To All Prayer Beings on Earth

Today marks the third year since your Heavenly Mother announced to all the importance of praying the Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War. And after three years of continuous prayers, the weight of the situation worsened due to social, humanitarian and racial crises.

The Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War prevented many events and, up until now, other situations continue to be avoided by the presence of those who pray on Earth.

For this new cycle of challenges and transitions that are beginning, today the Mother of God offers you this Rosary to pray for an undetermined time so that during these upcoming times, and with the arrival of the new generations of humanity, the sacred attributes of peace, love, healing, light and Mercy may be sown in all those who will have to learn to go through these next times.

The Rosary for the Peace of the Children in the War is not only an invocation to the great archangels and their hosts of light so that they may intervene in the physical-spiritual situation of today's humanity, but this Rosary is also a spiritual impulse to awaken solidarity, cooperation and charity in each creature on Earth, regardless of their religion or creed.

This Rosary conceives the future unity among constituted religions in the presence of one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This Rosary brings us the consciousness of the need to awaken in the human heart the service of love for humanity and for the planet.

If this Rosary is prayed together with the Rosary for the Salvation of the Kingdoms of Nature, the work of deepening in the life of service will become more expansive.

In order to have more tools of intercession for the planet and for humanity in these times, today I give you the third part of this Spiritual Trilogy of Prayer for the End of Times, which is the Rosary to know and learn to go through the End of Cycles.

Union bead
Sacred Heart of Jesus,
principle of renewal and healing,
descend Your Mercy upon the coming times.

First decade
For the Angel of Unity,
we implore to God,
may all souls
learn to overcome the end of times.

Second decade
For the Angel of Fraternity,
we implore to God,
may the Christs of the New Time
awaken and emerge.

Third decade
For the Angel of Pity,
we implore to God,
may all barriers and borders that
divide nations and peoples be dissolved.

Fourth decade
For the Angel of Compassion,
we implore to God,
may all creatures of the Earth
know the inner Christ.

Fifth decade
For the Angel of Faith,
we implore to God,
may Divine Justice be placated
through the love and service of all followers of Christ.

The Trilogy of Prayer for the End of Times will be able to help consolidate faith in the servers and a definite trust in the actualization of the Plan of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Cry out for peace in the world, but also live peace within your own heart. Unite to the Source of Peace of the Universe, to the Consciousness of your God and Lord, to the Heart of your Mother and Lady.

Unite to Those whose peace is unalterable and not even the greatest of the indifferences or the gravest assaults can extinguish the peace within Them.

Peace is the certainty of the triumph of God beyond the appearances and beyond the possible defeats along the path.

Peace is the wisdom and the knowledge of God. Who knows God and lives in Him does not lose peace, because they recognize that His Will is beyond all Life; everything that has been created belongs to His Heart. To renew Himself and to allow His children to grow, the Creator observes and respects the workings of the Laws; however, with a breath of His, Life is made and unmade.

Unite to this unalterable Source of Peace, not to be indifferent to what happens around you, in the world or within you, but so that you may grow and be able to remove from your eyes the clouds and obscurities that the lack of peace brings and, thus, you may be able to see the events with eyes of Truth and contemplate them with understanding and wisdom.

Unite your heart to the unalterable Source of Peace so that you can look to your own inner world and know where to begin. If your heart is at peace, you will be able to take one step at a time, without hurrying and without fear, along this great stairway that takes you to Heaven, which is the school on Earth.

Seek, child, to sincerely be in the Peace of God.

 When you see your heart disturbed and your consciousness entering the abyss of human incomprehension, which begins small and rapidly becomes big, pray to God and ask:


Lord, place my heart into Your Source of Peace.
Make me feel a little bit of Your Peace within me.
I, who am Your Fruit, a living part of Your Creation,
Your cell, seeking the renewal and overcoming in Your Love.
Help me to be in You, so that, in You, I may overcome these times.
Bring Your Peace to My Heart, and, through me, radiate Your Peace to the world.


Thus, simply and sincerely, speak to God and create a bond of Love with the Heart of the Father so that, without knowing it, you may finally abandon what you are and allow your Creator to transform you and convert you into an instrument of His in this world.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



By means of the Novena of Saint Joseph that ends today, a cycle has been closed in all the consciousnesses that responded to My call for prayer and for the concretion of the very important mission of peace in Europe.

Day by day, in which you prayed, deep aspects of consciousness were gradually dissolved and, by the Grace of God, a door has been closed in which a great part of humanity of these times were immersed.

By the intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, your consciousnesses, in the name of humanity, have given the yes to eradicate from your cores and, above all, from the world, the human condition of mediocrity and negligence.

Starting today, and having finished the Novena of Saint Joseph, the Spiritual and Divine Hierarchy considers that your souls took the step to begin in yourselves, every day, to eradicate any kind of mediocrity and negligence concerning the Work of love of the Divine Messengers, and concerning your own lives.

This means, children, that you, as part of humanity, have taken the first step for this lower condition of human life to be extirpated, by means of your daily effort and your love for the redemption of the planet and of humanity.

It was this important step and that important commitment that you assumed with God, through the Novena made to Saint Joseph, that has granted, by Grace, Mercy and consciousness, that the Pilgrimage for Peace can be carried forward.

From the 1st of June, your Heavenly Mother appeals to each prayerful being to accompany the Mother of God in this spiritual pilgrimage that will begin through the Novena to the Mother of Perpetual Help, because by means of it I will be able to work other aspects of your consciousnesses.

From now on, I am thankful for all material and spiritual efforts that have been made so that this mission, which is the mission of everybody, can be fulfilled until the end.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Curitiba, Paraná, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I come here for a wounded world, and, in My hands, I carry the greatest cause of God, which is the fulfillment of His Plan of Love and Redemption on the surface.

I pray for this cherished Project and every day I relive the Words of the Creator, which He spoke to Me in His Kingdom:

“Dear Universal Mother, supreme and humble Mirror of Love, Your Father and Lord of the Universe asks that you tirelessly go forth to meet souls and the most simple because through them, I will be able to heal the planet and its humanity, I will repopulate the world with hundreds of suns, many more than I have created throughout the Universes.

I will make of each sun a prodigious emanation of My Source and, through them, I will pour out the Divine Codes of My Paternal Heart.

Go ahead, most sweet Lady of the Light, Governor of all the stars, fallen and non-fallen.   Go ahead, appear and announce to the race that I deeply love them and that they are offending Me while setting themselves apart from the Universe of My Love.

Do everything in Your power, You have no boundaries, but rather thousands of angels and devas to reverse the lack of love and to transmute the indifference upon this planet.

You will always hold within Your Heart the unquenchable wisdom of My Words, because, through Your Grace, I will make of hearts luminous trophies of redemption, to place them at the foot of the celestial altar”.

In My silence, children, I hear this proclamation, every day. And I will be able to be the Mother of humanity and of all the Earth, as long as you allow Me to be. Thus, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Fourth day of the novena

When I was called to the Temple to marry a Saintly and Pure Virgin, My Heart was before a challenge and an inner test.

For Myself, I had planned a life of silence, chastity and solitude. I had not thought of marrying, of constituting a family and sharing My experience on Earth with one, because I thought My mission could not be understood by anyone, as it was even a great mystery for myself.

When I saw the Most Holy Mary, a profound Love for God awakened within me, and this Love reflected in Me as a purity never experienced before.

I was solitary in this world, like the dry tuberose staff I held in My hands, and the Purity of the Most Holy Mary, reflected in Me, made the staff blossom. I thus understood the Will of God and renounced everything I had thought of for My life.

When the Will of God calls you to renounce your own plans, even though they may seem spiritual, so that you may live something you never thought to live, empty yourselves of yourselves, and pray to the Father, in My Name, saying:

You, Who awakened Purity in the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph
and caused Him to renounce His human will,
give us the Grace of being pure and simple
so that we may renounce our will
and live only Yours.


There is no greater gift than living the Will of God and seeing it made manifest in your own life. For this reason, lose the fear of tearing up your own plans and of opening your hands to receive the Scroll of the Divine Will.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Third day of the novena

I was still young when I came to know the Essene people in the desert. God placed a great mystery before Me, which, at the same time, was absolutely different from everything I knew - as a culture, as spiritual life and as a social way of life- but it was also known within Me. It was like a mirror of everything I held within Me, like a hidden life that could not express itself because it could not find space for manifestation.

Even being before something new and unknown, a lesson that transcended the Sacred Books and was renewed in each instant - just like Life- I launched myself into this experience and allowed My inner world to find that safe place, which it had searched for, for so long, in order to express itself.

When you are before a new teaching or a new way of understanding Life, when you are faced with something that calls you to a renewal, meditate on My example and pray to God, in My Name, saying:

just as Saint Joseph recognized
Your Impulses and Your Truth in His Life,
teach us to be before the new and 
allow us to be renewed, without fear,
by Universal Truth.


These will be times of many tests, but also of many revelations. You will be faced with Truths that you did not know and you will also be able to more broadly understand what you were taught through symbols and parables.

For this reason, children, pray and prepare your hearts so that you do not fear being faced with that which is new.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Second day of the novena

On the second day of the novena, you will meditate on my youth, when My Heart was faced with all the earthly stimuli, all the impulses that were calling Me to be like other young people of My time; when I experienced the rejection, humiliation and misunderstanding of My brothers, sisters and friends, because God was calling Me to a life of surrender, of chastity and of silence.

In a time-period when the human condition was coarse and stood out beyond any spiritual aspiration, My Heart prevailed in the face of the stimuli of the body, and I was able to offer God an instrument of His in the world, by means of My Life.

When you are faced with earthly stimuli, capital energies, humiliation, rejection and the misunderstanding of the world, pray to God in My Name:

for the sake of the overcoming of Saint Joseph
and for His absolute surrender that conquered the human condition,
help us to overcome the atavisms, the lusts
and the superficiality of this world.


Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today I will start by giving you a novena to begin a new cycle, not only between My Chaste Heart and humanity, but so that each being may find within themselves the way to be renewed, take steps and embrace the cycles that come with joy, with a free heart and in peace.

Each day will represent an impulse lived by me, through humility, perseverance and persistence, to transcend the human condition and embrace the new spiritual cycles that present themselves.

May these impulses reach your hearts and strengthen them, through the Grace of prayer and unity with My Chaste and simple Heart.

On the first day, you will meditate upon My Childhood, as a poor and simple child, before the Mystery of God, He who was calling Me to take steps that seemed impossible due to My smallness and childishness. Embraced by the spirit of faith, I responded to the call of God and, even while being so small, I allowed Him to make Me great.

When you are facing challenges that seem impossible for you to overcome, pray to God in My Name.

as you did to the Most Chaste Saint Joseph,
concede us the Grace of Faith to live Your Will,
even if to us it seems unreachable and sometimes impossible.
Transform our smallness in the Grace of Your Greatness;
our weakness into Your Strength.

You may pray for 14, 33 or 72 times, according to how you feel the need of your souls.

With My Blessing in your lives, receive from God the Grace to go forward, fulfilling His Will and manifesting His Purpose of Love.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today I would like, dear children, to emit My deepest maternal thanks to all your souls that made possible the special and important Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe.

With the most sincere vows of My Immaculate Heart, in this month of August, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of My Apparitions, I wish, maternally, that you offer to the Creator a special novena of gratitude, bliss and renewal for My presence very close to your lives, for such long time.

I expect that all consecrated of the Grace Mercy Order dedicate this novena praying the Mystery of the Holy Rosary, from the 31st of July until the 8th of August of 2017, the date on which My Apparitions are commemorated and celebrated.

In order for this novena to have fruits of love, mercy and conversion, you will pray the Holy Rosary, meditating each day on the mysteries and miracles that God has provided you through My Immaculate Heart and through the Divine Heart of My Son; and in this way your hearts will also be able to express gratitude to the Celestial Father.

It is in this way, My dear children, that you will pray the Mystery of the Holy Rosary, meditating and thanking God for:

First day, 31st of July: “For the opportunity of loving more one another, as souls at the service of God”.

Second day, 1st of August: “For having known the value of the Holy Communion and of the other Sacraments”.

Third day, 2nd of August: “For the charity and the altruistic service lived by God, through His creatures, to the mineral, plant, animal and human Kingdoms”.

Fourth day, 3rd of August: “For the unconditional surrender of the consecrated to the Divine Plan of the Father”.

Fifth day, 4th of August: “For the Presence of Christ in our inner world and for being part of His Work of Mercy”.

Sixth day, 5th of August: “For receiving from the Source all the Knowledge of the Universe, manifested through the Instruction and through the formation of the servers of God”.

Seventh day, 6th of August: “For the existence of the Holy Spirit, which has guided and inspired all the groups of service, prayer, instruction and healing, demonstrating the spiritual talent of each one”.

Eighth day, 7th of August: “For the manifestation, on the surface, of the Points of Light, such as the Communities-of-Light and the Monasteries, which represent the presence of the Spiritual Hierarchy”.

Ninth day, 8th of August: “For the infinite Grace, for the incalculable Providence and for the incommensurable Love of God in our lives”.

In this way you will pray the Rosary during the nine days preparing My arrival, this time at the Marian Center of Figueira.

May this celebration be joyous and may all My children, without exception, be called to participate.

I transmit to you the prayer of gratitude that must be prayed at the beginning and at the end of the Rosary, during the nine days.

Prayer of the Most Holy Virgin in thanksgiving to God
for Her ten years of Apparitions in South America

Eternal and Divine Father,
       Who conceives the divine life in all Your creatures,
       Who expresses and manifests in the humble hearts,
       Who is alive and resplendent in the Sacred Body of Christ.

Today Your Servant and Slave
       gives thanks to You for the infinite Graces
       that You have poured out through the Immaculate Heart.

Give strength, bravery and courage
 to all those who follow Your call.

Give momentum and motivation
to those who concretize
Your Work of Mercy
so that Your Humble Mother and Lady of Light
may become known in the world,
through this miraculous Work
that You, Beloved Lord,
have expressed on the surface.

So be it,
until Jesus Christ returns in Glory.


I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Nazaré, Leiria, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

God will destroy the castles of sand that have been built by humans to lead humanity towards perdition. Thus, God will build, from the inner worlds, the temples of love that the souls have made fruitful through their faith in the Lord. At that moment, Judgment will begin for all humanity.

The simple of heart will receive within their hands the Legacy of the past and those who called themselves powerful will lose all their wealth because the poor of heart will come to know all the mysteries that are written in the great vault of this universe.

It will no longer be necessary to interpret the stars because the new race will know where they come from and what their true origin is. Nobody will be left without knowing what mission they have come to perform out of love for the Universal Project.

At this time, the powerful will no longer have power and the pure of heart will be crowned by the Hands of Christ.

The twelve angelical hosts will descend and a star similar to the ones of the universe will announce the signs of a new stage.

Finally, humanity will awaken and will no longer be within evil because it will have abandoned illusion and entered into the mysteries of the universe.

Later, the obstacles will not exist, neither will what we know as ego. The souls and the consciousnesses of this world will finally become free and happy during the thousand years of peace. Thus, the Eternal Father, in His splendor, will descend and make of this Earth His luminous home throughout the universe.

Prayer to be Recited at the End of Communion to Reconcile with Jesus Christ
By His Sacrifice, we were liberated,
By His Wounds, we were healed.
By His Flagellations, we were forgiven.
By His Falls, we were elevated, 
By His Cross, we were redeemed.
And now, by His Mercy, we are transfigured
and His Spiritual Light, we receive
so that, free of all adversity, we may walk
in the aspiration to one day again find Him,
in His Celestial Glory.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

In the name of the Love of My Son, I gather you once again to show the world that it is possible to live the Divine Will.

This is how, dear children, My Immaculate Heart draws near to bring you the infinite Gratitude of God because truly, My servant children, you are carrying the Will of God forward.

This is why today I come from Heaven to announce this Message to you, so that in your lives and in the lives of your fellow beings, the sacred Purpose of God may be fulfilled.

Here, dear children, there is a simple strand of prayer, devotion and charity; and I wish that the impulse of unity and love, which you must always internally gestate amongst you, may radiate to the whole world.

You are a sacred and ancient people who came to the world to realize the manifestation of the Plan of God through selfless service and charity.

Now, your sacred task, dear children, will be the service for souls through the formation of seven groups of prayer, which spiritually represent the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and, through this task that you will undertake, I can work for the divine protection of the whole of Brazil.

With this, dear children, I would like to invite you to spread the Work of the Divine Messengers in this region and in the whole state of Minas Gerais.

I especially wish, dear children, that the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and the Glorified Christ may be known in this place and throughout Brazil.

It will be through the living devotion of your hearts that I will be able to protect the destiny of this nation, My beloved nation.

Today, I came to thank you and renew the commitment that you will help Me in awakening consciousnesses, which through prayer will be able to enter the spiritual path and Christic life.

For all that you have manifested for the Plan of the Father, I thank you and, today, I leave engraved in the spirit of this house, My beloved house, the following prayer to the Sacred Sky,

Prayer to the Sacred Sky
For the protection of the task of all servers of the Sacred Sky Nucleus of Belo Horizonte
Sacred Sky of God,
which is manifested in the sublime heavenly vault.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
Descend to this human reality,
sanctify our lives and
 light the flame of our hearts all the time.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
Summon all servers of the Greater Good to serve;
may charity be the torch of the peacemakers,
may devotion be the light that illuminates all paths.
Oh, Sacred Sky of God!
May Your Celestial Kingdom descend  upon us so that
the Plan may triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

With the Sacred Family gathered around this sacred oratory, God again pours out His infinite and unfathomable Mercy.

In order for this to be possible, dear children, today Your Most Holy Mother brings you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph, something that will give an impulse to souls to live the attributes of the Chaste Heart, inner impulses that will come directly from the Holy Servant of God at each moment this sacred rosary is prayed by a soul.

This Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph will remove from human ignorance whomever prays wholeheartedly, invoking devotion for the Holy Worker of God.

Saint Joseph commits Himself to helping the human heart that will pray it, and thus be able to sanctify its life, in the same way that Saint Joseph sanctified His consciousness.

This Rosary will offer everyone the possibility of again drawing to themselves the principles of the Christianity of Saint Joseph and of the Sacred Family, so that these may penetrate the chaotic consciousness of the planet, and reverse all the evils that are generated by humanity itself.

This Rosary will also help awaken the consecration of souls to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph. And through this act of union with the Divine Spirit of Saint Joseph, hearts will reach the Celestial Kingdom and will be able to feel it close to the planetary life.

Through His Holy Virtues, Saint Joseph offers Himself to humanity to help it live the sanctification of consciousness, as well as providing the opportunity for families to live the Attributes of God, and for the proper conditions to be generated for the presence of Unity amongst all creatures.

Now I present to you the Rosary of the Holy Virtues of Saint Joseph:

Union bead
For Your great Humility,
beloved Saint Joseph,
pour upon us Your Holy Virtues.

First decade
For the virtue of Humility,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may all our miseries be transmuted.

Second decade
For the virtue of Obedience,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we promptly obey the Law of the Hierarchy
so as to be in God.

Third decade
For the virtue of Divine Love,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may the void of self emerge from our spirits
so that we may fulfill the Plan of the Creator.

Fourth decade
For the virtue of Poverty,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we be austere in our actions, words and deeds
so that we may be free from human arrogance.

Fifth decade
For the virtue of Service,
that emanates from the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
may we consecrate ourselves to Christ
to serve the redemption of humanity
and for the triumph of the Heart of God.

Have a good exercise of humility for all. 

I invite you for nine days to practice and feel this Rosary in the depths of your hearts, so that Saint Joseph may work in your lives.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unites you to the Chaste Heart of the Servant of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When Saint Joseph arrived, He showed us an image of Himself, when he was about 30 years old. It was night, and He walked alone upon a hill, looking at the starry Sky and talking to God. He then asked us to write down what He, at that time, was saying to the Father in prayer, which He now allowed us to listen. He prayed:

Lord, heal me

Lord, heal me, entering with the power of Your Love
into all my atoms and molecules.

Lord, heal me, burning, with the fire of Your Holy Spirit,
each particle of my small being.

Lord, heal me, reduce my soul to a true nothing
so that I may recognize Your Greatness and infinite Majesty.

Lord, heal me and show Your Face to my impure eyes
so that I may recognize You as the Father, the Truth and the Origin of all things.

Lord, heal me and remove from me that which believes to be separate from You.

Show me, O Lord of all Creation,
that You are in all things;
You are behind all illusion, hidden in the essence of each being.

Lord, heal me, defeat me and leave me surrendered at Your Feet.

May my whole being recognize Your Power and rejoice in You eternally.

God of Love, God of Truth,
God of Purity, God of Joy,
God of the poor and the rich,
God of the healthy and the sick,
God of Heaven, Earth and the whole Universe,
God of the Cosmos, God of Existence, God of Creation,
heal me, renew me
and allow me to discover You to be as within me, as I am within myself.

Lord, reveal that You are in all things and that all things are in You.

Reveal Yourself in unity with All and, thus, heal me, Lord.


True healing comes from the surrender of the heart before God, from the recognition of His Greatness and of our own smallness before Him.

Healing, which must be born in spirit and have its reflection in matter, is nothing more, children, than the demystification of unity and its absolute experience.

When you understand the Presence of God in all things, there will be no illness, neither in body nor in spirit, that can bring you down because when the consciousness lives unity with God, all its cells are encompassed by this Divine Presence and find in themselves the Principle of the Father, in this way dissolving all imbalance, all sickness, all anguish and all pain.

Therefore, today I teach you to ask the Lord for healing. Do not ask for healing of the body, of the mind or of the emotions: ask for the healing of separateness, of ignorance, of illusion and thus, children, you will discover that a healthy spirit is the one which unites to the Living God and finds Him within, multiplied in its cells, animating its body, permeating both matter and spirit with His Holiness.

Pray from the heart, pray as humanity, because it is very ill; if you, as cells of this great human body, recognize unity with God, you will gradually heal the ills that still permeate the world.

I love you and leave you My Blessing and My Peace so that you heal yourselves and thus, attract healing to the whole planet.

Your Father and Healer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Prayer to ask God for forgiveness

Lord, forgive us because from the moment we stepped on Earth,
       we are ignorant of our actions.

Lord, forgive us because time passed and our eyes remain closed,
       just as our heart and our small spirit.

Lord, forgive us because our hands work little for You
       and much for ourselves;
       they extend little to our neighbor and remain closed very much.

Lord, forgive us because we came to Earth as spirits in Redemption
       and we knew nothing about Love,
neither did we know that here we would learn to love.

Lord, forgive us because the world is agonizing
       and still we have not been able to find You in the Kingdoms of Nature
and in our brothers and sisters.

Lord, forgive us because we ignore unity
       and we have separated ourselves as consciousnesses and as Your creatures.

Lord, forgive us. We aspire to not sinning again.

Forgive us as Your Son used to forgive.

Forgive us as You forgave our spirits when giving us the best You Have
       in Your Creation: an experience of love and unity with You.

Lord, forgive us and clean our stains, heal our wounds
       and reintegrate us in Your Kingdom.

Lord, forgive us and open the doors of Heaven to us.

Reconcile us with Your Heart and with everything that belongs to You.

Teach us to love and to forgive as You do it.

Teach us to unite what is separated.

Teach us to serve everyone in You, without leaving You,
and finding You in everything.

Lord, make our hearts Your Heart; our arms Your Arms;
       our legs Your Legs; our bodies Your Body;
       our minds, Your Mind; our lives Your Life;
       our evolution, Your Evolution.

Lord, forgive us and make us like You.


Today I will only pray with each one of you and, as a human heart, I will ask God for His Forgiveness and for His Intercession for the Earth.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear Children:

In My arms, as the Mother of Mercy, I sustain those who have become lost from the path of Christ, and just as once I had Jesus in My arms, He Who died for you, today I supplicate to the Celestial Father for His Divine Piety.

The Father concedes to Me again the Grace of liberating and of forgiving those who fell into error, into pride and into deep ingratitude.

As the Mother of Mercy I intercede for these souls because they are My children, those which I want to bring towards the true peace, towards the redemption of life and of the heart.

As the Mother of Mercy I gather from the Calvary of each being the miseries that fell when walking with their own cross, and with My maternal Light I transform darkness into light, incomprehension into wisdom, and sadness into sheer joy.

As the Mother of Mercy I convert that which is impossible for this world and I heal the wounds that no one is able to spiritually heal, because the Father has given Me the Grace by which as the Mother of Goodness I may assist My children, all those that open their hearts as to find My Love.

Dear children, the defeat of pride in a heart is the greatest gift that a soul may receive in this time when pettiness, blindness and corruption hypnotize the path of the souls.

When this pride is broken by the staff of God, Divine Justice is established and the soul does not receive that which in truth it would have deserved, because when the mask of pride is broken the purity of the heart is born.

Have pure hearts and love; love much because in love My adversary does not have his reign except in the hardened hearts and minds.

Give permission so that the love of the heart will spring like a flame through prayer, and let the old structures fall to the ground so that in this way the flower of the heart be able to open.

Recite every day the infinite gratitude to the Creator and you will be in the correct path. As the Mother of Mercy I am here to assist you and to conduct you to the Celestial Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

For the mercy of the entire planet,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Sacred Litany to the Mother of God and Mother of the Universe
To implore for Her intercession during the moments of test and of purification

Most Holy Virgin,
Powerful Virgin,
Most Chaste Virgin,
Our Advocate Virgin,
Prodigious Virgin,
have mercy on us,
help us.

Mother of Hope,
Mother of Mercy,
Blessed Mother,
Co-redeeming Mother,
Mother of the Divine Faith,
Protective Mother,
Mother of Holy Justice,
Mediating Mother,
Mother of Perpetual Help,
Saving Mother,
Mother of Victory,
Most Pure Mother,
Most Complete Mother,
Miraculous Mother,
have mercy on us,
come to our aid.

Queen of Peace,
Universal Queen,
Queen of the Stars,
Queen of Love,
Queen of all Angels,
Celestial Queen,
Liberating Queen,
Most Beloved Queen,
Most Sweet Queen,
Venerable Queen,
Adorable Queen,
Queen of the Doors of Heaven,
have mercy on us,
intercede, now and always.

Lady of the Rosary,
Lady of humanity,
Lady of the poor,
Lady of the innocent,
Lady of the Holy Cross,
Lady of the sick,
Lady of the pure of heart,
Lady of Pity,
Lady of Brotherhood,
Lady of Confraternity,
Lady of Light,
Lady of Majesty,
have mercy on us,
rescue us.

Mirror of all Universes,
Mirror of Healing,
Mirror of Wisdom,
Mirror of Discernment,
Mirror of Joy,
Mirror of the Cosmos,
Mirror of Liberation,
Mirror of the Assumption,
Mirror of Mercy,
Mirror of Redemption,
Mirror of Union,
Mirror of Salvation,
Mirror of Rehabilitation,
have mercy on us,
heal us, now and always.

Within Your sacred faces, may I may find the pathway out.
In Your walk, may I see the steps to be taken.
In your gaze, may my soul be strengthened.

Holy Mother of God,
banish from my being all arrogance,
possessions, pride and indifference,
because my whole life belongs to You
so that Your Beloved Son
may realize His Work of Redemption and Fraternity.

I surrender into Your arms,
humiliated and divested,
because Your full Grace
has granted me redemption.




While we were finishing the devotional of Saint Joseph, I saw that the portals started to open, but this time I did not see Heaven, but I saw a place of the Earth.  Saint Joseph approached and I saw that behind Him a war was occurring, and He was coming from that location, in which He was trying to help.

Saint Joseph remained in silence for a while, with a pure gaze, though a little sad. Then, He started to say the following prayer that He asked us to write down, and He delivered us the daily message, speaking very slowly.  Although His words were simple, we felt that Saint Joseph made a plea to the world for Peace.

Prayer and Petition to the Most High God for World Peace and for Redemption

Lord and Most High God,
full of Mercy and Pity,
under the intercession of Saint Joseph,
Your humble servant, we beseech You:

End the conflicts, the disagreements, the wars and the curses.

Forgive the sins of humanity and take them to Your Holy Light.

Calm the suffering of the afflicted,
the loneliness of the abandoned and the sorrow of the sick.

Placate the anger of the ignorant and the craft of those who do not believe in You.

Establish Your Peace in the world.

Establish Your Divine Mercy.

Redeem and consecrate Your beloved humanity and Your sacred Kingdoms of Nature.

Make this planet similar to Your Kingdom of Peace.


What I most want today is that you may be peacemakers in your lives.   All that the Lord needs from the human hearts, on this day, is that you live peace and sow peace in the world.

My beloveds, the planet can no longer bear the conflicts of the world; therefore, balance this evil with your own actions of peace.

Do not allow yourselves to enter into conflict with your neighbor, with yourselves or with God and His Plans.  Seek the essence of peace.

Do that for the world in which you live, because it is agonizing.

Peace, peace, peace for this planet.

I leave you My Spirit of Peace and My most sincere request that you awaken to the eternal peace of the heart.

Your beloved Father and Peacemaker of Christ,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

I come from Heaven to São José do Rio Preto so that all may get to know Me as the Lady of Liberation and of Peace.

I have the power, after My Son, to purify all your sins through My Virginal Purity.  My Maternal Love has the power to transform lives, and of setting free the moorings that imprison the hearts.  My Celestial Light has the power of healing any evil and of alleviating suffering.

I Am the Mother and the Lady of Liberation because I have the Divine Authority to make you re-emerge from the darkness of life, and to make you fly as high as a bird.  I have the power to absolve your mistakes and to transfigure them in love and truth.

I Am the Universal Mother, that one who has the power to radiate Her Divine Love between the spaces and universes.

I Am the radiating Sun that was born from God and I Am that who gestated on Earth the Firstborn Son.  I have the power to make life be born in a barren womb, because life arises by the action of love.

I have the permission of God to succor you and to liberate you.

For this, that on this day of Jubilation, may you have sufficient strength so that you may be able to surrender all that makes you suffer, and that prevents you from walking towards God.

God has given Me the power of transforming you and of redeeming your life through the Supreme Light of My Heart.  Now, in consciousness and awakening, may you know the presence of the Lady of Liberation because I wish that all My children seek the assistance that they need.

Dear children, today I present Myself for the third time in São José do Rio Preto because your request that I would return was heard in the Heights of Heaven.  I have the power to respond mercifully to the needs of all of My children.

I want that you know that Christ, Your Lord, acts also by means of the Immaculate Love of My Heart.

I hope that each child of Rio Preto will be united to the Redeeming power of Jesus through the Eucharist, because it has the power to forgive and to redeem you; by means of Confession, which has the power to absolve you; and by means of Prayer, that has the power to strengthen you and to prepare you for the path of consecration to God.  

God waits for you to awaken to the liberating power that lives in Heaven, to the power of love that is poured each time that the Lady of Light descends and appears to help you.

Dear children of Mine, your captivity is ending, hold onto My Sacred Mantle because in this way I will elevate you to the Kingdom of Peace.

São José do Rio Preto shall diffuse the devotion to My Immaculate Heart through the groups of prayer; thus you will be able to be Legionaries of Mary for the end of this cycle.

I lovingly leave you a prayer of liberation and of redemption for your lives:

Supreme Mother,
Universal Star,
may Your Powerful Love
liberate the ties.

May the luminous swords
of Your Holy Angels,
cut away involution and
any difficulty.

May the power of Your Healing
reconcile our heart with God and,
united to Your Immaculate Heart,
may we experience the promise of the
victorious return of Christ,
Our Lord.


I thank all My children of São José do Rio Preto for having prepared My arrival with so much love!

Your Mother Mary, Lady of Liberation


Dear children,

I have returned to you, to the center of your hearts, because as Precious Mother I Am accompanying on this day the decisions that Heaven is taking for the good of all.

The Father wants you here in Florianopolis so that you all may lovingly offer to balance the actions that many souls commit at this time of the year. For this My special intercession has been to help all My children and all religious orders that reside here so that, within the spiritual level, they may follow the steps that My Son is marking.

By divine order and obedience I joyfully announce that the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will have His monthly Apparition on the 15th day of this month only to the visionary Sister Lucia.  This moment will be lived by you and then it will be transmitted again on the 19th of January to all devotees.

In the same way that My hands are bringing special Graces, I tell you that, by divine order, I will communicate My monthly message to all of My children on the 16th of this month, a message that will especially correspond to the one indicated for Saturday, January 18th.

The Father has asked Me that this special moment be shared with all pilgrims that work in the Light-Network of the South of Brazil.  In consequence, these children of Mine will have the permission to accompany this moment.  And to close this event of the most sacred visit of the three Sacred Hearts, My Most Beloved Son Jesus will deliver His weekly message on Friday the 17th of this month to all the devoted hearts that may want to participate, and also to share the ecumenical communion at the end of the message. 

Remember, My little ones, that it has not been very long since we announced that the South of Brazil was going to fulfill an important mission, and this mission is first being gestated in the spirit of each one of My beloved children.

Therefore, through the intercession of My Immaculate Heart, Saint Joseph and My Son Jesus have accepted My Offer of radiating to the groups of the Light-Network of the South of Brazil a triune impulse that may encourage you so that from now on you may live the apostolate serving the Father and responding to the needs of the Divine Plan for this region of Brazil.

The vortex of light for the south region of Brazil will be the Marian Center of Aurora, that which will provide help to you in case you need it.

Dear children, this is the purpose for which the Sacred Hearts are sharing this moment.

From the depths of My Heart, I send maternal blessings to all and now I dictate to you the following novena for your hearts to recite:

Novena to the Mother of the Perpetual Help
Prayer to ask for the protection of the Mother and Lady of the Perpetual Help,
to be prayed thirteen times during nine days.

Sacred Mother of the Perpetual Help,
Door of Wisdom and Mercy,
we lovingly implore Your help,
we invoke now the Sacred Protection of your Mantle.

Elevate us in spirit towards the Celestial Kingdom,
dissipate every difficulty and trouble on our paths,
shelter us forever with Your Powerful Celestial Shield.

O Virgin of the Perpetual Help!
Guide us always through the Path of Christ,
show us the solution and the way out in the face of any difficulty.

Engrave in our hearts the Supreme Light of Your Spirit,
open the doors that have closed and,
under the protection of Your Most Holy Heart
and of the Holy Archangel Michael,
may all hearts receive Blessings and Graces 
from Heaven through Your most
pitying universal intercession.


And after the main prayer,
you will recite the prayer that will close each day of the novena:

Benedictory Prayer
To be recited one time.

Most Sacred Lord, Jesus Christ,
Supreme King of Love,
liberate our lives with Your Rays,
sow in our spirit
the Love of Your Sacred Heart,
so that, now and forever,
we may fulfill the Divine Will of God.


Thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of the Perpetual Help


Dear children:

Today a ray of healing that comes from Heaven is poured in Glory over the hearts that cry out for liberation.  Today a Divine and Repairing Grace is poured over the souls that so much seek the healing of the heart.  Today in joy and bliss the Lady of the Figueira returns to Her Holy Home to consecrate in the world the first home that will embrace the most ill of soul and of heart so that My Consecrated Ones, servers of service and of healing, may help to relieve the suffering.

The Lord has conceded the Grace of opening to the world a Source of spiritual healing that springs from this Sacred Center, and in all this work My Immaculate Heart intercedes to watch over the good hearts.

Today a new Divine Portal is opened over the Sacred Brother Pio House.  It takes this blessed name so that the servers, as well as those who will be healed, may imitate the path of humility of heart of Saint Pio; it will be humility that will permit that the spiritually sick humanity may be healed.

Heaven today gathers Its Angels and they celebrate the emergence of this Sacred Dwelling, which will fight day and night so that the hearts that suffer the most may be relieved and may feel My Peace.

For this, I deliver you to the protection, the shelter and the guidance of Saint Pio, faithful servant of God; he who amidst His hands carried engraved the signs of the Passion of My Son.

Dear children of the fruitful Figueira, it is already the moment for the ripe fruit to be harvested from the Tree of Wisdom, so that the souls that have not reached liberation of themselves may find the help that they need.

The Lady of the Figueira announces to you today this special consecration; Heaven waits that this Sacred House may heal the spirit of the ill and the wounded of heart because the world of science has forgotten that true healing starts in the soul of each being.

The Sacred Brother Pio House must be a mirror of permanent prayer, that which may permit that the Marian codes and the Christic codes silently heal all of those who may arrive there.  If this happens in a true way, the universe will concede many Graces to those who seek for them in their interior.  I Am Your Sacred Lady of the Figueira, I Am the Sun of the Universe that comes to the world to remove it from obscurity and, for My children, I will accomplish the Will of My Lord.

I thank you dear children, for having answered to My call for the healing of humanity!

I bless you, I heal you and I forgive you,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of the Sacred Figueira

Prayer of Gratitude

The Mother of Heaven summons Her children,
so that they may accomplish the Sacred Mission.

The Son of God pours out His Infinite Mercy
and all the soldiers awaken in the Holy Spirit.

We thank you Lord,
for Your Presence.

We honor and praise You always.



The most precious souls are those that rejoice My Heart every day because they adore Me and consecrate themselves to My Eternal Presence.

For this reason, I must always take care of these souls that, for various reasons, have come to the world to redeem their lives and their pasts. For the sake of My Infinite Mercy, these souls can liberate themselves from the conditions of the past, those that do not allow them to take safe steps towards Me.  I sustain each one of the souls within My arms in order to carry them with Me towards the Greater Kingdom of My Father.

In this time, the consecrated souls are entering into the apex of strong experiences and learning, those which will allow them to mature with wisdom and discernment.  All these souls are like treasures in My Kingdom because I pour My Graces and My Peace upon them so that forever may be radiated to the world the sacred gifts of Heaven.

Under the Infinite Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for keeping your souls within My Heart!

Christ Jesus

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: At the end of the message, Christ transmitted a new sacred exercise of prayer that, according to His Instructions, will help us to face the end of times and, above all, to annul the actions of capital sin.  This exercise is considered by Christ to be a shield of protection against these energies.

The Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ comes from an inner emanation of prayer that springs perpetually from the Heart of Jesus.

This novena is a direct dialog with the Creator Source from which the essences of all creatures have arisen.  The soul that venerates Me by means of this Sacred Novena will enter into the historical moment in which Christ lived His public life and His Passion.  In this way, it will spiritually collect the divine fruits that the Master left engraved on the consciousness of this world.

Whoever invokes Jesus by means of this Sacred Novena will approach the celestial powers that the Father conceded to Jesus at the moment of His birth, and at the first moments of His public life, of His Passion, of His Death and of His Resurrection.

This exercise of prayer must be prayed during nine days, with the purest intention of being able to receive the same spiritual merits that Jesus received when He was upon this world.  This Grace that today I concede to you for this time of chaos is similar to the Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration 1.  The signs of the Transfiguration and of the Passion of Jesus represent for the souls the first school of approximation to Jesus.

Now the powerful novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ symbolizes the entrance into a deeper state of consciousness and of prayer.  I reveal to you that you will be able to remain in the same Christic vibration, in the same state of Christ.

This powerful novena will try to help all, mainly those who have consciously consecrated themselves for life to Christ Jesus.  It will try to transubstantiate, that is, to change the cellular and mental state of all of the events that have prevented the spiritual awakening of the souls to the Divine Life.  This powerful novena will bring to you the impulse of the divine merits that Christ achieved during His trajectory upon the Earth.

This exercise aspires to transfigure the inner states of each being, turning them into divine and sublime principles.  For this, the work of prayer with the powerful novena must be constant, without setting a time of ending in weeks, months or years.  Now each soul will know how to recognize the importance of becoming a faithful instrument of God.

This Grace is poured especially to transform something that causes the world to drown, that which are the called capital sins.  This novena will work as a shield before the presence of these energies.

Have a good work of interiorization and of expansion of consciousness!

Your dear Master, Christ Jesus.

The Powerful Novena
to the Merciful Jesus Christ

First day

On the first day, you will pray to transcend human control through the Most Holy Purity that Christ incarnated during His special birth in the manger of the city of Bethlehem.  In this event, you will be able to see manifested the first power of the Holy Spirit, which was the sublime incarnation of God through the coming of the Messiah Jesus.

With total fervor and inner determination, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer: 


For the powerful birth of Christ on Earth,
Most Holy Spirit of God,
transcend our matter
so that the power of Divine Purity
may incarnate in us.





Second day

​​​​​On the second day, you shall pray to expel from the consciousness the human condition, that which throughout times has been awakened by the work of the enemy: temptation, pride, avarice and greed, capital energies that closed off the paths of light for good souls.

With faith and conviction, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer: 


For the Sacred Humility expressed
by the Divine Family,
and through the Pure Love
that the Child Jesus radiated to the world,
Lord, expel from our beings
all domination constructed by the enemy.



Third day

On the third day, you shall pray to God begging Him for Mercy through the Divine Pity that Jesus offered during His public Life. You shall supplicate to the Lord for Him to liberate the hearts from the sins of vanity, possession, pride and curses that may have once lived in poor hearts.

With consciousness and with truth, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the Sacred Miracle of Jesus
at the Wedding of Cana,
may all beings be converted
so that true love
for the Creator may finally
awaken in the world.


Fourth day

On the fourth day, you shall remember the blessed healings that Jesus carried out among different people; blind, lame and dumb. In this way, you will ask God for the deep healing of your souls and of the aspects that are marked as indelible wounds within your evolution. You shall request from God that, through the healing power of Jesus Christ, all events that occurred in the lives of simple souls may be healed by Jesus, as He at that time had healed the sick.

With devotion and mercy, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:


May the powerful Hands of Jesus
and His Rays of Mercy
descend upon our hearts
so that the Light of the Kingdom of God
may liberate the ties
and forever heal all our wounds.


Fifth day

On the fifth day, you shall glorify God because He has sent the Savior Son to quench the spiritual thirst of the world. You shall then remember the moment in which the Samaritan offered Him fresh water from the well and Christ, in return, offered her the Water of Life.

May your lives, in this divine mystery, be washed by this Blessed Water that sprung forth strongly from the Side of Jesus on the Cross so that the sins of omission, cruelty, torture, outrages and of indifferences, that humanity has generated throughout the centuries, may be transmuted by the sacred codes of the Water of Life, and that healing may be manifested in all consciousnesses.

With love and compassion, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the Water of Life and Redemption
that poured out from the Side of Jesus,
may the baptismal powers of liberation and forgiveness
descend upon our lives.


Sixth day

On the sixth day, you shall pray to the Father to implore Him for Mercy for those who perpetually blame themselves and condemn themselves eternally, without having changed anything in their lives. You shall now remember the moment in which Jesus was condemned to death. You shall meditate on this mystery that Christ offered for all, and in this way, you shall understand that in absolute self-surrender lies the key to the transformation of consciousness.

Contemplating this mystery of the surrender of Jesus for humanity, you shall pray with hope and joy for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For Jesus' great surrender of Love 
on the arms of the Cross,
Emmanuel, Sacred Father,
grant us the Grace of permanent surrender
on behalf of our fellow beings.



Seventh day

On the seventh day of the Powerful Novena, you shall take your memory back to the moment of the encounter of Jesus with His Mother on the path of Calvary.

May the maternal power of love that sustains all and resolves all allow the world to be liberated from the constant falls and perditions that it has been led through.

Through this important act of absolute love between the Son of God and the Mother of God, may the weakest souls receive the Grace of affirming themselves on the path of the spirit by means of the supreme strength that Christ lived during His Passion. 

May this same strength lead those consecrated to Christ to abstain from all temptation and energy that may seduce them to deviate them from the path of the good pilgrim. May the Faith of Christ remove the obstacles so that the children of the Father may walk in freedom towards Paradise.

With openness and piety, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:



For the divine and supreme strength of Jesus
during His Sacred Passion,
Father, affirm Eternal Faith in our beings,
the sublime fire of eternal ascension.



Eighth day

On the eighth day, you shall open the celestial door to receive the Divine Pity that the glorified Christ expressed in spirit and in consciousness after having been brought down from the Cross.

May this mystery of invincible love, that restores all and transforms all, in spite of the mistakes committed, incarnate as infinite and permanent light in the hearts that have decided to live the path of apostleship.

May this Divine Christic Pity transfigure, without being detained, the hard aspects of unconsciousness, those which are kept and prevail, frightening the servers. That the sublime fire of Pity, which Jesus expressed for the whole world after the Cross, may remove the difficulties for those who cannot live chastity, austerity, detachment, impersonality and surrender to the Heart of God

With peace and firmness, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:


For the divine and powerful Pity
that Christ emanated out of love for the whole world
while in the arms of the Most Holy Virgin
Mary, Supreme Mother, shelter us now and always
in the Heart of Your Kingdom.



Ninth day

And on the ninth and last day of the Powerful Novena, you shall meditate on each one of the eight previous mysteries that Jesus left engraved as light for the world. On this ninth day, the synthesis of all the prayerful and spiritual work must emerge. The Christic codes must already be latent in the hearts that, with so much love, have invoked the preceding eight powerful divine mysteries of Christ.

Today you shall remember the moment of the Sacred Resurrection of Jesus on the third day and you shall see in this act of power of the Son of God that, in profound humility after having been condemned, martyrized and humiliated, He resurrected gloriously, defeating the spiritual death that was condemning the whole world.

Through this mystery, may the souls that fight without rest, those that truly work to accomplish the Plan of God, be liberated from all evil and may they manage, through love of the resurrection of Christ, to redeem the profound elements that condemn the consciousnesses. May they stand up from where they have fallen!  In this way, may they defeat, as did Jesus, the spiritual death that generates the sin of the world and may all hearts be raised to the foot of the Sacred Altar of the Creator.

With presence and fidelity, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:



For the sake of the glorious and victorious Resurrection of Jesus,
may the sacred celestial rays
descend upon our lives
so that the Omnipresent Life of God may reign.



Christ Jesus, the Instructor

At the end of the novena, if the one who prays wants to begin it again, one day of pause must be taken.

1 Spiritual exercise delivered by Christ Jesus in April 2012. For additional information, see the book “Siete Dias con el Maestro Jesús de Nazareth”, by Irdin Publishing. 


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