Saturday, October 10 of 2015

Daily messages

When we were finishing the devotional of Saint Joseph, I saw that the portals started to open, but, this time, I did not see Heaven, but a place of the Earth.  Saint Joseph approached and I saw that behind Him was happening a war and He was coming from that place, which He was trying to help.

Saint Joseph remained in silence for a while, with a pure gaze, but a little sad.  Then, He started to make the following prayer that He asked us to write down, and He delivered us the daily message, talking very slowly.  Although His words were simple, we felt that Saint Joseph made a plea for Peace to the world.

Prayer and petition to the Most High God for World Peace and for Redemption

Lord and Most High God,

full of Mercy and Piety,

under the intercession of Saint Joseph, Your humble servant,

we beseech You:

End the conflicts, the disagreements, the wars and the curses.

Forgive the sins of humanity and take them to Your Holy Light.

Calm the suffering of the afflicted,

the loneliness of the abandoned and the sorrow of the sick.

Placate the anger of the ignorant and the astuteness of those who do not believe in You.

Establish Your Peace in the world.

Establish Your Divine Mercy.

Redeem and consecrate Your beloved humanity and Your sacred Kingdoms of Nature.

Make this planet similar to Your Kingdom of Peace.


       What I mostly want, today, it is that you be peacemakers in your lives.   All that the Lord needs from the human hearts, on this day, is that you live peace and sow peace in the world.

My beloved ones, the planet is no longer bearing the conflicts of the world; for that, balance this evil with your own actions of peace.

Do not allow yourselves to enter in conflict with your neighbor, with yourselves or with God and His Plans.  Seek the essence of peace.

Make that for the world in which you live, because it is agonizing.

Peace, peace, peace for this planet.

I leave you My Spirit of Peace and My most sincere request that you awaken for the eternal peace of the heart.

Your beloved Father and Peacemaker of Christ,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph