Wednesday, May 22 of 2013

Daily Messages

My Heart desires precious souls that out of love may venerate My Sacred Heart because in them I will leave My Source of healing and reparation.

In the most ancient souls I often see My Paternal Light reflected as the light of the rays of the sun. In the ancient souls I see a reflection of the thirst that they have for My Love and Redemption.

I collect from these hearts the fruits of the conversion and I encounter in them a holy craziness for wanting to encounter Me. In the quietness of the most ancient My Heart is able to rest and in silence It is able to find Itself before a perpetual and renovating love. My Heart finds Itself before a love faithful and worthy to be shared with peers.

In the hour of Mercy My Heart rests in the most ancient souls because I can see that the support they transmit to Me is truthful and luminous. At three in the afternoon the Mercy of My Heart also descends upon your little hearts and thus, for those ancient souls that pray with Me, I am able to merge Myself with the young and renovated essence of each one of them.

Today I invite you to consider the oldest as a part of the expression of My Source of perpetual Love for the world because in this way the families in the world will not be removing a weight but they will be assuming that in the wisdom of the ancient ones My Merciful Love will be present.

Remember the ancient from Jerusalem, the one who when I was a child took Me in the arms and opened his heart so that it would be merged with My Little Spirit of a child.

May the compassion on humanity reflect itself on the simplest ones.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.