For those who persist, My smile is eternal.

For those who can do much more, but do not, My smile is serious and contained.

For those who do not give of themselves and waste time, My smile is sad.

For those who have potential and place it at the service of the Plan, My smile is one of joy.

Because all that you are able to offer, and a little more, will be well received by the Eternal Father, and the imperfections will no longer matter, but rather what you are to surrender at each new stage of the realization of the Plan on Earth.

For this reason, all that you may do will help a lot. But if all that you do is not from the heart, but rather forced, it will not hold the impulse that it should.

To live the Plan, you cannot be dragged nor helped to shift out of inertia; because you already have the tools, above all, the experience that the Plan of Love is built daily with determination, effort and attunement.

Convenience and stagnation do not exist within the servants of the Plan. The Plan is permanent dynamism; it is the flow of higher streams within universal life. The Plan is not static or fixed.

The Plan is movement in ascension and who is in the Plan cannot become stagnant, because the flow of the Plan itself, through its higher impulse, would shift them forward.

Inertia is one of the roots of convenience and pleasure. So that it may be defeated, you must always seek something to do because, if you do not, you will be contributing to the sleepiness and to the worldwide inertia.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Emptiness of self will allow you to cross any desert in life; and in that emptiness of wanting anything or expecting anything, you will allow the Universe to flow through you.

Emptiness of self is more than divestment, surrender, or penance.

Emptiness is more than an attitude of introspection or a profound silence.

Emptiness of self is to trust and have faith in the Arms of God in order to feel His Will and His desire at each new step in life.

Emptiness maintains you within the Law of Impermanence.

Emptiness does not allow the static or what leads to terrestrial inertia.

Emptiness of self is an impulse than the spirit can give you , from time to time, so that inner paths may be unblocked and so that, once open, the steps toward the light may be taken in humility.

Emptiness of self is not arrogant, proud, or ostentatious of what does not belong to it.

Emptiness is empty; it is to be in the void in order to enter the universe of the All.

Emptiness of self is a new school for disciples; it is a path that causes you to find neutrality and the sense of inner life.

Emptiness of self is premeditation and, at the same time, wisdom.

In emptiness of self one learns to be silent.

In emptiness of self is to be found a doorway to inner liberation.

Emptiness of self never wavers, it is always prepared for new challenges.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Be brave in the face of the tests and every day you will learn to surpass yourself.

May this valor give the impulse to your heart so that you may project greater steps on your path, those which you never imagined you could give.

Embrace the proposal of valor as the means for being able to transcend possible obstacles and make of each experience a victory for the Celestial Kingdom.

May your permanent transformation show the world the constancy of wanting to be close to the Lord, to live His Joy and to be in His Divine Presence.

Therefore, take up the path of valor so that you may learn to move forward without retracting even one step.

Let this valor, child, support the coming of the Sacred Spirit of God so that more souls may be transformed by the Fire of God.

In valor may you find the impulse to make great leaps, determined to transcend the barriers of the planetary inertia.

Dare to say "yes" to each new challenge and do not feel defeated.

My Son still awaits the apostles of transformation, who through good examples will testify to His Holy Word.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the wind of the Spirit of God blows on the world, it removes the covers that hide the abysses, the miseries, the lies and the selfishness of humankind. Everything seems chaos and restlessness, but the Divine Presence comes to renew and clean the Earth.

When the Spirit of God blows inside beings, it expels from within them what does not respond to the Divine Will. Everything moves, everything seems unquiet and restlessness, but I tell you, children, that it is the Spirit of God removing from your inner worlds the impurities and miseries that were hidden even to your own eyes.

When the Spirit of God blows over the world and within the beings, do not look only at the wind and do not regret what it removes from place; let it blow, move and transform, open the doors and the windows of the house of this world and let the Spirit of God clean you inside and outside.

This is the time for the Spirit of God to come to the world, with fire, with wind, with rains of Graces and purifications. Do not look at the sludge, but the pearl which reveals itself when it is cleaned from human consciousness.

Look at the Purpose, have it always above the events of this world and you will not confuse with punishment what God sends to transform you and remove you from stagnation and from human inertia.

The Spirit of God will come with fire, with wind to clean and renew, to burn and remove from darkness, from ignorance the lukewarm who only pointed out the mistakes of others and the mistakes of the world but did not perceive their own drowsiness.

My children, all of you are living parts of the Heart of God, principles of perfection born from the most sublime Source of the Universe. But as pearls lost in the swamps of the Earth, the perfection hid within you and in these times, the purification of the planet is nothing but the coming of the Spirit of God to rescue these lost pearls of the Celestial Necklace.

For this reason, do not look at the sludge and do not be afraid of wind, fire or the rain that washes the world.

Look at the fortitude which arises from the overcoming of difficulties. Look at the humility that arises in the heart that sees its defeated pride and its illusions placed on the ground by the Grace of awakening.


While the majority of Uruguayans do not seek nor live the prayer of the heart, the nation will suffer the material consequences of what it has chosen, far from the Love of God.

For this reason, those who are awake must pray ardently with the heart so that at least a part of the majority of Uruguayans may one day react and move out of the inertia they are in.

It will be necessary that the love and the devotion of your prayers make this country deserving of infinite Mercy, which has the capacity to reverse many social and political errors already made.

While the souls of this country and the church reject the Voice of the Divine Messengers, sent by God on a mission, the human life and the spiritual life of this people will be empty and superficial.

Prayer and acts of permanent repentance will have an unknown effect on the nation and will once again place a lifeline in their hands, which will free them from all committed errors.

There is still some time of peace in Uruguay, but if there are no great spiritual changes, many souls will become compromised, will lose their peace and will feel they have no way out.

Those who repent will be forgiven.

Those who resist will be judged by the Lords of the Law because the destiny of Uruguay will have been assaulted.

Be aware and do not sleep anymore.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My child:

At every moment, seek to live the charity of the heart and do not allow anything or anybody to force this inner virtue, nor that they demand you to give of yourself, because charity of the heart must spring forth and arise like you breathe.

At each new step that you are called to take, may the charity of the heart emerge from within you so that you may learn to find spiritual piety, a principle that will lead you to someday love the sacrifice of giving your life and your unconditional service for others.

May the charity of the heart not be a thought formula. May your soul impel you through intuition to be charitable at each moment and to center your purpose on the realization of good for others.

It awakens in you the charity of heart and it is something spontaneous, something that leads you to understand that the Mercy of God is also found in service; thus you will be confirming your vow of true union with Christ.

Within the charity of the heart may you find the meaning of evolving because in the charity of the heart you will develop degrees of love, more than in self-attunement or in the redundant human inertia.

May the charity of the heart be the essence of the New Christs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and virginal Wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

In the chaste presence of Saint Joseph the Laborer, we unite with the divine Original Purity present in the human heart, which in these times has lost the meaning of spirituality and supreme wisdom.

It is for this divine cause that today, the Sacred Hearts of Mary and of Saint Joseph present Themselves to humanity, for the purpose of it renewing its inner vows of service and of surrender to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Today, the Sacred Family, on this 19th of May, comes to your hearts and souls to remove them from the planetary inertia and indifference, so that in leaving this point in consciousness, your eyes may open to the infinite and supreme love of the heart, capable of transforming and of transmuting all things on the planet.

We come to humanity to let you know of the importance and the urgency of waking up inwardly to what you are; to finally manage to set aside world indifference.

Our aspiration is that through your simple and prayerful lives, you are able to reflect what the human race has lost, thus helping to restore the mind of humanity, permeating it with codes of love, of simplicity and of surrender.

God wishes Europe to have a more fraternal consciousness, that is able to rise above material life to the celestial designs that, through the Center of Love of Fatima, wait to descend from the universe and be revealed as a great inner treasure for your hearts.

In this time, when everything is allowed, the Sacred Hearts, the Celestial Messengers, come again to the world to remove it from the world hypnotism, for the planetary need is very great, from the spiritual levels to physical life.

It is for this reason that we invite you, just as some of the pilgrims present here are doing, to live the ministry of these times in Europe, without resistance and without fear. Because it will depend on the more conscious Europeans, on their spiritual path and their universal life, that all the Work of the Sacred Hearts is able to come, in a following stage, not only to Asia, but also to Africa, where My maternal promise of visiting some nations must be accomplished.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

So that a Divine Work may be realized and continued on the planet, with your hearts, you must follow the changes that are drawing closer and not fear experiencing them or have them taken up by new consciousnesses.

The Divine Plan is not archaic nor transitory but rather endures throughout the cycles of renewal that it goes through, time after time.

It will be enough to experience inner union with the Plan of God for it to begin to materialize on the surface of the Earth, and fundamental to this is adherence.

It is important that hearts feel that the cycle truly changed and that there are other needs approaching in this end time.

Thus, with your consciousnesses elevated and your eyes fixed on the Purpose, you will be able to follow this cycle that the whole of humanity is going through and that only needs to be experienced from your deep understanding.

This new cycle comes to renew the spaces of the subconscious and beyond, it comes to take it out of human inertia.

To live the Plan of God also means to raise your arms to receive the gifts that will prepare each server for experiencing the changes, from the moment in which they give their 'yes' to the universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The world is deaf and does not hear the Words of God, the ones that arrive by means of His Heavenly Messengers. The deafness of the world was caused by the material vices, the modernities and the total lack of control of life; thus the souls are tied up to these strong chains and are incarcerated in the prison of earthly life.

The inner strength fades, the flame of love is not able to last in them, and I come from Heaven to save those who are lost and blind for straying from the spiritual path.

I see how My children, the children Jesus handed to Me on the cross, allow themselves to be taken over by superficial things and give up to continue advancing on the pathway of light.

Everything is in its Trial and this, My children, is inevitable. Therefore, time and again, with all the love of the Universe, I come to call My children to awaken from the dream from which they have no awaken yet.

The mediocrity of human life is very big and this does not allow the Light of the Kingdom of God to be able to penetrate in the great abysms of Earth. It is so that the Heavenly Hierarchy carries out the plan to dilute little by little the global hypnotism of humanity.

Your Heavenly Mother gathers the soldiers and summons them to the prayer for peace, for the bands to fall from the faces and the hearts can feel for a moment that the Love of God has descended.

The Father wishes the best for each of His children; the souls are the ones that decide to deviate, far away from their lives, this intimate wish of God.

The world as a whole has decided to learn through pain, indifference and sin. But this is not fair for the planet nor for the lower Kingdoms of Nature that bear the result and the consequences of the human actions.


Mirrors of Light turn on while the souls pray and ask for mercy.

Uncertain doors that were open to the decadence of humanity close themselves, and a celestial command is established on this day.

All the praying beings are summoned to the awakening, and they participate in a special juncture, the Universe descends to Earth and the inner suns shine in humanity.

Those who still sleep, wake up! Those who have never worked for God, do it!

May the towers of the consciousnesses elevate themselves as an offering to the Almighty.

May the redeemed be united for the greater Purpose so that the one thousand years of peace will finally be fulfilled.

All is reorganized in this moment, all is transcended in plan and vibration, and thus the subtle worlds descend and bring with their presence the Great Brotherhood.

May the currents of inertia and indifference break up, may all be renewed by the great awakening.

The Soldiers of the Plan position themselves in the rows of the Purpose, thus everyone receives from the Universe their own sign, the sign of their origin.

The doors of Heaven open themselves, the consciousnesses support the transition of humanity preparing for the last battle in which the adversary will be defeated by love and unity; this will make him blind, deaf and mute and he will not be able to cast his evilness anymore.

To obtain the triumph of Love the mirrors will turn on and spread the codes of Christianity throughout the spaces; while the souls pray, the hearts will be bathed by the powerful Grace of Light, and Mercy will be established to rehabilitate before the end of times those who have never deserved it.

I thank you all for following Me today!

On the celestial command,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted on the Eagle of Light bus during the journey from the city of São Paulo to the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear,

Do not distress your heart for what you have not yet managed to do or to transcend.

Break the barriers of inertia and illusion through the powerful fire of My Heart and wait in vigil, for all will be accomplished.

Follow Me in the goal of making your life a small sacred temple through the purification of your acts, feelings and thoughts. Everything has its cycle; it is useless that you hurry to see the results.

Patience is the master key of those who persevere and of the innocent. When you are not able to embrace transformation, hide in My Immaculate Heart and trust; under My Mantle you become invisible.

Walk by My side holding My hand tightly, and in each step you take, feel that I will teach you to overcome all the abysses of the consciousness.

The true disciple must know their own human condition so as to learn to love beyond the human conditions of others.

Let the flow of My call make you feel sure of the path you travel, because for God, failure does not exist; all that exists is the lack of love in those who still do not love.

To experience the school of redemption is a purpose for all the self-summoned. I wish for your heart to be purified until it is as pure as it is when you draw close to My maternal Heart.

I do not cease attending to those who need special help; all are favored children to Me. Let the path of transformation be the stepping stone so that someday, your soul may be converted in Christ.

Forward! Continue forward and without discouragement; humanity will finally be consecrated through the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The inner light of redeemed priests will make it possible to attract toward the Earth the Consoling and Renewing Spirit, for in the surrender and in the service of the true and humble priests there will reign the fortitude of the peace and trust that devoted souls need in order to be renewed in Me.

The inner light of the priests can only be put out if the priest himself allows it.

To each I have given the authority to bless, give sacraments and serve those most in need of love and consolation for the sufferings in life.

In true priests of Christ there is no inertia nor inability of spirit. Through their own surrender, they renew all things, for I have granted this to them.

The inner light of the priests expels darkness, adversity and harassments from themselves and from those who suffer this captivity, because the spiritual Grace that I gave them allows them to represent Me and to recognize Me as their only Greater Priest.

The spirit of humble priests is persistence and, through that persistence, they can go through their own purification and redemption, surrendering to their Master all the things of the world so as to live in sublime realities.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Special message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Child King, Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón

The time has come to break the chains of inertia and of constant evil.

May the veils of blindness and impunity be ripped away.

May the doors to evil be closed and the abysses of consciousness be dissipated.

May the ties be released and may souls walk toward their expected awakening.

May the impious be transfigured and all those who have transgressed the Law of Adonai be redeemed.

May the innocent be gathered and the meek be reunited.

May the peacemakers surrender to God and may the fearful smile because My mighty Light has come for their salvation.

May the impure be defeated by the action of My Mercy and may all the executioners be purified.

I will repeat:

May the impure be overcome by the action of My Mercy and may all the executioners be purified.

May the condemned be freed from their own prisons so that the eternal Love of the Creator may arise, now and always.

May hearts be restored and the Kingdoms of all Creation be forever glorified.

May the angels of the universe participate in the great Final Judgment.

With My Hands, I will separate the chaff from the wheat and bring forth the new clay, the new divine design for every being.

May those who have not repented do so, and may all hear the cry of the mutilated.

May wars end.

May not even one more body be martyred, because the manifested Law is descending onto this Kingdom called world.

May the unjust be converted and the sinners surrender to the infinite Mercy of My Heart.

May the causes of the past be transformed into wonders for the future.

May the truth come to light and may the blind and deaf of heart hear the Call of the Universal King.

All evil is removed from the spaces of the world so that the Source of Purification may spring forever.

May no one fear the end of time.

May the merciful give Mercy, and may the good praying beings pray much, pray much for peace.


It is necessary, at this time, My children, to grow up spiritually and humanly, to mature in your consciousness all the impulses received and place them at the service of the planet and of all its humanity.

To grow up spiritually is to understand the times in which you live, the urgency for a transformation in human consciousness and the certainty that this transformation begins and ends within each being.

To mature is to take responsibility for your own part within the Plan of God, knowing how to give your all in every instant.

When you pray, do it wholeheartedly, with your mind and spirit present, with whole feelings and words filled with their deepest meaning.

When you serve, do it completely, giving all of yourself, so that the Will of God may be fulfilled, without giving space to childish attitudes that always lead you to human comforts, to a place of inertia and not of sacrifice.

When you relate to your neighbor, know how to love them as they are, observe their miseries in the mirror of your own interior and, before you judge, be silent and look inside. The other is transformed by example and not by judgment.

Humanity is a living, unique consciousness, that sooner or later moves in chains. When a being takes a true step, their surroundings are transformed. Therefore, use the word to open the doors of the Kingdom of God and the example to transform what prevents this Kingdom from manifesting.

To mature humanly, children, is to leave the adolescent posture of being eternally served, cared for and supported, and begin moving to serve, care and support, not only the neighbor, but the Plan of God itself, the planet, life.

Just as an adult is responsible for their home, you are responsible for this world. The time has come to transform this attitude and take back your own home, because the laws are moving and the cycles are advancing into ascension.

To follow the movement of the Universe, you must grow up humanly and spiritually.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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