Sunday, January 27 of 2013

Daily messages

My friends:

To take your own cross and follow Me will be a spiritual challenge for many but those who reach it in the name of this humanity will be sanctified. 

For this, companions, My Redeeming Spirit returns to free My children from temptation, from desire and from the persecutions that the enemy projects over many consciousnesses. For this time of highest purification everything is kept under the keys of human control and ambition, but this will be released and will be visible to the eyes of those who never wanted to see the misery of the world.

As one time My Being carried and took the Cross of the world I today return to discharge the weight of the cross of My children so that in this way the souls may find the path of the Father that in this time they must wander.

My companions, I am calling you to assume the inner cross that the Father gives to you to transform your consciousness. I leave to you today the lesson of a persevering spirit, patient and compassionate that must find comfort in the path of tests and learning of the inner life.

Today I gather you around My Spirit to tell you that in love I observe your steps and delays. It is time to take a leap to live the transcendence of matter and thus reach the sublime light that you need for your constant walking towards God.

Before all these words of Mine will transform you because in My message you will find the keys and the rays that will unite you with the vast universe of the Creator. For this watch attentively to My words that will follow and thus allow that, as a Christian example, you may later say what you live in truth.

My Heart calls you to renovate your vows with Me all of the days and to learn in the peace of the heart. My Heart wants to take you as true disciples that in wrong and in right must continue on the path of the redemption of consciousness.

My dears, for this silently I am returning, to awaken in you love, reverence and gratitude for what you have received from God and from My own Redeeming Consciousness. To be able to enter in these three states of devotion I ask you for humility enough to recognize the interest that your hears offer me when, for example, comes the precious time to reunite and pray with Me.

My Paternal Heart contemplates all the realities, but know that day by day I Am your path, your truth and your life. I Am the Source that elevates you and takes you out from sin so that in unity and reconciliation you may walk towards Me. I Am here waking and getting closer to reveal to you the path to the true consecration of heart and of spirit.

Meditate on My words in group, gathered in My name and as souls in order to understand the path and the instruction that My Heart wants to show you day by day. Now I wait for your preparation to receive me in your little dwelling places.

Under the Mercy of God, let us be merciful and blessed.

Thank you for having consciousness of My words of love and for guarding them in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.