Monday, April 15 of 2013

Daily messages

Whoever traverses the path through My Heart will find the light that they need to be able to cross the desert.

Whoever lives through Me will find the faith that they so much seek for.

Whoever feels through My Heart will see with wisdom each answer.

Whoever thinks through Me will find the science of a humble and poor spirit.

I always long for you to do everything in your lives through Me because in this way you will form your consciousnesses by means of the greater laws. If you take each step through My Heart you will be able to perceive in each moment the need in each place.

But when you manage to do all through My Heart your spirit will already be found empty of itself and you will learn to see things under the vision of the Spirit of God. Service, charity and good are the doors of entrance that will be open so that all may be able to walk through My Heart.

But first the heart of each soul must be emptied of itself so that it may be invaded by the Sacred Spirit of God and in this way it may be able to consecrate itself as a faithful serve of the law of theLord. You can do all through Me.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for consecrating yourselves to God through My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus.