Friday, October 9 of 2015

Daily messages

As a human heart of a simple man and without great intellectual learning, I learned to trust in what you cannot see with the eyes of the body, only with those of the heart.

As Joseph of Nazareth, I lived the greatest miracle of life, that was the conception and the birth of My Son Jesus, that I assumed as Mine, knowing that He was, in truth, the Son of God.

There was no greater proof of trust and faith in God than this one that Joseph and Mary lived by knowing that the son they had in their arms, in that manger in Bethlehem, was the Living Son of God, the Messiah so expected for all the generations that anteceded Ours.  It was like constantly living inside of a dream and not knowing what the reality was: if it was that which we were living with the Child God – in the trust that God, in His Humility, made Himself a child among us and allowed us to take care of Him and protect Him – or if it was that which everyone who were around us were living, most of them could never conceive the truth that such Little Boy was, in reality, a great King.

Every day, by looking at the Little Jesus, I would ask Myself: how can God, this one that protect us and guard us, surrender Himself in this way in the arms of humans and trust in their care and in the human paternity?

That was how My Heart opened Itself to discover that there was something in the human heart that only God knew, for Him, who was the great Father of the Creation, to surrender Himself as a child to the paternity of humans.

Only the humility of My Heart was what opened the doors in order that I would understand that God was showing our likeness of Him.  He came to the world as a Son, in order that we could discover within ourselves the Father, Himself, the Most High God.

I tell you these things because your human hearts are also before many mysteries and you will be before even greater truths that will make awaken in you the faith or the disbelief, according to the way you may place yourselves before the learning which God brings to you with His Perfection.

If you are humble, you will be able to understand the Humility of God, that in many ways surrenders Himself to His children, in order that they may discover what they are in truth and, thus, awake to the likeness of His Most Sacred and Great Heart.

I leave you today this reflection and these codes of light of My life with Christ Jesus, which now reigns in the whole Universe.

I love you today and forever.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph