To My companions and servers of Colombia,

Never forget that charity and good must come first in your lives, and that this charity will help you, every day, within yourselves, to love and to respect service to your neighbor as well as to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Charity, companions, will make you love more, each day, and thus embrace each call and each invitation with greater trust.

Do not expect accomplishments or results in everything you do, because the trophy of My apostles is not recognition, but rather the constant and never-ending surrender of self, which will make you worthy before the Father and His precious Will.

Allow charity to let you understand your neighbor so that appearances and mirages created by the ego may disappear and the heart may be the ruler of your lives and of your entire existence.

When you live this message, your consciousness will expand, and you will be able to see reality in a different way. You will no longer be carried away by judgments nor commentaries but rather, through charity, you will conquer the spirit of brotherhood, which should beat and throb in your hearts forever.

Never forget all of this.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master Christ Jesus 



Many of My followers in South America and in the world would like to hear the word of the Hierarchy concerning that which our dear and subjected Amazon region is going through.

This is proof of the indifference of human beings and of the unconsciousness of those who take advantage of Creation and of the great regions of the planet that are exploited for the benefit of few and the poverty of the majority.

Humankind itself will realize too late all that it has transgressed and all that it has lost.

Therefore, what happens today in the Amazon region is an answer to the uncontrolled corruption and the excessive and sick exploitation of those who govern the nations, as well as a harsh consequence for those who have elected them.

In summary, all that the Amazon region is going through is not a punishment from God, it is a responsibility of the same humanity that believes to be powerful before the lower Kingdoms and the elements.

Yet, while humanity continues hurting the Amazon, the world shall know, even more, the fury and the indignation of the Kingdoms of Nature because the Law, which is stable and secure, cannot be transgressed.

Therefore, the groups of prayer must place the entire situation of the Amazon on another level of consciousness and not remain in the coordinate of judgments and of commentaries, for this strengthens the harassments of the adversary in the minds of the governors, in which he works in a hidden way.

Ask the Heavenly Father for only His Will to be fulfilled and do not hesitate even for a moment. Put your faith in the Lord and all shall pass.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

Before all adversity and chaos of these times, may My Rose of Light and of Peace ignite within you so that, in the face of the definitive events in the nations and in the human race, the conviction and faith of being in Christ may not be lost.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace ignite within you so that the times of planetary darkness may be filled by the Love that transcends and forgives everything.

May My Rose of Light and Peace ignite within you so that all the praying beings, united, may avoid, with their supplications, more catastrophes and human traumas.

May the power of My Rose of Light and of Peace allow for the salvation and the redemption of the hearts that, out of ignorance, have closed the door to God.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace ignite within you so that these times, of definition and judgment, may be illuminated by compassion and not decreed by the chastisement that the men and women of the Earth are generating for themselves.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace ignite within you, My children, so that repentance may awaken, and in this way the souls of the Earth may learn to mend the offended Heart of God.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace, dear children, bring to the world the recovery of its original purity so that, in this way, hearts may awaken to the feeling of having more charity for the Kingdoms of Nature and more love for those who suffer, day by day.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace help you to correct human deviations and, based on true penance, may the nations of the world recognize that they have moved away from God, so that divine assistance may not be lacking for them.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace ignite within you so that, from the youngest to the eldest, you may receive the Grace of redemption and the most innocent may be no longer be exploited nor commercialized, as are the harmless animals of nature.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace lead the whole world to be prostrated before the Love of God and to acknowledge all the disobedience that His children live daily. A disobedience that separates them, more and more, from God to where His divine Grace cannot touch them.

Therefore, may the Rose of My Light and of My Peace make you perceive the emergency of these times so that each server of Christ may be positioned on the path that corresponds to them and consciously prepare the Advent of Christ.

May the Rose of My Light and of My Peace make you truly humble so that you may listen to God within, feel His Divine Heart and be at the service of His Kingdom.

May My Rose of Light and of Peace convert you into ambassadors of Christ on Earth.

I thank you for igniting, within you, My Rose of Light and of Peace!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Prayer of the Divested Soul
If my suffering, Lord, however seemingly small,
serves as a relief from the suffering of my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my emptiness, dryness, agony and abandonment from You
serve as assistance, encouragement and joy for my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my tiredness, desert and aridity
serve to fill the emptiness, the aridity and the deserts of my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my nights of harassment, battle or solitude
serve to give strength, encouragement and faith to my brothers and sisters,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If the lack that I sometimes feel of You, the absence of consolation
and the increase in work pleases Your wounded Heart,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If my despair, my torments and my dark nights
help to save lost, abandoned and unloved souls,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
If I do not receive love and only contempt,
if I do not feel understood and only judged,
if at this moment I do not find the meaning of being by Your side,
beloved Christ, may Your Will be done, Lord.
Give me the inner strength to fear nothing.
Every day give me the bravery to learn
how to come out of myself, more each day.
Give me love to learn how to love and accept my fellow being,
because if up to now I do not feel anything,
if on this cold night or this cloudy day
I cannot manage to see the Sun of Your Heart,
and this serves so that my brothers and sisters of the world
may manage to see the Light, the Love and the Mercy of God,
may Your Will be done, Lord.
I only hope to please You in the small details.
I only want, Lord, to be an instrument in Your Hands of pity,
so that anywhere upon Earth
where You send me, You may be recognized,
so that they may feel love and hope,
so that, thus, the suffering, the pain and the abandonment
of desperate hearts may be relieved,
in honor of Your Celestial Victory.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Who will give you something bigger than what I can give you?

Who could be more than what I have been and what I Am?

I Am everything for you, without limits nor rules, without conditions nor clauses.

I have all the time to attend you, to listen to you and to welcome you.

I have something very special for your being and for all of your consciousness.

I have been by your side since you were born, wherever you went and wherever you decided to pilgrimage to, everything is under My Sight.

Nevertheless, I do not judge your acts, miseries or defects. I accompany, with ardor in the heart, every new step towards the redemption and the elevation of your being.

I know it is not easy for you to live on this planet with all of your miseries and, above all, to be here in this cycle.

But all effort, renunciation and surrender that you make to My Heart will always be well received, and wherever you are and wherever you go, you will be blessed by My Spirit of love and of charity.

Feel yourself on the path of transformation, of renovation and of healing.

This is the time to discover within yourself the Grace that God has given you to continue acting in your life.

Go ahead and rely on My Faith.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Each new year, in which the victory and the triumph of the Passion of Your Master and Lord are celebrated, the forces contrary to evolution that are governing the planet are frightened by the approach of the Cosmic Light of Christ.

It is during these decisive days that the hells of the Earth feel oppressed and blocked by the descent of the Divine Light through Christ.

Various contrary actions and movements are carried forward by My adversary, as the hour of his judgment is approaching, and nevermore will he deceitfully escape again.

Thus the Higher Universes are moved by the impulses that emanate from the Source and a kind of universal defeat is established through the merits attained by the Love of Christ.

Everything contrary that happens will be a reflection of this imminent defeat that the Archangel Michael will carry forward to close the uncertain spaces.

While you remain in prayer and in vigil, you will be protected and supported from all danger.

For this reason, I come to ask the prayerful beings that for the first time, during this coming Sacred Week of 2019, you transmit through the channel “Praying for Peace”, the “Spiritual Trilogy of Prayer, Devotion and Contemplation”, in order to support and protect everything that Your Master will carry forward during the eight days of the Sacred Week.

I thank you for accompanying Me!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Death is permeated by a Law, the Law of Disintegration.

That law is applied at the moment in which the bodies enter into the mortal and spiritual ambit and, little by little, they are prepared to live the detachment from all the terrestrial life, to pass, right away, to the beginning of a spiritual judgement, where all the human life experienced is evaluated.

That moment is important, because the consciousness is before a synthesis, and from there, everything is defined.

Death is the passage to new spheres of experiences that are accompanied by the angels.

Therefore, praying beside the dying helps in the detachment of their consciousness and assists the elevation of their being toward schools of mental, soul and spiritual maturity.

If all of that is accompanied by prayer and by the unction of the expired body, by a priest, everything will rise more quickly and certain terrestrial forces will not intervene in attracting the consciousness towards the Earth.

Unction is the vehicle that allows the total release.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The events happened after the Second World War reaffirmed in Europe the important need of immediate assistance and spiritual intervention.

Thus, after the events in Fatima, humanity, which did not want to listen nor repent, once again had to witness a second and worse rebellion.

All of those who were brought to trial after the war, those accused and the accusers, have been led to very deep levels of consciousness, a place in which they are balancing and consciously reliving everything they once fostered and created on Earth.

Evil advanced upon its own evil, and after the trial lived on Earth, it had its own trial in the inner planes.

This event made the hells hesitate because the defeat of the oppressors took place on their own, in which Divine Mercy acted.

With the spirit of sovereign Justice, all were taken to the state and to the result they had generated, this is the reason for the importance of repentance.

In no instance, both conscious or unconscious, was there an opening to recognize the traumatic and tragic errors committed during the First and Second World War.

It is so that in the days of the Final Judgement of humanity, a new universal sentence will be issued.

When the hell of humanity itself has been closed, a new stage will start in its history.

Here I refer to the Judgment known as Nuremberg.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



May patience never cease within your hearts, and may you never lack peace.

May that patience be unshakable. May that peace build newness within everything, based on what is evolutionarily, eternal and permanent.

Allow inner patience to make you understand and have unforgettable experiences, learnings that will cause you to understand and accept that which the majority usually cannot accept.

Allow patience, which is infinite and unalterable, to turn your consciousnesses into a being free from judgments, and to liberate you from the prisons of the mind so that one day you may see the circumstances of life beyond everything, with a more mature and conscious vision. 

Thus, allow patience to open the way within you; allow it to be capable of making your life unalterable, in spite of the tests or challenges.

May patience always cause you to love more, without conditions.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you, 

Your Master, Christ Jesus



Blessed be those who surrender and consecrate themselves to Me, those who leave their families and loved ones so that My Work may be fulfilled upon the planet.

Blessed be those who are rejected, slandered and offended for My cause, because in the Kingdom of Heavens wait for them the Treasures of the Father, the jewels that will shine within their crowns of light.

Blessed be those who are despised and verbally offended by their family, because I will always give them the inner strength they need to demonstrate that their commitment with Me is not transferable. 

Blessed be those who are rejected and despised by their loved ones, because when the day of the awakening of these consciousnesses comes, they will realize late everything wonderful that they lack.  

May those who are sad for some of these reasons be glad, because the Light of My Heart will not be lacking from them, because it will be the Light and Love of My living Heart that will make them speak wonderful things, which will silence the judgments and will erase from space any comment or offense.

May those who cry for having been offended rejoice because, in truth, I tell you, that each tear that you shed for My cause will be preciously counted by the angels, just as the Blood that was shed by the Lamb; this will save you, because you will go directly to eternal life and will no longer suffer.

Joyful be those who believe in the Work of My Return, because they will be sitting by the Master when He celebrates the Last Supper of Redemption during the Universal Judgment of humanity.

I thank you for surrendering to My Heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 


While I am talking, children of Mine, feel the prayers of your Heavenly Mother for this hypnotized humanity. Feel in your interior the infinite intercession of the Mirror of Light of My Heart.

I pray, day and night, for this world, for the conversion of sinners and for the inner awakening of non-believers so that, someday, they acknowledge the living God within their hearts.

We are within the time of the great definition, in which everything will have a judgement and also, a liberation and redemption.

We are before immediate events that will show up in order to place humanity inside or outside of the next era.

The time of repentance of the cold hearts has arrived, of those who never looked at God in order to feel His Love.

Pray with Me for each child of Mine, regardless of their condition or misery.

Let us pray for awakening and for peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

May the gift of persistence permeate you completely so that in these times your souls may be strengthened for the learning experiences of love and compassion that will come.

Such a gift of persisting will help you to be free from value judgments or any other interference.

The gift of persisting will impel you to be in permanent unity with your brothers and sisters on the path, and will also strengthen you spiritually in order to sustain those who may be intensely purified.

The gift of persistence will never allow you to lose sight of the Purpose and of its immediate concretization in these times.

Knowing how to persist is a new apprenticeship, it is a mission to be reached every day without backing down.

Dear children, persistence will lead you to love the tests of life each day more, and in this way, permeated by love, you will know how to overcome them without leaving behind the constant path of great transformation.

May the gift of persisting help you to live in that which is true, so that this truth may someday be reflected everywhere.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



While the majority of Uruguayans do not seek nor live the prayer of the heart, the nation will suffer the material consequences of what it has chosen, far from the Love of God.

For this reason, those who are awake must pray ardently with the heart so that at least a part of the majority of Uruguayans may one day react and move out of the inertia they are in.

It will be necessary that the love and the devotion of your prayers make this country deserving of infinite Mercy, which has the capacity to reverse many social and political errors already made.

While the souls of this country and the church reject the Voice of the Divine Messengers, sent by God on a mission, the human life and the spiritual life of this people will be empty and superficial.

Prayer and acts of permanent repentance will have an unknown effect on the nation and will once again place a lifeline in their hands, which will free them from all committed errors.

There is still some time of peace in Uruguay, but if there are no great spiritual changes, many souls will become compromised, will lose their peace and will feel they have no way out.

Those who repent will be forgiven.

Those who resist will be judged by the Lords of the Law because the destiny of Uruguay will have been assaulted.

Be aware and do not sleep anymore.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


If the Father, Who is in the Heavens, withdraws into His Silence, His Daughter and Servant will also accompany Him, as well as all the guardian angels.

That silence is the only exercise of premeditation in the face of the events that lie ahead.

That silence speaks in the depths of consciousnesses, especially of those who deceived the Plan of God and were very unjust.

That silence will cause an unknown justice to descend over the world and over those souls that, with contempt, tempted the wrath of God.

The reason for this silence will speak in the heart of the humble and will strengthen the spirit of the peacemakers.

Nothing that has happened will remain without justice; on the contrary, now at this moment, the angels of the Judgement will be the ones who will act according to what is indicated by the Eternal Father, since there is a great imbalance because of the fraud of those who had previously been entrusted with the Kingdom.

The Father knows that the human being is weak, but He also knows that they can be sincere and just, in spite of sins, and when both situations are in opposition through the will of the human being, the Law of Divine Justice must be applied, and we can only pray for it to be gentle and just.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from São Gabriel, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Do not fear; I am here and if I am here, so is God and all His angelic and archangelic universes.

If the beast is agitated, it is because it is losing the battle and its evil plans sink as if in quicksand.

Its defeat is near and all its plans will fall apart; nothing that comes from it will reign.

Your Mother spreads Her Mantle and, under it, shows you Her fourteen Swords, which will cut and dissolve the fourteen aspects of the adversary.

The Creator Fathers will use the fourteen Swords to defeat the enemy, and all of its invading kingdom on the surface will destroy itself, because the love of hearts will reign, and swords will no longer oppose swords.

The new Goliath will be defeated and thrown into the abyss, until the time of its universal judgment arrives. 

Meanwhile, I will give My Crown of Stars to those who follow Me unconditionally, and My Crown of Light will guide you on the paths and towards the virtues of the New Jerusalem. In this way, you may come to know the Gifts that God will give to the new world, finally freed from the evil one and its constant condemnation.

The planet will be born again and the Christs, together with My Son, will fulfill the prophecy of the thousand years of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Nazaré, Leiria, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

God will destroy the castles of sand that have been built by humans to lead humanity towards perdition. Thus, God will build, from the inner worlds, the temples of love that the souls have made fruitful through their faith in the Lord. At that moment, Judgment will begin for all humanity.

The simple of heart will receive within their hands the Legacy of the past and those who called themselves powerful will lose all their wealth because the poor of heart will come to know all the mysteries that are written in the great vault of this universe.

It will no longer be necessary to interpret the stars because the new race will know where they come from and what their true origin is. Nobody will be left without knowing what mission they have come to perform out of love for the Universal Project.

At this time, the powerful will no longer have power and the pure of heart will be crowned by the Hands of Christ.

The twelve angelical hosts will descend and a star similar to the ones of the universe will announce the signs of a new stage.

Finally, humanity will awaken and will no longer be within evil because it will have abandoned illusion and entered into the mysteries of the universe.

Later, the obstacles will not exist, neither will what we know as ego. The souls and the consciousnesses of this world will finally become free and happy during the thousand years of peace. Thus, the Eternal Father, in His splendor, will descend and make of this Earth His luminous home throughout the universe.

Prayer to be Recited at the End of Communion to Reconcile with Jesus Christ
By His Sacrifice, we were liberated,
By His Wounds, we were healed.
By His Flagellations, we were forgiven.
By His Falls, we were elevated, 
By His Cross, we were redeemed.
And now, by His Mercy, we are transfigured
and His Spiritual Light, we receive
so that, free of all adversity, we may walk
in the aspiration to one day again find Him,
in His Celestial Glory.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dearest children of Mine,

In this month of the Holy Rosary I want to renew you in the faith and in the sacred devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  I wish that every day, even if only for fifteen minutes of your day, you venerate My Immaculate Heart; Its Light; Its Glory; and Its Grace towards all of the children of the Earth.

I promise those who will venerate My chaste and pure Virginal Heart during the whole month of October, to pour a special Grace that will bear fruit and glory in the next life.  I promise those who will venerate My Sacred Heart, to give them fervor and a spirit of consolation and of Grace during the ultimate times of the Earth.

I wish, dear children, you would diffuse the devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  And if this veneration takes place before the praying of the Holy Rosary, I promise to comfort the soul that will ask Me for that, because I have the permission and the authority to do it as the Mother of God.   This promise shall be fulfilled because it has been preciously conceded when Christ gave Me to all as the Mother of the new humanity.

To those hearts that will diffuse the silent power of My Immaculate Heart I promise them the total and absolute protection of the banners, from My adversary.  If this holy image of My Immaculate Heart were to be placed on the door of each home, I promise the existence of an unbreakable faith, capable of moving away every desire of evildoing and hatred.

But if the holy image of My Immaculate Heart is venerated by the families of the world before praying the Holy Rosary, I promise the most potent divine protection during the three days of darkness.

Whoever in the name of Jesus Christ will ask Me all, for the sake of the merits of His Passion I promise, during this month, to concede impossible Graces, and unthinkable transformations to all those who will venerate Me and who will give Me their love.

I wish that in this month of the rosary, peace may be the keynote for the souls of the world because I will especially fulfill My works requested by Christ through those who will piously implore Me from the Heart for a special Grace.

This month the most pure Mercy of My Immaculate Heart will be pouring Itself as an ocean of renewal and hope for all.  I will not abandon any child, because My gaze will be on all those who will truly seek Me with sincerity.

Whoever during their life will proceed to venerate My Immaculate Heart, offended by the impure actions of the world, I promise to liberate them from every stain at the time of their death, and especially to elevate them to the Kingdom of God, as the angels elevated Me in My Assumption.

I promise each of those who will consecrate themselves for life to My Immaculate Heart, the Grace of joy and of the eternal peace for all of the times that will come.  I promise in the time of their judgment to be the advocate and intercessor, because My Graces will erase all of the grievances committed due to ignorance from their consciousnesses.  In this moment My Immaculate Heart shall triumph in their existence.

I thank you for venerating My Immaculate Heart.

Who consecrates you to God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My children,

Yesterday you found out about one of the mysteries of Heaven, which few consciousnesses know, through your inner union with the Kingdom of God.

Today, dear children, we will talk about the reach of the Mirrors of Heaven from the spiritual plane, which is where they emerge for all of Creation into the material plane, which is the closest reality to yours, and which receives the impulses of light of these instruments of universal harmony.

The Mirrors of Heaven are receptacles of Divine Light that radiate principles of higher life to the whole cosmos. There is no star or planet of this solar system or another, nor galaxy, which does not receive the universal impulse of the Mirrors. They remind us of the Purpose for planetary life and for all the Universe; we are referring to the Purpose of the constant elevation of matter through the principle of purity.

From the beginning, your Heavenly Mother knew about these instruments coming from the Universe of God, which are guided and accompanied by the angels, who revealed the existence of those instruments of Peace to your Most Holy Mother.

A Mirror is an immutable instrument. The Mirror of Heaven always fulfills the same purpose and radiates this principle to all of Creation.

In the case of the current process of humanity, the Mirrors of Heaven are mobilizing more and more because of the process of densification of human beings and, mainly, due to the mass transgressions  of the Laws that govern all the Kingdoms created by God.

As everything is moving towards a serious psychic and emotional imbalance in humanity, because of the innumerable amount of debts and sins, the Mirrors of Heaven are now assisting, in collaboration with the angels, so that there can be at least a little bit of balance existing on the axis of the Earth and, especially, in the sleeping and abused consciousness of the current humanity.

The Archangels, called Fathers of Creation, are intervening in the Project of this race through the essence and the matrix of the Mirrors.

For you, My children, what would be a matrix of a Celestial Mirror?

It represents what is purest among the pure; we would say, what is fundamental and essential in all of Creation, what you once knew as the Rays of the Universe. They are the universal currents of Creation that, through the Mirrors of Heaven, are bringing humanity some spiritual resources that are capable of substituting an error with a state of peace.

The Mirrors of Heaven are not only attributes manifested in Creation that help in the constant upliftment of the consciousness, but are capable of acquiring and retransmitting principles of higher spiritual life, which are totally unknown to the consciousness of humanity.

We said that the Archangels are closely following this Universal Project of humanity; what was established by Creator Law since the last world war, which was prophesied in Fatima; a war that as a result, brought about the destruction of planetary spiritual life.

For this reason, the Mirrors of Heaven, since the beginning of the existence of humankind, created in image and likeness to God, have always radiated sources of higher life that place the planet within universal harmony.

Throughout the ages, the commitment of humanity to the adversities of the enemy rapidly moved it away from the Purpose and the Will of God until reaching this cruel moment of the race.

The interventions of the Messengers of God and the warnings throughout time never ceased to be stated. Diverse forms of celestial messages have been transmitted through different visionaries in different parts of the world and in pressing times.

Receptivity to the Call of God has been scarce; humanity went on pilgrimage to Marian Centers to find relief and received it. The majority of souls that do not know of the existence of higher life received a healing, but continued to live in the same way, without changing anything.

This quickly delayed humanity and the Heavenly Hierarchy had to hold back on the impulses of the Plans of Redemption of the Eternal Father among a few consciousnesses, among the least prepared.

Up to now, this continues thus, and a real change, which is imperative, could reverse the absence of the spiritual life in humanity. Your Father knows that humanity does not do enough to change, because the terrestrial consciousness of human beings adopted ways and forms of involutionary life which, in the majority of cases, has erased an awareness of the soul.

What to do?

The most awake to the life of prayer must do twice as much spiritual and evolutionary work for the rest of humanity that does not do it. But everything will fall to the ground by its own weight and the time of Universal Judgment will come to reconfigure and transmute the planet and, in this way, prepare it for the thousand years of peace.

While everything is about to happen, prayerful souls of the planet must remember the presence of the Mirrors of Heaven and, through their prayers, receive the impulses of Light that emanate from them for all of the universe.

If your response to higher life were positive and true to Creation, the impact toward the universe would be greater than what Christ generated when he defeated death on the Cross.

Everything begins in love; thus, it is the first thing the adversary causes to disappear from the heart of humankind.

Fight for the New Humanity and do not give up. Your Mother accompanies you in union with the Mirrors of Heaven. Bring about the re-establishment of the Kingdom of God in this world.

I thank you for responding to My plans of Peace!

Who awakens you to the life of the spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The great sign will mark a before and an after at the end of the cycles, times that will be manifested by means of two different nights. The two days of darkness will signal to the world the arrival in a time soon, of a profound change in the whole planetary life.

For this, from the 8th of August onward, a new time will begin, which will be framed by the spiritual definitions that humanity will live.

When the upcoming times show themselves with signs on two different nights it will mean that the souls in their homes must be in prayer and in communion in order to be able to pass through the last critical cycles.

But before this ends, the Mother of God, the Woman Clothed with the Sun will reveal, as sign for the world, the moment to unite to God forever. It will be at this hour that from Aurora, as well as from other places on the Earth, this sign, that will be visible to the world, may be seen during the darkness of the coming time.

The day of the 8th of August, throughout recent years, marked, for all time, the change in which the planetary consciousness was passing through: the first moments of transition. The inner strength that will ignite the hearts will be the fire of prayer. Whoever prays in these moments with devotion and faith will be invisible and hidden in the face of the snares of the adversary.

Whoever in the last hour adores My Son will be hidden in the Spiritual Heart of the Supreme King. Whoever embraces their own cross, carries it and lives it, will be relieving the great burden that the Law will have.

The Aurora of My Heart in the days of August will demonstrate inner signs in the hearts that have had humble faith in the Mother of Heaven. The soil of Aurora will be one of the witnesses and thus, the world will be late in comprehending that it should have changed.

The Archangels Michael and Gabriel will witness the Judgment of the Earth and the simple but humble eyes will see them as light on the greater horizon. Thus, the seventh seal will be opened by the Woman Dressed of the Sun after the two nights of the coming time.

Some will get to know this revelation which is guarded by the angels in the blessed safe of the Holy Ark of the Covenant. This will be the last sign before the red moon and the pathways of the self-summoned must be cleaned from all stain.

On the 8th of August the Mother of God will bless everyone, and those who receive this Grace with a humble heart will recognize the inner meaning of it. Thus, the rays of the Immaculate Heart will show the seven pathways in order that the disciples of Christ in redemption may define the fulfillment of their commitment before the Creator.

The Work of God will be understood and loved by few during the last times and faith will be the shield against all darkness. Before the Mother of God retreats into the arid fields, a sweet aroma from the flower of the orange tree will indicate the moment of a spiritual change.

In the days of August your souls will be able to renew their mission before God, the Portal of Peace will be the blessed refuge for those who want to hear God in their interior. On these days there will be moments of clarity and understanding, this will be the greatest portent of the Grace of God, to know what to do with your life and how to comply with heart with the Higher Will.

While a great part of the world is blind, the Aurora of August will open its heavenly doors so that the souls may receive the gift of redemption. The most sublime Graces will be in the most simple and devoted hearts of the Son of God. Christ will complete on these days an inner cycle for all.

Certain doors will be closed in order that the souls may walk by means of a last impulse of light. Those who are empty of self will be able to feel a priceless well being, a peace that will restore the wounds and a love that will make happy the life of those who in truth enter Aurora without expectations, only in surrender and in prayer.

The days of August will be the last moments of preparation, it will be at this hour that the hearts will be able to unify themselves in the Purpose of God. Joyful are those who will not get lost nor be distracted because of the apparition of the signs of the coming time and that will only seek to be in God, this is what will make the Work to be concretized.

Greetings of Peace and Redemption for the most young of the world and, especially, for the youth of the New Earth. If you are with your Mother of Heaven you will not allow to die the seed that has been sown for Mercy.

Be receptive to the guide that accompanies you. Be builders and collaborators of the New Humanity. Be an example of gratitude, love and Grace. Be the favorite flower in the blessed garden of My Heart.

May the heart of this soil remind you that it will be the refuge and the dwelling for your redemption.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who lifts you to the Kingdom of God in Mercy and forgiveness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dears:

An important universal and celestial movement is happening today because  six consecutive months are completed in which My Sacerdotal Consciousness has descended from the Heaven of My Father to daily encounter with you, My little and beloved flock in redemption.

For this reason today I am mercifully present together with My first representative on the Earth and the ambassador of Peace: the Apostle Saint Peter. Today I want that, after these six months of infinite mercies each one of My companions meditate and reflect from the consciousness on the mature steps of surrender and faith that you have been able to take towards My Sacred Heart. I want that you meditate on your beloved interest for My daily Instructions. Within the six next months, during which you will once again see My Beloved Presence, this last cycle will be fulfilled.

After your inner study of consciousness I want that you comprehend and perceive what is it that has happened in each one of you and what were the true fruits that were born in your hearts. Today I do not call your attention but I call you to the awakening of spiritual maturity.

You know, My friends, that the world is going through a grave spiritual crisis; that each day that passes has repercussions in all of the beings and in the definitive decisions of life. It is a path to the great Universal Judgment that will come for all humanity. A judgment is Mercy and Grace because through the cause of pity and service for which you work, many will achieve Mercy.

In this way today I reveal to you My Heart in pain for the great sins of the world, those which grow more rapidly than the quantity of prayers that are offered.

After these six months of daily messages I am removing My children from the garden and I am bringing them to the firsts steps of maturity and of the true wisdom for your spirits.

On this day may your consciousness detain itself to meditate on this important Christic call to cross the portal with maturity towards My Sacred Heart.  God hopes that His children grow up in faith, in hope, so that you may awake reverence in your beings each time that you pray together with Me at three in the afternoon. 

It is the moment for you to achieve Mercy and to stop aspiring for it. It is the moment of advancing as a mature disciple. It is the moment to be awakened in life and in consciousness so that you may recognize the difference between My Coming and that of the one who will use My garment in order to convince My flocks.

We are in a time of spiritual battle because it is through mature spirits that will be defined the victory of the Kingdom of Heavens upon all the face of the Earth.

Now has arrived your inner moment. I hold you above all things because the New Christs will be born from few and many will lose themselves on the path because of their own ideas. You only must obey the Great Inner Light of the Lord.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for persisting and for living My instructions from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 


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