Dear children,

Seek, above every difficulty and problem, the path of serenity.  It is that, which will lead you to find the inner peace that is so urgent for these times.

If in you there is no serenity, how will it exist, in little time, the Kingdom of Peace in the world?

In your prayer is found the shield against every damage or evil.  In your pleas there may emerge a path of conversion and of utmost hope.   For this, with courage and fearlessly live, through the path of serenity, the end of these times that arrive.  This attribute is part of one of the petals of My White Rose.

Today I reveal to you the importance of always seeking serenity so that all of you, beloved children, may be prepared to live the great moment of your purification.

With the inner church rebuilt, I am giving to you for this time, the secure keys that will assist you in the critical moments that your humanity is living.

Beloved children, serenity is a door to the path of redemption and of divestment of oneself.  In serenity many things can be understood, and many disturbances can be dissolved by the action of the loving serenity.

Children, do not waste time in your difficulties, the planet is being dimmed without being able to see the Light of the Creator.   Restore your lives and your difficulties in the presence of serenity; thus you will know peace and you will make it part of your lives.  And each time that you may be distancing yourselves from the path of serenity, you will know how to return through the same pathway.

One of the reasons for the lack of peace in the world is the absence of inner serenity.   There will be no other formula, children of Mine, but to seek the sacred attributes and to practice them, because the time for theory has passed; it has arrived the time to practice My messages with total consciousness.

Whoever unites to My Immaculate Heart will not get lost, I will always bring you to Christ.

I thank you for answering to My call.

Who unites you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children of Mine,

By means of these maternal words, again by the action and the glory of the Grace of God, today I present Myself before your souls—donated to My Heart from the beginning and willing to serve Me to the end.

Today My Heart reveals to you that in this time without peace, I gather you again around the sacred table of Our Lord Jesus so that you may eat of His Body and drink of His Blood again.

My only goal, beloved children, is making you remember the Kingdom of God, that which in these moments is much forsaken and substituted by the trends of this world, those that erase the fire of the heart of many souls.

For the sake of the things that deviate the souls and all of humanity, sedated by the wiles of the enemy, from the Plan of God, your Mother of Peace and of Grace returns to reestablish the Kingdom of God, the supreme life and mercy in all that seems irreparable and impure.  Because now My celestial eyes see and shelter the offers of all of Her children who are the inner impulse to be able to materialize, together with the Angels of Heaven, the moment of the great planetary change.

I shall pray for you until the ultimate days, when some, who will already be blissful, will see coming amid the clouds My Beloved and Glorified Son.  The faults of the humanity of today and their future consequences can be placated by the light of the Mercy of My Son.

I come so that daily you may read My messages and that you may make them part of your lives and daily rhythms.  I desire that the true consciousness may awake in all of My children.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this new cycle!

Who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace of God

Dear children,

Celebrating the anniversary of My Apparitions in Brazil this month, today I invite you to prepare your hearts for My annual visit in the Hill of the Apparitions because this visit will be different from the others. You My children, for this final cycle, must say yes to the Creator so that His works of peace can go on acting through His Faithful Servant, the Queen of Peace.

My children, for this special reason this month I call you to renew your praying groups through the growth of your faith in the heart and through the weekly exercise of prayer.

Dear children, I want each group to meditate about the surrender to My Immaculate Heart. I invite you to think about what has happened in each group in the past year as My Heart has visited you monthly.

As Mother of the Lord I call you to strengthen yourselves as praying groups through a sincere vow of praying for peace and inviting more souls to pray with you.

Dear children of Mine you must renew yourselves through the Holy Spirit. At each new meeting of prayer among the souls I invite you to feel and to ask for the presence of this inexhaustible Spirit of love and wisdom.

My little ones, when I talk of renovation in the groups of prayer, I talk of each of the prayers being converted into a live flame of the Holy Spirit.

My children,

May your helping groups of prayer imitate the dining room of Mary of Nazareth with the apostles. In this way the heart of your group will be My Immaculate Heart.

Open the doors to your homes for the coming of new praying souls.

Dear children, with humility I tell you that the great ray of light that My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Christ poured over all Rio de Janeiro, you were able to see it manifested in a great rainbow. This is the sign of Mercy in response to all My children who pray, the ones who pray to God.

As Lady of Light, today I bring you from Heaven the redeeming love of My Son.

Dear children, may you be in Jesus, the Savior, today, may your prayer be the aid for many hearts that need My maternal help.

Dear children, today I invite you to be consciously instructed in My school of prayer and devotion so that in faith the absolute trust in the Will of God is revealed in your lives.

Dear children, yesterday I called you to pray for all the little children in the world; today I call you to pray for all humanity. My children, know that your prayer can lovingly intervene in Heaven and My Maternal Heart gathers each of the prayers to offer them to the Creator, as the love of the heart of each of His children.

Dear children, in a time of emergency I call you to be formed daily in the prayer of the heart so that through it you can be under the merciful guidance of My Son.

Today the world still needs a lot of prayer, active participation of each praying group, so that in this way My Celestial Light can fill each of My children.

As the Immaculate and Divine Mother I tell you again: through the prayer of the heart you have the ultimate decision in your hands. Run without delay to the arms of My Son; as the Good Shepherd of all flocks, He wants to lead you to conversion and forgiveness. He awaits your permission.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this mission of Peace for Rio de Janeiro.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Today I come to erase from your hearts all pain that could be there from the past, because the Eternal Grace of God allows me to do this, as Mediator between all souls.

Dear children, open today your hearts with joy, praise and chant to the Highest, receive in your hearts Jesus the Redeemer. Keep in your souls His merciful rays so that as little sheep, walk in trust to Eternity.

Dear children, today My Heart is joyful for the happiness and the purity that It sees in each one of my children from the New Earth. For this dear children, we will praise the Redeemer and show gratitude for Him because he has sent me to you to give you the peace and love of My Immaculate Heart. To all these children that represent millions of little souls in the world, today I give to you My special maternal blessing, as a luminious sign of the Holy Cross in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Dear children for this reason, that of the special meeting in the Community of the New Earth, I want to ask you again for much more prayer born from your hearts, as has yet been born so many times, and that each new prayer of the heart be directed especially for all the children in the world, for those that are lacking paternity and maternity.

My Spirit of the Immaculate Mother wants to embrace each one of them to alleviate their pain and their abandonment. For this dear children, it is important to consider to have in your life the prayer that repairs all the causes that are in need of peace and light.

With your eyes elevated to Heaven, My dear children, in this day I am thankful to you for the simple responses from your hearts to My Immaculate Heart.

That praised be Jesus, in all the children of the world!

Thank you for answering to My call for Rio de Janeiro.

In the Eternal Light of My Son.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 


Dear daughters of the Good:

I thank you for the prompt and fast inner preparation to receive Me; this loving attitude for the final times has great repercussions at the feet of the Altar of the Lord.

Day by day I have been accompanying your service.  From the moment in which you opened the door to a beggar and gave him food and drink, when you fed and nourished the soul of a sad mother, there I was; when you welcomed the coming of the Universal Mother to Rio de Janeiro, for these moments I was also accompanying and supporting you with My Heart.

In the doubts and in the continuous strength I Am.  My wisdom and Paternal Love comes to your beings to say to you that your charity and faithfulness to Christ has been secure.  When your eyes shed tears of joy, of reconciliation among the brothers and sisters as well as tears of pain, I was always among you.

The souls bring in their hearts gifts, gifts that are converted in spiritual tasks, impulses of the good souls to donate themselves to the God of Love.  I come to your simple house because in the beggar, in the pregnant mother and in the crazy person, you have opened the door to Me.

I want to say to you that your constancy in serving, loving and surrendering has touched My Heart and has permitted that, in a time of chaos, I come today from Heaven in Glory to share My Holy Joy.

Now your house will receive the mantle of the consecrated life; I want to say to you that Sisters from the Order Grace Mercy will share the service and will expand it all throughout the city, creating a net of Christic fraternity.  My divine aspiration is that you, My daughters of the Good and the consecrated sisters, bring My Merciful Heart through service as My other consecrated daughters in Venezuela will also do.

The Divine Order of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Grace Mercy Order, is proposing to all to enter a new cycle of service and work for the Plan, answering in this way the great need of healing and spiritual comfort for many souls.  This call to the new cycle that will be conducted by My Sacred Heart, will receive blessings and special help, and in the difficulties I promise to be near all of you.

Under the Mercy of God, the one that has descended over all of Rio de Janeiro, we will meet again soon here in this house.

Thank you daughters of Christ of the Good for having welcomed Me, the Lord blesses you always.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.