Tuesday, May 21 of 2013

Daily messages

The one who decides to enter into the sea of My Mercy at three p.m. has their inner body washed of all stains and, for the merits achieved by My Sacred Heart, the soul is liberated from all pain.

I wait that, for the existence of My Ocean of Mercy, all hearts may accept to live life because, as the manifested Love of God, I hope to receive you within My Flow of Graces.

To all those who at three p.m. venerate My Sacred Eucharistic Heart out of love, the light of the Greater Kingdom descends to dissolve and forgive all irreparable faults, and thus My Heart acts as an offering before God for all of humanity.

Therefore, I tell you that if you still have not crossed the earthly abyss, do not worry, because My Paternal Spirit will give you the inner strength to do so and thus, to transcend matter through devotion and love.

The one who waits for Me at three p.m. with consciousness and devotion will, day by day, untie the knots of materialism and spiritual ambition because during this merciful hour My Consciousness opens the doors to pour out the Fount of Redemption and Liberation in all spaces of the Earth.

Do not fear to meet yourselves, because even in this path that will take you to Me, you will encounter the dark night, a night that will be illuminated by the sun of My Heart.

Dear ones, if you take the steps towards Me, as a consequence, humanity will take the so urgent steps at the end of these times. You will be with Me by just saying yes to Me and recognizing that what you feel that you are, you are not, because the truth in you is the Omnipresent Presence of God within your little spirits.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Today I give you My Universal Forgiveness.