The Reappearance of Christ, what all ears of the world will be able to hear

My children,

One of the greatest difficulties that the Greater Plan will live is at the moment of the Reappearance of Christ, because this will mean for humanity, its great moment to adhere to this event or of being indifferent to the Return of Christ.

The Reappearance of Christ will be possible through the unconditional and true support of His most dear servers; because the Reappearance of Christ will depend on the material collaboration of all those that are attuned to that moment.

This collaboration on the part of all for the Plan of the Reappearance of Christ, if sincere and not mediocre, will mark a before and an after in the current humanity.

This so awaited Reappearance of Christ will be possible if in all human consciousnesses exists the proper interest and the most loving willingness to prepare that world moment. 

The donation of the servers will be one of the key factors for the Reappearance of Christ to take place, as well as the cooperation of all of those who are closer to Him in the spreading of the Word of Christ through the means of communication.

Christ has already spoken to the world many times, and He, in His Presence, has prepared the consciousnesses to be faithful collaborators and managers of the moment of the Reappearance of Christ.

In this sense, the second coming of Christ to humanity will have to be under a conjuncture similar to the Birth of Jesus.

For this reason, at the moment of the Reappearance of Christ, the human race and, above all, His followers must keep in mind that it will depend on them that this important event may take place.

Why do I tell you this, My children?

Because in this current time of humanity the consciousnesses themselves, through their adhesion and collaboration with the Plan of the Return of the Lord, will be giving the correct response to the Universe that the times and the events will have to be defined in the second coming of Christ.


I am the Lady of the Path and with My steps I accompany the walk of the pilgrims of God.

I am the Lady of the Path and with the Light of My Heart I illumine the paths of the devotees of Christ.

I am the Lady of the Path and with the angels I protect the walk of those who surrender to God.

I am the Lady of the Path and with My Mantle I protect  all those who travel and invoke My protection from danger.

I am the Lady of the Path and with My Gaze I contemplate and accompany the steps of the disciples of Christ.

I am the Lady of the Path and with My Rosary I pray for all the followers of Christ to remain in the path of faith and of service to the neediest.

I am the Lady of the Path and, with My Spirit, I lift the souls to the paths of the Kingdom of God so that they may always see the Light of the Purpose.

I am the Lady of the Path and with My Feet I tread on the treacherous serpent so that My children are not deviated from the Path of God.

I am the Lady of the Path and I look after the path of consecration for those who ask me to.

I am the Lady of the Path and My Love is present within the paths of all the praying ones.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Every day, cleanse your heart with luminous prayer and, in this way, time and again, you will gradually achieve codes of perfection.

While you are in the world, you will learn to survive your own miserable human difficulties.

But have a spirit of enthusiasm and courage because each time you go through a test, and you manage to transcend or overcome it, you will find the inner strength and courage so that, one day, all may be transformed.

The human condition is the greatest obstacle for the souls that must express their virtues and their potential.

The human condition is the main test for improvement for the disciples that are willing to surrender to the Lord.

Meanwhile, with inner courage, experience, every day, the challenges that life gives you, not as a difficulty, but rather as the opportune moment for taking steps directly toward the light that dwells within, towards the inner God.

Continue forward without thinking that you will not manage to redeem yourself; on the contrary, affirm, day after day, that you have the possibility of finding within this life the meaning of your mission and your existence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


God is Justice in love and in mercy.

Gods knows the kindness of souls and the virtues of small hearts.

God knows of all the right choices in life, but also already knows about the possible mistakes.

God knows the greatness of love in the human heart, but also knows about the weakness of the oppressed.

But above all, God seeks good among His children and consideration among the disciples of Christ.

God knows of the aspirations of His children, but also knows about the temptations that His rival causes in creatures.

God accepts all the offerings, but also embraces all the sacrifices.

God always shows Himself just, but still more merciful and compassionate.

God is great in love, but small and simple in all things.

Imitate the greatness of the Father.

Imitate, in these time, the universe of His donation, because in this way you will always be with Him, in each moment, and He will strengthen you to take new steps.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I come to offer to the world the healing of its heart, the liberation of its prisons, the redemption of consciousness.

As its Mother, I come to offer to the world the true freedom of life and the awakening to more profound Laws that will make of each being a disciple of Christ.

I come to offer to the world the path of true light, the perfect alliance with the Love of the Father, and the favorite union with My Beloved Son.

I come to offer to humanity the way out from its captivity, the meaning of living on this planet, the opportunity to internally grow following the examples and the teachings of Christ.

I come to offer to souls everything that they still have not been able to achieve in their spiritual journey, the possibility of being in perpetual communion with the Divine and Supreme Source.

I come to offer to humanity the patterns it has never incarnated, the values of a christic life, the pathway to be able to meet with the Redeemer.

I offer all of this to souls once and again; few have been able to swim in these mysteries and to penetrate the ocean of the Mercy of God.

I come to make of your consciousnesses new and renewed beings at the service of the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When your Heavenly Mother gains a victory in a spiritual battle, and the plans of My adversary are disarmed, another battle arises which is perhaps even stronger, but which will not make of My soldiers consciousnesses unable to serve.

Each inner battle that a server faces comes to strengthen them, and to confirm them in the Divine Will.

The duality that this world lives allows consciousnesses to choose what path they will follow.

Thus, each inner battle is a moment in which to make ever new attempts to perfect and to transcend oneself.

When the disciple of Christ stumbles over the same stone in each inner battle, they must keep in mind that within this dual system of learning, one can only learn to love the errors every day, so that this inner love may be sufficiently great and mature enough to be able to forgive everything.

If your Heavenly Mother, as an incarnated human being, had not felt or lived these high degrees of love, perhaps the Passion of Christ would not have had great results, because Christ taught on the Cross that love has the power and the victory above all errors.

This is what your lives must always keep well in mind, because otherwise you will never be able to liberate yourselves from the chains or the errors that you live.

The consciousness changes its focus when it manages to live and to feel the degrees of love, because this will place it on another level in the school of redemption and of forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who heals your wounds spiritually,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am that great Mirror of Light that fires others with love and faith.

I am that Mirror of the Universe whose prayer draws the Consciousness of God to the world.

So, dear children, open the mirrors of your hearts so that they refract the truth of what you are and with each prayer pour out the attributes of the new humanity.

I form the Mirror groups of those who pray so that they may be a network for the elevation of humanity.

Dear children, each prayer verbalized can draw the Gifts of God to this planet; thus the prayer of the heart is the right means for each soul to learn to light up in devotion and love, as the Mirrors do.

In this time try to be a part of this Mirror network of those who pray that elevates its word and its prayers so that the critical Gifts and Graces that the world needs can draw closer.

My children, it is time for you to enter this school, not only forming groups of prayer, but also making the commitment to watch so that each Gift of God becomes present in humanity.

If each soul offers its prayer out of love, just as the Mirrors of Light of Your Heavenly Mother offer themselves to intercede for humanity, miracles will happen, and consciousnesses will have the Grace of being able to respond to the Call of God.

Being a Mirror of prayer is the goal of every disciple of Christ. It is time to open the doors to this sacred knowledge.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who radiates the Mirror of Love to the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children:

Each new vigil of prayer is not the same as the previous one; therefore may your hearts ignite themselves so that the Love of God will be able awaken and Grace will be poured out wherever it is most necessary.

At each new vigil of prayer souls are called to remain more attentive and prompt for the requests of Your Heavenly Mother because at each new vigil of prayer planetary processes and even cosmic ones are unveiled and healed by the Light of My Heart.

When a praying soul offers its word to God through the vigil of prayer, it is confirming once more that the Plan of the Father and of all His Creation can be fulfilled and the soul that emits this confirmation is self-summoning itself for whatever may be necessary.

It is this awakening that the Uruguayans must live at this time, without half words and with an adhesion ready to serve the Hierarchy in whatever may be necessary.

In the vigil of prayer that you have shared with Me for four years, children, a very potent epicenter of divine Light has been built, the one that activates itself and descends as a flow upon a planetary or human situation in need of a source of liberation or healing.

All the divine possibilities can present themselves through each new vigil of prayer; everything will depend on the attitude of the praying being or of the disciple of Mary before the monthly call for prayer that is taking place. Therefore, at this time the Divine Hierarchy needs that the non-believing humanity may recognize the transmuting effect and power of prayer.

If to this effect of prayer one adds, for example, fasting, the results of a group work of prayer reverberate not only in these consciousnesses, but also in the Laws of Nature modifying the foreseen events.

Today, My children, I tell you all of this due to the urgency that you feel and understand in what you are participating vigil after vigil of prayer and what is the real spiritual result that this work of prayer reaches through the unconditional support of each one of you and of all the Heavenly Hierarchy.

Dear children, the vigils of prayer for peace in the nations will continue, not only to establish the universal positive chain of peace in the world, but also so that your inner beings and humanity, through prayer, will gradually be able to transform the aspects of the ego that corrode the consciousness and its full awakening.


Dear children:

Open the eyes of the heart today and also the ears to see and hear the call for peace. This call supposes an effort from everyone to materialize the plans of peace of Your Heavenly Mother. To fulfill this important call will demand from you not only time, but sufficient love to face the battles.

For the devotees of Aurora there will be no lack of motivation because the own ray of the Sacred Center will shape the consciousnesses as the first soldiers at service of the Plan and of its evolution.

To be a warrior at this time means to fight only with the forces that come from love and freedom, to be able to perform the task.

Aurora establishes its commands of prayer through the sacred instruction and the confluence of impulses that lead to fulfill this purpose of peace. Therefore, the self-summoned to Aurora must appear and present themselves to receive the due instructions; in this way their hearts and minds will be prepared to respond to the call of the Universe.

So it is, dear children, that the Light of Aurora reflects its rays upon the consciousnesses that open themselves in humility and service to receive them, and they mirror them as support for aid and redemption of the hearts. The Light of Aurora expresses itself as a flame of prayer for those who invoke it with their soul and without interest. This Light of Aurora will guide you and place you on a secure path to respond to the call for peace.

It is therefore that all the soldiers, awakened or asleep, start to hear the warm vibration of the call, because the time has come for all the disciples to line up for the missions they must fulfill. In this way, the planet and humanity will be protected and helped before the great moment of their purification.

I thank all the praying soldiers who respond to My call!

Who awakens you to the celestial commands,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the doors of the inner and celestial worlds open so that the redeemed can enter and invoke the sacred name of Emmanuel.

May the self-summoned get together to create the alliance with the Holy Spirit of God.

May the so-called children of Adam recall the principles of the ancient race so that the Laws become visible and the universal Harmony establishes itself.

May the consequent ones manifest the wise gratitude and, from now on, banish the human aspects which led them to damnation.

May the brave ones purify themselves so that, clean of all stains, they can receive the rays of the transubstantiation.

May the pilgrims and the searchers of the sacred knowledge never get tired and never stop searching for the source of Humility. 

Everything is ready to take place in the new Humanity; the old acts and the old customs will be banished so that the new and sacred Sun of the Universe can shine within each soul.

May no one stop the descent of the Kingdom of God so that those who are farther away from the Truth can rediscover the meaning of being in this life.

Forge ahead disciples of Christ! Walk barefoot from your old alliances with the world, this will free you from everything and make you worthy of the divine and infinite Mercy.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who unites you to the Principle of Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I am the Lady of the Path, all the flocks that follow Me are under My protection.  All the praying ones that accompany Me are under My Maternal Grace.

I am the Lady of the Path, with My steps I mark the path towards the reencounter with Christ.

I am the Mother that guides and protects the souls that seek God.  My Heart shines before their souls.

I am the kind Light in the path of My children.  I am the Lady of the Path, because My purpose is to guide you towards God.

I am the Lady of the Path, because I try to guide along the path of love and piety those who have gotten lost, so that their mistakes may be forgiven.  In my paths, all My disciples are present, those who help the other children in order for them to feel confident to follow the only and divine path of God.

I am the Lady of the Path who protects all Her missionaries and who indicates the misdirections that evil imposes, so that they may not be travelled. 

For this, trust in My sacred path; I will take you to Christ.

When this happens, your feet will stop walking, because they will already be safe in the Compassionate Heart of the Lord.

I am the Lady of the Path, who opens the doors to Redemption; the one who follows My paths shall find the day of their freedom and thus their paths shall be blessed.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who guides you along the paths of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens be opened and the sublime and celestial spheres descent in Glory to the kingdom of this world to transform and awaken all of the creatures of this blessed Earth.

My beloveds, may you all rejoice and be glad because I am descending in an extraordinary way to the world in order to pour, once again, a river of Graces upon humanity.

While the world sleeps, may those who are awake love sacrifice and the absolute surrender.

While the world let extinguish its own inner flame and faith fades from the consciousness of humanity, may those who are by My side be unshakable, and may not be any doubts from others that may take away from them the faith that I placed in their hearts.

While anguish and fear take over the hearts of those who do not fulfill the designs of the Creator, may My soldiers rejoice and, even in face of the great planetary tribulation, may they be strong, firm and confident in the fulfillment of the Celestial Plans.

While the world fears the collapse of a material system, may the disciples of Christ only wait entrusted to His return and observe each event as the true sign that this return is approaching.

While the world worries about the time that passes and the death that comes, may those who accompany Me open their consciousnesses in order to transcend the times and to enter into the infinite time, in which there is only eternity, the unity with God and with all of His creation.

My beloveds, I come to invite you today to transcend the laws of this world and all of its tendencies.  I invite you to withdraw the heart from the earthly and material loves, that embrace only what this world offers you, so that in this way you may get to know a sublime love, that knows all in depth, that lives and loves to fulfill the Plans of God and to manifest His Creation, such as He thought in His Most Sacred Spirit.

My dear ones, these are times to leave the common living and fight with the heart in order to persevere in a path that, in a short time and in an absolute way, will go against all the tendencies and the energies of this world.

You must be strengthened by the power of the word of the Divine Messengers and never let yourselves be shaken by the internal processes that others will live or by the purification of the planet itself.


Dear children,

May Peace reign today and may each being reach the union with God for these times.

I Am the Mother and Lady of the Andes, I Am the Condor that flies over the world calling Her children to redemption.  I come to this world to save it with the hope that Christ, your Lord, will find the souls strengthened and decided to live the Plan of God.

For this My little children, open your eyes and look at the Star-Sun that enlightens you, look at the mountains that surround you and invite you to elevate yourselves to find the path of the inner union with God.

You, who are My disciples of the new time, have the mission of helping to transcend the human conditions, so that this planet and all its minor kingdoms becomes sacred and blessed; but there is still much to forgive inside and outside of you.

Dear children, I invite you to proceed without tiring, without discouragement, only looking towards the top of the mountains in order to find Me in flight, guiding your lives and your steps.

For this last cycle of transition, you will find yourselves in many tests.  With joy and united to the strength of the Heart of Christ, do not fear to unmask your old habits and, thus, to make them sacred through the constancy in the prayer of the heart.

Now you are at the moment of never retreating and complying with this blessed project which should incarnate in life and in the essence of all My servers.  While this is about to happen, I ask that you live through the spirit, through the good courage and that you risk to banish your own self.

Now, as disciples, among you there should be no preferences; the path of My Heart indicates to you the time for your rapid purification so that in this way the Light of Christ may dwell in you.

The Lord sends Me glorious and resplendent as the Condor of Light, so that humanity may comprehend that it is no longer the moment to stop nor delay in this life.  It is time to walk, to overcome barriers and obstacles inside and outside of your little beings; that will be only achieved through a loving act of repentance, that which will lead you to do penance for all those who not even think in God the Father.  Thus My little ones, you may be adults and may be mature to face this last time of changes and of massive transformations.

Dear Children:

With the rays of the Mercy of God over the world, I invite you to feel yourselves the Love of God, because humanity, at the end of this time, must cure itself and redeem itself so that the Divine Plan may be accomplished on the Earth.

Dear children, today I need that you have a total trust in God, an absolute trust because He knows you so well, knows you since your birth and knows also the steps that you took in your lives. The Lord is inviting you to live in Redemption, a fundamental principle for the end of these times.

Dear children, today I am here among you to demonstrate to you the Love of God and to tell you that many souls need in this time your devotion and your fervor.

My dears, today I am calling you to have consciousness of this time that is arriving. Know that My Son will need strong apostles and disciples in prayer. I want that you understand how important is the salvation of souls. Know that you, together with My Son, have this task inside of this world, inside of this humanity.

Little children of My Father:

May in this day your hearts be in the Highest so that Jesus may prevail in your essences so that you may find the faith that will strengthen you and that may permit you to take the secure steps towards the Lord.

For this My children, you have the key of prayer and this prayer of the heart must expand itself for the world, as also the love of your hearts.

As the Queen of Peace I invite you to enter into My Kingdom every day because it is necessary that souls convert themselves, that they reach eternity and in you exists a precious potential through your love of God.

Dear children, I am pouring my Light upon the world once again.

Today I ask you to peregrinate with Me through prayer of the heart, during all the hours of this day, because not only will you be accompanying me in My maternal task, but also your hearts will be united to God, opening the Doors of Heaven to the Earth through your lovely answer to My requests.

Dear children, may you light up the fire of the Holy Spirit so that, united to the Redeemer, you may praise God eternally while your hearts are upon the Earth.

My dears I thank you on this day for being responsive to this important call to the redemption of humanity.

I thank you!

My Spirit is in your hearts always if you permit me.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Beloved children,

Again My Mercy is over all Argentine and especially upon Buenos Aires, this needy city of the world.

Dear children, today I call you to wake the consciousness in the end of this time trough prayer of the heart, because a new cycle is approaching, and your hearts must be prepared to receive it. This cycle for someone will be as the Good News that will change the state of consciousness, but for others will mean deepest changes that will bring them to define the path at this time.

For this, dear children, you, that live day by day in this city of Buenos Aires as do other souls in different cities of the world, must prayer with ardor and from the heart, so that the Grace of God and the Mercy of My Son will be diffused in the hearts most in need of love and redemption.

My children of Argentine:

Yesterday I have invited you to peregrinate to Lujan in a different way.  At this time, through true and abnegate service, because know that great colonies of souls also must be supported by prayer.  For this, it is necessary prayer groups that consecrate to my maternal spirit, that will persist and walk in the Faith of My Son. Each group must start to exercise fraternity, because in this way, in your nuclei of work and task will find My Universal Peace.

I want to form for this time soldiers that are awake, soldiers that leave behind all comforts of life and as sincere disciples, will be instruments in the hands of God for this end of times.

Through prayer, you will have the key for that will define the salvation of all humanity. For this, for 31 years in Medjugorje, My Maternal Heart has pronounced and claimed for prayer!, prayer! And prayer!. This is what you must take as a spiritual food for this time, permitting in this way that my heart redeem the paths that deviate millions of souls, paths of modernity and comfort.

I Am here, dear children, in the name of the Highest to open your eyes, aspiring as the Mother of Heaven, so that your consciousness may mature and then help humanity itself through prayer.

My children,

Somebody must do something for this work! Because every day it lights up in flames because of its own actions and this somebody are My loyal soldiers, the soldiers of My Heart.

Today I arrive at this world to open the Door of Heaven upon your lives, so that the hope and the mercy will be cultivated in greater number of souls.

Dear Children:

Opening the Fountain of Universal Mercy of My Son to the world, today I call you to unite yourselves with the principle of the Creator of Love, because humanity needs to awaken to come to the encounter with this Love in the heart.

You, My little ones, through daily prayer have the fundamental key so that this fountain of Love, which is born in God, may irradiate itself for this cycle of humanity.

My children, as the Mother of Forgiveness and of Peace, today I ask you that, opening your hearts you walk towards the loving encounter with My Son, and thus, it will be permitted that His Redeeming Grace will be present in the heart of all people.

Through the exercise of prayer, you will participate with Jesus in the salvation of the hearts and as was with the disciples of Christ, your hearts will pray two by two, to help the light of the essences to shine.

Dear children, today I am calling you to journey by means of prayer, because many of My children must recognize that without the prayer of the heart we are nothing in this time. I intend, as Mother, day by day to teach you to love the exercise of prayer of the heart, because in this way many of your brothers and sisters may see the powerful effects of inner prayer.

My children, for this reason you are called to participate with consciousness in the path of consecration that will begin through your internal commitment with prayer, and in consequence in a perfect union with the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Dear children, you must be in the vespers that are born of the new fruit that in the hands of the Creator may serve to assist and help for those most in need.

Your goal for this time is internal donation. Walk with this purpose of the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Dear Children,

I carry all of humanity in My arms and today I direct My celestial words to all My children in the United States and in Venezuela, soliciting prayer so that the blessed Grace may descend over both nations.

At the request of My Son Jesus, today I give My maternal benediction to those called to follow the path of peace for your hearts and for the whole world. For this reason, today I send My Eternal Love to each one of the groups of prayer in the United States and in Venezuela, and send them My maternal condolences and announce to them that My promised arrival to both nations, according to the Higher planes, has been moved to the Marian Center of Figueira, in Brazil.

When I say that I bring humanity in My arms it is because it needs the guidance and the protection of My maternity. When I say that I will appear in glory and in Spirit during the months of October and November in the Marian Center of Figueira, this so that your hearts do not feel that you are abandoned, because I love them more than your thoughts and reasons.

But today I want to recount a parable that Christ has given to all of humanity.  It is a message that will permit us to comprehend for what God wants to ask that your consciousnesses create during this ultimate definitive time.

My children, it is recorded that Jesus one time said that in a past time there was a very poor woman who gave everything that she had to the temple so that the temple could continue with its task. Because it was so little that she had given, she was not considered by the others for her action. Jesus, My son, invites you to realize that most important is the action that each child of the Father offers, rather than what each one has.

What is the mystery of this parable?

Dear children, the mystery is that in the Kingdom of the Heavens we guard the truths and the sincere spiritual values that enrich the hearts of all the souls, more than the good that My children keep and accumulate on the Earth.

Today My children, I want that you learn to love that which you don’t have, I say, to love the true spirit of the Providence of God. Jesus said to his disciples “...leave everything that you have and follow me.” My Son wants to tell you that each one of you must donate themselves entirely to the Will of God and that you trust that He will give the greatest good that exists in the Heavens.

In my arms I take the world. In My Heart I keep humanity. In My Prayer I help humanity and so I aid all souls. With My eyes I contemplate the happiness of the hearts and the pain of the wounded hearts.

For this My Mission is to bring the Heaven to the Earth through prayers from My soldiers. My Graces are spilled hour by hour, second by second over this needed world. My hands pray perpetually for you. My Immaculate Heart elevates itself to the Celestial Throne of God to ask as the mediator for all humanity.

Meanwhile the time, the changes and the events pass so quickly in the life of all souls, My Heart wants to take you to a deeper state of peace. I want to reveal to My little ones the essence of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. I want that My little ones learn to be with My Son without fearing anything and then walk with happiness towards the encounter with His Compassionate Heart.

As a Mother I guard hearts, I awake the power and the faith for life. As the morning I bring the hope, the renovation in Jesus, the beginning of a new path to God.

Day by day I contemplate more the needs of humanity, for this the Heavens of God, the Highest sends Me to My children to help them to encounter the Love of Creator.

Dear souls of God Father,

Today as a Mother of the Divine Mercy I spill one more time the ray of forgiveness and of reparation for your hearts. But so that your lives feel unfathomable fountain of reconciliation, you must say Yes to God, the Father of Love and of Compassion.

Dear children, today I am calling you to convert your lives in forgiveness, in peace, in eternal mercy for all.

Today I am calling you to do something for humanity, because humanity for its own actions is separating itself from the peace of God.

Today I am calling you to reinforce the power of prayer in your lives.

Today I am calling you to fast, to meditate into the mysteries of the Saint Rosary.

Today I ask you to have a compassionate and humble hearts, so that Jesus manifest Himself in each one of His disciples.

Today I am calling you to be active servers of God for your neighbor, for your families, for your most dear friends,  for all humanity.

Because today My Heart calls you to be in Christ, the Savior so that the Grace of God aid the world.

Today I call you to open your eyes to reality in humanity and to put yourself in perpetual prayer for all causes that need Mercy from the Redeemer.

Dear children:

Today I call you to enter through your hearts into the eternal Light of My Son. Today I call you to live the attribute of the reverence and of the devotion to the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

Dear children, by means of the permanent act of the prayer of the heart you will be able to approach yourselves to the universe of the Love of God. It is through Christ that you will be able to get to God, to Heaven, to the Universe of the Creator.

Christ, dear children, is the celestial door that for this definite time is opened before the reality of all of the souls. When your hearts enter into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ your lives will be able to be partakers of the action of charity and of donation.

My children, in a time that flows quickly in humanity I invite you to live the Heart of Jesus, I invite you to form part of the Heart of Christ and of His loving redeeming path.

Dear children of God, today I am calling you to convert yourselves into new disciples of My Son through the sincere act of prayer because in the strength of prayer and, united as hearts of the Father you will aid, in the name of Peace, the planet and humanity.

My children, for this reason, today is the moment for your consciousness to give the definitive yes for the consecration of your hearts to the Sacred Heart of My Son.

As little children, I Am guiding you. As souls, I am elevating you close to My Son. As hearts in redemption, I am loving you.

Dear children, accept with your heart this important invitation to live definitively in Jesus because in Christ the life of many souls will be able to find a meaning and in this way you will find the loving Will that God has for each one of My children.

Dear children, your prayer counts much so that the Celestial Grace may descent. You are on time!

Pray for all of the religious people.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Remember dear children that you live in this world for your redemption and for your salvation. Do not deter the steps that My Son is manifesting in your hearts; in the moments of trial and confirmation, do not look to the past, but strengthen your spirit by means of prayer of the heart. Unite your essences with the Single Essence of God, so that My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus may rescue you. Dear children, today I invite you to live in hope; hope of being reborn as redeemed souls, that desire ardently to be in God. I will guide you.

My children, while your lives are in this world they must learn to forgive, to transcend and to love above all things. Remember My children, this is the lesson to the disciples of My Son: to love above all circumstances.

Dear children, today I invite you to trust in Forgiveness and in Mercy, I invite you to reconcile your existence with God. My Maternal Heart knows you very well, It knows what you are feeling, thinking and doing, because as Mother I come to the world to correct the errors of the hearts through My Message of Maternal Love.

If you fall due to an obstacle, dear children, get up as it did Lazarus when he was called by the Love of Jesus. Receive in your lives the Redeeming Love of My Son so that through your dialogue with His Divine Heart, He may heal you from within.

Dear children, start this day praying for the redemption of humanity.

Let's go, My little ones!

Trust The All Powerful God because He loves you.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.