Monday, May 20 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear friends:

What for humanity would appear to be unknown to the eyes of all, at My Return you will be able to know, as I will come and will withdraw the veils that have covered the path of all of those who out of love seek Me.

But from henceforth I am revealing now over some creatures, through the Christic impulses, some of the mysteries of these veils that create a separation between the spirit and the soul of each being.

Today I come to tell you to not afflict yourselves when you conscientiously discover an atavism that still has not been transcended because, by means of the constant merciful prayer, you will lose, on the path, the weight of your own past that used to tie you to your previous life.

Dears, I come in mercy to liberate you and to relieve you from all that which grieves you and which does not allow you to take steps towards My Kingdom. Out of love I return to the world but first I come in Divine Spirit to divest from your consciousness the abysses that by mistake you have built in the past.

My Compassion will arrive to your lives as a balsam of Mercy and of Grace in order to renovate you through the presence of My Merciful Heart. For this do not fear for what in a short while you will encounter on your paths. My Spiritual Light impregnates you and it will conduct you towards the goal of living in the Eternity of the Lord who is in the Heavens.

Offer to God your sufferings and your joys, for those who carry a thousand of veiled layers before their eyes and that have not even appearing before them a ray of sun.

See what a bitter thirst I carry inside of My Being, that My inexhaustible Source waits to be poured upon the thirsty hearts and upon those who fall to My Right  and to My Left .

If you open your hearts, other hearts through My Grace will be able to awake in time.

Under the Love of the Father, be merciful and pious.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Celestial Mediator.