Dear son, dearest daughter,

Conceive, in this time, of a meek heart such as that of Jesus, free of judgments, criticism, and condemnations.

Conceive within you My flame of peace and free yourself from all claims and demands.

Conceive of the humility of being similar to My Son in His Works, in His charity, and in His Infinite Mercy.

Do not reject what you live, and accept with fervor that the time of your inner death has come.

Submit yourself without punishments to the rules of love and make all that you have still limited within yourself germinate.

Freedom of spirit is achieved through first forgiving yourself and then all others. There is no peace in the soul without a reconciliation with life.

The tests that embrace your consciousness are the stairway for being able to take a greater and unknown step for your possibilities.

Let My Son model the new being and empty yourself, fully empty yourself, every day, showing the Universe that you know how to live love, rather than just understand it.

Rather than watching you walk aimlessly, I hold out My hand to you so that you can clasp it strongly and save yourself from the danger and from the traps that My adversary inflicts.

If you know the power of My Immaculate Heart a little, I assure you that you will learn to come out of yourself to serve others and you will find the so awaited hour of ascension.

Do not let anything external bring you down; take each experience as the opportunity of dying to yourself every day a little more.

You know that redemption starts by being true to yourself; do not seek either external answers or benefits; allow the fluid of spirit to always show you the exit.

If you do not know how to begin, start by loving that which seems impossible to love, forgiving what you would never want to forgive. Do as I did for you and for humanity; I had already forgiven you in holy humility before you crucified the Son of God.

Deeply think about and do not set yourself apart from those you do not understand. True surrender will occur through your humbling yourself before the sinner or the judge who condemns your life.

Imitate the silence of My Son and have confidence, because above all Love will triumph.

Accept what you live with joyfulness. Fly, fly high, and even if you do not manage it, I will take you to the Kingdom of My Lord.


Dear children,

Today I call you to live in the Eternal Grace of God, of His providences and of His splendorous gifts, one of them being Peace, the Inner Peace that I, as Mother and Queen of Peace, want to awaken in your hearts.

But if your hearts have little trust in My Maternal Purpose, how will My Peace reach you?

Your hearts must become new, pure and crystalline containers so that My Son may fill you with His Merciful Graces of Redemption and Forgiveness.

When you, My little ones, reach the inner state of emptiness of self, I will be able to say that your lives are truly surrendered to the Will of God.

While the world faces its own miseries, I come here to your encounter to guide you towards Eternity.

Dear children, the only thing left in this time is to pray more, to pray much. As representatives of this humanity you will be able to intercede with Me for all the other children who must receive the Grace of Reparation and Redemption. I count on you until the last moments of your lives. My Maternal Heart, like the Most Holy Heart of Jesus, knows the origin of your little essences well.

Dear children, I tell you that it is time to act as true soldiers of prayer, consecrated to the Light of My Immaculate Heart. Day by day I try to correct your lives with harmony, as a kind Mother, so that you may find the only Celestial Door that will take you to the feet of God.

My children, today I call you to live each prayer with fervor because the Heart of My Son Jesus is listening attentively to the supplications of this world.

Trust Jesus, trust His Unfathomable Mercy!

My Immaculate Heart takes care of you so that all may be saved, in Jesus and for love of Jesus.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


In truth I tell you, dearest children, that whoever remains under the Light of My Immaculate Heart will always be able

to be guided, as long as you remember that you must be loving, helpful and compassionate with your fellow humans so that My Plans of Peace may be fulfilled in all nations of the Earth.

This is why, My children, today I invite you to be an active part of the power of prayer so that your lives may be a principle of Creation in the Hands of God and the sound of love that is born from His Voice.

It is important, dear children, to be what God wants you to be in this time. As instruments of the Father, carry My Peace today because there are many who still do not have it and need it. You will be potential roses in My garden only when you unite to Me in the prayer of the heart. Thus you will radiate to the world the Light that it needs in these times of changes.

Dear children, correspond to what God asks of you today: to be true children of God in the prayer of the heart and in peace because in this way you will be helping the inner harmony that many of My children need.

The Kingdom of My Peace wants to dwell in the lives of all, but I still find places that are not filled with My Maternal Love. Therefore today I invite you to be empty, empty as was My Son Jesus at the moment of carrying the cross and reaching the Calvary.

Imitate Jesus in the simple examples so that your lives may find the path of humility that all humanity should travel before the throne of God.

The Source of Love is springing up in the name of the Father through My Maternal Immaculate Heart so that you may rec- ognize that I love you and that I accompany you as the Lady of Eternal Graces.

I thank you for corresponding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


The roots of arrogance and of imprudence can be pulled from the soil of your interior through the firm determination of living the Greater Law.

Whoever aspires to be divested from themselves forever, may they seek Me. 

Whoever may want to become unknown as a new being before the eyes of the world, they may call Me with courage and bravery.

All that you live is a response to all that you do.  If you suffer much, the universe wants to teach you something, do not resist any longer.  Do not delay any longer the arrival to your cells of the knowledge of transformation.   All that you think will have a consequence and all that you feel will receive a great power.

Bare your feet before entering into My Temple, I wish to build My Dwelling to the Celestial Light in impure hearts.  If you want to be different from what you live, you can do it.  Will, dedication, and effort will be the doors that will open the space for the new destiny.

Do not get discouraged, surrender yourself to Me and soon liberate yourself from what for so long you have been carrying in your heart.  Control will make you suffer and resistance will strengthen your own ideas.  You know that I Am Divine and Omnipotent, Wise and Loving.  Leave behind all that which oppresses your interior.

Build the base for what is coming and for hope.  Do not delay the steps for anything related to your expectations.  Seek in My Heart the spirit of Humility.

Stand up, those who have fallen.  Walk, those who are imprisoned in themselves, because the time has come for the liberation of the entire life.

Empty yourself from all.  Surrender all to Me, surrender yourself.  Love all, love it with the heart.

The universe wants to be part of you so that you may permit yourself to be part of the universe.  I need you to talk to Me and to tell Me with the heart what you need.  I Am here to help you.  My Mercy will provide everything to you. 

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Why do you fear?

By any chance have you not received My Unfathomable and Infinite Mercy for almost 365 days in a row?

Why do you fear My Holy Justice?  It will never condemn you or distance you from the Love of My Father.  My Justice that which will come to the world after My Mercy, will be compassionate and saving.  It will rearrange the consciousnesses that have distanced themselves from God, because My Justice will give life to that which was dead and will resuscitate that which was dead in life.

Accept the embrace of My Heart and quench your bitter thirst in My sweet Source of Love and Healing.

Come to Me that I will liberate you, do not guard in your heart any bitterness.  Drink from the Precious Blood that springs from My Side, wash your face in the codes of My Light and let Me act as I have planned.

I Am here in the name of a Special Grace for your lives because after all, everything will remain recorded in the universal memory of these encounters with Me.  I prepare you for the apostolate.  I teach you how to love and forgive.

Seek Me when you feel loneliness, emptiness and desperation.  I have something precious to entrust you.  Live in My heart and I will tell you in truth who you are and for what you have come.  Never get too tired to seek Me, I will always be there to listen to you, to offer your confession and to give you My Infinite Forgiveness.   

Thank the Father for having re-encountered your true Inner Master.  Be all the time in Me, in this way you will be able to get out of yourself and in the Spirit of Humility you will be in your most little spirit.

Under the Kind Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Dear brothers and sisters in God:

May My Light today be able be abundant within the deepest spaces of your hearts so that in this way may be established the Kingdom of My Peace in all of humanity.

Pray for those who sleep and who, without realizing rest in the normal life of this current world. Offer to God your fasting, prayers, sacrifices for humanity and your sufferings because if all this were donated with faith many spiritual situations would be able to be reverted before the time.

Now I only ask you to seek to be for longer in My Merciful Heart because your souls still have not swum in My Ocean of Graces but your temperaments have led you to practice other things.

May your true exercise be the merciful prayer of the heart. Each time that you call for My Presence in silence I will be amongst you accompanying the great movements in your inner beings.

My Merciful and Liberating Fire wants to approach a little more to your beings. But it still lacks the total permission so that some veils may fall from your faces. If it were like this you would see the light of truth that draws nearer from Heaven with the hope of converting you into good disciples of My Prayer.

I construct in you My Temple of repose whenever you are truly encouraged to empty yourselves of your own selves to discover the wonders of the new being. Be simple in everything up to the point of loving with reverence each detail that is presented in your lives. I am here to listen to you always.

Under the Grace and the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Whoever is in My Love will lose nothing, because I will give them the courage to consecrate themselves to My Eternal trusting Heart, an essence of God that will permit them to construct the new dwelling for My Return, and in this way they will have the strength to be emptied of themselves and to donate themselves to My Heart.

I want to see suns lit from the heart so that they may illuminate, in humility, the dull path that many of Mine live.  For this I call you day by day to merciful prayer so that the Fire of the Spirit of God may be present among you and may guide you towards the paths of peace and good.

I leave today for all My trusting and favored Love, especially for those who have been encouraged to cross the threshold to My Heart of Love.  Walk without delay, because I always wait for you in the silence of a prayer, as in the daily confession of your beings to My Paternal Consciousness.

Quench your thirst for love and comfort in My Ocean of Mercy, simply by entering into My Heart at three in the afternoon, because in this way you will be with Me and will be able to grow from the spirit, so that My Father may entrust you a precious mission with the aim of accomplishing over the Earth, His project of love, unity and redemption.

I am by your side, following your steps.

Under the Love of the Father, be joyful and blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior


Whoever traverses the path through My Heart will find the light that they need to be able to cross the desert.

Whoever lives through Me will find the faith that they so much seek for.

Whoever feels through My Heart will see with wisdom each answer.

Whoever thinks through Me will find the science of a humble and poor spirit.

I always long for you to do everything in your lives through Me because in this way you will form your consciousnesses by means of the greater laws. If you take each step through My Heart you will be able to perceive in each moment the need in each place.

But when you manage to do all through My Heart your spirit will already be found empty of itself and you will learn to see things under the vision of the Spirit of God. Service, charity and good are the doors of entrance that will be open so that all may be able to walk through My Heart.

But first the heart of each soul must be emptied of itself so that it may be invaded by the Sacred Spirit of God and in this way it may be able to consecrate itself as a faithful serve of the law of theLord. You can do all through Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for consecrating yourselves to God through My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus. 


May My Peace be in you!

My words are unmistakable because each time that My Heart talks to you without hurry and without time I pour My Merciful Love over you as souls of the Creator.  Who gives me everything, gives me all and empties themselves of themselves to walk without any weight and, free from the past, finds light in future.

Today I open one more time the door of your hearts so that they may feel that My Heart seeks to redeem you and to transform you into true servers. Sometimes My Words resonate little because you listen to me all the days. My Voice wants to awaken in you My Consciousness, for this I am with you all of the days and I do not get tired because I see the greater need for your lives.

If you just heard me in silence your life would reach the harmony and the order that you so much seek for. I am here as your beloved Savior and Redeemer, hoping that through your consecration you take more steps forward, so that they may be larger, the number of souls that receive the impulse of awakening to My Heart of Love.

If you as souls walk and maintain the common purpose the world will be already able to be another, and from your inner beings, it will reflect the light of Life, of Peace and of Love. For all and with all there must be love, including in the moments of great and chaotic mistakes and for those that make the souls less prepared in consciousness.

If you love, love will heal you. If you love, love will make you understand. If you love, you will be able to get out of yourselves because love will always show you the way out and the answer that you, with anxiety, seek for. Nourish yourselves through love and prove the power of its existence. Transform your inner world entirely for Me.

I will help you, I am here waiting for your important yes.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, your Lord. 



Empty yourselves to be in Me, it is a long path that, however, you must travel through the faith and the trust in My Sacerdotal Heart.  

For this I come back day by day to you so that in surrender you may discover in the merciful prayer the great Source of My Love for the souls and for all humanity.  Today My paternal advice is extended to those who are consecrating themselves to My Spirit of Universal Love, thus the redemption reached once on the Cross of Calvary will irradiate itself as an intense light over the hearts that open themselves to receive It

I Am with each one of you; My Paternal Soul is especially with those essences that are beginning the path of return to My Sacred Heart.

Dears, in the same way as the Holy Apostles, you will live the transformation of matter and of spirit because if it happens, My Dwelling may reside and rest within your little inner temple. I only want from My ones all, all that you are and all that still you are not, I want you entire, willing, trusting in My Consciousness, open from heart and soul so that My rays may restore the past of your lives, free you from sin and lead you towards the Kingdom of My Lord. 

You have the opportunity My dears, to live in My Kingdom while you are present in life on the Earth. There is something precious that God guards for each of the essences created in the image and likeness of the Lord.

For this, in courage I want to see you, joyful in the transformation and in the changes that your consciousnesses are passing through. I just wait from you sincerity in the love for Me because in this way I will be able to pour My Graces over those who from serious faults deserve My Mercy.

Companions, the path to be travelled still has not begun; you are beginning the first crossing that tries to take you to the depths of My Heart. If you and your brothers and sisters are taken to My Heart of Love I will be able to tell you that you will be quenching the thirst that I live for many souls.  My thirst must in this time be calmed by your prayers as for your constant offer, so that the Christic plans may be accomplished in all of the hearts. 

I accompany, as My Holy Mother has said, each one of the steps that are manifested for this transition of the world. May the power of My Redeeming Love transform you and consecrate you to the Kingdom of My Father.

I am with your dwellings.


My dears.

There is in you the unique and sublime opportunity to open the door to Me so that My Love may irradiate in your hearts. My redeeming power in your consciousness may be bigger or smaller, depending on how much you become conscious of the permission that you give Me for My Glorified Heart to act in your little lives.

Despite the great risk that many souls live which denies the presence and the return of My Redeeming Spirit, My Consciousness of Sacerdotal Love accompanies the steps of millions of souls in this world. Remember My friends, that I Am a part of God that has offered itself in life for all of you, so that every consciousness of this world could find, in the darkness, the power and the presence of the Christic light of the Firstborn Son.

Today I come to this world, as you allow it, because the degrees that My Love reaches for you are infinite, for this I invite you to remember that My Saving and Redeeming Love is returning to give support and help to those who only say yes to Me.

My dears, you must pray so the divine plans may accomplish themselves in every circumstance. For this to happen My Glorified Heart comes to your encounter for one more time, preparing the germinating seeds so that they may be planted in a fertile and greater earth in the Great Kingdom of My Celestial Love.

The souls are defining themselves as it was written in the sacred books. For this the Consciousness of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is coming to be able to reorder the uncertain paths that many live. For this, first My Spirit removes impure feelings in the hearts of all My servers so that they, empty of all and surrendering themselves entirely to My Heart, may be prepared in consciousness to receive me.

Who is willing to discard their life for My return?

Who is willing to trust in the unpredictable?

Who will want to land in My Spirit, in My Heart despite of everything?

I am coming back as many perhaps did not expect. I knew before My Ascension that humanity should learn much, even having entrusted you with the presence of the Immaculate and Sublime Heart of the Queen of Universes.

Now I prepare you, removing with My Light all that must be purified but, for this, do not fear, count on Me always.

Under the Grace of God Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My announcements in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


The surrender of life, children, is not something transitory. True surrender includes the entire consciousness, from the body, the mind and the heart to the soul, the spirit and the essence.

Those who surrender to the Creator are placing in the hands of the Father the direction of their lives and renouncing every personal goal, all of their plans, projects and aspirations, even fulfilling the mission God has entrusted to them. Surrender must be guided by the constant exercise of the self-emptying, by the permanent quest of being nothing and not wanting anything.

Many aspire to fulfill missions that, for themselves, demand total surrender of their lives, as the unconditional and selfless service is. However, before you launch yourselves into this surrender, children, you must meditate from the heart on what it means and, thus, dispose your consciousnesses to something more profound, so that this service may be true and its possible consequences be reasons to consolidate the surrender and not to generate a debt towards God – as it can happen if one of you loses their lives serving.

I tell you that because if you truly meditate and launch yourselves into the selfless service and into consecration with this consciousness that surrender must deepen each day, then you might become instruments of God and this condition will bring you the grace of fulfilling your mission with the correct discernment and protection.

However, if you launch yourselves into an unconscious, impulsive and shallow surrender, you run the risk of not receiving from God the grace and the protection that you need and you will live in constant imprudence, by the lack of discernment.

That is why I tell you it does not matter the task you do or the degree of risk you take, but rather the spiritual and conscious depth of your surrender. That is what will differ the service which will have or not the direct presence of God.

I hope  you have understood what I told you.

I leave My Blessing to those who will surrender themselves from the heart. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



When I talk to you about universal life, many look around and see an abysmal distance that exists between what I say and what you live as humanity.

The approach to the universal life must be first in consciousness because I tell you that, for many, from one day to another the barriers of illusion will fall to the ground and Truth will become visible to the human eye. Those who always ignored it will fear and will think they are crazy; those who had a mere idea about it will fear and will not enter the portals that will open in front of their eyes; and those who know it and live it will wait for it and, anxious for finding it, will recognize it before their eyes and will cross without fear the portals that will lead them to a new life.

Believe that what I tell you, children, is not a tale or fantasy. Blessed are those who launch themselves with their hearts into the unveiling of the celestial mysteries and who, in humility, empty their own interior to become the vessels of the universal Truth.

Be attentive to the celestial guide and try with dedication and hope to live what we tell you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions,

Today I want tell you that, as the consciousnesses open themselves to live wider degrees of spiritual maturity, God makes known world truths that transcend the physical barbarities that humanity lives in the world.

The great sorrow of God is the suffering of souls that die day by day submersed in the incomprehension and, thus, are not able to leave the states of consciousness that are hells created by chaos and by evil.

You are being called in this moment to be true companions of God and of His Son and, in this way, to share with Him His sorrows and not remain in the stinginess of the your daily lives.

God calls you to maturity, and when His Son leads you to know His constant agony, caused by the world, it is so that, in this way, you may walk fast towards the forgetfulness of self and recognize that exists a Higher Plan, which manifestation depends on the awakening and on the maturing of those who have committed themselves to the Creator in the beginning.

This moment that you live is marking the time of coming out of yourselves and assuming the planetary task that is due to you as a group.

The Lord is making known realities that many are not prepared to face because evil precipitates itself in the world and progresses each time more, making the souls lose faith and hope and enabling the essences to be completely extinguished.

An essence that is extinguished and disintegrated, My beloved ones, is like a part of God that ceases to exist.  Remember that each essence created by Him is a living part of His Divine Consciousness sent to the manifested Creation to fulfill a mission.

Now I ask you to accept this offer that has been delivered to you as a grace to serve God consciously and to no longer lose yourselves in trivial problems of your lives, but let yourselves be transformed and molded by the ray of the divine humility and unite in prayer to the Father for the salvation of the planet.

Each step that you take towards Light is a step of the whole humanity towards a new time.

Mature from the heart and in consciousness, since there is no more time to lose with yourselves anymore.

I love you and lead you to new planetary cycle.

Saint Joseph, the Eternal Servant of God

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.