal everything that you permit Me to, with the sincerity of your prayers.

The miracle that I come to accomplish on this day is spiritual, a miracle of redemption and of reconciliation with God so that you may recognize the divine Presence within My Presence and, before the Father, cry out for awakening.

Pray with Me to remove, from the essence of the seas, the suffering and the pain of the souls that have become lost and that have constantly cried here for not knowing peace. Pray with Me to ignite a Divine Light here, to open the path toward the Scepter of the Will of God, liberating the potency of evil and of deception so that thus, children, you do not lose the opportunity of knowing love and forgiveness.

I come not only to make your faults evident, but also to show you the path to redeem them. Listen to My Immaculate Heart and cry with Me. If you just open your hearts and repent sincerely, I will be able to intercede for you and for all souls, before Christ, so that they may know peace again.

Aspire, on this day, to recover the purity that has been corrupted within your hearts, and to strengthen faith and unity with God.

Your Celestial Mother comes to meet you for a Divine Will and not for a human will. I asked to be here on this day, to bring the potent rays of redemption that emanate today from Fatima, so that they may be poured out upon this nation and thus, the roots of darkness can be torn out from your lives.

Therefore, accompany Me today with love, and do not try to understand the things of God, but open for His Wisdom to let you know His Truth, and for the pure feeling of My Celestial Love to be sufficient so that your hearts may know that I am here.

Today I listen to your prayers and welcome your hearts. I know how much you suffer and how much your souls aspire to find God. Therefore, pray, pray with Me and you will find peace and liberation, to be in My Kingdom.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Tears of Syracuse


Act of Reverence and Love to the Kingdoms of Nature

I wish I could be like a bird
to just praise and sing to God.

I wish I could be like the water of the oceans
to only mirror the Peace of God.

I wish I could be like a tree
that rises up to reach the Kingdom of God.

I wish I could be like a flower
that opens every morning to show its devotion to God.

I wish I could be like a plant
that decorates environments to leave them full of harmony and light.

I wish I could be like a dolphin
that amidst the waves overcomes itself to reach God.

I wish I could be like a sunflower
that opens every day to receive the light of the Sun.

I wish I could be like a crystal
that guards the most beautiful thing it has
in order to express its love for Creation.

I wish I could be like the wind
that blows strong and constant
to reach all corners of the Earth with love.

I wish I could be like fire
to illuminate the days of darkness.

I wish I could be like the land 
that tirelessly gives itself to be the womb
that gestates Creation again and again.

I only wish that the trees were not cut down,
to not leave the planet without beings that rise towards God.

I only wish that birds were not hunted 
so that the Earth would not be left without beings that fully praise God.

I only wish that the earth would no longer be transgressed with toxins and chemicals
so that humanity would not run out of living food.

I only wish that the oceans were no longer contaminated
so that marine life would not die soon
and the seas could continue to mirror peace.

I only wish human beings were aware
that the planet is our home and that we depend on it to live.

I only hope that all of us will be in communion with the Kingdoms
so that, for a moment, we may feel their constant suffering
and thus we can relieve them, without transgressing Creation.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My children,

Today, contemplate the Divine Creation under My Mantle, because, as the Mother of Life, I come to reveal to you the mysteries of the Sources that inhabit the Cosmos, as extensions of the Divine Consciousness; Sources in which, all that is manifested life, was generated.

Contemplate, under My Mantle ,the Infinite Consciousness of God, which expresses itself in the divine dimensions as an immense Light, a Light that holds in itself all colors and all sounds. This Light, which dazzles eyes and hearts, but fills them with Its magnitude, is the Divine Consciousness. As an infinite and eternal lake, whose silence vibrates in an unexplainable way for the human minds, and is only palpable for the heart, this is God.

Contemplate this Fountain of Light. Feel the vibrations that emanate from It, as invisible waves which cannot be seen but which are felt, because they contain the creative principles, particles of life.

From this Infinite Fountain, which is the Divine Consciousness, emanated other smaller Fountains in the Cosmos; they are called smaller due to their celestial hierarchy, but are so full and perfect, as God Himself, because He finds His Dwelling in these Fountains.

The Fountains of Life, which are the very own manifested Divine Consciousness, communicate through a network of Sublime Mirrors which carry Love, Grace and the Creative Power beyond the dimensions, recreating and renewing the Creation. These Sublime Mirrors receive, from the Eternal Father, His principles of manifestation and life, and thus create and feed the new Fountains with the celestial principles that come from the Heart of God.

The Sublime Mirrors are the arms that work and the Divine Word that is manifested in the vast Cosmos and, beyond it, in all life. The Sublime Mirrors are, within themselves, the Science of Creation for they hold inside the mystery of the Perfection of life.

The Perfection that derives from God is poured onto the Sublime Mirrors and through them, it reaches everything that exists. From a small flower to a galaxy, the Perfection of manifestation is conducted by the Sublime Mirrors, and through them it permeates life and allows beauty to exist, it allows the same Perfection of God to exist in the expression of life, in nature as well as in the universe.

The Sublime Mirrors, My children, have the oceans as their dwellings on Earth because the purity of waters and the sea beings allow Perfection to reach matter and to be renewed in order to radiate to all life on the planet. The oceans are thus the link between the Creation that manifests on the planet and the Perfection of the Divine Consciousness. Through them, beauty, grace and life can exist.

If the oceans die, life also ceases to express itself as a likeness of the Divine Consciousness because the Sublime Mirrors, which bring the vibrations, the Love and the Perfection of God, would no longer find their dwelling.

If the oceans become ill, the Kingdoms of Nature, the consciousness of the planet and the human beings will become ill because the Perfection of God will no longer manage to express itself with plenitude of life on the Earth. This causes illness, chaos and evil to permeate the Earth, within and outside of beings.

Today I come to make you aware of a higher life so that you may expand your knowledge and, above all, so that you may expand your hearts and understand that, in order for harmony to exist and for humanity to keep evolving and expressing itself as a Project of God, all kingdoms must be respected, loved and taken care for by men.

Understand the oceans as a Divine Dwelling, as a bridge to God within the Earth. And thus, love, respect and revere these great Mirrors of Light that grant you life.

Today I bring you and reveal to you the Sublime Mirrors of Creation and, just as I manifest them in My Heart, I also reveal to you this presence in the oceans.

Know how to love life, My children. Know how to revere the Divine Presence that expresses itself on Earth and be part of this Whole by living in harmony with all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Pray for the oceans and commune with them from the Perfection of God.

I bless you and thank you for awakening to divine knowledge, for opening to universal science and for loving the oceans as you love God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the Kingdoms of Nature, God finds His dwelling place.

In the Kingdoms of Nature, the Creator expresses His perfection.

In the Kingdoms of Nature are kept the mysteries of the Universe and the keys to enter the new life.

In the love for the Kingdoms of Nature lies the expression of the new man.

In the love for the Kingdoms of Nature lies the healing for all physical and spiritual illnesses and weaknesses, because the secret of life is the mutual support amongst everything that was created.

If you want to live healing, serve and heal the Kingdoms of Nature. If you want to rise to God, help a tree to live its upliftment.  If you want to learn to live love, let yourselves be loved by the Animal Kingdom and learn with them to express, without fear or shame, the love that is within you. If you want to be firm and faithful, learn with the offering of the minerals. If you want to be transparent and express likeness with God, contemplate, love and revere the oceans.

The Creator has granted you the grace to renew yourselves every day through the renovation that the Kingdoms of Nature constantly live.

Renew yourselves in love, contemplating the Kingdoms.

Overcome yourselves in love, serving the Kingdoms.

Be more love, living in communion with the Kingdoms and, thus, you can be called worthy children of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While humanity sleeps and walks, looking for a fulfillment that every day leads it into greater emptiness, I am here on the horizon, My children, contemplating your little hearts.

I am the Mother of the Oceans, She Who, with Her Mantle and with Her Grace, sustains the seas and all the creatures that dwell in them.

Each small marine creature is a living part of My Mirror of Light, of My Heart.

Marine beings occupy a special place in My Maternal Heart, because they are part of My Purity. Through them, I balance the minds and the spirits of humankind and I generate merits in light of God so that this world may continue to exist. 

Today, contemplate the seas as great Mirrors of Light, similar to My Mirrors in the universe. Through them, I reflect peace to the world, and those hearts that are open will be able to feel and receive it within themselves. 

The seas are a living part of My spiritual Source; they are the materialization of Divine Purity and they exist on Earth to constantly remind hearts that one day they must return to God. 

The seas are an offering of the Creator to the world so that His creatures may recover their Essential Purity, and so that each time they submerge their bodies into the seas, they may come out renewed like a new essence that arises from the celestial reservoirs. And marine beings are those that, with love, support that possibility of renewal for the Earth. 

The seas do not only balance and transmute the planet; spiritually, they are a path of return to God.

Thus, My children, the Mirrors of Light that clean and purify them are distributed throughout the seas, so that they never lose the purity that God gave them. 

But the suffering of the marine beings, the pollution of the waters, and the incomprehension of humankind on the spiritual mission of the seas weaken them and allow them, little by little, to support the planet less. 

The time has come to spiritually support the seas for all that they have given to the world. 

The time has come to recognize the spiritual mission of nature and to seek a broader understanding of life, and not just an understanding closed up within you, in yourself, in your personality and personal life. 

Everything in the world, as in the Universe, has a reason to exist.

All life carries out a spiritual function, and it is in the communion and unity experienced among all that the Plan of God is accomplished and the return to the Origin is manifested. 

Everything is part of the multiplying of God; His Presence is in all things and, like a mysterious celestial puzzle, the Creator counts on each one of His creatures to express His Unity. For this reason, all life, children, depends on unity among beings. 

So today, understand the greatness of the seas and their mission in the world.

Pray for the oceans, pray for the life that dwells within them, and give thanks every day for their existence. 

With this simple act of thinking less about the self and more about Creation, you will draw closer to God and you will collaborate in the expression of His Divine Unity. 

I bless you on this day of Graces and I thank you for being with Me, praying for the oceans. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Oceans

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The ship of Light sails decisively through South America and is carried out to sea by the great currents of the universe.

It is crewed by new disciples that respond to the Great Captain, Who directs it with the movement of His Consciousness.

It will never shipwreck, its resistance and form are millenarian, for it has been built by the hands of the Great Laborers.

The ship goes toward new ports, after having visited other ports throughout the world.

Now it is going toward new destinations because the crew has been called to give of itself through new and great services.

For this reason, the ship sails rapidly, and the currents of the universe move it along, more quickly than expected.

It is guided by a greater impulse that makes it strong and invincible so that the Purpose may be accomplished.

Who will see it go by along the coasts of the great oceans?

It is characterized by the potent Light it emanates because its great sails reflect the Light of the Hierarchy.

Wherever it goes, a purpose is fulfilled, and in each port that it visits, it invites new crew members to come aboard.

What will the initiates find within this mysterious ship?

In essence, something that many have been forgotten: love and brotherhood. This is what makes the ship travel among the spaces of this humanity.

There is no other mystery to reveal. The ship travels in search of the self-summoned so they awaken to their sacred mission.

While the world and humanity are shaken, the ship of Light will go to meet those who awaken so that people of other nations also fulfill the call.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


I am the Mother of the Heavens and of all the oceans, each space of this planet is ruled by My Mirrors, from within the oceans of light.

In them I keep the codes of peace, love and rehabilitation, those that radiate to the whole planet.

In the great oceans of the world, the praying souls can find the celestial codes of redemption and rehabilitation.

In each ocean is kept an evolutionary and spiritual history of the celestial Universe, that which radiates itself secretly to the continents.

Spiritual currents of divine energy that help to maintain the planet under a certain protection manifest themselves in the great oceans.

When the praying people unite to the oceans, they reflect what they protect and thus an inner communication is created between the soul of each being and the oceans.

I leave this instruction for all because the oceans keep in themselves the hidden principles of harmony, beauty and balance for humanity.

Oceans exist to contain the emotional plane of humanity. They help the inner healing of consciousnesses.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prays for the great oceans,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children of Mine,

Every day at noon when this sacred hour is fulfilled in this part of the world, an infinite ocean of Repairing Graces is poured from My Most Pure Heart of Mother.

These extraordinary Graces are the ones that allow to carry out the conversion of heart in this time, and I wish today this announcement to be clear for everyone.  Your Eternal Father has allowed Me to let you know how the whole humanity at this hour just thinks about nourishing themselves with the things of the world instead of nourishing themselves with the spirit that the prayer of the heart provides.

Children, go and testify My message.  I hope that you can give the example of a life redeemed by My Immaculate Heart.  Today I let you know the celestial wisdom, that which has allowed through My intercession to help you and instruct you with maternal love.

For this, children, I need you to open your hearts and recognize the daily Laws of your Father, who always waits for you to enter in truthful communion and in truthful nourishment for your spirits.

As your Mother I lead you to walk through safe pathways so that one day you may find the peace of the heart.

Therefore, My children, let My feet mark your paths so that united to My Heart you may awaken to the importance of seeking the union with the Kingdom of God before anything.

I always bless you and pray for your sacred mission.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who embraces you with special maternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


One month since the last marathon in the blessed City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, My Christic Consciousness returns to the origin of the origin, returns to the place where you have seen Me walking between the orange trees as was prophesized.

May this fourth marathon represent the perfect harmony for the hearts that pray the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy because the lack of harmony in humanity, in the continents, in the oceans and principally in the Kingdoms is leading to a disequilibrium of the axis of the planet.

But the Infinite Source of My Mercy perfectly harmonizes and aligns everyday all of the axes of the Earth and this is always possible when the prayerful ones call Me in prayer.

This fourth marathon that will be realized for the second time at the Marian Center of Aurora will have the purely spiritual aim of being able to repair extremely grave situations that have been gestated in the consciousness of humanity.

For this, through the Kingdom of Aurora and through the Lady of Aurora all of the prayers will be elevated to Heaven during this marathon so that they may be presented before the Thrones of God.  In this way Your Mother, by means of the loving intercession of Her Son Jesus, will ask for more Peace and for more Mercy for the whole world.

My principle intention for this fourth marathon will be the spiritual unity between the four Marian Centers, the one of Aurora, the one of Figueira, the one of the Holy Spirit and the one of the Child King.  This will permit the great celestial spheres to be radiated from the universe towards the Earth and once again that humanity be relieved.

All of the groups of prayer that follow the inner construction of these marathons will also be able to be united under the impulse of merciful prayer.

The Kingdom of Aurora expects that by the end of the 13th day of November Heaven will have complied with the task of redeeming the souls of this world.  Each new encounter with Me promises a change in the consciousness, in the life and in the cells of the physical body for those who open themselves in trust to My Redeeming Call.

With joy Heaven will be united again with the sacred lands of Aurora and this will be possible because of your fellowship with Christ.

I will thank in advance the effort of all of the marathon participants for taking part in this fourth marathon.  During the 5th Marathon of the Divine Mercy that will take place in the city of Londrina, the State of Paraná, Brazil, the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will carry out a regional blessing for all of the South of Brazil with the aim of complying with the divine request of peace and of unity among all of the people from Brazil.

My companions,

Today My Heart approaches you to encourage you to go ahead.  Do not fear for the graveness of your faults or for them to occur, fear whenever you are not able to recognize that you need My Mercy, as most souls do not direct their problems to My Wise Heart.

I Am among you to make you grow up and love.  I wait for you in the communion of the heart.  

A good day of praying for all the marathon participants!

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Eternal Heart of Love!

Christ Jesus


Dear children,

While the world becomes agitated in this end of times, humanity must submerge itself in the ocean of prayer so that the Great Angels of the Lord may aid all hearts. Before the trumpets of the angels of Heaven sound, you must be prepared by means of the prayer of the heart, firm in faith and trustful in the Source of Divine Mercy.

Today I invite you in an urgent way to enter into the Most Holy Heart of My Son because in this way your lives will be protected by the great spirit of Mercy of the Redeemer.

Dear children, today I call you to become conscious from the heart because the times call humanity to live the conversion of the spirit and of life.

As the Mother of Perpetual Help, the Lord sends Me to awaken each one of My children from sleep and to place them all in the celestial task that the Lord is dictating for each heart through My Maternal Presence month by month.

Little children, you must not pass even one day without living the prayer of the heart, because in this way your lives will have hearts open so that the custodian angels that are sent, under the Light of My Immaculate Heart, may approach to guide all of My tiny children.

The moment has come to open the consciousness to the unusual universal signs that will try to awaken those who have separated themselves from the magnificent Will of God.

My children, all those consecrated to My Immaculate Heart must help so that other children may glimpse the Light of the throne of God, when the One and Only Son of the Father comes in Glory from the clouds.

Dear children, everything has been said. I call you and I ask you for prayer and more prayer from the heart.

I thank you for responding to My requests!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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