Friday, February 7 of 2014

Weekly messages

Dear daughters of the Good:

I thank you for the prompt and fast inner preparation to receive Me; this loving attitude for the final times has great repercussions at the feet of the Altar of the Lord.

Day by day I have been accompanying your service.  From the moment in which you opened the door to a beggar and gave him food and drink, when you fed and nourished the soul of a sad mother, there I was; when you welcomed the coming of the Universal Mother to Rio de Janeiro, for these moments I was also accompanying and supporting you with My Heart.

In the doubts and in the continuous strength I Am.  My wisdom and Paternal Love comes to your beings to say to you that your charity and faithfulness to Christ has been secure.  When your eyes shed tears of joy, of reconciliation among the brothers and sisters as well as tears of pain, I was always among you.

The souls bring in their hearts gifts, gifts that are converted in spiritual tasks, impulses of the good souls to donate themselves to the God of Love.  I come to your simple house because in the beggar, in the pregnant mother and in the crazy person, you have opened the door to Me.

I want to say to you that your constancy in serving, loving and surrendering has touched My Heart and has permitted that, in a time of chaos, I come today from Heaven in Glory to share My Holy Joy.

Now your house will receive the mantle of the consecrated life; I want to say to you that Sisters from the Order Grace Mercy will share the service and will expand it all throughout the city, creating a net of Christic fraternity.  My divine aspiration is that you, My daughters of the Good and the consecrated sisters, bring My Merciful Heart through service as My other consecrated daughters in Venezuela will also do.

The Divine Order of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Grace Mercy Order, is proposing to all to enter a new cycle of service and work for the Plan, answering in this way the great need of healing and spiritual comfort for many souls.  This call to the new cycle that will be conducted by My Sacred Heart, will receive blessings and special help, and in the difficulties I promise to be near all of you.

Under the Mercy of God, the one that has descended over all of Rio de Janeiro, we will meet again soon here in this house.

Thank you daughters of Christ of the Good for having welcomed Me, the Lord blesses you always.

Christ Jesus Merciful