Here, in the Presence of My Son, this Pilgrimage for Peace is coming to an end, which has left Graces, treasures, and spiritual fruits in the most simple consciousnesses of the world.

So that all of this spiritual impulse may have continuity in the nations of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, the Children of Mary must continue to work so that the Work of the Mother of God reach more hearts, promoting meetings of prayer, of service, and of union with the Kingdoms of Nature.

If this is maintained and continues to move forward in the loving and unconditional company of the members of the Light-Network, more conditions will be generated, in a next stage of the Pilgrimage, for the Work in this part of the world to be mature and to embrace more children, as God expects.

Through the visit of the Pilgrimage Virgin to the homes, hospitals, homes for the elderly, and institutions for minors, as well as jails, your Heavenly Mother will be able to be instilling Graces of conversion and of love in more hearts.

Ecuador will be the heart of this task, so it therefore must have arms fully open in order to disseminate the Work in the other nations.

For this, I come to ask for unity among the nations, in order to conceive in these peoples the sacred values of faith and of a commitment to the Plan of God.

I am grateful for all that has happened and I hope that all of My children accompany Me to establish the triumph of My Immaculate Heart in the Americas.

I thank you for having received Me!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Many Graces from My Heart have been poured out into your lives during these last times.

You have been worthy of My Love and of My Grace because the joy of My Spirit has filled you with gifts, sowing the seeds of My Son in all essences. Now the fruits must be offered at the Feet of the Creator so that His highest Work may be fulfilled in the redeemed hearts.

You have seen the manifested Purpose in Heaven, and were participants in the Celestial Plan of God; thus you were guided towards the goal so that many souls could awaken to the path of redemption.

The Father has given you everything and will never cease to give you what you need so that you can fulfill the work of His Will.

You have been set free and many of internal situations were liberated from the eternal captivity. You have known peace and felt it; you took the Message of Heaven to those who listened to nothing; you helped to open closed hearts, and recovered the faith in those who had lost it.

Through the work of your Heavenly Mother, you were led to understand the reason for the call, were consistent with the Universe, and it never left you defenseless, not even in the most important moments of your lives. You have learned how to cross the abysses and overcome the tests through the Love of Christ; you have known the truth and became participants in it at the end of times.

You have received the greatest treasures that the Universe held and were called to be guardians of this legacy. The Word of the Divinity has always guided you and has never allowed any door to close in spite of circumstances.

The simplest ones have achieved the goal and followed the path of spirit and of simplicity. Others were lost because they wanted to search for their own answer to everything that was happening; but at the end of the last day, My Son will call you to witness the judgment of the whole world.

For this reason, all are prepared and no one will be able to say that Grace did not touch their heart. The Plan must be accomplished, the hour indicates a sincere decision; the Universe will always await you. The apostles must wake up and work.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Purpose of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Raised to Heaven be the hearts that are persevering and consistent with My call, as they will be crowned on the day of their Glory by the Celestial Queen.

Raised to Heaven be the innocents, because on the day of their judgment they will reach the Mercy of God.

Raised to Heaven be the missionaries of Mary, because having crossed the threshold of the material life they will reach the day of the perpetual unification with the Supreme Divinity of God.

Raised to Heaven be all the created kingdoms, because all those who have worked tirelessly to save and protect them will receive the great day of liberation and relief.

Raised to Heaven be the worshipers of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, because arriving to the Kingdom of God they will remember the moment when the doors were open to the redemption of the whole humanity.

Raised to Heaven be the humble, because on the day of their death they will see the Celestial Spheres of the Creator arrive.

Raised to Heaven be the constant and perseverant, because on the day of their judgment they will be able to get to know the Glorious Face of My Son and in their lives there will not exist any evil.

Dear Children,

Today I wish all to be raised to Heaven in spirit of peace and love so that, once for all, you may see appear in your lives the virtues and gifts that you will awaken in this time.  Of these gifts, your Heavenly Mother, is served without forgetting the inner potential that each child expresses for this sacred Marian work.

You, My children, are the perfect pieces that I have chosen from this vast universe to take you to service and to total redemption of the debts.  You have walked by My side for a very long time, for this, feel now in your hearts the fruit of the truth and of the divine purpose that I have deposited in each of My children.

But precious fruit will still wake up during the time of your purification.  I Am your Guardian and Mother of Mercy, with maternal love I have chosen you from so many millions of souls so to that the work of your Heavenly Mother may be able to be fulfilled.

Children, it has come the time in your lives for you to see the fruit of My loving work in you instead of looking all the time to the thorns that are nailed in your feet.  To arrive to the school of peace you must pass through the school of purification, of surrender and of renunciation.

My children,

Keep praying for the coming of the Holy Spirit and for Sacred Peace because many of My children are already approaching to live the conversion of the heart. And this conversion starts by recognizing oneself as a child of God that is redeemed by Christ and forgiven by His merciful love before God.

Know today dear children that I call you to hope and to persistence in each one of your hearts, in this way you may be before the Heart of the Father in constant contemplation.

Dear children, in the face of any external or internal situation in your lives I tell you to trust God and unite yourselves to the redeeming principle of My Son because in this way My mantle of protection will support you above all things.

Today I also remind you how important it is to be in adoration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the eternal communion with His Blessed Spirit of Love. Because those who are in Jesus find the strength and courage to transcend the limits of the transformation of their own heart.

Collect your hearts in the Heart of My Son because in this simple exercise of adoration you will allow the flame of compassion and of fraternal love to manifest for each one of you.

Open your consciousness so that the fountain of Graces that are helping a big part of humanity may come closer as a gift of peace and light over God on each of your hearts.

Know little children that I accompany you, but now the moment has come for your lives to mature as the fruit and for your hearts to grow as the trees. With the heart converted into a beautiful flower for the Creator, you will be in correspondence with the Plan of Peace for the world.

Let us pray for love of all My children. The task begins now, it is the time!

Thank you for answering and responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


When a flower opens up it expresses the love of the Creation, thus dear children, your lives must be manifested in beauty and purity as the flowers.

Dear children, with immense trust I place you all close to My Immaculate Heart so that you may take the steps towards the Heart of My Son.  Know children, that in the path of prayer your lives will approach the consecration of your souls before the kingdom of God.

The fruits that My Son has entrusted you with such a long time ago and that are called talents must be awakened by the imperious exercise of prayer.  But, My children, so that these sacred fruits of the talents awaken in each one of you, first the soul must renounce and die to itself so that it may be born under the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

Each path that My children pass through brings to them big and hard lessons that in some cases strengthen the spirit and give firmness to keep going through the path of consecration.

I want to tell you dear children that this is a special time of Graces such as Conversion for each one of My children of this humanity.  For this today I invite you to remain in the joy of donation and service to God the Father because thus your lives will be led to the sacred feet of Christ.

Your hearts are true little lights that at each moment must be lit up again to shine in this world through peace.

For all this know that My merciful love day by day wants to help the hearts of this world.

So, your hearts must be persevering and firm as the trees that elevate themselves to God.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In My Spirit of Peace and under My Spirit of Peace you may build the paths of fraternity.

Dear children, the absolute trust in God will help you to be in the Heart of My Son and thus the purpose of My Peace will be fulfilled in each soul of humanity.

A complete trust in God’s Will will allow you to grow and mature as the fruits and the flowers in the spring. For this My children, your little hearts must be inside My Spirit of Peace, thus you will be saved and protected from all the temptations of the world.

Dear children, because of all this, today I invite you to live the fraternity from the heart; in this way little children, you will be in the Heart of the Celestial Father. If humanity would reconcile with God through the healthy Spirit of Fraternity, of Charity and of Love in the Heart, the paths that await the world, through my intercession, might already be different.

My children, I call you to prepare yourselves in the path of prayer so that the devotion that is kept in your hearts may serve and collaborate for the relief of this humanity.

Once again, today I bring you all in My Immaculate Heart so that each one of your lives has the fortitude to answer My requests once again. I fill you with My Maternal Light and I motivate your heart so that you may live in My Son before He returns.

Dear children, carry My Virginal Purity in your hearts and feel that it is possible for everything to improve for this time. My Universal Peace wants to be over the world, for this your prayers will help My faithful purpose of love in the hearts.

I guide you, live in My Faith.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

May the Lord bless you, because My works for Peace are beign fruitful. My dear children: for this month that is starting, I call you to meditate in the groups of prayer. I call you to an exercise of contemplation, which will be conducted by the presence of the Heart of My Son. 

Dear children: if you seek Christ, your hearts will be able to be happy. To live in the happiness of the heart, you have to pray so that all the world lives in peace.

Little children: each group of prayer must irradiate its seed of peace, so that it sprouts through your prayers. When it sprouts, the seed will be open to the new and in it, its first vocation will bloom: the eternal prayer. Dear children, take care of this seed of talents and fruits, which can be found in each one of your hearts.

My dear ones: distribute the fruits that you are receiving through prayer and through peace. Donate your hearts in the name of peace and thus, all your brothers and sisters will be able to be permeated by the Grace.

Beloved children: at the moment of prayer in the groups, your hearts will participate in a loving encounter with Christ. For that little children, I invite you to witness the Sacred Heart of Christ, so that He inspires you on the path towards purity and the sacred. When you reach to live in Him, the relief of all pain may come as a sparkle of infinite Grace. I prepare you for the works of God, works in the prayer and in the donation of yourself. I will thus be following each one of your steps.

Dear children: with happiness My call is answered by the children in Medjugorje and now is being responded by all the faithful of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In each nation a spiritual gift. In each heart a path to redemption.

Children: I guide you through path road of faith; the Lord needs that you live the peace in each one of your hearts, this will help the sick world. It is time to heal all through the word of prayer. In prayer, you can find the way out to get to the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for responding to My call.

I adore you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception and the Trinity.

Dear children, if your hearts knew how much I Love you, from them would spring an immense bliss and joy.

Today I call you, My dears, to live from the fruit of prayer. A prayer that may transform life as an attribute of God. A prayer that may illuminate life, as a Flame for God. A prayer that may establish My Peace for life and may radiate love to the heart.

For this, My little ones, each prayer must be truthful and humble, so that it may bear fruits for life. If you pray together with Me you shall know the inner light of the Kingdom of the Heavens and thus, My little ones, the world will be converted and will be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, when more souls, in simplicity and in love for the Whole, will pray for peace in the world.

A world without peace is a world without Kingdom and without love. For this My children, I come to the encounter with all the hearts that listen to My call day after day, and to all the hearts that awaken with My Voice of Peace.

I want to bring to each one of your lives My rejoicing of Love for the Lord, and that your little hearts may learn from the Divine Love, so that This may be radiated to the sick and sleeping hearts. My Maternal Love is for all. My mantle of protection is open for all. My Immaculate Heart is surrendered and donated to all.

You, My little ones: Do you accept My Merciful Heart?

I am in the hour of announcing the Kingdom of My Peace for more hearts that will have to know It, thus many of My children will leave the chaos of the world and will awake in the light of My Divinized Heart. I wait for you daily in prayer. Thank you for responding to my Call.

Who guides you for Peace,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  


Offer God all the fruits that this next Marathon of Mercy may yield so that such fruits may be used as an offering of reverence and of love, so that your Master and Lord may give them as a testimony of love and of devotion to the Eternal Father.

Offer the best of yourselves so that your Master may continue to intervene in the spiritual situation of humanity, so that hundreds of records may continue to be dissolved by the descent of the Christic Light.

Do not fail to offer the most of yourselves so that in this offering the Kingdoms of Nature, which are outraged, may also receive a new opportunity of learning and of evolving in other spheres of consciousness.

Offer this Marathon as a lifeline for the most lost, but also offer your prayers for the serious situations unknown to all, situations that only your Master and Lord sees.

Offer each moment as if it were the last so that the triumph and the victory of Christ may continue to be given to the human heart, so that the talents may awaken and all the gifts that dwell in each soul of the Earth may be given to God.

Offer your hearts, because there is still time to cry out for Mercy, before the time of Justice comes.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I would like to make a special tribute on the opening day of the Sacred Week, giving My thanks and reverence to José Trigueirinho, for having opened the doors of his heart and of this Light-Community for having allowed My Presence and My Message to reach the whole world from this sacred and blessed place.

For such a spiritual and special reason, for your Master and Lord, on the opening day of this sixth edition of the Sacred Week, I come to ask the choirs to offer, from the deepest and innermost core of their hearts, the song “Breath of the Spirit”, so that the souls gathered here today in this sacred home may receive within the deepest of their inner worlds the fruits of Figueira that were harvested during this last time period, by means of the spiritual merits that their brother and instructor José Trigueirinho attained.

It will be thus, that through the song “Breath of the Spirit” we will reignite fiery devotion, love and unity, by the grace that this Light-Community of Christ received when Heaven touched the Earth.

Let us give a tribute to the serving and untiring soul of José Trigueirinho, for having dedicated his life to the manifestation of the Plan of God on Earth.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I am glad to visit the house of My servers because in it I not only find rest, but also the living faith in the hearts that, day after day, make an effort to be with Me in each moment.

I am glad to visit the house of My servers because, time and again, I see the results of love in them, a love that grows and matures because of all the Work of My Love.

I am glad to visit the house of My servers because the Hierarchy, in such a simple place, finds the breath it needs to be able to continue forward.

I am glad to visit the house of My servers and friends because with them I can share the fruits of redemption and healing to be seen in the spirit.

I am glad to visit the house of My servers because in this dwelling I can enter as many times as needed, to sow and share the peace and the joy of living in the Kingdom of God.

I thank you for keeping My words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Do not let yourselves be deceived; many within My Church will use My Name to defend themselves, but the weight of their faults will leave them in the void of the abyss, because they will become naked before all eyes.

You should not defend yourselves, because I have already said it once, by your fruits you will be known.

Whoever sows in My Land will reap wonderful fruits, but whoever sows in their own land will have rotten fruits.

Let nothing surprise you; the Church that I once founded on Earth is falling down, because its foundations are rotten for not having sought for strength in My true Heart.

But not all shall be lost; the time will come in which humanity will come to know the last witnesses and they will not arise from the apparently constituted Church.

Those witnesses will be the humble of heart, who have no power, autonomy, or prestige.

With My own rod I will cleanse the impure Church of its gravest sins and when I return, the Celestial Church, the only one I have taught, will triumph.

In the meantime, may those who follow My Church repent and not seek the mote in the eye of their fellow being; first let them take out their own, because they have already hurt and offended the Lord with hundreds of innocent children who trusted in My weak priests.

Let My Church not judge My other Works, because the fire of purification is coming and will penetrate everything.

Meanwhile, the new Church, which has no name, already sails on its boat, out at sea, and no one will be able to stop it.

I thank you for considering My heartfelt Words!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Message

With My Light Blue Ray of Grace, I radiate to the world and I expect an answer from it.

Even in the patience of My Spirit, I wait for an answer.

And I would like from My companions that, after everything that has been received during the last days, discords, doubts or contradictions among Mine and among the fellow beings do not exist.

Because what I have given you during the last days cannot be lost; it will be your responsibility to preserve it and to have this bear fruit in the future.

It is not time to think about yourselves, but about what the world and its humanity need, because you were always rewarded with the treasures of Heaven, more than many souls in the world. 

I need bonds and deep alliances among the consciousnesses that can bear what will come and that do not fear My Fire, which purifies everything and transcends everything.

But I will not be able to penetrate in those spaces of consciousness where I am not allowed. I will not be able to have more time to wait for you, as I have done it many times before.

It is time to assume what has been received and not waste it.

The Instruction that I come to leave for the world is an Instruction for the future humanity and that begins from now on, within you, with the certainty of doing good and not destroying it for anything.

The conviction to fulfill My Laws and to carry them forward in this final time must arise in you. In this way, My Light Blue Ray of Grace will be able to continue descending to the world, because I will have depository souls of My Light in this humanity.

Although everything happens and everything is unleashed, I will continue working for the world and its humanity.

I will ask the Rays of the Universe to continue descending upon the souls so that all times and all forms, structures and resistances may be unblocked.


 Most dear pilgrims of mine,

For the first time in the history of My inner Encounters with you My Heart is pleased to open new doors of Light and of Peace for more souls.

For this in joy and gratefulness the Son of God will be present praying with you, for you and for the whole world so that most of the world may reach the state of My Divine Mercy.

The Lord of the Universe has especially sent Me to Londrina so that the original groups of prayer, those that were born in the Community of Figueira many years ago, may be able to renovate themselves and to enter into the path of the heart because in this time all that you do must be done through the true love of the serving heart.

I want you to contemplate the sincere expression of this love through the faithful example of work, of dedication and of absolute surrender to the Plan of God that occurred through the groups of prayer of San Jose do Rio Preto and of the region of San Paulo.  Then you will be able to see that the souls can be helped and receive the Graces of Heaven when the servers of the Hierarchy open doors in the correct way.  This, in this time, will determine the fulfillment of the Plan of Rescue.   

Heaven, through My Heart, wants to show you that there exists one only path to traverse.  A path that is called love of donation and of dedication.  Love that many of you have once radiated towards My Heart even though in other times I may not have been so present in your lives as I Am now.

But all that has been learned by the spiritual instruction of the past has generated the possibility that now Heaven is giving you the fruit of faith and of peace for your sincere efforts.  You know that the whole world is full of emergencies and of needs to respond to.  For this the universe, in its infinite science and intelligence, has conjugated the different groups of souls so that through affinity and attunement they can serve the Greater Plan. 

Now it is up to each server and person of prayer person to fulfill a part of the mission so that at the end of this whole journey may be fulfilled the important purpose of God.

Londrina was a city chosen by God so that the groups of prayer is this region could be able to retreat and meditate and pray, two important exercises to strengthen service.


At almost one year of the anniversary of My First daily Apparition in the Sacred Kingdom of the Marian Center of Aurora, the Heavens and the Universes have been united to be able to bring special Graces for all of the souls that throughout this last year have listened to My saving Message.

Now, after almost 365 days of daily spiritual impulses, the souls have been able to consecrate themselves in the faith to My Sacred Heart.

For this, in this last time I call you in order for you to be the living testimonial for those who do not believe and for those who seek permanent gratification.  I call you to be faithful defenders of the hour of My Divine Mercy.  If it were so, in spite of the circumstances and contingencies, I would really be able to say that I count on soldiers of Mercy.

When I ask you to be defenders of the Divine Mercy it means that first you must sacredly defend from yourselves this very important space so that later the doors of salvation may be able to be opened for those who are most in need.

Yesterday I spoke to you about the State of Grace that your hearts and lives are receiving in a chaotic time.  Today I call you to have an open consciousness facing this sacred hour.  In truth I tell you that you will see the fruits of this work of merciful prayer only in the next world and it will be only there that you will profoundly understand the synthesis of your lives.

While the world collapses from its daily actions, I ask you to subject your consciousness to the powerful source of My Divine Mercy.  In this way the Spirit of God will act through you and not that you will try to act through the Supreme Spirit.   Mercy will always bring you to reconciliation and to humility of the heart.

Under the Supreme Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus


I Am the Great Vine and you are the clusters. No cluster bears fruit if the vine is not well sown. My Father is the Great Worker who weaves and elaborates the new web of humanity between His hands. Those clusters that are dry, I will burn them in fire so that they may be purified and, as new seeds they may grow again a new vine.

In order for the vine may not become dry the fruit must be nourished with the Water of Life that is guarded as sap of life for all humanity. The poorly harvested fruit will be spoiled. For this only allow that the divine harvest be realized by the Great Farmer so that all of the fruits may be guarded and may rest as offer in the granary of the Great Farmer.

In this universe nothing is lost, all is transformed by the science of Creation. Try to mature as good fruit. In this way you will manifest the best harvest for My Father, you will be the fruits of the good vine, that which will be drunk as new wine in the supper of the last redemption.

Help in this flourishing of the fruits that are still immature. Give them the sap of life that you as clusters of light and of peace have received. Imitate the strength of the orchards of Heaven and be fruits renewed by the hands of the Great Keeper of the harvest.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for reverencing My Words through your love!

Christ Jesus


Divine Mercy descends to the world as the fruit of the purest and deepest Love of God for all His creatures. Allow for this spring to find within your prayers the bridge for reaching the world and, in your heart, the doorway for permeating the hearts of humankind.

Live the gift of Divine Mercy and you yourself be merciful as well. Express your gratitude, being consistent with all the Graces you receive in your life.

Live to announce to the world the gift of the divine presence, and imitating the Love of God with actions, thoughts and feelings of Mercy, child, multiply everything that the Creator gives to you.

You are an instrument of God in the world, the fruit of His Grace, the living expression of His Love. In your heart, carry this certainty, and with your life inspire beings to Love.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Remember within yourself all the impulses received within the recent days, in recent times, and let them generate results within you. Mature these results, meditating upon all that you have lived, allowing your consciousness to move to a different place from where it was before, receiving all these Graces of God.

Reflect upon all that you are to experience from now on, the steps to be taken, the tests that await you, and how your heart is to prepare for new cycles and impulses that have never been received or experienced by humanity.

Let Divine Grace permeate all that you are so that even the smallest of your cells may be conscious of what it receives and what it is called upon to experience as from now on. In this way, child, without wasting anything of the divine impulses that descend to the world, your being will always be worthy of greater impulses.

Learn to reflect on, to meditate upon and to love the steps that you are to take as a human person, as a soul and as consciousness, as a creature and as a part of the Divine Consciousness.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Children, the larger the commitment of a soul is, the larger will be the challenge of its consecration, because more souls are linked to its step and so being, its definition will result in the awakening and redemption of many beings.

The larger the commitment of a work is, the larger will be the challenges to manifest it, because the adversary of God will not silence before the echo of the Voice of the Creator.

I ask you to be firm, brave and united in heart; that you maintain your strength in Christ, in the Universe and in all the revelations you already know so that in this way you will understand that the triumph of God goes beyond this life.

Humanity lives extreme opposites of awakening and of profound ignorance, of love and of much evil, and the battle between the establishment of peace and darkness will take place on all levels of consciousness.

What should never exist in your hearts is rage, because all rage that comes from the human heart only feeds what the adversary is trying to build.

You will not be indifferent to what happens in the world and, facing the attacks of the adversary, you will increase in yourselves the power of peace, of unity and of love. You will take advantage of each test to grow and to strengthen your own faith and thus you will not allow the adversary of God to find fuel to continue lightening the fire of illusions, perditions and mistakes.

Each being will be known for their own fruits. This work will be recognized by its fruits because it will sow peace and will make it flourish and multiply in the hearts.

While the falsehood emerges from the beings and all the lies become visible to everyone, the virtues must also emerge. Unite only to the light and do not see the lies of others as a form to defend and to justify yourselves, because this battle must not be competitive on your side, not even in your mind.

To dissolve darkness and to let evil poison itself, it is necessary not to drink from this poison but rather to drink from the Fountain of Christ that in silence and on the cross wins the battle of falsehood, attacks and defamations.

Children, pacify your interior and pray for your brothers and sisters. Today the Heart of God is more wounded and Christ prays before His Father for the ignorance of those who once more allow themselves to be instruments of evil.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.