Saturday, May 11 of 2013

Daily messages

Feel My Words of comfort and mercy in your heart.

Those who will be persecuted for My Cause will receive the strength of My Spirit of Love so that with courage they may follow without fear My Steps directly to Paradise.

Just forgive and in My Mercy pray for those that for human reasons will not understand the night before the coming of the Redeemer. Open the path for the confused sheep that must again rest by My Feet to receive My Absolution and My Forgiveness.

Be transparent in words, truthful with feeling and clear with thoughts. May your intentions be My Aspirations, may your wishes be My Will in your hearts, may My Path towards the Kingdom be your only and perpetual path.

Nothing will be lost for those who will be judged for My Cause because the strength of their spirits will ennoble the word that will give testimony that it is Me who returns in honor of the fallen hearts.

During the hour of Mercy I ask you to divest your hearts from all judgment that is condemning you, like the stonemason who discharges the weight from his back. Because close is the Justice of the One who is above My Consciousness in the Heavens. This is God that in love will send His Firstborn Son to separate the old and bitter straw from the good and mature wheat.

For this may only the pure life of humility and compassion spring from your essences because if you learn to imitate My Compassion nothing will disturb you.  Let yourselves be guided only by the Light that indicates My Path to redemption. With pure hearts we construct the new dwelling, the dwelling of rest for the Lord Redeemer King.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed and peacemakers.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.