Monday, December 9 of 2013

Daily Messages

What are you waiting for, My soul, to divest yourself of the world and live eternally in the comfort of My Heart?

Follow the invisible light that is before you, they are the Rays of My Heart that illuminate during the dark night of the world.

O celestial soul of God! who waits impatiently to resolve all things, in your hands lies the humble power of prayer, an infinite path to reach the Creator.  Remain in the Ocean of My Sublime Emptiness so that in all you may see that there exists a reason and an answer.

Sacred soul, what are you waiting for to give Me your eternal yes?  On My Path I offer you sacrifice as liberation, and surrender as redemption.  In My Kingdom there is only Peace, which many times you look for in external things.  My soul, surrender yourself in My Arms, let the Water that springs from My Body wet your body so that it may be transfigured into a body of light, a perfect instrument in the hands of the Creator.

You still believe that you have not been defeated but My Love is the unending spring that will conquer your being to give you to drink of a new water, a water that will satiate you entirely. 

My little soul, the Lord calls you to find in this time the path of humility and renunciation.  Let My Supreme Light flood your bodies so that they may be the living symbol of the new transfiguration.

Dear soul, the time of dispossession has come.  Accept the Supreme Love of Your Spouse because in this way you will find the inner answer that you so much look for.  Trust in My Presence, I want to make you know the greatness of My Celestial Kingdom.

My soul, clothe yourself with the vestment of purity so that the angels of Heaven may receive you free and surrendered to My Heart.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for surrendering yourself to My Heart!

Christ Jesus


At the end of the message we asked the Master why He was addressing His words to us in these days in such a special way and He answered:

Today I speak to you in this way because many of My own in a short time will marry the Faithful Husband forever.  This is a cycle dedicated to the precious souls, those who always seek the Faithful Comforter.  Therefore, I Am calling all who may want to listen to Me.

Your Master of Love