Wednesday, March 13 of 2013

Daily messages

My heart feels and receives today the embrace of your love. Today My Heart prays, prays for the world and in silence contemplates the great moment for the souls. For this My Sacerdotal Priesthood congregates in prayer the believers and not believers because the Immaculate Heart prepares and gestates the inner temple in the hearts, hearts where the Sacred Heart intends to dwell.

My dears, in the second day of vigil in which you will receive the Virginal and Maternal presence of the Mother of the World, I ask you that from now on you cultivate in yourselves a meek heart, a trusting heart that will have engraved the powerful standard of My Heart to achieve the victory of the Kingdom of Heavens in the opaque kingdoms of the Earth.

Above all things and situations I ask you to contemplate the greatness that My Father has created through Nature and through the Kingdoms. Every space manifested by the All Powerful must be contemplated with love and devotion because Creation must also be the motive of your perpetual prayer of the heart.

If you contemplate Creation, this divine manifestation of My Father will also be saved again. Some of My New Disciples must also take the torch of peace and love so that all may awaken to the urgent moment that, as humanity, we are living.

It is indispensable to watch for all in vigil and in prayer, in this way My Heart will pleased  by listening to your voices and by contemplating the beauty of your souls.

My dears, may the reason for your life be the consecration of your hearts to My Sacred Heart and thus, as souls, you will open the door to those to whom it has a long time been definitively closed to the life of spirit.

But My unfathomable Mercy returns before My Presence to liberate from the fire of hell those who have fallen in the abysses of illusion, desires and modernity. The magnificent key of your protection will be the love that you may live through prayer.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My last words in the heart, preparing words.

Peace on Earth.

Christ Jesus.