Dear Children:

Today, as the Mother of purification, I hold with My Hands the flag of the nation of France, so that its spiritual consciousness may be purified through the Light of My Heart, so that its soul may be purified through the Love of My Heart, so that its people may be reconciled through the Peace of My Heart.

Today, My children, I contemplate a France unrecognizable in its spiritual aspect, not only because of its society, but also because of its religion, which stained the soul of many consciousnesses through its acts. That is why, children, as the Lady of La Salette, I weep before all that this beloved country of Mine is experiencing.

I come for you to know that France has always been the cradle of important saints and enlightened by the Holy Spirit. France has always been chosen by Me to carry the message of peace and penance.

In Lourdes, I came to call souls to repentance to prevent the bloody French colonization from happening, but My call was not accepted.

Through the Message of La Salette, I came to guide My children to the Purpose of God, but it was not enough.

And today, I return once again to My beloved France so that, as a country, it may be a people of open arms and not a society of constant confrontation.

That is why I am here, as the patient Mother who cries and cries out for France to recover its spiritual and human dignity; so that what is so characteristic of all French people may help to heal the wounds of colonialism, slavery and the errors committed throughout the ages in Africa and in the world.

France needs to place its knees on the ground and implore for Mercy and Pity so that it may reach the conversion of the heart and of its innermost essence.

I will have My Mother's gaze upon this dear people of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of France.


Dear children,

Just as in the Message of last Saturday, I clearly said to you that My maternal call has not yet been fulfilled in Garabandal or in La Salette. Today, as the Lady of Guadalupe and Queen of Peace, your Heavenly Mother comes to spread Her Sacred Mantle upon all of Her children so that the majority of My children may be protected from the adversities of war, from persecution among Christians and the catastrophes of nature.

I come, as the Mother of the World, to make you hear the cry of Mother Earth and of the Lower Kingdoms. And while this is not taken into account, My maternal call is repeated and strengthened again so that the third Secret of Fatima may not continue to be concretized in such a fearful way.  

My children, it is necessary to do something. I come to ask you, as a Sorrowful Mother by the foot of the cross of the planet’s Calvary, that you no longer be indifferent or insensitive.

I come, as your Heavenly Mother, to open the eyes of your consciousnesses, so that you may awaken through your heart’s true feeling.

Dear children, today the cry of the planet, of the volcanoes, of the climate, of all misery and of humanity’s war is also My cry, My clamor, My voice saying: enough!

No longer be a part of pain and of a tired suffering. Be part of the New Earth, of the coming of the New Humanity, free from so many mistakes and punishments.

Today I am here with My Heart marked with the signs of My children and of a suffering world.

I am here as the bearer of Peace to the world, as the Lady of Hope.

May the Earth be blessed and consecrated to God through the yes of the apostles of Christ.

Despite this current world crisis, I tell you once again: At the end of everything, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace. 


Dear children,

After 1961, your Heavenly Mother, through the Virgin of the Carmel of Garabandal, came to the world, especially with Her Message to the Church, so that all who participate in the Church might have time to mend and correct themselves.

Although your Heavenly Mother, through the visionaries of Garabandal, was very clear and direct, with the help of Saint Michael the Archangel, the Message of Garabandal was not welcome nor was it respected. The same happened in La Salette.

Now, while humanity finds itself divided by war, by natural disasters; while humanity is indifferent and in some cases insensitive; while humanity faces the challenge of a collapsed and traumatized planet, still, the Message of Garabandal has not even been recognized.

This is why I come to ask the world and also the Church to no longer try to silence the Word of God.

I come to ask you for the holy places, blessed by the true Presence of the Sacred Hearts, to be recognized and accepted because, while all that which comes from God is denied, neither the Church nor any place of this wounded planet will be able to help in the face of all that is taking place.

I invite you to recognize the Presence of the Most High through Our Presence. While this honest and sincere gesture does not exist, My plentiful Heart, full of Grace, will feel pain for not finding spaces or hearts to pour out My Graces upon.

I invite the Church, outraged by defamation, by the lack of transparency and chastity, to surrender and ask for forgiveness, so that it may keep being a pillar of sanctity and charity and may no longer be sad news that compromises the spirituality of millions of people throughout the world.

It is time for each sector of this affected surface to recognize its errors and mend them, before My Son comes to separate the wheat from the  chaff. There is but very little time.

I thank those who pray without expecting anything in return.

I thank you for responding and for openly listening to My maternal call.

Who always blesses you and prays for you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Dear children,

My Heart of Mother returns to Italy, as in previous times, to bring to all of its people the Love and the Light of God. Love and infinite Light that you need as a society and religion in order to be able to live a transparent and true redemption.

For this reason, My children, I have asked the pilgrim group to come to Italy to bring this message from Heaven. Not only because your people must mend the faults committed against hundreds of immigrants, but also because you, having been people of immigration, should consciously work with forgiveness so that peace does not disappear within this nation.

I Am your intercessor and mediator Mother. I Am the Light that wants to take you to My Son so that, repented in your heart, you may profess your love for Christ and attain reconciliation. 

But first, My children, this act of true repentance must begin within the Church of My Son. It can no longer keep hiding its acts and mistreatment because, otherwise, it will also lose the Peace and the Mercy of God.

No religious person has spiritual immortality. This is the time of massive spiritual illness in which My adversary infiltrates to destroy and tempt many priests.

In Akita, La Salette and in Fatima, I announced about the need for all to return to God as soon as possible, so that you could see His Face of immense Mercy and Forgiveness. But many did not listen to Me.

I returned once again to the world, through Medjugorje, to announce to you that through the donation of My Heart you would attain peace and less than a quarter of humanity put into practice what I had said.

In order not to lose My children, I returned once again to the world, but this time on a key date, August 8, 2007, a day in which I brought to humanity the revelation of the Universe and of its mysteries, and ardently asked for My Voice, Soul and Heart to be taken to the entire world by means of the Pilgrimage of Peace.

Many have welcomed me and keep doing so, and the consciousness of hundreds of souls in the world keep awakening. But the Church sacrificed Me completely, judging My presence and closing the doors to My universal message of peace.

This was the test for this religion, that of recognizing the ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of the Most High, or of denying Her with defamation and lies. 

But the perpetual and maternal Light of My Heart has prevented My aspiration from being interfered with. Because behind the chaotic and grave scenarios in the Church and in the world, Your Heavenly Mother has created a powerful network of planetary prayer formed by all the praying beings of the Earth. A network of prayer that, until today, sustains and maintains, by means of the heart of each child of Mine, the spiritual and divine mission of the Mother of God in humanity.

The ecumenical movement of prayer that I Myself have founded on the surface of the Earth, through the prayer groups, is the one which allows the pilgrimage for the nations of the world and for the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers to be spread in all languages and to all peoples, so that no child of Mine remains without hearing Me.

For this reason, My children, I am returning once again to Italy to grant it the Grace of reconciliation and of the imminent forgiveness that it needs.

Everything that will happen in the meeting of prayer today will be the result of an immense love for God and for His Divine Lady.

There is still time to reconsider and amend yourselves. Do it, My children!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




My children,

On the day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, festivity of the first missionaries of Christ, I have come to Geneva in the name of peace and of unity to confirm the ecumenical alliance among all Christians.

This is the reason why the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the Church, has asked on this day, June 29th, for a special meeting in Geneva, headquarters of many state institutions, in order to unite all the believers of Christ in the inner planes, by means of the ecumenism shared among His servers. 

The mission of each Christian is to love the Purpose of God and to carrying it forward by means of equality of conditions and under the sacred spirit of understanding of the different Christian manifestations of faith.

In this twenty-first century, in which the world faces great challenges, and also social and global inequalities, may the Flame of the Love of Christ be the point of union among all Christians, based on the principle of faith and in the Sacred Gospel of Christ.

As the Mother of the Church and of humanity, My Son sends Me to grant the deep Grace of understanding, of knowledge and of wisdom so that all of those who open their heart to the call of ecumenism may together, and in unity, solve and respond to the urgent needs of humanity, of all the People of God.

This inter-religious ecumenism will allow all Christians, under the same goal and supported by Divine Grace, to reach the complete vision of the different lacks and needs of humanity, knowing that it is urgent and immediate to dissolve together the evil, the wars and the conflicts that embrace many peoples in the world, and rescue from these very hard abysses those who suffer the most: the innocent.

By means of ecumenical and Christian unity, Christ will work more widely, because His disciples of these times must be witnesses of the Gospel in all the places, in order to sow the seeds of faith, of love and of unity in the most arid soils of this world.

And Christ, the Living Water, will be the One who will water and cultivate what His kin will accomplish in the world.

The ecumenical and Christian union will generate the spirit of respect and, above all, of a true solidarity among Christians that accompany the same God, the Only and Omnipresent, with their feeling and through their faith and their trust in the teachings of the Gospel. 

On the day of the Apostles Peter and Paul, may the missionary spirit arise again in all Christian Churches, a spirit that will impel the revelation of the life of apostleship in Christ, so necessary to relieve suffering and to bring the healing and the love to the marginalized hearts.

Christ is for all.

He came on behalf of all and for all.

The effort of the witnesses of Christ will be, by means of ecumenical union, to carry forward the preparation of His glorious second coming, preparing in the souls the bases of their union with God and with all the attributes that awakens faith.

At last will emerge the burning wish of the Lord, that His followers and companions of missionary and apostolic path may unite to attend the current world crisis.

For this reason, I come to Geneva to give the blessing to all and to encourage you to carry forward the announcement of the Word and the Love of Christ by means of the works and the ecumenical unity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of La Salette

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children of Mine:

At the apex of the war of these times, the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will occur through those who in absolute trust, walk by My side to concretize the Plans of Peace.

On this path, dear children, by means of humanitarian service in each region of this world, you will see how human cruelty shows itself to be, an action that has led many souls to damnation.

In order to recover the lost souls and the dignity of each one of them, My children, it is necessary that the evils that oppress a great part of humanity be transmuted through the powerful fire of prayer.

The task of transmutation is centered on the Prayer Centers for Peace that I have founded in this part of the world. It is for this reason, dear children, in light of the planetary spiritual demand for transmutation, it is necessary for the Marian Centers to be alive, to have life, liturgy, processions, and prayer that are ever more elevated and offered to the Redemptive Project of My beloved Son. 

My children, if you are aware of the importance of the life of a Marian Center, all the doors of Heaven will be open so that the planetary transmutation can take place. Fátima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, Medjugorje, La Salette, and the current Marian Centers in South America have become powerful stations of liberation and of redemption from the forces of planetary chaos, especially of the armies of the adversary that work through the wars.

The task of maintaining the life of the Marian Centers, persisting until the end so that all may have a planet on which to live, is a spiritual and operative task of all the members of the Light-Network and of the groups of prayer of the world. 

The Celestial Hierarchy counts on the Centers of Prayer so that all that is released through the humanitarian missions will be able to find a place of evacuation in other universes. 

I leave you, children, with the intimate commitment of being guardians of the work of the Celestial Hierarchy through the Marian Centers.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you always to a greater task,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

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