Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Forty-sixth Poem

Powerful Lady of Perpetual Help,
help us in the hour of great difficulties.

Free us from any danger
and send us Your angelic armies of Light
so that they may open the paths towards God.

Powerful Lady of Perpetual Help,
place us under Your Mantle
so that, before adversity, we may become invisible,
and thus we may resume the pathway of service and peace.

Powerful Lady of Perpetual Help,
You who know who we are,
guide our lives so that we may achieve the Holy Will
that will lead us to entirely live
the expressions of God's Virtues,
thus, we will be able to be apostles of Your Son,
helping to carry out the Eternal Father’s Plan of Love.

Powerful Lady of Perpetual Help,
protect us in the face of any danger,
shelter us in the face of any difficulty,
because we hope to respond to Christ
in every moment.

Divine Lady, strengthen our faith
so that we may fully trust
in the Presence of God within us.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


To the Argentinians that disappeared

Dear children,

Today your Celestial Mother, as Mother and Mediator of this world, appeals to all Her children to, on this day of blessing, offer this Meeting with Me for those that recently disappeared in the argentinian Atlantic Ocean.

I call all the groups of prayer of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Chile to unite fraternally by means of a luminous chain of prayer and of vigil, so that your Celestial Mother may guide and help the souls that disappeared on the high seas.

For this, I come to ask especially to My children from the Argentinian Republic to concentrate for a few days in the city of Mar del Plata, to pray the Mysteries of the Rosary for each one of the brothers and sisters that have disappeared, offering from the depth of their hearts this service of prayer as an immediate means to help the families of those who disappeared, as well as to bring relief to each one of their members.

On this night, your Universal Mother will be dedicating this Meeting of Prayer to each one of My children who have disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean.

Just as in other times I asked you, lovingly, to pray for the refugee families that still continue to cross the challenging Mediterranean Sea to escape wars, today I come to ask you for this Brothers and sisters who have disappeared so that God, Who is Infinite in Mercy, may grant, by means of My Intercession, the necessary help.

If you remember, children, in the last Meeting that took place in the month of October in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, My Beloved Son declared to you that Argentina, would undergo a great and unknown test, in a short time. This test and this moment are taking place in these days.

For this, I invite you, as never before, to place attention on and discernment in what the Divine Messengers announce from time to time, because through the Sacred Word there is an attempt to avoid situations in the souls and in all of humanity.

Those recently disappeared offered themselves, in this life, for the whole Argentina so that this people and consequently all the nations in the world, that now participate in the search operation, may learn that God alone has the power and that the hour has come to convert and to redeem themselves so that the Sacred Victory of Christ is established.

Some groups of souls at this time, without knowing it and without having known, having or not religion or creed, have offered themselves entirely to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that millions of people may perceive that we are crossing the portal of a definitive time that calls souls to be united in love and in solidarity, because that will rebuild the planet.

These groups of souls have offered to suffer for Jesus and for the immediate redemption of humanity, since it is urgent that the whole race change its state and action.

Lastly, I would like My children from Argentina to gather in the Naval Base of Mar del Plata to pray for all the brothers and sisters who, in these times, offer their lives and hearts for others to carry forward experiences and conquests on the planet that are unreal.

I will be, as never, close to those who out of love and consciousness respond to My call.

I will be with each Family of each one that disappeared, going through this test and takeing them tightly by the hand.

I would like, in truth, that the nations learn that humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature are no longer a laboratory, but that they are all essences in redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The House of the Child King

Dear children,

It is with joy, bliss and rejoicing that your Celestial Mother arrives today at the Marian Center of the Child King to consecrate the House of Prayer that will be especially dedicated in honor, healing and reparation of all the children of the world.

It is for this reason that this Marian Center was consecrated to the Child Jesus since the beginning, so that all the children who arrive here may enter into communion with the Heights and thus heal their deepest wounds.

I still feel that this Marian Center, which today conceives in its main core the new House of Prayer, represents for the universe an Island of Salvation and a new Ark of the Divine Covenant between souls and God.

The House of Prayer of the Child King can undertake the task for which it was created at this time; a task that will be to pray and to offer to God each encounter, just as each monthly liturgy of the Marian Center, for the salvation of the little and most helpless ones throughout the world.

I will use each liturgy of this new House of Prayer to prevent the exploitation, the trafficking and the selling of the little ones so that, through it, I can save their essences, which are now lost, as well as rescue, with My own hands, all the children and youth who are being taken along the same path.

The manifestation of this new House of Prayer, at the Marian Center of the Child King, will try to justify before the Eternal Father the faults, outrages and omissions that a great part of the adult humanity commits against the little ones of the world.

That is why today I come to ask that this Marian Center and, especially the new House of Prayer, dedicates a special liturgy daily for the salvation, protection and repair of the children of the world, as well as a monthly meeting at the same Marian Center, where the little ones can, through prayer, art and music, offer to God their little hearts as a reparation for the great imbalance caused in this world.

If these requests are fulfilled, as the recent manifestation of the House of Prayer was, I promise, as the Mother of all, to remove from the hands of the adversary and their oppressors on Earth all the children who are victims of exploitation and abuse. I promise to disarm and expose everything that is hidden and unfair regarding this. I promise to take care and help, one by one, the souls of the most helpless children.

I have been waiting for so long for this new House of Prayer, that in the meeting that we will have in these next days, your Mother and Queen of the children of the world will arrive accompanied by the Child King so that He, in His infinite Glory, blesses you, and may this mission, which from today on you will undertake, be always filled with many Graces.

But, if in this House of Prayer you bring Me the children most in need of help and if they are baptized at the feet of the holy image of Mary, I promise to withdraw them from the profound and unfair pain that affects them. I also promise, in the name of the Child King, to return the joy of living and the spiritual feeling of their lives.

It is the mission of all collaborators and volunteers of the state of Rio de Janeiro to take on this task that I entrust you with today for the salvation and the rescue of the children of the world.

Lastly, I wish for, inside the House of Prayer, a mural with faces of the children of the world, of all peoples and all races, so that whoever enters this House may feel called to pray for the little ones.

May your hearts rejoice on this day because the Mother of God will be among you offering each prayer, each song and each gesture of love to God for the salvation of the children.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted at the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

As a Warrior of the Light, today I wear My potent Armor of silver and, upon My Crown of Stars, I have the crystals that radiate all the Light of the universe.

I am ready to assist My children and all needs that come forward.

As much as My adversary sets traps for you, I will point out the path and the way out so as not to fall into temptation.

In My hand I carry the powerful golden ruby Sword that manifests the Will of the Most High for all of Creation. Nobody will be able to oppose His Designs from being accomplished.

I come dressed in My Armor of silver to show My children that we are still in times of battle, in which everything is at stake.

Thus, be attentive to all movements, your lives are at stake, as is the planet, and in this spiritual battle of the end of times, everything is allowed.

Remember that, if you are with Me, nothing will happen to you. Pay attention so as to not fall into distraction, indifference or omission.

Everything is within everybody's reach. For this reason, so that everything flows correctly within the spirit of protection, ardent attention will be the key for deviating battles, and silence and prayer will be the shield that will make you invisible.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and within My arms I carry My Son in universal representation of all the children I have.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I help the consciousnesses that most need a way out.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I protect each soul upon My chest, I protect the hearts that consecrate themselves to My Motherhood and I dissipate from their lives all the obstacles that My eternal enemy imposes.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and with My crown of stars, I illuminate the inner paths that the good souls must tread until they meet Jesus.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I offer the childhood of My Beloved Son to each devotee so that they may find their purity and sobriety even in the smallest details.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I prevent many dangers that My children in the world would be exposed to. I decree the infinite Love of God throughout all existence, and thus I neutralize the contrary currents of evil that seek My little ones.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I help each awakened consciousness to be transformed with humility, to come to know their human condition so that, with effort and love, they may transcend it and thus close the doors to the past.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I guide the hearts that ask Me to do so, I build the foundations of love in all those who open to experience Christ.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and in My silence, I prevent many things through divine thought, and thus I establish the Celestial Kingdom in each small heart.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I move all perdition and deceit away from the path of My soldiers.

I am the Mother of Perpetual Help, and amidst the world chaos, I build the bridges of peace among hearts, My Heart triumphs in each child who humbly experiences Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who protects you always and everywhere,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


Monthly Messages

Children of Mine:

I come today to your encounter as the Mother and Virgin of Perpetual Help because from the Heavens I have contemplated the need for assistance that exists in the world. The Lord listened to the pleadings of the souls that suffer and sorrow in this humanity, and for this He has sent His Savior Servant to assist the poor in spirit and in heart.

My beloveds, this world is already crossing the threshold of a new time and many can feel this change in their own interior.  At the same time Infinite Graces descend from the Heavens; the Lord permits that His children be tried by all means and that from the depths of the interior may emerge all miseries.

But this takes place, My dear ones, because it is at this moment that all the assistance that you may need is available.  For this, as the Mother of Perpetual Help I say to you to not fear to purify yourselves; that you do not resist in the face of the trials that come into your lives, but rather that you clamor for the Celestial assistance and that you cling to all the Graces and the Divine Instructions that the celestial Messengers have brought to the world in recent times

This is a unique moment for all of humanity.  The Voice of God resounds through His Messengers in all corners of the world, so that there will be no one that will not have the opportunity of awakening and of finding help to live this transition that is initiated first in one’s own inner world.

As Queen of Peace I invite you to live the Peace of the Heart of God in your little lives, and to bring this Peace to all those who lack this Divine attribute. The time has come for the peacemakers to raise their voices as the Messengers of God do, and to announce to the world that it is possible to have a life of profound Peace even in times of transition.

In every moment of your lives you ought to know to choose between participating in conflicts and collaborating with evil, and with overcoming the negative currents of the world and living the Peace, thus dissolving all the plans of the enemy.

The world needs Peace and those that come to My encounter receive from My Heart the intense Peace that exists in My Kingdom; they must be capable of persevering in this Peace and of setting the example to the world of how to reach it.

Children of Mine, these are not normal times for this world.  When My eyes turn to Earth I feel in My Heart the suffering of My children and I find in the necessity of the world the valor to return again and again, and unwearied, give an impulse to your little hearts.  Today I ask that you see the world by means of My eyes and that you feel through My heart the pain in which the souls live.  Thus, you shall find the strength that you need to rise as many times as are necessary and attempt, until the end of your lives, manifesting the Plans on Earth.

My beloved, today the Queen of Heaven comes to your encounter and says that God does not contemplate the number of falls of humanity, but rather the capacity of getting up and returning to comply with the Greater Will, independently of your weaknesses and imperfections.

As Mother of Perpetual Help I say to you that I am at your side and that I will be here always, helping you with that which you will need.  All I need is that you call Me and clamor for My assistance, and soon after I will be visible to the eyes of the heart that seeks Me.

Today I place this entire city under My mantle and I embrace with love each one of My Children who with devotion and simplicity generate merits for the Salvation of all souls.

I thank you, My dears, for having responded once again to My call.

I am always in your little lives.

Your Mother, Mary, Holy and Virgin of Perpetual Help


My dear children of Venezuela and the world:

On this day, I come to the world under the celestial powers of God, to liberate the evil that is being caused in the heart of many of My children.

As Mother and Lady of Coromoto, I desire that all the homes of Venezuela are consecrated every day to the Protective Power of My Immaculate Heart.

Now, for this critical and challenging cycle that many innocents are facing, I call you to pray the Rosary for Peace and Redemption.  On this day I bring this special request of prayer, as one time I did in Fatima, Portugal.  A request that was accomplished by the three simple shepherds of Aljustrel who, because of their surrender and love to My Immaculate Heart, disarmed through prayer the war that at that time was triggered over the world.

But while the feeling of oppression now is diffused as poison in the heart of humanity, I ask you and I say to you, that the moment to beg and ask Heaven for Mercy has come.

My steps of Light are directed to Venezuela in order to help, calm down and pacify the hearts that are most in need.

In truth, My dear children, you are already facing one of the many consequences of the end of a time.

My Immaculate Heart promises to help you in each moment; in this difficult hour, I Am with you and I have sent in mission My children from the Association Mary, so that you may feel My Sacred and Most Holy Maternal Protection very near you.

Dear children, it is in the moments of difficult trials that you must look with fervor to Christ and ask the Celestial Father for His Piety and Mercy.

You, as children of God, are the first ones to face the great trials that some nations will live; but if you are united to Me and contemplate My Consciousness for an instant, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in your lives and nothing nor anyone will remove My Maternal Love from your hearts, because My Love of Mother for you is eternal and perpetual.

My dear children, offer to the Celestial Father the fasting for peace and pray much, so that I, Your Celestial Mother, may intercede for the innocents and for their families.

I pour My blessings over all the praying ones of the Network of Light and I ask you all to pray the Powerful Novena to the Mother of the Perpetual Help, so that My Divine Consciousness may intercede for all the children of the beloved nation of Venezuela.

I thank, from now and always, all the children of Venezuela for the answer that you have given to My call.

That in times without peace we may be in Peace and seek the Peace of God!

I thank you, I bless you and I protect you with the Immaculate Maternal Love,

Your Mother Mary, the Supreme Lady of Coromoto


Dear children,

While the world becomes agitated in this end of times, humanity must submerge itself in the ocean of prayer so that the Great Angels of the Lord may aid all hearts. Before the trumpets of the angels of Heaven sound, you must be prepared by means of the prayer of the heart, firm in faith and trustful in the Source of Divine Mercy.

Today I invite you in an urgent way to enter into the Most Holy Heart of My Son because in this way your lives will be protected by the great spirit of Mercy of the Redeemer.

Dear children, today I call you to become conscious from the heart because the times call humanity to live the conversion of the spirit and of life.

As the Mother of Perpetual Help, the Lord sends Me to awaken each one of My children from sleep and to place them all in the celestial task that the Lord is dictating for each heart through My Maternal Presence month by month.

Little children, you must not pass even one day without living the prayer of the heart, because in this way your lives will have hearts open so that the custodian angels that are sent, under the Light of My Immaculate Heart, may approach to guide all of My tiny children.

The moment has come to open the consciousness to the unusual universal signs that will try to awaken those who have separated themselves from the magnificent Will of God.

My children, all those consecrated to My Immaculate Heart must help so that other children may glimpse the Light of the throne of God, when the One and Only Son of the Father comes in Glory from the clouds.

Dear children, everything has been said. I call you and I ask you for prayer and more prayer from the heart.

I thank you for responding to My requests!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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