May peace reign in the hearts of humankind so that, through this peace, you may come to know how to find the Wisdom and the Love of God, to manage each situation in life.

Children, while the world is in agony and cries out for support and real love, most of humanity loses itself in distractions and indifference, in conflicts and in the constant stimulation of technology and chaos.

May peace always reign in your hearts. Do not allow yourselves to be stimulated and influenced by the individualistic and egotistical speeches of these times, but instead always remember to serve and love unconditionally; remember to look at your neighbor with love and move beyond their errors and miseries so that, in this way, you may mutually help each other to arrive to God.

Before correcting, you must first love, so that your correction does not transform into judgment, but rather it may be an instrument for souls to resume their path to God. When looking at your brothers and sisters, before observing their defects, seek the perfection of God and ask for the Grace of feeling the Love of the Father for His creatures.

In the final test of humanity, when each being will be tested in their love and in their faith, seek always to have the Eyes of Christ within your eyes, and the Heart of the Redeemer in your hearts. Let Him live in you more each day; yield space for the Lord and fervently ask that He may live in your inner dwellings.

Remember that, with your lives, you write the Gospel of the Return of Christ, with your lives you prepare His way, with your lives you light the torch that shows the world where there is Light in the middle of darkness.

For this reason, pray, and do not tire of praying. Serve and do not tire of stepping out of yourselves for a neighbor. Love and be compassionate. With your own lives declare the power of Mercy.

You have My blessing for this. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




A soul that had made many mistakes felt itself to be impure and unworthy before God, and facing the sins it committed, it asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, I have sinned many times; I have fallen and, instead of standing up, I submerged even more deeply into the abysses of life. Today I stand before You; You called me to sit at the table of redemption. Tell me, Lord, is it possible that a sinner like me will be called by You? How will I be able to take the steps that You need? How will I heal the infidelities and the deepest sins of my being?"

And with eyes of Mercy, the Lord responded: - "What did the leper do to be healed by My Son when he saw Him approach among the multitude? What did the woman with the flow of blood do to be free from the weight of her impurities while, to her despair, she saw My Son walking by? What did Zacchaeus do to be seen and, in spite of all his errors, be worthy of a single Gaze of the Son of God?

The leper, little soul, uncovered himself, and stood humble in the face of the multitude. With his foul smell, with his wounds, with his broken heart and remaining without hope in a world where, for him, there was no salvation, the only solution was to appeal to Christ, dirty, impure, sick, rejected.

The woman with the flow of blood also risked herself among the multitude. She did not want to be humiliated, but knew that the only way of being healed was to appeal to Christ. That time, it was the Lord Himself who made her noticeable, not to humiliate her, but rather to let the world know that to be healed and become clean, it would be necessary to expose the sins and the wounds to God. It is through the doorway of humility that one reaches the Feet of the Creator.

Zacchaeus knew of his bad behavior, he knew of his sins and imperfections, but in his soul, what spoke more loudly was the need for forgiveness. This is why he showed himself and, in front of the multitude, humbled himself, climbed a tree, where everybody could notice that in spite of all his errors, he was there, facing all the judgments and criticisms, simply by the need for being before Christ.

And the Lord, when He sees that sinners go beyond their sins, also goes beyond in His Love, in His Mercy and in His Grace. For this reason, little soul, nothing is impossible. All illnesses have a cure, all sins can be forgiven; but for this, you need to set aside your pride and vanity and humble yourself before God. Be transparent and sincere, show the Lord your wounds and allow Him, with a single compassionate glance, to heal you."

May this dialogue, children, inspire you to not fear to be exposed, to be humbled, and thus, to be healed, forgiven and redeemed by Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


It is necessary, at this time, My children, to grow up spiritually and humanly, to mature in your consciousness all the impulses received and place them at the service of the planet and of all its humanity.

To grow up spiritually is to understand the times in which you live, the urgency for a transformation in human consciousness and the certainty that this transformation begins and ends within each being.

To mature is to take responsibility for your own part within the Plan of God, knowing how to give your all in every instant.

When you pray, do it wholeheartedly, with your mind and spirit present, with whole feelings and words filled with their deepest meaning.

When you serve, do it completely, giving all of yourself, so that the Will of God may be fulfilled, without giving space to childish attitudes that always lead you to human comforts, to a place of inertia and not of sacrifice.

When you relate to your neighbor, know how to love them as they are, observe their miseries in the mirror of your own interior and, before you judge, be silent and look inside. The other is transformed by example and not by judgment.

Humanity is a living, unique consciousness, that sooner or later moves in chains. When a being takes a true step, their surroundings are transformed. Therefore, use the word to open the doors of the Kingdom of God and the example to transform what prevents this Kingdom from manifesting.

To mature humanly, children, is to leave the adolescent posture of being eternally served, cared for and supported, and begin moving to serve, care and support, not only the neighbor, but the Plan of God itself, the planet, life.

Just as an adult is responsible for their home, you are responsible for this world. The time has come to transform this attitude and take back your own home, because the laws are moving and the cycles are advancing into ascension.

To follow the movement of the Universe, you must grow up humanly and spiritually.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Weekly Messages

See how the world is in agony, and pray with the heart.

It is not sufficient that your mind know the events of the world and judge them according to principles that, for you, are spiritual.

See how purity is lost in the heart of human beings, ever more distant from God and surrendered to the world, and search for this purity within you.

It is not sufficient that you verify the imperfections of others and judge them according to the principles that, for you, are spiritual.

See how in the actions of human beings each time there is less compassion, less pity, less mercy, and go seek in the source for these gifts for the world.

It is not enough to see that souls are thirsty and judge their motives based on principles that, for you, are spiritual.

My child, all that I say to you is so that you may dive into the depths of your heart and find God.

Your eyes can see all things and your mind can judge them all with a judgment that disguises itself and hides in all the knowledge that you have acquired in order to feel that you are a spiritual person, but knowledge does not make you spiritual.

Knowledge is a door that opens so that you may know where to walk, but you may have knowledge of all philosophies, religions, and sciences and yet be standing before those doors, contemplating paths which you never entered, because it is only transformation that moves your feet.

Substitute the impulse of your being an example for judgment.

Substitute the experience that brings you wisdom knowledge, and do not be afraid to try and see that it is difficult, and that in your falls and difficulties, your weakness and imperfections appear.

Because I tell you, beloved child, that it is when your eyes are ready, not only to know the world, but also and above all, yourself, that your feet start to walk, even if you feel you are standing still.

The greatness of wisdom is that it is built far away from the mind and from understanding, in the depths of the heart, and when you least expect it, surrendered at the Feet of God, at the peak of your miseries, you discover yourself to be wise, because the love that you submitted to there made you wise.

Therefore, child, see the world and observe it, but afterwards find it within yourself and transform it. Thus, all will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter My Heart of Peace

Enter into My Heart of Peace to reveal to you at this time the Grace of My Presence and through the testimonies of your lives, speak to the world.

Take the Rosary in your hands to cry out for peace and you will see the peace established in the interior of your hearts and in all of those who approach you. This will be the living sign of those who respond to My Call.

Know how to love and understand despite human judgments, and thus peace of your hearts will speak louder than all the criticisms emitted by the world.

Live in My Heavenly Church and in My Heart of Peace; enter into My Kingdom and there learn from the divine mysteries that Creator reveals to pure hearts.

In this way, the wisdom of your spirits, acquired in the Celestial Kingdom, will be permeated by a Truth that does not come from this world, and neither the wisest of the wise nor the most learned of the doctors of Science and philosophies, of this world will know how to explain the Divine Science that dwells in the heart of My Children.

Answer my call without fear and let yourself be guided.

Do not be afraid to break within yourself the prejudices and resistances, because I am not leading you to the old. I come to renew your lives and human consciousness.

I come to teach you to be reborn in spirit and to deepen in the Presence of God that, since the beginning of your creation, tries to lead you to the Truth.

I come to help you, finding the way to the cure of original sin, so that you convert not only in your spirits but in your deepest human condition which prevents you from reaching God.

My children, leave aside for an instant, all the concepts of your mind and feel the Presence of God in My words.

Humanity is in its last time of awakening and repentance.

Now is the moment to surrender at the Feet of God and cry out for forgiveness, because His Comforting Spirit is still upon the world, attentive to the supplications of humanity, to cleanse you from every stain, and prepare you for a new time.

Because soon there will come a day when the heavens will be opened with all its power for a second time, so that the Son of Man returns to Earth and by looking into the eyes of His companions, He brings Justice to some and Grace to others who, being consequent with His Gospel and faithful to His promises, waited with love for His arrival.

The prophecies will be fulfilled, as they have been fulfilled throughout the history of humanity, and I am here brighter than the sun and as alive as your hearts, to teach you to elevate not only your  supplications but also your souls through a true prayer that transforms and leads you to the Kingdom of God, even if you are alive.

Every mystery that I reveal, every Divine Space that I made known to you, is for you to aspire for something beyond this world, it is for your souls to renew the hope of reaching God, it is for your hearts in eternal aspiration to know Heaven, and to reach it and attract it to Earth.

In your prayers, My children, contemplate with love what I show you and let your Divine Mother awaken within you the purity that makes you worthy of being in God, and participating in His Truth.

With these words I bless you and deeply thank you for responding to My Call.

Pray for peace and raise your hearts to God, because the world needs it.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

To be living witnesses of the Presence of God

My Children,

Today I call you to be living witnesses of the Presence of God among men.

That your lives speak to the world and that your examples make those who find you seek peace and ask themselves what they are doing in their own lives.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God on Earth, you must first purify your hearts of all stain, of all criticism, of all lack of unity with others and with God.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God among men, you must assume a path of prayer and of service, wherever you are. You already know that you can make of your lives an eternal act of service at every instant.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God among men, you must learn to forgive others and yourselves and to open yourselves to understand the weaknesses of others, always putting yourselves in the place of others, to then understand their feelings and thoughts.

To be living witnesses of the Presence of God in the world, you must lose the shame and fear of being true and transparent every day, live your faith and be simple before the judgment of men.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God in the world, you must be willing to purify your own will, your own dominion and power over others and over everything.

In order to be living witnesses of the Presence of God in the world, you must make the difference among men, willing to surrender what humanity always aspires to aggrandize; willing to be humble and silent; willing to be anonymous and in solitude, even though, My children, God puts you in the midst of multitudes.

You must never lose the thirst of being alone with God, because only those who know how to be in silence with the Father will know how to speak publicly in His Name.

Today, beloved children, I call you to one step more than the apostolate; I call you to surrender your lives to God as living witnesses of His Presence in the world.

It is time to announce, and this is done with the example that echoes beyond words and pierces the layers of mind to reach the heart and there perpetuate itself.

Today I call you to be witnesses of the last times, the saints of the last days, because to balance what is happening in the world at this moment it is necessary, children, to renew the apostolate, renew the spirit of the Gospel with life and become true disciples of Christ, as He needs you.

In this day of special blessing and infinite Graces that your Heavenly Mother pours out from the Seventh Heaven and beyond, I call you to be those who will offer their own destiny to God, who will follow His Steps in an unconditional way and who will overcome fear, transcending it in the power of the Love of Christ.

Today I call you to be living witnesses of the Presence of God in the world and, if you cannot do it, to pray for those who will surrender their souls at the Feet of the Creator, asking Him at every instant of their lives: Lord and God, what do you need from me today?

Pray for those who will surrender their hearts to God and, will fervently witness His Presence in the world, and be part of the apostolate of these times.

My children, the world needs palpable examples and true surrender, therefore renew your surrender to the Father every day, and seek a way to make it more transparent each time.

Today, children, I will ask you to pray fervently for those who have been called to surrender their lives to God and who, without understanding and without knowing, have become His living witnesses for these times.

Pray so that the instruments of the Father persevere to the end, because the surrender of a few will bring merit for the salvation of all.

Pray so that the Graces multiply, and Mercy finds space to pour out into the world.

And finally pray so that there will be new and eternal witnesses of God’s Presence among His children.

I thank you for responding to My call and I bless you.

And on this day, in a special way, I bless My beloved son who, surrendering his heart to the Father, allowed the Creator to make of his existence a living testimony of the Presence of God in the world.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear son, dearest daughter,

Conceive, in this time, of a meek heart such as that of Jesus, free of judgments, criticism, and condemnations.

Conceive within you My flame of peace and free yourself from all claims and demands.

Conceive of the humility of being similar to My Son in His Works, in His charity, and in His Infinite Mercy.

Do not reject what you live, and accept with fervor that the time of your inner death has come.

Submit yourself without punishments to the rules of love and make all that you have still limited within yourself germinate.

Freedom of spirit is achieved through first forgiving yourself and then all others. There is no peace in the soul without a reconciliation with life.

The tests that your consciousness embraces are the stairway for being able to take a greater step,  unknown to your possibilities.

Let My Son model the new being and empty yourself, fully empty yourself, every day, showing the Universe that you know how to live love, rather than just understand it.

Rather than watching you walk aimlessly, I hold out My hand to you so that you can clasp it strongly and save yourself from the danger and from the traps that My adversary inflicts.

If you know the power of My Immaculate Heart a little, I assure you that you will learn to come out of yourself to serve others and you will find the so awaited hour of ascension.

Do not let anything external bring you down; take each experience as the opportunity of dying to yourself a little more every day.

You know that redemption starts by being true to yourself; do not seek either external answers or benefits; allow the fluid of spirit to always show you the exit.

If you do not know how to begin, start by loving that which seems impossible to love, forgiving what you would never want to forgive. Do as I did for you and for humanity; I had already forgiven you in holy humility before you crucified the Son of God.

Deeply think about and do not set yourself apart from those you do not understand. True surrender will occur through your humbling yourself before the sinner or the judge who condemns your life.

Imitate the silence of My Son and have confidence, because above all Love will triumph.

Accept what you live with joyfulness. Fly, fly high, and even if you do not manage it, I will take you to the Kingdom of My Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In humility,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The union between beliefs

A time will come to the planet in which all religions will have to unite in the spirit of Christic peace and love.

This prophesied union will allow souls who have walked different spiritual paths to find the Highest Source, the great Spring of the Heart of Christ.

At that time, Jesus will be recognized by all as the Redeemer not only of the Christians but also as the Liberator of the whole world through the impulses of Love that He is giving the world in these times.

This hour is approaching for the planetary consciousness.

When this prophecy of the union between beliefs can be realized among all peoples and not only among Christians, nations will oppose one another, and different human philosophies will try to tear down what others, with love, try to construct for the common good of all souls.

These types of judgments and slanders emerge as a source of human impulses that will only lead to the weakening of the union between consciousnesses and peoples.

In the most critical and acute moment of the planet, the faith of the consciousnesses will be put to the test; not because God will determine it, but because of the destructive action that the voices of the philosophers of the world carry out against everything that is considered the Work of Peace and Light.

But finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world and outside the Church.

Before the eyes of those who govern the religions, I will open the great door of redemption, and all will recognize that, behind every Work of Light, Christ was present.

In this time, they will try to silence the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers, just as they tried in other times; but, at the end of everything, many will belatedly realize the just and true cause.

In this cycle, everything will be allowed, both the great errors and the great victories. It will be like this so that souls, in their freedom, can choose before the Final Judgment which path they will take, whether the path of error of the unjust or the path of peace and fraternity.

In this definitive hour, your heavenly Mother carries out Her Co-Redemptive Work outside the Church, so that in this way, the shepherds of My Son can contemplate the planetary need with Mercy and not with deep and petty indifference.

The Mother of God comes to gather what the Church could not achieve, the mission of contemplating with love the spiritual and moral need of souls, regardless of the belief which they experience at this time.

This is how your Heavenly Mother comes, in this cycle, to teach you what She taught the apostles in the past, uniting nation with nation, culture with culture, and language with language, in order to establish the principle of the sacred people of God, for which Moses worked for a long time.

Therefore, I ask all of you, regardless of your belief or your spiritual doctrine, to listen to the Mother of God, the Ambassador of Peace, who tells you to no longer waste time; do not use it to argue or slander whether or not it is true that I am working outside the Church, or whether or not your brothers and sisters are wearing  certain outfits, or are lying. This is not true, you are not seeing the truth nor feeling it with your heart.

Do not forget that you are all children of God and that the most important thing is to lead souls towards love and prayer, and not towards slander and value judgments.

Those who claim to live the truth are blind. Repent and ask for forgiveness. Open the heart and not the mind, because truly I tell you, My children, that you are trying to dissolve My Work of Peace with your evil actions.

Live peace and do not feel disturbed. Embrace the Call of God, just as He determined, and do not try to deny it only because this Call is alive and luminous outside the Church.

Thank the universe because there are souls who offer themselves to suffer for you.

Change your attitude and do it out of love, do not lose time in vain words. Do your job and thus the religions will unite through love and not through force.

Christianity is an inner state and not a formal state, it is the possibility of believing and feeling Christ within the heart.

Listen for the last time to My call.

I thank you for responding to My requests!

Who loves you and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I come to this immaculate house to bring relief from the inner suffering which the world and the voices of some of My children have generated.

I come to renew hope, and above all, to strengthen the filiation with God, so that My apostles in redemption feel that the Love of God is in all servers.

I come to teach you to experience what it is to be denied, just as My Son experienced it after having given so many Graces.

I come to remedy and to heal, in the depths of your spirits, what has already taken place and has generated discomfort.

As the Mother of relief and consolation, I come to testify to the Love of Christ in your hearts and to fulfill within you the part of the Purpose that is still to be accomplished.

I come to teach you to love the error of others and not to judge it, as the majority of humanity does, both religious and non-religious, which offends the Heart of the Father.

I come, dear children, to help you go through the Calvary of the end of times and that you learn of unknown things you have still not experienced.

I come to give you the strength of My Heart and the Love of My Divine Spirit, because united with My Consciousness, we will transcend the abysses of the Earth and the Greater Plan will be fulfilled.

On this sacred day, I come to give you My Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who fills you with the Spirit of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted on the Eagle of Light bus during the journey from the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In the face of any situation or circumstance, may the presence of Divine Love be among you so that, in this way, all obstacles can be overcome.

Through Love, you will be able to recognize the value and the significance of all things and all the consciousnesses that surround you.

Let nothing and no one be a stone or a thorn on your path; learn from each moment as if it were the last and thus, you will grow in truth.

Honesty goes hand in hand with true Love. I invite you to be honest in love, in action, in service and in charity, and not just appear to be honest.

Set aside the authority that many of you believe you have and be humble; be the last in line, so that those most in need are able to move up, for among them there could be the last and New Christ that will open the door of Heaven to you.

In order to be able to perceive these realities, which are not mental or intellectual, you must be united with the essence of the love of the heart. In this way, you will learn every day to love your fellow beings without conveniences or personal merits.

Be always in the source of Love, so that you may also recognize the treasures that We have placed around you; and often, you miss the chance to contemplate the treasure that is the sibling soul, the treasure that is the other consciousness that came into your life to accompany you and guide you in some cases.

To enter through the correct door of Love rather than through the door of convenience, you, My children, must perceive everything with more reverence and devotion; because the devout soul is one that recognizes Christ in its fellow beings, being able to set aside the habit of criticism and judgment.

Be meek and you will naturally recognize the Works of God that are expressed in all consciousnesses.

Do not miss the opportunity of taking the correct step towards the Light. Love the Law of the Hierarchy and defend it from yourselves; thus, My Plans will also be accomplished.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who wakes you up to a greater consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Divine Power of Unity

Not even the most seemingly powerful beast will be able to attack My children to the point of destroying in them what I have built with My holy hands. A fortress erected by God is eternal and there is no wind or darkness that can break it down. The basis of this fortress is the living of what I have taught you. Each one of My words consolidates in you the principle of unity with one another and with God.

Children, when lived in fullness, unity is the greatest shield of these and of all times. Even if the ground shakes under your feet, and the forces of your body seem to weaken, if there is unity, there will be no fear and there will be no defeat.

If you are united in heart, you will keep your eyes open and not allow yourselves to be deceived when the adversary blinds the eyes of many with fear and illusion. Those who live in unity will know the truth and will know that false is the power of those who rise with darkness; they will fall and disappear like dust, at the arising of the Christic Light.

If you live unity, you will sustain not only your own spirit, but you will be columns of a great temple which, in the moment of the tempest, will shelter within those who were lost but who still held the hope of someday finding themselves.

The fortress of unity will keep you in neutrality and balance when the coming events cause imbalance in the disbelievers and the humanity of little faith because they did not believe that after the night the sun will shine and that the support of God will always be upon those who recognize themselves as His children.

Unity will make you understand that which happens to you as harassment, that which are the tests and the apprenticeships needed for your evolution. In the spirit of unity among all, you will be able to overcome all these instances in a correct way and with maturity.

Because of this, children, the great learning of unity must be experienced in this time. This is the moment of overcoming the resistances within yourselves, which prevent you from living in fraternity, love and unity with your neighbor.

Learn that those whom you so judge or whom you cannot love nor accept in their paths may be the pillar that will be lacking in your inner temple in order to sustain you firm in the times that will come.

These are no longer times of solitude or individuality; in the past, this was a learning of interiorization of humanity, which prepared you today to live unity, with all who surround you.

Those who are summoned to My army of Light and Peace must be always united. Do not let My adversary bring you down through the corrosive poison of criticism, judgment and separateness, the pillars of the fortress that I am building by means of your constant permission.

Children, when you let the enemy speak through your mouths and separate you from your brothers, sisters and companions of the path, it is not only My Work that you are destroying but, above all, your own possibility of evolving and of keeping firm in the moments of the greatest tribulation.

Because of this, when you feel that your mouths move through the cunning of the adversary, keep silence and ask for My help; cut the chain of evil and invoke the Divine Power of Unity.

Where there is true unity there will be no darkness, and all the battles will be marked by the triumph of Light. Where there is unity, there will be Truth and there will be the Consciousness of God expressing through His children.

I tell you all this so that you may recognize that the triumph of the Eternal Father does not depend on anyone’s own strength, but on the Divine Power of Unity which, together, My soldiers can attract and manifest.

Children, day by day, struggle to make My Heart triumph and for the fortress of unity to grow and support within itself many souls that are seeking refuge in this world of such little fraternity and love.

Where there is unity, a light will be ignited, indicating the path for those who must still awaken in these times.

The seed of unity is already sprouting and growing in many of My children, and it must expand throughout all who listen to Me; because of this, today I make you listen to these words.

I bless you and lead you to the Divine Power of Unity. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Joyfully fulfill the mission that God has entrusted to you, the mission of living on Earth, the principles that come from the Heavens and the manifesting a New Humanity in the world.

Many wonder every day if they are doing that which they are supposed to be doing as souls and as spirits; they wonder where they should be, with whom they should be, and doing what. But few, very few are striving to truly open their hearts to attract an archetype of life that does not yet exist on the surface of the planet.

If you want to live that which God has thought of for you, then begin by making your heart available for something new. Seek within you that which must be forgiven and that which you must forgive. Seek within for the strength to overcome yourself and become meeker, humbler, more helpful and peacemaking.

Seek to break the barriers within you which separate yourself from your neighbor, and work within you all that which you judge in others. Have the mirror of your heart turned towards yourself every day, and before you become angry or criticize something you see in others, observe the mirror of your heart and see yourself reflected in that defect which you cannot bear.

Seek to understand others as you understand yourself: just as you know that you have infinite difficulties and miseries, others also have them. Just as you try to take steps and strive with a good heart, others also do so.

It is only mutual understanding that opens the heart to experience love.

If you do not succeed in controlling the reactions of your mind and your emotions, do not worry so much, but let them be short-lived, and may energies such as anger, envy, greed, or even the feeling of superiority not keep your permission to remain within you.

Child, if you love the Plan of God or at least if you want to love it, then always reflect on the fact that the Creator needs a race of Christs, and not just one, and it will not be enough that you be Christified. Remember that you do not need to be better or worse than anyone else, but that both you and the one you have by your side must reach the goal of union with God.

This is the great mystery of human existence, and for this reason, you came as a spirit to this place, to heal past mistakes in the universe.

For the Plan of God to be fulfilled, human beings must help one another. Child, remember this every day, and before setting traps along your path, by wishing that this or that person would disappear from the Earth, remember that, without them, your life has no meaning either. 

Remember that it does not matter how imperfect you or others are because there is something within each being that makes them in likeness to God and opens the portals between dimensions so that all Creation may be united with the Father.

If you want your spirit to draw closer and your soul to guide you along the path of the Will of the Creator, first open up to transformation, to the experience of love and fraternity, and then the universe itself will lead your steps and you will not have to be so concerned about yourself.

Listen carefully to My words and listen to them, again and again, because it is much easier to forget them than to be truly transformed by them since your humanity is not used to seeking the Divine, but only that which magnifies them and affirms them as matter.

The illusion of illusions is not to seek to be nothing as humanity, believing that life begins and ends in you. You do not know what it is to truly be a human being in likeness to the Father, because, for this, child, you must live unity with Him: die to yourself and be born again within the Creator.

I leave you My peace and My blessing so that you may discover the truth about yourself, forgetting that which you think you are.

Open to be nothing and there you will find Everything.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I wanted to speak to you about the unity with God and the absolute fusion with His Divine Spirit; however, before that, you must learn about the unity among one another and with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Unity is a primordial Divine Principle for human creation, which must reach its peak of evolution through it.

In the same way that the maximum expression of the human project is the perfect unity with God, the minimum expression also must be based on unity. So that you may minimally achieve your expression as Divine Creation, unity must be a goal and a reality for your consciousnesses.

So that you may experience unity, you must remove from your human consciousness that which leads you to disunion, which is competitiveness.

When there is no competition, hearts can unite under one purpose and walk as a race towards a common goal. But when you want to occupy places that do not correspond to you, when you want to stand out among the rest, when you try to draw attention to yourselves, when you want to make of your presences something irreplaceable, when you look for the defects in others and affirm them so that your own skill and abilities are raised, when you do all of these things, so well-known in current common human behavior, you distance yourselves completely from the purpose of God. With apparent good intentions of experiencing holiness, when you want to be more saintly than somebody else, you are feeding the kingdom of the one that reigns in the abysses of human pride.

You must understand, feel, and experience that each piece that is part of humanity has a primordial role, a unique mission, that must be accomplished so that the Plan of God may be manifested.

Before you judge or lessen somebody and try to stand out over them, think about how there are whole civilizations in the universe that depend on the victory of Christ within the consciousness of that somebody.

Before you overthrow your neighbor with criticisms and judgments, help them to take their steps, because the Plan of God, which everybody supposedly works for, depends on the triumph of His Heart in each of His creatures.

In these definitive times, you must struggle against everything that works towards disunion, even if this is within yourselves, because many soldiers have already been left behind because the Army of Christ itself overthrew them due to their lack of love and unity.

Walk with a single heart, and instead of allowing yourselves to be involved with the forces that reign in the world, involve the world in the Power of God that dwells within you.

Love one another always. Help each other, stand up, walk together. Live fraternity as a doorway to the unity with God.

If you work on this point, many inner paths will be opened to you for your own transformation.

Your father and instructor,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I ask you to not judge the attitudes of the human beings of the world, but to transform inside of you the roots of all evil actions of humanity.

When you judge something, even though it may be an atrocity, your consciousnesses only feel that you are separated from that evil; they feel that it does not belong to you and, thus, you lose the opportunity of changing the human consciousness through you own transformation.

Countless times we have told you that the human heart is unique and that what happens today in the world is the result of an evil planetary construction, that has counted not only with the cooperation of the Middle East, but of all the human beings, that – in their small or big evil actions – collaborated for the human heart to distance itself from God.

My Chaste Heart now comes to help you to heal humanity and this healing starts in each one of you.

Very simple and comfortable is to point out the mistakes of the nations and judge those who fight and those who do not accept the emigrants, without realizing that neither do you accept a brother or a sister that comes close to your lives with an inner, physical and spiritual condition that is different from yours and that will make you change completely to be able to shelter them with love.

You must seek within yourselves what separates you from those who are different; you must seek to heal the fear to transform yourselves in order to shelter, even if it is internally, those who do not fit to the standards that your minds accept.

Because, in the same way that it is happening to the emigrants, many souls have been through your lives and did not find in your hearts the love they needed in order to be sheltered and transformed by the Presence of God.

Understand that, if you learn to truly love, you will deposit in the human consciousness a code of love that will be able to change many events of the world.

No longer judge, do not separate yourselves from the human mistakes, as if they belonged to others.  Recognize within yourselves what must be transformed and allow that compassion gives you the wisdom that you need in order to not judge, but rather to make judgment become transformation and love.

I love you and I lead you, as your Father and Instructor.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


My dear soul,

Accept with joy all the efforts that I send for you to realize because in this way you will receive in Heaven the merits that God has to give to you.  Empty your being from every opinion, live in the sublime sequence of My steps so that in this way you may find in each place the teaching that I want to reveal to you.

Soul of Mine, leave by My feet all your discouragements and look at Me directly in the eyes.  In this way I will be able to tell you what will be the point that you must change within yourself.  Do not allow that the sadness drags you as the strong current of a river.  Detach yourself from that which for you seems to be better and surrender yourself in trust to My Will, because in obedience to the most small will be reflected the degree to which is found your consecration.

Come quickly to My arms and let Me act as I have predicted from the beginning.  Soul of Mine, if in truth you want to listen to Me, open your eyes and observe the universe of messages that I send to you every day.  Do not wish now to understand the reason of everything.  Marry Sister Humility so that you may feel that nothing belongs to you.

Surrender all that you guard and control as a treasure.  Before the glory of My Mercy the self-emptying counts for much in order to be able to begin a new path.  I know that you expect that I appear in front of you and say to you: “Dear soul, I have been waiting for you for so long…”

Those who take the steps towards Christ will be the only ones that will encourage themselves to wear the new vestments of consecration.  But still, your vestment is guarded in the closet of Heaven, waiting for your soul to take the final yes, to afterwards be able to sing in glory and joy its consecration.  

I have warned you in various ways.  Remain attentive and you will perceive that which I tell you.   All of the souls are precious and potential outflowings of My Love.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


My Merciful Heart, at three in the afternoon, generates an explosion of Light and of Graces over the hearts that await My Divine Mercy with faith and trust.

But My Powers also are poured over the hearts that are blind in spirit and that cannot see the greatness of My Humble Presence.  I need all of the flocks.  For this, in this era, My Heart will make use of the brave ones to be able to reach the essences that are most distant from the path of the spiritual redemption.

Now has arrived the moment to revert the evils that the world awakens and which humanity, asleep in its majority, embraces as if they were sheep without a shepherd.

For this My Mercy comes to restore the deep spaces of consciousness. My Heart is approaching with the intention of alleviating the great despair of many souls, those which lack peace because they lack the prayer of the heart.

My divine wish is that all may be able to glimpse that the Great Lord. He who belongs to them from the beginning is returning, but this time to give testimony to the true presence of God and to the Greater Life. 

For this the good flocks must unite themselves as only one in order to help Me, removing from the critical thoughts indifferences, opinions and judgments, because it will cost the soul that may not be willing to be empty of itself a double effort to find peace.

It is time to die to oneself and it is time to see the reality that anguishes the great number of hearts that are lonely, as in a spacious desert of loneliness and thirst. The Source of Life that represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus comes to quench your spiritual thirst and It wants for humanity to repair the Blessed Heart from the very serious offenses that hurt the Heart of the All Powerful.

If there is a true and permanent response on the part of the people who pray, humanity will receive the Grace of Forgiveness, and it will have some time more of peace if it establishes the devotion towards the Merciful Heart of Jesus.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with attention!

Christ Jesus.


Blessed are the meek and the silent of heart before any adversity, denial or judgment that they may receive because they will be called those transfigured by My Merciful Heart.

Whenever people make use of a judgment or of a word against My servers and it is unfair before the eyes of the Universe, try to have a malleable spirit so that it may only walk beneath the ray of My Love and of My Peace.

Remember all of the days all that My Being received during the Passion and the Death and, in spite of all, I never stopped loving the mistake of those who unfairly punished Me. The one who in these times may not be able to be in the humility of serving God will not be able to easily reach the Source of My Love that heals all and redeems all.

For this, when they tell you all the mistakes that you have made, guard in your hearts the lesson and the moment because behind the injustices that the world lives and that human beings live between themselves there is a safe door to the liberation of yourselves. Do not take each experience as something destructive. Consider all that happens as an opportunity of living in a spirit of humility and of emptiness of oneself.

And for those who judge without consciousness even when it is a brother or a sister that is at your side, only be for him or for her a bridge to peace, to compassion and to harmony. Relieve the burden that this sibling carries in the heart and do not judge because this moment will be for you to act in deep mercy.

All that you receive is proportional to what God expects that you achieve on this life upon the Earth, in this way you will perceive that it the time has come of leaving control of yourselves and of taking the step to the great transformation. When you feel that people hurt you, remember for an instant My wounded Face. In this way you take inner strength enough to get out of yourselves and to give the opportunity of redemption and of forgiveness to those who have been unfair with you.

Remember that each experience lived here on the Earth is a precious and possible treasure in Heaven.

Go ahead, go ahead! Surpassing yourselves without looking to what is already part of the past. Be good and be holy. My Heart blesses you always.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My messages from the heart!

Christ Jesus.


The one who donates to Me and surrenders to Me all their strength to serve My Lord, this one will be called disciple and blessed because in him or her I will be able to build a firm inner dwelling that is willing to give itself more each day.

Afterwards I will teach you little by little to love surrender and whenever this surrender matures in your consciousness I will give to you to drink from sacrifice, I will give to you to drink from My Chalice, the same that I drank from in honor to God and to all of My Companions in the past.

Thus I will be able to form the new apostles of the new time, those who will provide the example of My Word of Life by means of love and charity, because they will not be false nor liars; they will imitate My Christian Path through the devotion to My Sacred Heart.

In them I will deposit the power of My Glory so that they may prepare My silent Path of return to the world.

Now I need for all of those who profess My Name to forgive themselves for the mistakes of yesterday and that they no longer judge themselves. The New Kingdom of My Father will descend through Me as an only one, a unique unity between the souls and God.

For this beware of the wolves that will try to remove the wool from My Sheep, beware of all of those who will use My Precious name in vain. May no one confront another, but emanate the spirit of pacification because I will truly confirm if the talents that I have left to My Disciples have blossomed in the heart of those who work with Me.

The New Celestial Church is descending to renovate those who have ceased to believe in My Presence due to the petty actions of humans. The church that I founded is the Church of the Heart, of the Inner Temple, of the Absolute and Divine Truth that God radiates through His Firstborn Son.

Many have lost the reconnection with Me, for this I make use in this time of simple servers, not of those who received false praise, but of those who were redeemed by My Love.

May each one accomplish their part and be permitted to see how My Consciousness is present in all of the children of My Father because I Am Brother of all.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


Feel My Words of comfort and mercy in your heart.

Those who will be persecuted for My Cause will receive the strength of My Spirit of Love so that with courage they may follow without fear My Steps directly to Paradise.

Just forgive and in My Mercy pray for those that for human reasons will not understand the night before the coming of the Redeemer. Open the path for the confused sheep that must again rest by My Feet to receive My Absolution and My Forgiveness.

Be transparent in words, truthful with feeling and clear with thoughts. May your intentions be My Aspirations, may your wishes be My Will in your hearts, may My Path towards the Kingdom be your only and perpetual path.

Nothing will be lost for those who will be judged for My Cause because the strength of their spirits will ennoble the word that will give testimony that it is Me who returns in honor of the fallen hearts.

During the hour of Mercy I ask you to divest your hearts from all judgment that is condemning you, like the stonemason who discharges the weight from his back. Because close is the Justice of the One who is above My Consciousness in the Heavens. This is God that in love will send His Firstborn Son to separate the old and bitter straw from the good and mature wheat.

For this may only the pure life of humility and compassion spring from your essences because if you learn to imitate My Compassion nothing will disturb you.  Let yourselves be guided only by the Light that indicates My Path to redemption. With pure hearts we construct the new dwelling, the dwelling of rest for the Lord Redeemer King.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed and peacemakers.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.



If there is love between brothers and sisters you will free yourselves from entering into false judgments. If there is love between brothers and sisters it will not matter who makes a mistake, what will matter will be that the other brother or sister loves beyond the mistake.

This is what My disciples have to learn, to love each other above all things so that they may get to know the mutual respect between beings. If there is no harmony peace will not be able to exist and if peace is lacking there love and unity will be lacking. All has its cycle, including the great tests, but it is in them where the great weaknesses make themselves evident. Who has more consciousness must remember that God does not deal with human mistakes, but with compassion which is the action of acting and forgiving through peace.

For this: be careful with saying that which is not well known or what is not understood because this will be like feeding the wolf. While you are in this world, all will learn. My second coming is to remove the crown of illusion that many carry over themselves, above all in those who deny My Heart.

For this I bring you My Celestial Peace so that you may heal yourselves and love each other. Do not forget the power of love because the love of a soul is that which accepts the mistakes of its peers and which helps to comfort the despair of the neighbor. Thus you will be able to know that your Christification has a long path to travel. You are just at the beginning of My Christic journey. 

Under the Mercy of God, be loving and patient.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Savior. 


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