Thursday, March 14 of 2013

Daily messages

May My Eternal Peace be amongst you, My beloved ones.

May the universal sun that lights up your lives, deeply illuminate and ignite again in yourselves the flame of devotion to My Sacred Heart.

My dears:

Come to Me and do not get tired to come. May your steps be taken with the full trust in My Heart. May you, united to My redeeming purpose, be able to transcend the abysses of life and the tests of the path because My Spirit that is Eternal, that comes from the Source of God the Father, will always fulfill you and will give you the strength to be able to follow me.

I fear for those who, from decay or carelessness, fail to contemplate the immensity of the Love that I have for them.

To those who have been able to walk through the fire of purification, I say: be brothers and sisters, be the bridge between the beginning and the end so that the ones who are hurt in spirit may be able to cross the portal towards My Heart. In this way I call you My Instruments so that they may lovingly watch each other.

The time clamors for great changes in consciousness. For this to happen remember to pray for the Holy Spirit so that His magnificent gifts may guide you. Be an example of good virtue, of humility and love; be like a torch of fire that illuminates the dark night of some hearts.

Walk in My Trust, thus you will not fear but you will see emerging the light on the horizon that My renovated Heart will bring for all. My children, be one and for this precious unity work in the name of My Celestial Love.

I bless you and I accompany you in silence because My Sheep not only must graze but now they must work as one only heart of love.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My instructions in the heart!

Christ Jesus.