Dear children,

Prayer is the great key that opens the door of the Heavens.

When your prayer is sincere and without haste, it is a selfless prayer. It produces great effects through the soul that practices and lives it. It is the way you can be in contact with the Heavens in these times of definition.

Sincere prayer will always place you on the correct path again and in the correct spiritual vibration. It will protect you from yourselves and from the other events that are approaching.

Prayer is the true vaccine against any adverse epidemic, because as you pray, My children, you elevate the consciousness and the space that surrounds you, generating an important vortex so that the angelic universe can transmute darkness.

When this prayer is offered in group, beyond distances, its effects are global and many benefits are established within those souls that were already condemned.

You should become aspirants of the mysteries of prayer, because prayer, remember, at this world moment, is the essential and primary nourishment of the humanity in transition.

I invite you to pray without causes or conditions. I call you, My children, to offer your lives as a constant prayer so that your examples may be consolation for God, offended and injured by the world’s indifference.

During this Christmas, offer your prayers for the refugee children and families, for the grave humanitarian crises, which multiply faster than fraternity and the good.

Relieve, through the Rosary, the undignified life and pain of refugee women, of those who have nothing and are neither accepted nor welcomed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Seated at the table with your Lord, pray, child, for all life, for all beings, for those who are lost in their own ignorance, for those who do not recognize the One that shares the Bread and surrenders Himself to repair the sins of the world.

Seated at the table with your Lord, contemplate all life, the depth of each instant, the greatness hidden in each movement, the attentive Eyes of God upon the Earth, His Spirit flooding all of Creation.

Observe that the Time of God unites with the time of the Earth and, for an instant, nothing is separate. The Son and the Father are One with the Consoling Spirit and your little essence participates in divine unity.

Seated at the table with your Lord, give thanks for each offering, each word and each silence, each gesture and movement, each instant of stillness. Everything is a part of a universal ceremony, celestial and human, revealing that which the human being really is for all Creation.

Thus, let your feet be washed, your spirit purified and your soul redeemed. In this way, remember the purity of your essence and, allowing the dust of the past to be taken off of your feet, open to a new and eternal path of return to the Heart of God: a path that is tread in sacrifice, in love and in perfect unity with Divine Consciousness.

Washed by Christ, your spirit becomes one with Him. You are bread, a part of the Bread that is given at the altar; you are blood, part of the Blood that is poured on Calvary. And in the way that the offering of your Lord is forever renewed, so also must your surrender be renewed.

Thus, sit down once again at the table of renewal with your Lord and God, your Brother and Friend, your Father, Husband and Companion, your own heart, since you were called to be one with Christ.

Receive His Body and His Blood and renew your surrender. Give body, blood and life to the One that gives you everything each day. Live the revelation of surrender in the mystery of Communion.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Whoever works for God, giving more than they even can, deserve to receive the infinite Grace of God with all the Love from Heaven. Thus, their spirit will be filled with the fullness of having God and of feeling Him nearby, time and again.

Therefore, whoever works for God, giving more than they even can, must feel their souls calm because their souls will participate in this inner and unbreakable union with God that will give them peace and trust to experience a life dedicated to service and unconditional prayer.

Whoever works for God, giving more than they even can, must feel the joy of fulfilling their mission, carrying inside of themselves the certainty that they are following the steps of the Lord in spite of the inner storms or the intense tests that the disciple of Christ can live in their experience on Earth.

Whoever works for God, giving more than they even can, must know that they are doing so for everyone who does not do so, and they will take their mission forward to radiate love and compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




Today, contemplate the Eyes of God, which are set on the world. The Father observes the lack of love and ignorance of His children, but moving beyond all of that, with His Gaze, He touches the purest essence of His creatures.

Contemplate the Eyes of God, which are set upon the world, waiting for souls to perceive the collapse of nations, which announces the beginning of a definitive cycle for humanity. The Creator Father waits for the eyes of His children to also lift up to the Heavens, and in a sincere prayer, understand, within themselves, the true meaning of life.

Do not seek outside yourself for support and sustenance for these times. Seek your sustenance, child, in the gentle and compassionate Gaze of God, which reaches the four corners of the world, impassive in the face of the atrocities caused by humankind, because the Father, Who sees all things, penetrates far beyond your miseries and stands firm in the truth of hearts.

Contemplate the Eyes of God, fixed on the truth that exists within beings, and see, reflected in them, what you truly are. When you seek God, you find yourself, you find your true self, you find what makes you like the Father, you find the meaning of your existence. For this reason, child, in this cycle of doubts and confusions, when souls walk lost and directionless in the world, place your gaze on the Gaze of God and, like Him, hold your heart in the truth.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Equality among Peoples

Dear children,

My goal in coming to Switzerland, in the name of My Son, is to ask the representatives of this country for an act of equality among the richest nations and the poorest nations.

For this reason, I come to donate My Mirror-Heart so that in Switzerland may be reflected the Will of God and not the excessive use of power and superstition of the proud.

I come to ask for a true spirit of charity and of equality, in order to be able to save these people from the path it treads for excessive wealth and the material disorder of life.

Here, and inside this nation, there are souls that have the duty of promoting equality without conditions and a balance for those who do not even have a home to take refuge. 

I come as Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt to ask for consideration and attention to My words, before the time comes when no stone will be left upon another stone, just as My Beloved Son has said.

I want to awaken in Switzerland the spirit of self-forgetfulness, so that the souls may learn to see and to contemplate the needs in their fellow beings, in the poorest among the poor.

I wish to leave Switzerland with a hope in My Heart capable of having faith that My children will make the necessary effort to step out of the perverted convenience and comfort.

I need you, children of Switzerland, to make use of the spirit of poverty and of selflessness that the Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt offers you, so that beyond your people and your “own world”, you can contemplate the suffering, the hunger and the need of millions of souls in the world, as it happens in Africa and in the Americas.

I know that it will not be born from the leaders, this necessary feeling to perceive and recognize that the Law of God is not being lived here, and even less what My Son taught you.

For this reason, before everything is unleashed, within and outside your consciousnesses, I invite you to live a life of prayer and of dialog with God, so that you can step out of the prevailing illusion of these times, and perceive that it is urgent to change, first stepping out of yourselves to give space and place in your hearts to those who suffer the most, and have nothing.

With this message I call you to reflection, as there is still a little time left to transform what the Universe needs to transform from your people.

I give you thanks for listening to Me, because, as Mother, I love you and I wish the good and the equality for all My children.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstatt


Spiritual and Civic Regulation for the Children of Mary

Dear children,

Due to the end of times and the beginning of inner purification of souls, I emit to you this basic regulation of consecration of the Children of Mary who, by signing it, will be accepting the foundations of this consecration and of this regulation, which will help you all to maintain yourselves within the Purpose and within the Law of the Hierarchy, the Law of Love.

This regulation is born to respond to the need of taking care of all the Children of Mary, not only of their consecration as Children, which has a spiritual value, but also to protect the Work within ethical, moral and civic values.

Remember that the affiliated to Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, register themselves within the absolute spirit of accepting the proposal that the Divine Messengers present in this cycle.

Association Mary is the legal and spiritual mother that protects the consecration of all Children of Mary within the living of Christic values of spirituality, as well as within moral, ethical and mental balance.

Given the spiritual need for the consecration to become more clear, Your Heavenly Mother is presenting to you, on this day, the basic spiritual and civic regulation that the Children of Mary, consecrated and to be consecrated in the future, must accept and send, signed, agreeing with the proposal and assuming total adhesion and trust to the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy. It is for this fundamental reason that each Child of Mary, having been consecrated a long time ago or recently, will have to make vows before the Hierarchy, committing themselves with the following:


To keep a life of prayer for one's own redemption and for the redemption of the world. To maintain a rhythm of daily prayer for peace and for the fulfillment of the Plans of the Creator.


A consecrated Child of Mary assumes total adhesion and obedience to the indications and instructions that they receive from Association Mary, an ecumenical and spiritual entity that supports and accompanies them on their inner path.


Every Child of Mary, once consecrated, assumes not to participate in any movement, doctrine, group, human social or spiritual association of any kind that opposes itself to the assumed values of a life of prayer, service, mercy and charity inspired by the Divine Messengers. This means, children, that each Child of Mary, once consecrated, assumes the proposal presented by the Most Holy Virgin and also signs on this document their spiritual, moral or human disengagement from any spiritual movement that is not the Christianity taught by the Most Reverend Lord Jesus Christ according to His Gospel and Instruction.

Association Mary, as guardian and speaker of all the consecrated Children of Mary, has the authority, the permission and the responsibility before each one of them to indicate, notify, orient, accompany and determine their disaffiliation from the entity for the following reasons: 

A) When they present mental problems that determine that the person cannot assume, by themselves, their own consecration, nor can it be assumed by some responsible person.

B) Due to evident reasons that they maintain, in a parallel form, any spiritual and human link to other movements that contradict the Christian ecumenism and that are out of the proposal of being a Child of Mary.

C) In face of any situation, be it spiritual, mental or human, that impedes them to assume their own consecration, or that puts in risk and compromises Association Mary, or other consecrated children.

D) Due to slander, verbal, social or public mistreat of the Work of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, or for generating confusion, commentaries or any kind of individual or group movement that compromises the values of respect, fraternity and transparency held among members registered in Association Mary.

E) Due to passing away. In this case, the consecrated Child will be terminated from the Association, holding the presence of this soul in the Kingdom of the Heavens among all the consecrated Children. Association Mary will send a document to the corresponding family members, informing them about the decision made. 

F) In the face of any other spiritual, mental, emotional or human situation that compromises their own consecration due to the purification of these times.

Every Child of Mary assumes, through this signed document, that they could be officially disaffiliated from their consecration and openly accepts to maintain their inner consecration to the Divine Mother. In the case of being disaffiliated they cannot keep the materials received at the moment of their consecration. Therefore, they must hand over all of these elements to preserve from themselves, or from their own impossibility, the Work of the Heavenly Hierarchy.


All the Children of Mary, through this document that will have to be signed by each one, assume and accept, trustfully, any determination, action or procedure from the Board of the Association Mary about their possible disaffiliation from the entity, which integrates them as consecrated members of Association Mary. Every affiliate entirely accepts any observation or decision that, for logical reasons, may lead the Association itself to take a rapid determination.

This regulation intends to reinforce the true commitment of each consecrated being to the Hierarchy as a healthy and harmonious response to protect, from oneself, what the Divinity intends to build, assuming that in the time of purification, everything is unpredictable.

I will thank that all of My consecrated Children receive from the Board of the Association Mary a copy of this document so that, as soon as possible, they may send it back signed for it to be registered and archived. 

If any Child does not accept this regulation, I lovingly ask them to return all the elements of the consecration and that theyapproach some Marian Center to pray and ask for light because the consecration is a commitment assumed consciously out of love for the Plan.

I thank you for understanding Me!

For a major purpose,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My children,

Yesterday you found out about one of the mysteries of Heaven, which few consciousnesses know, through your inner union with the Kingdom of God.

Today, dear children, we will talk about the reach of the Mirrors of Heaven from the spiritual plane, which is where they emerge for all of Creation into the material plane, which is the closest reality to yours, and which receives the impulses of light of these instruments of universal harmony.

The Mirrors of Heaven are receptacles of Divine Light that radiate principles of higher life to the whole cosmos. There is no star or planet of this solar system or another, nor galaxy, which does not receive the universal impulse of the Mirrors. They remind us of the Purpose for planetary life and for all the Universe; we are referring to the Purpose of the constant elevation of matter through the principle of purity.

From the beginning, your Heavenly Mother knew about these instruments coming from the Universe of God, which are guided and accompanied by the angels, who revealed the existence of those instruments of Peace to your Most Holy Mother.

A Mirror is an immutable instrument. The Mirror of Heaven always fulfills the same purpose and radiates this principle to all of Creation.

In the case of the current process of humanity, the Mirrors of Heaven are mobilizing more and more because of the process of densification of human beings and, mainly, due to the mass transgressions  of the Laws that govern all the Kingdoms created by God.

As everything is moving towards a serious psychic and emotional imbalance in humanity, because of the innumerable amount of debts and sins, the Mirrors of Heaven are now assisting, in collaboration with the angels, so that there can be at least a little bit of balance existing on the axis of the Earth and, especially, in the sleeping and abused consciousness of the current humanity.

The Archangels, called Fathers of Creation, are intervening in the Project of this race through the essence and the matrix of the Mirrors.

For you, My children, what would be a matrix of a Celestial Mirror?

It represents what is purest among the pure; we would say, what is fundamental and essential in all of Creation, what you once knew as the Rays of the Universe. They are the universal currents of Creation that, through the Mirrors of Heaven, are bringing humanity some spiritual resources that are capable of substituting an error with a state of peace.

The Mirrors of Heaven are not only attributes manifested in Creation that help in the constant upliftment of the consciousness, but are capable of acquiring and retransmitting principles of higher spiritual life, which are totally unknown to the consciousness of humanity.

We said that the Archangels are closely following this Universal Project of humanity; what was established by Creator Law since the last world war, which was prophesied in Fatima; a war that as a result, brought about the destruction of planetary spiritual life.

For this reason, the Mirrors of Heaven, since the beginning of the existence of humankind, created in image and likeness to God, have always radiated sources of higher life that place the planet within universal harmony.

Throughout the ages, the commitment of humanity to the adversities of the enemy rapidly moved it away from the Purpose and the Will of God until reaching this cruel moment of the race.

The interventions of the Messengers of God and the warnings throughout time never ceased to be stated. Diverse forms of celestial messages have been transmitted through different visionaries in different parts of the world and in pressing times.

Receptivity to the Call of God has been scarce; humanity went on pilgrimage to Marian Centers to find relief and received it. The majority of souls that do not know of the existence of higher life received a healing, but continued to live in the same way, without changing anything.

This quickly delayed humanity and the Heavenly Hierarchy had to hold back on the impulses of the Plans of Redemption of the Eternal Father among a few consciousnesses, among the least prepared.

Up to now, this continues thus, and a real change, which is imperative, could reverse the absence of the spiritual life in humanity. Your Father knows that humanity does not do enough to change, because the terrestrial consciousness of human beings adopted ways and forms of involutionary life which, in the majority of cases, has erased an awareness of the soul.

What to do?

The most awake to the life of prayer must do twice as much spiritual and evolutionary work for the rest of humanity that does not do it. But everything will fall to the ground by its own weight and the time of Universal Judgment will come to reconfigure and transmute the planet and, in this way, prepare it for the thousand years of peace.

While everything is about to happen, prayerful souls of the planet must remember the presence of the Mirrors of Heaven and, through their prayers, receive the impulses of Light that emanate from them for all of the universe.

If your response to higher life were positive and true to Creation, the impact toward the universe would be greater than what Christ generated when he defeated death on the Cross.

Everything begins in love; thus, it is the first thing the adversary causes to disappear from the heart of humankind.

Fight for the New Humanity and do not give up. Your Mother accompanies you in union with the Mirrors of Heaven. Bring about the re-establishment of the Kingdom of God in this world.

I thank you for responding to My plans of Peace!

Who awakens you to the life of the spirit,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special message received of the Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Children, today I keep you all in My Heart, and this means a victory of My Immaculate Heart in your hearts. My arms are open to gather within My heart the praying servers of My Son Jesus because the moment to share the life of prayer and fraternity among all the souls of the world is arriving.

Dear children, with joy, I invite you once again to the prayer of the heart. Prayer must be your constant work of love; a prayer that resounds in your hearts, that builds the goodness and peace among the groups, families and nations; a prayer that helps the souls that day by day despair due to not finding the correct path towards light and peace.

Children, as Queen of Peace, I call you to be permanently in the Kingdom of My Peace. This Kingdom, of victory and glory in the Heavens, is near your lives and homes. This Kingdom that My heart wishes so much that you are able to gestate through examples of goodness and charity, of love and brotherhood.

Children, you know that My Heart of Mother watches over all the children in the world and that the world is in a spiritual crisis due to the lack of love in the hearts of the human beings towards the Kingdoms created by My Father. They ask humanity for help and assistance; day by day souls suffer and are discouraged. This is the evil of the enemy that can take the attention of My children away from prayer.

Therefore, dear children, I still appear here, as in Medjugorje and in Salta, to sustain, with My maternal spirit, the inner chaos of humanity.

As a Mother who consoles the afflicted and in despair, I ask you that, week by week, as you have done on Tuesdays, My little ones, you embrace with love the life of prayer and, in groups, pray for the concretion of the Plans of God on Earth, pray for peace and for the conversion of all who need the Love of God.

I constantly gather the prayers of My children throughout the whole world, day by day. When you pray with Me My spirit of love is among you, within your homes, feeling the hearts and needs of each child.

Open the doors to Me! because I want to reign within your hearts, in your families, marriages and friendships. I am the Sun that descends upon the universe to heal you and finally take you to the Arms of My Son.

I share, at the time of emergency, the need of all My children; but you must continue praying for the world to reach a time of more peace, to avoid wars and persecutions.

Children, the prophetic book of yesterday is already open and all can change through your loving interest for the life of prayer of the heart.

I guide you, support you, I encourage you towards the transformation of your lives. I want you to reach, while you are on Earth, the real Kingdom of Paradise. For this to happen, you must say yes to My Immaculate Heart and to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

God contemplates the good works of those who with love give their lives for the salvation of the world, through prayer and charity.

I am with you and thank all the groups for trusting, once again, in My urgent call for the total salvation of the world.

Who loves you, mercifully,

Mary, Queen of Peace

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Association Mary
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