The universe has and holds a history, that most do not know, but which is visible and real to the Eyes of God.

This history is part of different learnings and experiences that marked the process of evolution forever.

A history through which the great Creator Fathers have worked in order to be able to reverse it from the spiritual plane where it was gestated.

For this reason, the Creator Fathers themselves took charge of finding a solution because, for this life system on Planet Earth, these histories would need to be worked upon further in order to be modified and transformed, because the weight that duality generates makes of this history a state and a process of purification or of resistance, similar to a cosmic or stellar event.

Through this, I want to express to you that this moment has already come and this moment is now, a place and space in which all human beings will truly come to know themselves and will be able to become aware that it will be necessary to experience change, but a change from the consciousness, so that it may then be experienced throughout the rest of the being.

To face this moment and this history is to be facing something that would seem incredible, but that the higher being of each consciousness lives, experiences and remembers all the time.

The only key is to accept that which is beyond comprehension and the capacity to love it or not; in this way, through this attitude, the consciousness will be ready to cross the thresholds of possible errors committed which, once purified, will no longer be in the unconscious of this Universe.

I thank you for understanding the science of My Words!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear Children,

Today I come to meet you as the Solar Essence of God, as this Immaculate Part that was born from the Source of Creation; the Essence which, under the Feminine Spirit, regenerates life and the consciousness.

My Solar Essence is what illuminates the inner worlds, it is the Essence that gives impulse to souls to take their steps within the Plan of God. This Essence is capable of recovering lost essences and helps in the transfiguration of the consciousness.

My Solar Essence comes from a spiritual sacred Source, created and designed by the great Creator Parents, those called Archangels or Elohim.

My Solar Essence is the one that always enters into the terrestrial planes to purify you and redeem you.

Who unites with My Immaculate Heart unites with My Solar Essence and, in this way, enters into communion with Creation and with the entire Universe.

My Solar Essence brings you the power of transformation and of change, as well as entry into the complete consecration of life, of mind and of spirit.

My Solar Essence takes you into finding the inner meaning, during the walk of the path of the spirit, until you are able to find Christ, as the great inner Master.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Elohim: Golden Angels

In the Essence of the Heart of God, there once arose the great Purpose of creating life and the planes of consciousness.

As I told you yesterday, dear children, the archangels, those called the Resplendent, were born of Divine Inspiration, an inspiration that allowed archangelic and angelic beings to become concretized and manifested.

God expressed in the Mental Universe His twelve principal manifestations, which arose from the Most Pure Source. From there, the twelve Elohim, as Rays and impulses of fire, were born within the consciousness of the Higher Mental Universe.

From the moment in which the Eternal had the sacred will that, from His Most Pure Essence, the Archangels should be born, the Mental Universe was already a vital reality within the Spiritual Universe.

The Elohim were appointed by the Most High to carry out the organization and manifestation of all the universes where, in the future, life would exist.

Thus, from the moment in which the Elohim were manifested within the Mental Universe, the first legions were subtly created in reservoirs of light, which are great receptacles and conduits of divine energy that preceded the Mirrors.

Let us see then, dear children, how the divine history of Creation previous to material life was considered by God Himself to be a Project of love and of absolute unity.

It was based on love and unity that the Angelic Hierarchies, those called Elohim, developed the Project of the Eternal Father and gave continuity to the Work of Creation.

The reservoirs of light were also created through the essence of Divine Will, and the first Elohim were the ones that accompanied the manifestation of these states of consciousness, which held within themselves the spiritual emergence of angelic life.

Each archangel, as a Creator Father, deposited in the reservoirs of light a molecule of the twelve spiritual Rays that were present at the moment of the birth of the angelic beings. An angelic consciousness is born from the expression of love in the Mental Universe and through an act of profound union that the archangel establishes with the One Source.

At that moment, the archangel projects on the reservoir an extremely potent flow of love and unity and, as a consequence, through the grouping of all the molecules of the Creator Fathers, the reservoir emanates an angelic consciousness which is inside a precious crystal of a magenta, blue, green, white or gold color. When the angelic consciousness emerges from the reservoir and until it finishes forming, the crystal remains suspended above it for a certain period, like the gestation of a child in the womb of the mother. It is the creative and divine energy that internally gestates the purpose of this angelic consciousness.

The crystal may contain any of the twelve Rays to show the Mental Universe what has been the Greater Will for the task and service that the new angel will fulfill.

Thus, after its manifestation as mental and spiritual consciousness, the angel experiences a formation that helps it develop its mission in the Mental Universe or in the Material Universe.

After gradually forming the armies of light, which from their birth live an unconditional service and a perfect union with the Eternal, the archangels begin the building and materialization of the Academies of the Rays, so that each angelic being may develop its purpose before the Father.

The next step is the manifestation of the spiritual formation of the Seven Heavens or that of the seven states of Divine Consciousness, where the great armies begin to populate the celestial dimensions.

At that moment, under Highest Will, the archangels define the mission of each angelic consciousness, which establishes what Heaven or which states of consciousness it is to eternally serve.

As from this moment, the Creator Fathers assume the government of the Seven Heavens, so that from the beginning the Law of Hierarchy may be cultivated among consciousnesses.

The mission the angelic consciousness lives will be according to how its emergence has taken place inside the crystal.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a magenta crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of living love, of radiating it and protecting it in the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a blue crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of protecting and vivifying the unity of all the universes, as well as that of being a guardian of the sacred knowledge of the spiritual, mental, and material Laws.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a green crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of exercising the Law of healing, and of continuously emanating harmony in all of Creation and wherever it is.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a white crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of drawing to itself the highest degrees of purity and of expanding it as essence toward the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a golden crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of an eternal praising of the One, as a member of those called Celestial Choirs, which draw to the universes the principles of the Source of God.

It is thus that the Creator Fathers send all the angels that were born of the Source through the reservoirs of light on a mission so that, together with their archangelic regents, they may assume the mission of protecting and supporting the evolution of the universes through the different Rays to which they belong.

The Elohim are part of the Divine Purpose and they are represented through the twelve main emanations of God, which we understand as the archangels; from that, the twelve emanations formed the twelve governors, and from the angelic governors another twelve emanations arose until we reach the guardian angels.

The Mental Universe has no limits and it is an infinite state formed by the Will of God. There the state of resplendence is lived, which means that each angelic consciousness generates in itself the highest degrees of love and of unity with the One.

The whole of angelic consciousness exists to protect and guard the essence of the Project of God within the Spiritual, Mental, and Material Universes. In this way, the Elohim can penetrate the dimensions and planes, even though they are mental beings, because they are at all times moved by the spirit of obedience and of eternal service.

From the beginning, the Father conceived the Elohim as the main guardians of the Purpose of Creation and of all life existing in the universes.

In this way, through the Resplendent Ones arose the first experience of the Cosmic Brotherhood, which later became established as a premise for all consciousnesses present on the different planes.

The Elohim are also considered the Messengers or the spokespersons of the Primordial Source for the Material Universe; they are the ones who carry out the concretion of the Divine Purpose and they are the ones who give impulse to the guardian angels so that each soul may live its mission within Creation, and in this manner fulfill the objective of the Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in union with each guardian angel,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Angels


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors, continuation

Open your heart and empty your mind in order to understand and live the mysteries of Creation.

In that opening you will be able to penetrate the essence of knowledge, and everything that is sacred in the Universe will reach you not only as information, but as codes of Light that awaken in your being to transfigure you.

This is the power of the Mirrors, heavenly generators of universal harmony that concentrate within themselves all the attributes of Creation.

We state and understand as attributes all the rays and celestial currents that the Creator Fathers used for the manifestation of the planes and of life.

It is thus that the Heavenly Mirrors hold within themselves the remembrance of our spiritual, mental, and material origin. It is these attributes that, from time to time, allow the renewal of universal life and all the cycles, bringing positive impulses that impregnate all of Creation.

In the beginning of the origin, what we would understand as the essence of the Divine Thought of God, the Source created the Archangels so that they could create the Hosts of Light in the Mental Universe; in this way, at the beginning of everything, the Mental Universe was gradually gestated by the existence of the first armies of the Elohim.

These resplendent Consciousnesses were given impulse to collaborate in the creation of the Material Universe, because in the Thought and in the Heart of the Eternal Father there existed the Will for great experiences of love to occur that would go beyond all previous ones.

In the beginning, at the request of God, the Creator Fathers created the Heavenly Mirrors, because in the Material and Mental Universe these would help in the spiritual evolution of all universal life.

The Heavenly Mirrors were also formed by twelve attributes, twelve Rays, or twelve currents of spiritual and divine energy that would allow the history of the origin of the Creation to be well-guarded and available as light-based information for all the consciousnesses that would be created in the image and likeness of God.

The twelve attributes that were expressed during the gestation of the Mental and Material Universes emanated directly from what we know as the Source of Creation, which is the pure, immaculate, and divine essence of the Eternal Father.

From that point, during twelve cycles or twelve time spans, the Mental and Material Universes that were in formation received these spiritual impulses in order that the building of evolutionary life on the different planes be completed.

The first attribute emanated from the Source was that of LIFE; in that moment, God decreed: "On all the planes may Life exist, which will be visible and invisible, but in essence full of Love."

The second attribute emanated from the Source was that of UNITY; in that moment, God decreed: "May all the Life that will manifest in My likeness know and live Unity in order to reach the Source through Love."

The third attribute that emanated from the Source was that of LOVE; in that moment, God decreed: "May Divine Love be known by all Life, and may Life express all the degrees of love so that evolution may progress."

The fourth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of KNOWLEDGE; in that moment, God decreed: "May Knowledge make all Life sacred, may spirits ennoble their consciousnesses through having knowledge of love and unity."

The fifth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of HUMILITY; in that moment, God decreed: "May all Creation be humble in spirit and constitution; may the true government and evolution be reached by the humble, and may all life imitate this sacred path."

The sixth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of COMPASSION; in that moment, God decreed: “May absolute Compassion arise in universal life so that consciousnesses remember that everything is based on Love and on Mercy”.

In this way, the seventh attribute that emanated from the Source was that of MERCY; in that moment, God decreed: “May all Creation live Mercy in essence, and may this Law vivify whomever contemplates it in devotion”.

The eighth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of POVERTY OF SPIRIT; in that moment, God decreed: “May true evolution take place in all the poor in spirit, so that nothing nor anybody will deviate them from the sacred path by means of any temptation”.

The ninth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of SERVICE; and in that moment, God decreed: “May cooperation and mutual help establish the spirit of service in the Universes; may love and service interpenetrate all life so that fraternity may arise and be the basis of universal evolution”.

The tenth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of PIETY; and in that moment, God decreed: “Happy are all consciousnesses that supplicate in My Holy Name, because I will have absolute Pity on each one of them and in this way they will know the power of the Mercy of My Heart”.

The eleventh attribute that emanated from the Source was that of ETERNITY; and in that moment, God decreed: “May all that was created, after its experience, know Eternity; may all the planes that hold universal life elevate spirits so that they may merge into infinity and thus attain immortality”.

The twelfth attribute that emanated from the Source was that of SCIENCE; and in that moment, God decreed: “May all Creation and life become aware of the Laws and may the Laws guide, lead, and realign all universal life under the spirit of harmony”.

These twelve attributes were essentially kept inside the Heavenly Mirrors, which also radiate these creative principles to the whole Material Universe.

The Heavenly Mirrors are great states of divine consciousness present on three planes: the material, the mental, and the spiritual; in this way, a powerful equilibrium is established in the whole Universe, which is underpinned by angelic consciousnesses.

Thus, the communication network of the Mirrors helps in the redemption and the rehabilitation of all life in different cycles and times. It is in this way that the Heavenly Mirrors, counting on these divine impulses, become sources of the emanation of love and unity for all life.

The existence of the Heavenly Mirrors reminds planetary life that souls must always aspire to someday become similar to a Mirror, not because of its potency, but to be able to mirror what the Father expects of each creature, just as He thought it in the beginning.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the Mirror of Light of each heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors

In the vast Universe, where infinite life expresses itself, there are specific areas within the material universe such as yours, where networks of Mirrors act as re-transmitters of divine energy currents, as well as of impulses generated through the first seven Rays.

In this huge communication network, evolutionary life manages to communicate within itself, and at the same time, all universal life spiritually and internally receives the impulses that such a network generates.

We understand a network to be an extensive group of spiritual instruments of the Heavenly Hierarchy that is used to keep all evolutionary life in communication with the principles of God, which in this humanity is known as Divine Will.

It is this Divine Will that comes from the Fount of Abba, which is universally re-transmitted through the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors.

Just as in the material universe there are Mirrors of light that fulfill specific tasks, the network of all Mirrors interrelates with itself, and each of these instruments brings to universal life the possibility to expand its knowledge as well as that of working in service to the Creator.

The mirrors are formed by subtle emanations of love of the Creator Fathers, of the Elohim. In the beginning, when the universes were created, the first way to keep all universal life in communication was through what we call Heavenly Mirrors.

Thus it was that the Creator Fathers asked Their angelic armies to create, with their higher mental power, great pools of light in the material universe, which later and throughout time would be converted into the so-called Heavenly Mirrors.

The Heavenly Mirrors were created from the fusion they experienced with the divine codes of love and unity; it was the essential base that would allow all beings living in the Love of the Father to enter into contact with the spiritual treasures kept in the communication network of the Mirrors.

At the request of the Archangel Uriel, the creator angelic armies generated the first network of the Heavenly Mirrors in the material universe, known as the first Heaven. Later on, when the Mirrors had already been created by the spiritual currents that the angels had brought, the same Mirrors were unfolded on six planes or six Heavens, so that they then could be present in all universes; that is to say, in the material, mental, and spiritual universe.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors is present between the first seven Heavens; it is in this way that a great spiritual, mental, and material communication is established in all universal life, and each consciousness that forms part of the Creation of God is integrated into this very potent flow of knowledge and evolution.

It was the Archangel Uriel who entrusted His angels with sowing the essence of love and unity in the Heavenly Mirrors; later on, the Archangel Rafael sent His legions to pour out principles of healing and redemption in the whole material universe. After Archangel Rafael, the Archangel Gabriel sent His messenger angels to place in all the Mirrors the sacred knowledge of Creation, so that some day it may be revealed, as it is today.

Lastly, to protect this divine legacy, the Archangel Michael sent His hosts of light so that for all eternity they may be the doorkeepers of the Mirrors, who would unconditionally and in service to God protect the relics of Creation.

Thus it was that when the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors was formed by the intervention of the Creator Fathers and by Their hosts of light, Abba decided to send a potent impulse of divine and universal Love to the material universe and it was through the Sacred Feminine Energy, through the Father-Mother Essence that He would deposit the principles of Mercy and Pity over the network of the Mirrors.

The Archangel Gabriel tells us that when this event took place, all universal hosts were prostrate during three days of divine time to thank God for having made rise from within Himself the feminine aspect of Creation, today known as the Spirit of the Universal Mother or the Mother of the World.

In that time all Creation was being ordered and prepared for the first evolutionary experiences.

In that time, Abba Father universally considered that created life would need a Maternal Consciousness sufficiently loving and merciful to the point that the Father would send Her to Earth to incarnate as the Mother of the Messiah of Israel.

This act of universal mercy also allowed the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors to be supported and accompanied by the Mother Consciousness of God.

The first revelations about the Mirrors appeared in the 1970s through 1980s, when the Celestial Hierarchy decided to reveal this divine secret that has been present and living for millions of years, after humanity was at the brink of self destruction several times.

The Father granted the Grace that the human consciousness remember its mission in the Plan, and the Universe granted that humanity might awaken to the truth from which, out of ignorance, it had separated for many centuries.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors has allowed this planet to continue to exist in Creation, and above all, the Mirrors have generated the equilibrium of the axis on the Earth and of the poles.

If this silent intervention had not taken place, the race would already have self-destructed, and this unconditional help from the Mirrors has come from the moment in which the aspect of the Firstborn Son of God arrived in the world to save it on all planes of consciousness.

So the awakening is being granted to all, irrespective of the degree of debts. The Plan of rescue of Christ is already active and all will have the last Grace of being able to respond to it.

May the network of the Heavenly Mirrors represent for all the opportunity to remember within themselves that they are consciousnesses created by God, and that they can learn how to love and mirror unity to the entire Universe without the overbearing need to destroy the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the mirror of each praying heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Not to want your own will, and to love the Divine Will

This race in the beginning was designed by God to obey and follow a single Purpose. But since My adversary, in antiquity, awakened the temptation and free will in the humankind of the surface, the original Project was distorted, straying from the path of the Divine Will.

It was there that duality, free choice and disobedience to all higher Laws that would rule humanity in times to come until it would be a sacred humanity, entered into the primitive consciousness of humanity.

From the moment Adam and Eve were tempted in Eden to decide on their own life and thus deviate from the Hand of the Creator, what we call self-will entered into the essence of the human being.

This will, devoid of spiritual principles and impregnated with codes of corruptibility, was the action that diverted the new humanity from the path; in the beginning of everything, the first race was the wise Project of a new humanity for the surface.

From the moment the first Adam decided to survive on the planet transgressing the natural Laws, Eve on the other hand awakened the first signs of capital sins.

My adversary achieved what he wanted so much: to make this an inert humanity without self-consciousness.

After so many eras gone by, the culminating moment arrived where, in the first stage, the decadence of humanity would come to an end, and it would be through the apparition of Christ in the world, as the Firstborn Son of God, incarnated to rescue the essence of this thought human project.

Later on, when Christ was present, the whole race, which was already in the abyss of its perdition, was diverted from its own hell through the Passion of Jesus.

The coming of the Messiah of Israel was delicately prepared by the Creator Fathers, by the Holy Archangels. Each one brought and bore in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mother the light cells of transubstantiation and redemption, higher Laws that later on allowed to liberate humanity from evil.

Since Adam and Eve activated in themselves their own will, the human spiritual genetics were spontaneously affected until today by this energy of earthly power of appropriation and domination of all things.

Only those consciousnesses that throughout the ages managed to open themselves to find Christ within have been challenged to renounce and banish this old human code that has been deviating millions of souls from the Purpose until today.

Self-will is the consequence of not accepting in a true way the Love of God, being the consciousness impregnated by its own ideas and concepts, those that are opposed to the Divine Thought.

Although Christ gave life and died for all also with the purpose of deactivating the old corrupt code of self-will, after all the events and facts that Master Jesus gestated in the consciousness of those who listened to Him, meanwhile the other part of humanity strengthened the precarious link with self-will; it was like a ten-horned beast recreated by all involutionary actions of the human race.

The human will has always been honored and appreciated by the majority, this is one of the reasons why in these definitive times, consciousnesses that are committed to the Plan are not able to take their steps when affirming their own will: a chain that ties them to an endless hell.

Those holy consciousnesses that were able to overcome their own will, did it through three factors: first, working every day renouncing themselves, second, searching for the emptiness of themselves and third, serving unconditionally, taking into account that even living all these experiences, there is self-will based on arrogance and pride. 

When the disciple of Christ disposes themselves to transcend the states that corrupt the love in humanity, they must have in mind that they will face within themselves their own beasts, which will try to make them give up all efforts. 

Some consciousnesses on the surface of the planet, as is the case of those who opted for a consecrated life, have the spiritual mission of dispelling from their consciousnesses all these energies that condemn the evolutionary life of a soul, and they also have the mission to do it for humanity, imitating Christ.

In these times humanity must define the path it will follow, this will be before the expected Judgment that will happen on this beloved planet.

Christ was and is an extraordinary example of life and truth for all those who accept to return to the previous moment of the Plan in which Adam committed the so-called original sin; a sin from which all creatures are born with the code of self-will and free will.

To be able to change this frequency, the determination and effort that are stimulated by prayer will allow disarming the opposite impulses that bring self-will. 

To live the Divine Will means to want nothing for oneself and everything for others. To live the Divine Will means to follow step by step what one is asked for, avoiding failure many times.

But we know that humanity of today does not want to follow in obedience and adherence to what the higher Universes are emitting; this leads to an increase of spiritual perdition of the consciousnesses, it leads to submerging oneself in all possible deceptions, it leads to missing the path one has come to walk.

Therefore, God sends His Messenger again to warn you all and the whole world that they are still living their own will and this will not deter the planetary suffering, but rather it is increasing it gradually. 

I invite you, children, to do the exercise of cutting the chain of self-will, thus you will have the inner strength to be able to Christify your lives and prepare for the glorious coming of Christ to the world. 

Be intelligent and do not allow self-will to distance you forever from the path of your redemption.

Times announce great changes for everybody. 

I thank you for losing your self-will and for being born to the Eternal Will of God!

Who impels you to inner purification, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My children,

Yesterday you found out about one of the mysteries of Heaven, which few consciousnesses know, through your inner union with the Kingdom of God.

Today, dear children, we will talk about the reach of the Mirrors of Heaven from the spiritual plane, which is where they emerge for all of Creation into the material plane, which is the closest reality to yours, and which receives the impulses of light of these instruments of universal harmony.

The Mirrors of Heaven are receptacles of Divine Light that radiate principles of higher life to the whole cosmos. There is no star or planet of this solar system or another, nor galaxy, which does not receive the universal impulse of the Mirrors. They remind us of the Purpose for planetary life and for all the Universe; we are referring to the Purpose of the constant elevation of matter through the principle of purity.

From the beginning, your Heavenly Mother knew about these instruments coming from the Universe of God, which are guided and accompanied by the angels, who revealed the existence of those instruments of Peace to your Most Holy Mother.

A Mirror is an immutable instrument. The Mirror of Heaven always fulfills the same purpose and radiates this principle to all of Creation.

In the case of the current process of humanity, the Mirrors of Heaven are mobilizing more and more because of the process of densification of human beings and, mainly, due to the mass transgressions  of the Laws that govern all the Kingdoms created by God.

As everything is moving towards a serious psychic and emotional imbalance in humanity, because of the innumerable amount of debts and sins, the Mirrors of Heaven are now assisting, in collaboration with the angels, so that there can be at least a little bit of balance existing on the axis of the Earth and, especially, in the sleeping and abused consciousness of the current humanity.

The Archangels, called Fathers of Creation, are intervening in the Project of this race through the essence and the matrix of the Mirrors.

For you, My children, what would be a matrix of a Celestial Mirror?

It represents what is purest among the pure; we would say, what is fundamental and essential in all of Creation, what you once knew as the Rays of the Universe. They are the universal currents of Creation that, through the Mirrors of Heaven, are bringing humanity some spiritual resources that are capable of substituting an error with a state of peace.

The Mirrors of Heaven are not only attributes manifested in Creation that help in the constant upliftment of the consciousness, but are capable of acquiring and retransmitting principles of higher spiritual life, which are totally unknown to the consciousness of humanity.

We said that the Archangels are closely following this Universal Project of humanity; what was established by Creator Law since the last world war, which was prophesied in Fatima; a war that as a result, brought about the destruction of planetary spiritual life.

For this reason, the Mirrors of Heaven, since the beginning of the existence of humankind, created in image and likeness to God, have always radiated sources of higher life that place the planet within universal harmony.

Throughout the ages, the commitment of humanity to the adversities of the enemy rapidly moved it away from the Purpose and the Will of God until reaching this cruel moment of the race.

The interventions of the Messengers of God and the warnings throughout time never ceased to be stated. Diverse forms of celestial messages have been transmitted through different visionaries in different parts of the world and in pressing times.

Receptivity to the Call of God has been scarce; humanity went on pilgrimage to Marian Centers to find relief and received it. The majority of souls that do not know of the existence of higher life received a healing, but continued to live in the same way, without changing anything.

This quickly delayed humanity and the Heavenly Hierarchy had to hold back on the impulses of the Plans of Redemption of the Eternal Father among a few consciousnesses, among the least prepared.

Up to now, this continues thus, and a real change, which is imperative, could reverse the absence of the spiritual life in humanity. Your Father knows that humanity does not do enough to change, because the terrestrial consciousness of human beings adopted ways and forms of involutionary life which, in the majority of cases, has erased an awareness of the soul.

What to do?

The most awake to the life of prayer must do twice as much spiritual and evolutionary work for the rest of humanity that does not do it. But everything will fall to the ground by its own weight and the time of Universal Judgment will come to reconfigure and transmute the planet and, in this way, prepare it for the thousand years of peace.

While everything is about to happen, prayerful souls of the planet must remember the presence of the Mirrors of Heaven and, through their prayers, receive the impulses of Light that emanate from them for all of the universe.

If your response to higher life were positive and true to Creation, the impact toward the universe would be greater than what Christ generated when he defeated death on the Cross.

Everything begins in love; thus, it is the first thing the adversary causes to disappear from the heart of humankind.

Fight for the New Humanity and do not give up. Your Mother accompanies you in union with the Mirrors of Heaven. Bring about the re-establishment of the Kingdom of God in this world.

I thank you for responding to My plans of Peace!

Who awakens you to the life of the spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I want to make use of the merciful heart of My children, to mitigate the Justice that rains down over the world.  I ask you to pray with fervor, so that the ray of My Redemption penetrates the world and passes through the heart of those of My little ones who, out of ignorance and vanity, have been taken by the shrewdness of My adversary.

I want to dissipate evil with the emergence of the Absolute Light of God.  I want to dissipate sorrow through the living of the Sovereign Peace of My Immaculate Heart.  I want to expel hatred from the hearts, through the reigning of love in those who, brave in spirit, allow themselves to be transformed, in order to fulfill the Perfect Project of God for this world.

If you want to see the establishment of Peace in the world, be peaceful in your lives.  If you do not want faith to be lost from the heart of humanity, do not lose yourselves the opportunity of praying and strengthening your own faith, in order to take it in essence to the ones in most need.

My children, the world agonizes and humanity, by its actions, harms the Sacred Body of God, which expresses itself in all the Creation.  To repair this suffering that you cause to the Father, I come to deliver to you the sublime knowledge about the cosmos and the infinite, and thus, ennoble the human consciousness and take it out of the darkness in which it lives.  But the majority of humanity encloses itself in the conveniences of the life in this world and refuses to recognize life in other universes.  They prefer to disbelieve My presence rather than to transform themselves in order to enter, in essence and spirit, into the balm of the celestial truth.

Do not become comfortable in the ignorance, because I do not come to deliver to you this universal knowledge only to transform your way of thinking, nor to spread an esoteric thought throughout the world.  Do not confuse the celestial words with human concepts, My beloved ones, because when chaos grows throughout the world and the Divine Justice descends to stop it, only the certainty of the existence of the realities beyond this life and the certainty that everything you live has a superior purpose will strengthen your hearts and will allow you to walk in faith and help those who are letting the flame of the heart be extinguished.

Everything in Heaven as well as on Earth has its time.  Throughout the centuries, I let Myself be known to humanity, so that you could trust My love and My guidance; and now, My dear ones, I want to reveal to you the true existence of the universe and announce to you that there is life far beyond this one; that there are entire civilizations waiting for the growth of your spirits and, in hope, they expect you to reach the likeness to the One that came to be the example for the all of humanity and who now reigns in the cosmos, as the Perfect Principle of God, an example for the whole of Creation.

My Children, I want to announce to this planet, the existence of many other worlds, created by the angels and archangels of God, the so called Creator Fathers, who have an infinite power of creation and who create and recreate the entirety life, giving to the Lord the possibility of expressing Himself in various ways.

It was pride and vanity what locked humanity up in the thought that the universal life does not exist, and that beyond this Earth there could be Heaven and hell, at the most. Today I tell you that there are more than seven Heavens, where saints and angels continue their path of evolution, and that there are more than seven hells, where the consciousnesses that have not followed the divine principles and let themselves get absorbed by darkness, wait for mercy to permeate and rescue them.  One of those hells is a reality on the surface of this world and is distributed in many degrees, according to the reigning of chaos and to the submission that it causes to the souls.

For the redemption of that darkness, I come to the world everyday.  And I want you to know that the awakening of a few, which are yourselves, the ones who listen to Me, is what will cause the salvation of this race which is not the only one in the universe and which is so contaminated that, even being the cradle for the King of Creation, is in danger of disappearing from this infinite Cosmos, because of the self destruction which is not only physical but also spiritual.

It is for the redemption of that darkness, that I come to the world everyday.  And I want you to know that the awakening of a few, which are yourselves, the ones who listen to Me, is what will bring about the salvation of this race which is not the only one in the universe and which is so contaminated that, even being the cradle for the King of Creation, is in danger of disappearing from this infinite Cosmos, because of the self destruction which is not only physical but also spiritual.

My beloved ones, if humanity does not answer to the Call of God, His Creation will still continue its evolution in the universe, but a perfect learning of love will no longer be brought to all the creatures who await being able to meet the Father.

Listen to My voice and far beyond comprehending Me or not, allow one ray of My Heart, imprinted in this word, to pass through your souls and awaken them from the sleep they live in the illusions of matter.

Redemption, salvation and mercy for the planet.

Awakening and reconciliation with God and with His Plan of Love for those who listen to Me.

I bless you, by the power that God has granted Me.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Universal Mother, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The heart that unites with God knows that the Celestial Truths are still kept behind the veils of the divine mysteries for this world; it knows that during these thousands of years of existence, humanity has been maturing in its spiritual growth in order to one day manifest the Purpose of God for the human heart.

Even though the majority of humankind is still not ready to know the Truth of God, the times are accelerating, and that Truth will be revealed and will cause the awakening and abrupt evolution of those who never wanted to open their eyes to the existence of Light.

Today, My children, I reveal to you the greatness of My Heart that, throughout the universe, reigns together with Christ, together with God, and leads His divine armies for the concretization of His Plans on this Earth and well beyond it.

I come opening the path for the Archangel Saint Michael because I am the One who directs the Will of God for His Father Creators, the co-creators of all things. And I have been like this since the manifestation of My existence, at the beginning of all life, anticipating the entire manifestation of Divine Creation.

Before becoming a divinized spirit, My Consciousness already dwelled in the Consciousness of God, as a maternal womb, from where comes the manifestation of Divine Thought. My Spirit was generated in the universe, in the Source of the Consciousness of God, just as in consciousness, I had already manifested Divine Thought to all the cosmos; as an incarnated spirit in His principal project, I was to give life to the One who would represent incarnated Divine Thought, the Word of God made flesh and man.

I know that many ignore this truth; thus, I come to speak to the world rather than to just a few, because arrogance and pride caused the humility of the hearts of human beings to disappear, and thus stopped them from contemplating on and believing in the greatness of Creation, while this manifests in their hearts.

The lack of humility in the human heart does not allow it to recognize its own smallness and the greatness of God, and for this reason, many compare His Son with common humanity and His Celestial Mother with a common human spirit, ignoring the possibility of God manifesting on Earth to guide the creation of this race, which should achieve likeness with Him.

For you to achieve likeness with God, and thus reach His spiritual and divine universe, He became flesh in both man and woman, and, in this way, showed all how to follow His steps; and through the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, the Creator demonstrated that if humanity follows and imitates the steps of His Son and of His Divine Mother, it can achieve His state of Divinity. It was in this way that Saint Joseph, as a man, gained likeness with God. And the only key that opened the doors for this great step was the sublime humility that His Heart expressed.

For this reason, today, children, in light of the Archangel Saint Michael, abandon the path of darkness and sin; free yourselves from ignorance and open to live according to the sacred humility that God offers you. In this way, you will be ready to listen to what I must tell you in the coming days.

I love you and I lead you to Divine Truth.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of the Virgin Mary, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

I want to make known to the world know the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit, because the time is approaching when this Holy Spirit will fulfill Its primary mission of living in matter, and thus, divinize it.

From the Consciousness of God is born His Spirit, a Sanctified Spirit that will dwell in His Creation and bring divine life to that which is physical and non-physical matter.

The Holy Spirit lives in God  not only because it comes from Him, but also He is It. The Holy Spirit lives as a part of God Himself, His Consciousness, separate from His Great Consciousness, but which acts as God, as His Will and Principle, because It is. 

Being God, the Holy Spirit is like His active and quickening arm, which animates everything It touches, filling it with Divinity, with Divine Soul. It is like a Fire, because the Fire in It represents the active life in God, the Light that lives and ignites matter and spaces.

The Holy Spirit is like the living Heart of God, which travels through the Celestial Universe to touch the Creation of God and give life, divine life, to it all.

In this way, the Reign of God gradually expanded in the Heavens. The Holy Spirit lived in what God created, and It became as God, Father-Mother of all the Celestial Creation.

The Holy Spirit does not have a name, because it is in everything; It Is for living in everything, to be God in all things.

The Holy Spirit is born when in the universe is born the need for Love to exist, a Love  different  from  what already existed in Heaven, a Love that is the very Love of God Itself in His creatures. And for this to be possible, it was necessary that the Love of God incarnate in matter, which was the densest and most distant from the Kingdom of Heaven, because this Love was so infinite that, in order to live its full extent, it would be born in the lowest and would reach the most High, the Kingdom of all Realms, the House of the Father of all the Fathers of the Universe.

So this is how God returned to matter again.

Many ask: "Why did the Lord, which was all Divine, manifest His Love in matter?" Because from there, when He reached Heaven, the extent of that Love would be unique.

And so that's how it was that God sent His Son to  Earth, a Spirit that came from His Holy Spirit, a Verb that would incarnate and bring to Earth His Divine Verb. From here was born the Christ, Jesus, child of Mary and Joseph, of the lineage of David.

His Mother on Earth was like His Mother in Heaven. In the same way that His Christic Spirit was born of the Holy Spirit, so that this Love could live in flesh and soul upon Earth, it was necessary that it be done on Earth as it had been done in Heaven, and the Spirit of God took from Creation a holy body, a pure and immaculate soul, clean of any stain, eternally holy like His Spirit. In this way, the Virgin Mary was born, an incarnated part of the Spirit of God, an archetype of His most pure creation.

I leave you with these words, so that you may open your heart to this new impulse of God and not fear to know the great mysteries of the Divinity and all the Aspects of the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity 

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