Child, learn to deal with the sorrows and the fears that come from your soul, that old soul that has already gone through so many stages of life and that now finds itself facing the unknown, a place where its security and deepest beliefs seem to disappear, a place where the desert shows itself to be so broad, and where dryness takes the place of faith.

Learn to feel the sorrows and the fears that come from your soul and manifest in your heart as such intense and deep feelings, the roots of which you do not know from where they came. These roots are in your soul.

So speak with this small soul and say to it: "Trust in the Lord, beloved soul. In you is the fortitude to cross deserts and to go through tests. In you the Lord builds the foundation on rock so that, in spite of the winds of these times, you do not see your inner castle collapse."

Pray, child, with your own soul, speak with the deepest nuclei of your being and, at the same time that you seek unity with God, also seek unity with yourself.

To understand oneself and to unveil one's own inner being, to see one's own weaknesses and sorrows, is something that you must begin to experience so that, in the coming time, you may be bridges and light in the world, able to help those who arrive blind upon the path.

For this reason, while feeling these deep and hidden feelings, go even deeper within, face your soul and ask it where its sorrow comes from, where its fear comes from. Pray with it and ask for the Grace of being free, of seeing and healing the most hidden wounds of the consciousness, and do not be afraid of what you will find within yourself, for with open arms, the Healer and the Redeemer waits for you, the Holder of all forgiveness and the King of Mercy.

But if you do not seek Him, if you feel your sorrows and hide them, how will your Lord touch your wounds and close them? Or with a single gaze, heal all of your being?

For this reason, child, do not fear, but rather love. Love God, love your neighbor and also love what God aspires to manifest within you. Love the sacred that dwells within you, love the Thought of the Lord for your life and allow yourself to heal and return to your purpose.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Live in the faith of the first Christians, who did not fear death but who madly wished for life in Christ and constantly offered their existence to God so that He could make of their soul's receptacles in order for graces and mercies to reach the world.

Live in the faith of the first Christians, who announced the Kingdom of God, not only with the word but mainly with their lives; which allowed them to become inflamed by the Love of God and discover what true faith is in the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Live in the faith of the first Christians, who were not struggling to gain and accumulate things of the world, rather they were surrendering to gain their place in Heaven, dissolving in the Heart of God, becoming One with the Father.

Live in the faith of the first Christians, who gave their lives for mysteries unknown to them, for an experience and a greater Life, which was only kept in the certainty of their hearts and in the darkness of their absolute faith.

Live, child, in this faith, allowing yourself to be inflamed by it, in prayer. May this faith, hidden within you, gain a place within your whole being so that it may be Christ who expands within you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Lent is a moment, children, for coming to know Christ again, to recognize Him with a new gaze, a gaze with neither veils nor fears so that you may know who He is and who you are as you stand before Him, what you are called to experience upon facing the Son of God.

Many are those who walk at the side of Christ, eat from His Body, drink from His Blood, participate in His wonders and hear His Words; but few are those who look at the Lord without veils before their eyes, without walls before their hearts and know Who He is, and also discover themselves before Him.

But Lent is this moment, for in it the Lord says to you: "I Am that I Am, I Am He Who Is; One with God, the very God made Man and Spirit."

And in hearing this revelation of the Son of God, your eyes open so that you can not only recognize Him but also recognize yourselves.

Lent is a moment for deciding to seek Christ and to experience the revelation of His Presence; let yourself be flooded by His mysteries and transformed by His Love. Or else, children, let yourselves see Him pass by and do wonders, see how hearts are transformed upon listening to Him and even so they remain blind and deaf to Him.

Choose life, life in Christ, life in Truth, life in the freedom from yourselves. Choose the fading of the dust.

Do not cling to yourselves, to your virtues and skills, to your convictions and knowledge, to your minds and beliefs. Cling to Christ, to His Celestial Truth, to His Presence, to His Life.

This is the meaning of Lent: to prepare and to define oneself in Christ.

You have My blessing for that.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When a being enters the desert, even if they have simply touched its sands and felt its heat, they can no longer turn back.

The desert can appear to be dangerous, full of sufferings and woes. But today I tell you that there is no greater suffering for a soul than to enter the desert and not deepen into its experience, to not surrender to God and discover its mysteries.

The soul that steps upon the desert but does not walk in it and rather remains imprisoned by its fears does not let go of the crutches that supported its steps, nor does it discover its true support or know what it is like to walk on its own feet.

This soul, defeated by their fears, without wishing to let go of affections, sensations, the past within themselves, ends up seeking more crutches and more chains; the sensations they did not find with the crutches they hold in their hands and the chains fettered to their feet.

The soul becomes a prisoner of itself, each time emptier, more enslaved and more fearful, simply because they did not manage to yield to the infinity of the desert that appeared before them.

God calls on you to mature in the desert, to set aside human emotions so as to discover and consolidate your heart into Christic Love. But for this, children, you need to let go of your crutches, break the chains, experience the void and walk through it, even though you do not feel support under your own feet.

This is called experiencing faith.

Do not be slaves of yourselves. Recognize that there is no other executioner but pride, vanity and ignorance of hearts that believe they are safer when they are full of themselves, but do not perceive that they do not even know themselves.

I leave you My blessing so that you may cry out for freedom and live it.

If you feel that your feet are on the sands of the desert, walk and do not pause your steps. Consolidate the union with God and strengthen your own faith. This will allow you to be truly free.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Just as your Lord renewed all things in each step with the Cross, also renew yourself in the planetary passion, My child.

There is no weight that God may place on you that you are not able to bear.

There is no fall that you may experience in which you cannot get up from.

The love latent within you must awake and grow, and that will happen in your overcoming of self, each day.

Receive the graces from the Father so that your heart may be firm and anchored in the love for His Divine Purpose.

Pray, and may your prayer be sincere, because from it will come the strength that will make you rise, again and again, with cross of these times, and in each fall, love will grow within you; in each step, love will expand within you.

Experience agonies without fear; experience humiliations without fear; experience loneliness without fear; experience sacrifice without fear.

Fix your gaze and your heart on the calvary of this time, where you will not only die to yourself, but you will surrender everything that you are so that, through you, God may renew and surpass His Love.

Without fear, shame or pride, dare to be a Christ of the New Time, because for this your Lord called you by name. Let each day be lived for this Divine Purpose.

Contemplating the memory of your Lord with the Cross, imitate His steps and allow your heart to find the Love that He felt for the world and for the creatures that inhabit it; the Love He felt for the Universe and for all the life that evolves within it.

Let your heart make space for the Heart of Christ so that you may learn to be in the passion of this time, not only as an imperfect human being, but also as a spirit envisioned and manifested by God to recreate His Creation.

That is what you are. That is what this planetary moment will forge within you.

Thus, release the reins of your life and no longer walk towards what your think you should be. From the way you are now, God will make a Christ of you. Simply live that calvary and surpass yourself each day. The time will come in which God Himself will surpass Himself, within you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Weekly Message received in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

My children, I love you very much and only want good for everyone.

My children, I have you in My arms, I put you upon My chest for you to feel the beating of the Heart of your Heavenly Mother.

My beloved children, do not fear, do not become disturbed, do not be afraid. My Heart will triumph, and it will triumph within you, bringing you peace and the strength that you need so much.

My children, these are difficult times in which real and few soldiers of Christ give their life for their fellow being, for humanity and for the planet.

Dear children. God contemplates all you offer to Him. He gives you His Treasures and places them inside of the Heavenly Kingdom of His protection.

My children, these moments are very hard, but they are times to take great strides towards My Son, His Heart, His Truth.

Sustain yourselves in Me. I repair and take care of you from the fierce wolves of these times.

Continue praying with Me. Follow My steps of service and humility.

In the end, My Son will return. And He will return among you.

I thank you for your effort!

I bless you in the powerful Light of God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Even when your body may be weak and your heart tired, never stop raising your eyes toward God.

Even though you do not seem to have strength and your spirit seems to have no faith, never stop raising your eyes toward God.

Even though in the nations, hearts are losing hope, never stop raising your eyes toward God.

Even though the chaos seems to cover the world and the manifestation of a New Life seems distant, never stop raising your eyes toward God.

Even when inside and outside of beings, anguish and fear reign, never stop raising your eyes toward God.

If at least one heart is capable of remaining in God, this, child, will be enough so that, in His time, the Creator may find the path open to reach the Earth.

Supported by the gaze of His children, the Lord will return in glory so that, with His Presence, He may restore hearts, re-ascending the essences and bringing joy back to those who have lost hope.

Let the divine promise be enough for you, just as for God your mere upward gaze toward His Heart will be enough.

If you just wait with faith, everything will be accomplished.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I will always give you and bring you My sovereign inner Strength so that you may be sustained, despite the hardships, the difficulties or the great challenges.

If you truly believe in Me and live Me, you will manage to accomplish My designs and the Universe will always assist you whenever you need it.

If you trust Me, only Divine Love will prevail.

There is nothing greater than Love, there is nothing that can oppose the Will of the Father, even if you experience moments of great tension.

Love is one of the Gifts of God that puts things in their place because it is a real Love, impersonal and neutral.

In Divine Love you will always find that key that will open the doors of communication between the souls and God and, from that point, everything can take place.

Therefore, if you trust Me, you should not fear anything, no matter how great or difficult it seems, for there is nothing that can oppose the powerful stream of Divine Love.

Always remember all of this because it will be the fundamental key for the Love of God to always echo in your lives.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Keep in your heart all the Graces that the Lord granted you and consolidate, within yourself, the action of His infinite and unfathomable Mercy.

Remember, every day, that you are the fruit of the Grace and Mercy of God, which acted within you, as in your consciousness, releasing you from all the evil that kept you tied to the things of the world.

Keep your heart immersed in Divine Mercy, remembering that the Grace of God is something that must be cultivated and sustained within you. Make the gifts and virtues that the Lord granted you grow and multiply, because the time has come to put into practice, in face of the atrocities of the world, the faith and perseverance in the Love of Christ.

You will not be free from this test, child, because the purification has now extended beyond the invisible of your inner world and has reached the consciousness of the planet. But, just as you pray, you clamor and sustain your own inner self; now with more fervor, pray, clamor, and sustain life upon Earth.

Do not let chaos, hate or fear approach your heart. Love and do not forget that love is your only tool at this time.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Above chaos and beyond all human and universal duality lies the Heart of God.

Your Father, child, calls you to transform the laws of the Earth, which are fruit of the human degeneration; He calls you to transform what is the natural condition of humanity for many. Do not believe that the current human condition is non-transformable. Believe in the mystery of the Heart of God, which is beyond everything humanity knows and expresses.

Look at the Firstborn Son of your Creator Father: He must not ever be an exception for you. He is the spike of a spear of which you make part; a spear which breaks the structures of the old mankind and establishes a new life, a life that expresses the true essence of the human creation. Christ is the spike of the spear and His Father and Lord is the hand that supports and directs it, in order that its goal be exact and his path, right.

Feel your heart as part of this Plan, part of this divine spear in the Hands of God, which must be strong and needs to break the structures of an old being. Feel that, above all, this spear trespasses and crosses your own heart, your soul and your spirit and, transforming all that you are, makes you part of the establishment of the New.

Persevere, my child, and do not fear.

Let everything be broken and be transformed within you. Offer your heart to God as the first transformed part of this human consciousness. May your redemption be the first symbol of the triumph of God in this world.

Do you fear, but be firm. Let God send this spear to its target and, with a Love that is beyond all human understanding, transform this world.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Silence promises the interiorization and reflection of the consciousness.

Silence participates in communion with what is eternal and sublime.

Silence repels the superfluous and distances the soul from indifference and avarice.

Silence is receptive.

Silence shares with the souls of other beings and is intuitive in the face of danger.

Submerge yourself into silence and you will find the keys that will open the doors of the Heavens, because silence does not beg nor boast about anything.

Silence is solemn but also respectful. It attracts tolerance, peacemaking and calmness.

Silence neutralizes and distances the consciousness from fear, because silence is in tune with the Heights and protects the soul from the low planetary liberations.

Silence always constructs that which is reverent and never loses devotion.

Silence does not criticize with words nor with the mind.

Silence is elevated, for it was silence that first manifested Creation. The Word was born from the silence, because silence penetrated the Creative Mystery, and from there the Word was born, and from the Word, Life arose.

We owe all to silence, because in silence one finds resurrection and does not fear death; on the contrary, silence promotes eternal life.

I thank you for keeping silence withn your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus, the Lord of Silence


Tell me, do you fear anything?

The time has come for you to establish your surrender, as it is for all servers and truly consecrated to the Plan of God.

So, tell me: do you fear anything?

It is time to place your imperfection in the Hands of God and no longer try to be the potter of the clay that you are. Child, it is time for the most beautiful songs about surrendering one's life to become true now, and for you to be a living song and all those who see you may be able to listen to it and be inspired by it.

The time to establish one's own surrender comes for everyone; it is when they feel least prepared for this because surrender is not established before it is consummated. It is in the very act of surrendering the heart that the spirit anchors its foundations in the matter, and the soul matures and expresses its consecration to God. Everything that comes before this is a preparation.

Tell me, do you fear anything?

I come to make you feel My Love, and that together with the Love of My Son, may dispel from your heart, the fear of not corresponding to the Plan of God.

I come with the Love of the Father imprinted on my humble spirit, the same Love that made me surrender everything to fulfill the Will of God from the beginning; this Love that called me like a magnet, life after life, to return to God.

Today, may this Love impregnate your being, strengthen you and place you before the greatness of the Plan of God, which goes far beyond this life and that has in it its beginning and its end in eternity and unity.

May this greatness inspire you to lose fear and have the integrity to walk with the determined steps of a spirit that is guided by God. Because if you read these words today, it is so.

So, tell Me now that there is no more fear in your heart, no more fearfulness or pain, for the pain that there is in you does not belong to you and must be transmuted by the power of Grace.

Tell Me, then, with simplicity, that you will follow the Divine Will and that you will place yourself in the Hands of the true and only Potter that can mold you.

Child, it is with your imperfection that He will fulfill His Plan, just as He did with Mine, and will make you a new vase, to fill it with the new life that will permeate the Earth.

Before that, during the great Work that the Lord carries out in His, be simple and humble, and everything will be as God thought, even if one day you discover that His Thought did not resemble yours at all.

Tell me, then, that there is no more fear, and with my blessing upon your heart, rest in peace, rest in sacrifice and self-giving, for the time of your surrender has come.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Just as more than two thousand years ago, the prophecies will once again be fulfilled. The Sacred Books will no longer be only sacred, but become alive again before the eyes of the human beings.

My children, when Jesus arrived in the world and manifested, in a human expression, the Words of God and of the prophets, those who were apparently waiting for Him did not want to see Him, because He came to remove from the hands of the human beings the false power over the souls and over the temples; for they should become sacred again, so that the pure of heart and those who really were searching for God could find Him.

The doctors of the law did not want to recognize Him. They preferred to remain with their false power and humiliate the Son of God rather than surrender to Him and to the new Gospel that He was bringing. They did not want to renew their faith with the living Scripture, because it was easier to subject souls to waiting for a Messiah who never arrived.

Humanity at that time, My beloveds, feared to renew its own faith and to complete the Scriptures with what Jesus wrote with His arrival in the world. In spite of everything, My Son tore down the power of the hypocrites and the arrogant with His humility, because the smaller He was before the human beings, the more filled He was with God and His Love.

Children, I tell this because, in spite of so many wars, so many persecutions, so much denial, My Son rewrote the history and left the world a new Gospel, which renewed the Scriptures and brought souls even closer to God. Now, again the time has come to fulfill His prophecies, to renew the Gospel of Christ with life. The time has come to see His return, because those who, two thousand years ago, thought they had accepted His Presence among the human beings are clothed in false power again, taking control over the faith of the souls and hearts for themselves. They know that My Son will come, but they will not proclaim Him and will deny His Spirit, just as they denied His Body and His Blood so many centuries ago.

But this will not prevent Christ from returning to the world and demonstrating an even deeper union and likeness to God. He will come resplendent and will blind the eyes of those who thought they saw the light, but were in darkness.

As the prophet John warned humanity to repent because the Kingdom of God was near, now My Children, I tell you through My visionaries, to repent again, to ask for pardon and to renounce, before the crucified Christ, every false power you think you  have in your hands.

May all souls prepare their homes! May the churches repair their faults and renounce the material and spiritual accumulations that they hold so carefully in their homes.

The Redeemer will come and demand that those who call themselves His apostles live His Gospel. It was not He, children, who put on His garments like the garments of a king.

Christ came among the poor and divested His disciples and apostles of everything and, above all, of themselves. However, the human being once more adorned themselves and filled themselves with gold and stones, in the name of Christ, without understanding why the Messiah came into the world in a manger and not in a palace.

My beloveds, I do not tell you these things to hurt your hearts, but for you to review your lives. May all renew their vows before Christ, because only the simple of heart will recognize Him.

Will you be ready, My children, to divest of everything in the name of the resplendent Christ and see Him rewrite the Sacred Books with teachings that transcend human existence? Or will you hold the gold and the false power tightly in your hands, and  prefer to wait for the temple of this world to be destroyed in order to understand that the Son of God has returned to Earth?

Truly sanctify your lives. One who is pure and transparent before God does not need to fear anything. Therefore, children, do not say that I come to threaten you or to cause you fear. I come to warn those who are deaf and blind in their vanities and believe they serve Christ.

Recover the purity of your hearts. Pray with Me so that I may show you the Truth and the Path. Let Me wash your eyes and show you the Light, preparing you to be once again before My Son, and now, in surrender and with a sincere disposition, to follow Him.

I love you and tell you all of this so that you do not get lost. I wish that even the last living soul would recognize the arrival of My Son. His Spirit is now among you, but many deny Him.

I leave you My Peace, so that with it, you may reflect and renew your commitments to God.

I thank you.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The Divine Power of Unity

Not even the most seemingly powerful beast will be able to attack My children to the point of destroying in them what I have built with My holy hands. A fortress erected by God is eternal and there is no wind or darkness that can break it down. The basis of this fortress is the living of what I have taught you. Each one of My words consolidates in you the principle of unity with one another and with God.

Children, when lived in fullness, unity is the greatest shield of these and of all times. Even if the ground shakes under your feet, and the forces of your body seem to weaken, if there is unity, there will be no fear and there will be no defeat.

If you are united in heart, you will keep your eyes open and not allow yourselves to be deceived when the adversary blinds the eyes of many with fear and illusion. Those who live in unity will know the truth and will know that false is the power of those who rise with darkness; they will fall and disappear like dust, at the arising of the Christic Light.

If you live unity, you will sustain not only your own spirit, but you will be columns of a great temple which, in the moment of the tempest, will shelter within those who were lost but who still held the hope of someday finding themselves.

The fortress of unity will keep you in neutrality and balance when the coming events cause imbalance in the disbelievers and the humanity of little faith because they did not believe that after the night the sun will shine and that the support of God will always be upon those who recognize themselves as His children.

Unity will make you understand that which happens to you as harassment, that which are the tests and the apprenticeships needed for your evolution. In the spirit of unity among all, you will be able to overcome all these instances in a correct way and with maturity.

Because of this, children, the great learning of unity must be experienced in this time. This is the moment of overcoming the resistances within yourselves, which prevent you from living in fraternity, love and unity with your neighbor.

Learn that those whom you so judge or whom you cannot love nor accept in their paths may be the pillar that will be lacking in your inner temple in order to sustain you firm in the times that will come.

These are no longer times of solitude or individuality; in the past, this was a learning of interiorization of humanity, which prepared you today to live unity, with all who surround you.

Those who are summoned to My army of Light and Peace must be always united. Do not let My adversary bring you down through the corrosive poison of criticism, judgment and separateness, the pillars of the fortress that I am building by means of your constant permission.

Children, when you let the enemy speak through your mouths and separate you from your brothers, sisters and companions of the path, it is not only My Work that you are destroying but, above all, your own possibility of evolving and of keeping firm in the moments of the greatest tribulation.

Because of this, when you feel that your mouths move through the cunning of the adversary, keep silence and ask for My help; cut the chain of evil and invoke the Divine Power of Unity.

Where there is true unity there will be no darkness, and all the battles will be marked by the triumph of Light. Where there is unity, there will be Truth and there will be the Consciousness of God expressing through His children.

I tell you all this so that you may recognize that the triumph of the Eternal Father does not depend on anyone’s own strength, but on the Divine Power of Unity which, together, My soldiers can attract and manifest.

Children, day by day, struggle to make My Heart triumph and for the fortress of unity to grow and support within itself many souls that are seeking refuge in this world of such little fraternity and love.

Where there is unity, a light will be ignited, indicating the path for those who must still awaken in these times.

The seed of unity is already sprouting and growing in many of My children, and it must expand throughout all who listen to Me; because of this, today I make you listen to these words.

I bless you and lead you to the Divine Power of Unity. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

My adversary does not know the virtues of the hearts and he gets angry when these virtues, that are part of the sanctity of the spirit, emerge for the service of God.

Therefore at this time of the final battle, may your hearts pacify themselves, may your souls be in peace and without fear that something bad might happen.

Surrender your lives and commands to the Hands of God, and a new time of Light will come to fill all of you up, just as it has been thought by the Father.

Dear children, be what you have not been yet and for this to be possible, determination and faith will help you manifest this model of spiritual life that must also be at service of the planetary life.

Let your human lives continue being guided by Me until the final goal and during the battles that you live for the redemption of souls. Acquire a spirit of greater meekness than all evils that exist in this world; in this way you will be able to gather all the sufficient virtues, those that will help to take the last step of surrender to God.

Do not fear God because even if you fall over and over again, confirm innerly that you are children of the Most Beloved Father and He will have pity on all the actions My adversary inflicts to the hearts; the Father will help you with the strength of all His angels so that you will never forget that who is in God fears nothing.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and absolves you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Your Mother, Rose of Peace



Launch yourself into the impossible, if the Lord asks you so. Overcome any natural or supernatural fear and respond to divine Will, even without understanding It.

What could seem more impossible for a human being than to accept that his virgin wife gestates the Son of God, brought and impregnated by the Holy Spirit? Nevertheless, child, in the face of this and so many other mysteries in My life, I never denied the Will of the Lord.

It was for this unrestricted obedience that the Creator granted His simple servant the Grace of sharing His Power and His Glory, even though I was alive, in a body, a mind, a soul, and a human heart.

The Lord always asked Me for impossible things, and the most impossible of all was having asked Me one day to be as like Him as His Son was, in the human form of that little child, whom I carried in My arms for years.

The greatness of that child was so immense and His Holiness and Majesty were so infinite, even being in such a small body, that to resemble such manifested love seemed impossible to Me. But I did not refuse that divine request and I just opened myself to love My Son and God as one thing. I allowed myself to be permeated by Divine Presence in my life and I opened each cell of My body so that it might live in itself the awakening to love and the likeness to God.

I gradually discovered that to be like the Father, just as My Son was, meant to love the Father as My Son loved Him, and to love everything just as the Father loved. The essence of love was the beginning, the middle and the end of all things, of all paths.

And it was in observing the little Jesus that I discovered that evolution is eternal, and that the union with God must be permanent, constant. And so it was that, even after death, I continued to contemplate the steps and the triumph of My beloved Son, and I went ever deeper into experiencing love and the likeness to God.

I tell you this because the Creator asks for impossible things from all His children. Even in the same way He asked Me, He will also ask you to love as His Firstborn Son loves and to be in likeness to Him, just as His beloved Son is.

Know, child, that the essence of everything lies in losing your fear of launching yourself into love.

Even though doubt, fear, pride and the lack of peace torment you, never stop fulfilling the Will of the Father. When you respond to His Call, you will see His Wonders manifest in your life.

I love you and, with My example, I always inspire you.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The world around you must keep you in a state of vigil and prayer, but never of fear.

Become an observer of your own life and of the life on Earth and in this way, recognize the movements of nature, the movements of your inner world, and how your brothers and sisters react in the different situations that are presented in their lives.

I do not call on you to act at this time. Only observe and, in your prayers, meditate on what you observed.

Know yourself a little more each day: the way in which you try to achieve what you want or how you try to be understood by others. Observe what image you try to transmit to others about yourself and, in your prayers, meditate on the true intention of those movements that emerge deep within you and are expressed through your way of being.

To develop any virtue, you need to know yourself and about yourself, especially what separates you from a pure and true path.

To be humble, you must find within you that which does not lead you to humility, and you will work with the same peace of one that separates the chaff from the wheat to prepare the flour that someday will become bread. And you will not suffer, for you only place the chaff and the wheat each in its place and direct them towards their transformation.

That which is wheat, which is to say, the principles of virtues within you, must still be worked a lot in various stages of transformation, so that one day it may become bread. The wheat will be ground and will become flour. The flour alone does not make the bread, for it will need other elements coming from God. The bread will be kneaded and will go into the fire, until it is ready. And for it to be the Bread of Life, it will need to be consecrated on divine altars, where the Son of God becomes One with this bread and then consecrates it, shares it in gifting and surrender, to multiply the graces received amongst many more.

You must be like this wheat that one day will become bread. You have already grown in fertile soil and have given the grains that God needed. Now you yourself, with your effort and dedication, will observe in yourself and will separate in yourself the chaff from the wheat, so that afterwards, Divine Hands may transform you, step by step, until you reach your destination.

Do not be in a hurry, but be precise. If from now on you work on the wheat of your virtues, you will dictate the result of your union with Christ and the purity of the codes consecrated by Him, which He will share through you for all universal life.

Love the transformation. Let each step be a reason of glory for you, rather than of resistance. Allow yourself be ground, for it is only in this way that you will be the adequate flour for a good bread on the Celestial Altar.

The more peace there is in your transformations, the more perfection there will be in your steps.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, the one who allowed Himself to be shaped and transformed until the union with the Eternal God.

Special Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Listen to the Voice of My Eucharistic Heart and surrender in peace before My universal Redeeming Presence.

Allow Me to carry out the designs in each stage of your life.

Reconsider in time, for My Truth manifests before you today.

Let Me be the seed within you, which will yield the promised fruit for Adonai.

I Am the only sure shield for your small life.

If you are in Me, nobody will be able to generate fear in you, as long as your trust is greater than your own fears.

I am present in each space of your life. I have already passed by your side many times. Thus, be brave and take the risk at this time of listening to what you never wanted to see about yourself.

So that My infinite Heart may dwell in you, I must first find an orderly space, free of human ambitions and desires.

I seek only the sacred temple of simplicity and equality, so that the spirit of fellowship may finally be manifested.

Always remember who calls you. Help them and do not feel mistrust or discomfort just because somebody needs something from you.

Be like John the Apostle, faithful server, untiring and silent, open to listening to the Word of his Lord, trusting always in His Majesty and Love.

Why do I tell you these things today?

Because I know, My child, at what point you are and how many times you have stopped looking at Me.

I Am that unfathomable and divine spring that nurtures the life and spirit of each soul.

I Am the mystery of Love still to be known.

Who seeks Me, finds Me.

Who calls Me, patiently waits for the coming of their Master.

I Am the bridge that unites what is separated.

I Am that mystery that forgives and redeems the greatest sinner.

On this sacred day, when your eyes have focused on My Eucharistic Heart, I tell you that I am returning to this house. I am returning to a new Marathon of prayer so that, more than ever, you feel Me close, among you and in you; so that you feel Me living in the Communion and in the heart; so that, once and for all, you believe that I am living and omnipresent in each soul that fully surrenders into the Arms of their eternal King.

Believe, My son; believe, My daughter; I can be in you in these difficult times. Purify and redeem yourself.

Through My Love, I am close to  all, because My Love, the Love of Adonai, penetrates the dimensions of your hearts. There we will be one for the whole universe.

Let this Marathon be the Marathon of joy, of renewal.

Let your hearts rejoice and be glad for being in Me, and I in you.

Accept My Will and you will not be alone.

Under the Mercy that gathers you together, be blessed.

Thank you, sacred Figueira, for receiving Me and for faithfully waiting for Me!

He Who unites you and loves you always:

Your Master, Christ Jesus

After transmitting the special Message, Christ Jesus continued transmitting the following to us:

Just as you have seen My living Heart in the Eucharist, I wish it to be alive in your hearts.

This is My principal motive, dear companions, for uniting you here again, in the name of God, in the name of His Will and of His Love.

Through the celestial imposition of My Hands, I bless you for this task and all these sacred elements you have served at My table.

For the absolution of the Holy Spirit, I renew you and bless you with the luminous sign of the cross and of your essences, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Gladden My Heart during these days. The Celestial Kingdom must be here, as it is today with you, to help the planet.

I bless you.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

Special weekly Message of Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Be humble before those who, through error or fear, abandon My precious and preferred path.

Pour out the infinite Graces that I have placed in your heart upon those who have lost them through ignorance. Take a risk to the point of giving your life for your friends. There will never be something similar or different that can destroy the love that with so much effort has been built among brothers and sisters.

Happy are they who fully believe in My Truth and profess it because I promise to compensate them on the day of their celestial glory.

Look now at My wounded spiritual Side, which is a sign of the anxieties and the deserts caused by souls into which, from the beginning, I have poured out My infinite Mercy.

All want to drink of the Source, but few dare to seek it through pain, the desert and the void.

Pay attention! I have shown you the path of the desert, and in truth, I tell you that you have not even crossed the first part of the great aridity of the heart.

Sometimes, I have you spiritually experience the thirst that humanity caused Me during the Passion, on the Cross; but I know that when this unbearable and unsustainable thirst worsens, many have the impulse to abandon Me at that time.

I know that after everything you will understand the mystery that I come to reveal to you, the mystery of suffering out of love and of enduring the bitterness that would punish the world. For this reason, day and night, I avail Myself of your inner-selves, to place within states of emptiness and transmutation, necessary to avoid the sovereign Law over humanity.

When you still believe that you will never see Me, I will visit you. When you still believe that you will never feel Me, I will cause Myself to be deeply felt; but My Law is to test the degree of your love and the unalterable faithfulness of your souls.

Woe to those who have not truly invoked Me! They will soon lose all that was foreseen to be received within their dwellings.

But so great and mysterious is the power of My Divine Mercy that I come to warn you, that if you have thought of abandoning Me, you still are in time to return to the path of My Heart, to the blessed House of Adonai.

Today I open your eyes to take away the dust of blindness. Today I touch your hearts so that, now and forever, you will be able to believe that I Am Who speaks to you: Jesus of Nazareth.

Blessed are the simple, for they will always find the suitable answer.

Let your feet not tire of following Me; let every inner desert be a reason for purification and the concrete affirmation of the Plan of My Father.

Under the Love of God, be blessed and intelligent.

Thank you for persisting through My Heart!

The Merciful Christ Jesus




Why do you fear?

By any chance have you not received My Unfathomable and Infinite Mercy for almost 365 days in a row?

Why do you fear My Holy Justice?  It will never condemn you or distance you from the Love of My Father.  My Justice that which will come to the world after My Mercy, will be compassionate and saving.  It will rearrange the consciousnesses that have distanced themselves from God, because My Justice will give life to that which was dead and will resuscitate that which was dead in life.

Accept the embrace of My Heart and quench your bitter thirst in My sweet Source of Love and Healing.

Come to Me that I will liberate you, do not guard in your heart any bitterness.  Drink from the Precious Blood that springs from My Side, wash your face in the codes of My Light and let Me act as I have planned.

I Am here in the name of a Special Grace for your lives because after all, everything will remain recorded in the universal memory of these encounters with Me.  I prepare you for the apostolate.  I teach you how to love and forgive.

Seek Me when you feel loneliness, emptiness and desperation.  I have something precious to entrust you.  Live in My heart and I will tell you in truth who you are and for what you have come.  Never get too tired to seek Me, I will always be there to listen to you, to offer your confession and to give you My Infinite Forgiveness.   

Thank the Father for having re-encountered your true Inner Master.  Be all the time in Me, in this way you will be able to get out of yourself and in the Spirit of Humility you will be in your most little spirit.

Under the Kind Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking My Heart!

Christ Jesus


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