My Heart's feeling of Love during the Birth of Jesus

Since My first years of life and before them, I was prepared by God to fulfill His Will and to manifest His promises, those that were kept in the words of the Prophets in the sacred books of our people.

My Heart loved the Lord with fervor and this same Love allowed that, in My prayers, My Consciousness could cross dimensions in order to be before God.

Thus, I contemplated this eternal Source of life and silence; I observed how all of life was renewed through the rays, sounds, and colors that came from the Heart of God and were led by the angels and archangels to the different Universes.

My Heart only aspired to be in silence with God, to be there, in that dimension of consciousness, where all was stillness and peace.

It was like this that, contemplating the Divine Consciousness, the Creator revealed to Me the mysteries of His Creation, He showed Me the moment in which His Love expanded and gave origin to life, manifested through dimensions, He showed Me the moment in which the first Mirrors of the Cosmos were created and how they served to take Love and Divine Will to all that was created.

In His silence, the Lord revealed to Me the grace of the expression of the Divine Trinity and how, from His Heart, His Divine Spirit and His Son were born and, finally, through Archangel Gabriel, the Creator revealed to Me that His Love would manifest in life as a human body, soul and spirit, hiding all of this mystery which had been revealed before.

Before Archangel Gabriel, My Heart expanded and all of the Cosmos and the sublime realities that I had been contemplating before, with my eyes, through the portals of light that opened in Heaven, I was now beginning to enter within Myself, into My womb which kept all of this divine mystery.

First, the Creator dwelled in My Heart, then in My Consciousness and also in My body, making all the levels of My Being experience His divine presence.

The more I lived God, the more silent I became, because His Love flooded My Being in a way that there was no place for My expressions, but only for God's.


Dear singing and instrument-playing children,

That, for this day, with this new meeting, your voices and instruments may rise to God in order to keep imploring and crying out for the redemption of the planet.

May the Heavens descend to Earth through the inner portal that today your hearts will be able to open.

May the Heavenly Father again hear all of your musical offerings so that, by means of this impulse of love from His children of the Earth, He may pour all of His Infinite Mercy over the humanity in need.

Children, that today, in a simple but profound way, this essential union of your souls with the Creator may be established so that, through this musical meeting, the attributes of peace, harmony, love and fraternity may be present in the consciousness of all human beings.

May, in this gala night, in which your spirits will be able to shine more than hundreds of stars, your souls unite in a single brotherhood, in the same love and in the same fraternity, so that everything, which will be humbly offered today, may radiate throughout the planet, and the spiritual and internal needs of the peoples, races and nations may be supplied.

Dear children, today, once again, I will be accompanying you in unity and in good so that, with the special aid of the angels, the fruits of this special musical meeting may be placed at the feet of the Heavenly Father and the whole world may receive Mercy and atonement.

Beloved children, may your voices vibrate and rise in love before this possibility of being able to sing to God, to life and to all souls that will need to awaken from the deep sleep of this time.

Beloved children, may everything be in your heart as it has been in current times.

May each new gala be an opportunity of renewal and confirmation of your faith for the Work of the Hierarchy.

Today I leave you My Peace, knowing that, from now on, you will wholeheartedly offer everything for the healing and the redemption of this race.

I bless you and wish you a most beautiful musical gala for this special night.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When a being and a human consciousness consecrate themselves to the Celestial Father, it is a reason of praise and Glory in the Heavens, because the prophecy of My Son, that at the end of times and before His return there will be new Christs, meek of heart and pure of feeling, is accomplished again.

A new door opens from Heaven towards Earth for the ungrateful humanity to receive an opportunity of salvation. It is through the consecrated soul that a bridge of light and mercy is established, when the consciousness simply declares, “Yes, My Lord and My God, I accept.”

At this moment, dear children, the portals open themselves and new Laws of mercy act upon the sick humanity.

I would like, beloved children, that everyone would understand the celestial value of a consecration, because not only one consciousness renews itself, but all those who are around this new consecrated being also receive a Higher Grace.

Thus, see in your hearts the steps that Christ took for each one of His followers so that the spiritual purpose could be fulfilled.

A consecration means for the Universe an act of giving in and of surrendering; it also means the opening for the spirit of this small consciousness to cleanse its sins and to be baptized by the spiritual and divine Light of My Beloved Son.

Finally, this consecration attracts to the consciousness the deepening of its commitment with Christ, and an important spiritual fusion is established, which would be called a transverberation that happens at the moment in which the soul receives this Grace of consecrating itself; thus the soul will not forget this moment for the rest of its life, because it has been ignited in a potent flow of love.

Thus I reveal the beauty that God conceived for each soul of this planet, a beauty that My adversary tries to destroy through the spiritual detour. Whoever consecrates themselves to My Immaculate Heart and follows My steps, may you know that you will not perish.

Praised be God for impelling His creatures to the spiritual consecration!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When souls cannot manage to fulfill the purpose they have come to carry out on this plane, this situation is shared amongst those who, through an effort, are able to comply with the other part of the spiritual Purpose of God. Thus it is that the scale is unbalanced, because in truth each soul must fulfill what they have come to do.

But, dear children, consciousnesses cannot for very long take on the part that another consciousness has failed to meet, because each being has a capacity to cope with their commitment to the Plan. This reality is a chain in constant imbalance and there are consciousnesses that at this time cope with the tasks of others only for love of the Project of God.

Imagine, My children, how many consciousnesses in the world that are distracted by the innovation and the cunning of My enemy stop fulfilling the service that in reality they came to give. Thus the planetary consciousness counts on very few and true servers for alleviating the current crisis in humanity. Souls will be surprised when they see all that they have failed to do, sometimes because of free will, causing the project of the race to go into a constant decline.

The Celestial Universe works at this time with consciousnesses that truly have a good heart and no longer yearn for anything for themselves. It is in this way, My children, that the realization of the human project is framed within a template of few possibilities, given the great indifference of the human race.

For this reason, everyone is called to permanent and daily prayer so that in this final stretch, most can reach the goal of crossing the portal to salvation before all the Doors of Heaven are closed and the complete purification of humanity begins to take place, because at that point there will be no more time.

Risk leaving the point upon which you have placed yourselves, and take on purification and service to the Plan while serving God with complete love and sacrifice. Remember that the life of ease and comfort in the world will be the first thing to be purified by the presence of the crisis of hunger experienced by many, many souls.

As Mother of Divine Justice, I am trying to bring you to another state of consciousness where the changes not yet seen until now can occur.

I thank you for understanding Me and for participating!

Who prays for all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


​​As the breath of the Holy Spirit over the apostles of Christ, today this divine breath fills your spirits so that, by living the cycle of internal rehabilitation, you may confirm now your union with Christ, Our Lord.

Thus My Son will find apostles that are willing to serve Him above all because in truth, your purification is the preamble to enter into the state of the Divine Conciseness.

Between your earthly beings and the soul of each child of Mine cannot exist any abyss that separates you from the Purpose and from the fulfillment of the task that My Son has entrusted you since the beginning.

Now, this divine breath will lead you to the discovery of everything that has to die so that, by crossing the portal towards the Heavens, your cells may be divinized in Christ, the Lord.

Between one cycle and another you will find the abysses of the consciousness, abysses that must be illuminated by the power of love and unity among the souls.  This is the key that will open to you the door to the liberation of oneself, to be able to believe from now on that you must let yourself be loved and abandon the cavalry that, due to incomprehension, you are living in yourselves.

Your souls must be in constant unification and fraternity, the views and concrete ideas can no longer reign in the collective thinking of the souls.  Your source of renovation must be the Love of God, Love that bears everything, forgives and understands everything.

In this way you will be free from looking all the time at the imperfection and then you will be able to awaken the virtues of unity and love that My Son has taught you.  You are in time, children, to reflect about your actions and prevent the ideas of My adversary to invade your consciousness.

The spiritual battle of the end of times has already begun, bringing an accelerated and intense purification that many will deal with in order to afterwards be able to enter into the Kingdom of God.

During the battle you must be more united than ever so that the divine breath of wisdom may always place you on the right path.   In this way, you will be able to collaborate and help others to place themselves on the right path, all those who will get lost due to ignorance or deception.


My children,

Every 19th day, My Chaste Espouse, opens a universal and celestial door so that the lost souls may rediscover the path to God, the Creator.

For this Grace to be granted in the heart of the simple and good server, so that each one of you may be a bridge to the Universe of God on the 19th of each month, your Beloved Saint Joseph needs you to love seeking the essence of the humility of the heart so that the codes of self-destruction and illegitimate power, codes that are contrary to My Beloved Son, may be banished from your minds.

On the 19th of each month, the altars of Saint Joseph receive, through your prayers, lilies of light that are souls redeemed and converted by the loving action of your sacred offer.

Each lily of light that is placed at the foot of the altar of the Patriarch Saint Joseph, is offered afterwards as a symbol of restoration and peace between humanity and God, thus the Plan manifests itself again month by month in the life of each soul.

Dear children, all of these redeemed souls merge themselves in the Heart of God and a new Purpose descends over a world that would be already on the edge of a universal collapse.

Children, do not waist time with your internal realities, be consistent with the Grace of the Humility that Saint Joseph pours to you every month, thus you will drink from the Source of the Humility of Saint Joseph and, as a result, your lives will reach a good redemption.

Every 19th day, My Immaculate Heart is the most pure and chaste portal for millions of essences of this world to reach the paternity of God and the filiation with God through the Chaste Heart.

Each novena that is made to the Saint of Humility and to poor Worker of God, is received in the Kingdom of the Heavens as an opportunity to transform your lives.  Do not deceive yourselves, My children, take the hand of simplicity and chastity that My Holy Espouse extends to you with the hope that some day you will reach the path of renunciation and humility.

Be pure in the heart and you will not lose the infinite Grace of keep being instructed by Saint Joseph.  He is your Father and Guardian; He is the one who after My Ascension, from the universe, assumed your conversion to God.


Meet Me in the silence of this world.

Find Me in the heart of all of My children who pray.

I Am the Supreme Voice that comes from the Universe.

I Am the Bird that flies in the Celestial Peace.  I Am the Messenger of the Path.

From Me are born the hearts that have fallen.

I carry all towards the Greater Kingdom.

I Am the Mother of the Eternal Grace.

The one who seeks Me will find Me.  The one who calls Me will hear Me.

I Am the sweet voice that comes from the Word of God.

I Am the Mother of all the creatures.

I Am the straight Path to My Son.

I Am who shelters all of your pleas.

I Am that one who understands your problems.  I Am also the one who solves them.

I Am a part of the Infinite Light.

I Am the Daughter and the Mother of the Trinity.

I Am the Great Mirror that radiates Justice.

I Am the Spirit of Peace.

My words come from the Divine Word and the Divine Word is born of God.

I Am the Daughter of the Most High.  I Am His Faithful Messenger and His Universal Lady.

I Am the Mother of those who are lost.  I Am also the Mother of those who are on the Path.

I Am the Shield against all evil because My protection lies in the Absolute Love.  I help those who call Me.  I listen with attention to the needs of My children.

I Am the Woman Dressed of Sun, the One announced in the Sacred Book.

I Am the Word of Life together with My Son.

I Am the Universal Mother.

I Am the One who reveals the mysteries to those who are distant from God.

I come in search of the brave ones. I also come in search for those who have fallen asleep.

In My arms rests the New Child, the One who will be born as the New Humanity.

I Am the One who gestates the New Time.

I Am the Worker who prepares the coming of the Savior.

I Am the One who sets in order the inner worlds.

I Am the Mother of the Great Light.

Whoever resorts to My Heart will always be sheltered.  Whoever seeks for solace will find it.

I Am the Lady of the Great Divine Thought.

I Am the Master of Prayer.  I Am that who reunites in My School the disciples so that they may learn to love the union with God.

I Am the incandescent Bright Star.

Dear children,

Remember, in this time, the Portal to the Heaven that My Immaculate Heart one time opened in Fatima.

A Portal of Peace and Redemption for all Humanity

A Portal of Faith and Hope for all My children

For this My children, facing so many changes in the Humanity, I ask you to return in consciousness and with the heart towards the Marian Sanctuary in Fatima, Portugal and from there may you see again arise My Peace for all world.

Each Marian Center consecrated to My Immaculate Heart is seeing from the Heaven, as a little piece of My maternal dwelling on the Earth, as a presence of the Highest among Its loved children, the creatures.

For this reason, dear children, elevate yours eyes to the Portal of Peace, which is represented by My Immaculate Heart and you will see to born in you the Love of the Redeemer.

May each one of My children to be a new and renew Portal to the Peace and to the Fraternity. May each one of My little child affirm in his/ her life the Merciful presence of Jesus.

Today may you celebrate, one more time, the anniversary of the apparitions in Fatima.

I ask you all My children for you elevate yours hearts, for all pilgrims and for those that aren´t pilgrims, for all that live in faith and for all those that have losing it, for all those that are in communion with My Son and for all those that  forget Christ.

Dear children, may each one of you today take to Fatima, the Internal Marian Sanctuary, in each one of your hearts. May your lives once again be uplifted before the Light of the Father, so that the essences may find the way of forgiveness and of love.

My children, you for this day, take the Peace that My Maternal Heart once poured in Fatima and that in this encounter with your Internal Sanctuary, with the House of God, permits you to recognize what is the truthful state that My Love wants for each one of you all to live in this time.

My children, with reverence I tell you : awaken to this last calling that My Voice announces to the world, a calling that speaks to you of the opportunity of redemption that your hearts can live and a celestial calling that promises all of you an truthful encounter with My Immaculate Peace.

As Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, I bless you all everyday and I say to M y little ones: Let us pray for the internal peace of each one of My children!

As Daughter of the Holy Spirit, again today I give you My Peace and I thank you all for answering My call.

Know that I love you and contemplate you in the maternal love of My Heart and in this way I elevate you to the Heart of God so that He uses your lives as instruments of peace.

For this dear children, today I invite you to contemplate the Face of My Son Resurrected and Ascended through each of the hearts that most need peace and light. Today I ask you to place the loving strength of your prayers over My other children, the ones who, because of Me and in the name of My Beloved Son, must be led to the portal of redemption, which Christ will irradiate to many hearts.

Why do I ask you for this?

It is time My little children, for you to live of the fruit of prayer and the good acts of charity to the others. These two paths of consecration will prepare you for the new that will come.

For this dear children, today also contemplate the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit and know that by placing this Spirit that comes from God in your prayers He will strengthen you until you may walk alone as adults.

Still as children, you must always remember you may enter the portal of the New Kingdom as little children, as Jesus once said.

I want your lives to be bliss of God on Earth through the consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You, My little ones, have the maternal surrender of My Heart of Peace to ascend as children to the arms of My Son. He, in His Redeeming Love, will always welcome you because He loves you.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


That My last Words may write the triumph of My Love in the book of your soul.

That, in this new cycle, your memory may recall the passage of each Instruction delivered, and that your spirit may be enriched with the impulses of light sent by My Heart.

That each one of My Messages may serve you as encouragement, strength and hope so that, someday, when you are before the portal of My Presence, your consciousness may definitively surrender to Me, in love and in trust.

Let My last Words not only be written within the book of your soul, but also each vibration emitted by My Voice fill the deepest place of your being so that you may learn, through My Messages, to be in Communion with Me.

You will still cross deserts. You will still feel loneliness.

You will still find the bitter drink of gall, like the one I drank for the last time on the Cross.

But you will never feel abandoned, despised or offended because if in truth you have been with Me, each test will be an opportunity of taking a new step.

You have renounced in order to follow Me. You have surrendered your family to God to follow My steps and, after having lived and experienced so many challenges, you are here today, before Me.

I know what it means for you to leave everything. I know what it means for you to surrender everything.

Do not forget that I was a human like you, who experienced, in His own flesh, the abandonment and the loneliness of the heart.

But That One, who is above everything, That One, who is beyond everything, will always place you in His Arms because He knows that you are fragile, small and inexperienced.

The Celestial Father will always give you His Love, for you to live it.

My Words engrave in your soul the inner treasures, which will prepare you so that someday, soon, you may recognize Me. And on this day, without adversity, without suffering and without anguish, you may sit at My Table to share the Bread of Life and of Renewal.

Remember that I always want to be within you.


Through My Heart, find the perfect reason to unite in spirit to God and thus be able to capture the impulses of the Divine Source.

My Heart is the portal of salvation which, again and again, I offer to the most sinful so that, encouraged by My Love, they feel within themselves the call to the conversion of the heart.

My Heart is the Temple of God that unconditionally opens to receive all of humanity and thus help it to find the path toward the light, Mercy, and the good.

See then how many wonders of love my heart can fulfill in all those who accept the Lord and let the Source of Divine Mercy act in the souls.

For this reason, My silent Heart is that portal for finding a so awaited spiritual healing.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Brothers and sisters,

On this day and in a special way I ask the Marian Centers to construct the symbol of an illuminated blue cross for you to carry during the procession of the 5th and 6th days of January.  This cross will serve for the liberation of impure spirits that wander without direction or destiny throughout the world.

Also, if you fulfill this request My Mercy will help those consciousnesses that have been tied up for centuries in this world and I will carry them all with Me directly to the Kingdom of Redemption.

The illuminated blue cross during the procession on the evenings of the 5th and 6th days of January will transmute as light all of the evil presences that circulate around the world.  This illuminated blue cross will be carried by the hands of a consecrated monk so that the monastic presence, of consecrated life in the whole world, may also be helped by My Mercy.

The blue cross is the living symbol of the presence of Emmanuel.  For this the construction of this cross must be done with precision because it must illuminate the inner spaces of the consciousnesses that participate in this Christic procession.

Through this universal symbol of the blue cross, the Lord of the Universe will see from Heaven, with eyes of compassion, the offer of His Children.  To those that may walk behind the cross will be opened again the paths that may be closed and God, as Emmanuel, will pour His Compassion during these days, spiritually liberating the ties of those who are oppressed in the visible level and in the invisible one.

In this way the Son and the Father will again be offering an opportunity for those hearts that may unite themselves to the powerful symbol of the blue cross.  Because blue will be the Sky that will give the sign of return of Christ, blue will be the portal that the new apostles must cross, blue will be the Heart that in the dark night will illuminate the entire world. 

I give you all the simple keys for you to know how to open the doors to redemption.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


The supreme angels are the ones who accompany My Celestial Commands that liberate the souls of the world from the prisons that are imposed on them when they live in constant sin.

All this angelic mission also radiates My Powerful Rays of Mercy, those that give the opportunity of liberation for all.  Now the supreme angels of Heaven are preparing to remove from the eyes of the world the bandages of illusion and of material desire for trivial things.

But it will be necessary that the prayerful hearts on the Earth participate in these redeeming commands through the merciful prayer of the heart.  In this way your feet will walk through safe trails in order to find in the next time the portal towards Paradise.

Permit that the bandages of your eyes also be removed by My Sacred Hands.  I promise that you will not suffer, but that you will see emerging the light of My Mercy as a Solar Grace in the horizon.

See in this time the true necessity of serving without tiring your fellow humans because only between you and I we will construct the emergence of the new humanity.  May the supreme angels guide the infinite path of your souls, may your sacred instruments be prepared for the unexpected battle against the wiles of hell.  In the same way that once I was three days in hell I will return to carry the light to the eternal obscurity.

Implore your Father for Pity and Mercy. It is time to live in My Perpetual Vigilance.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Warrior Heart!

Christ Jesus


That My Peace may remain in your hearts!

Today, through My Peace and My Merciful Love for you, a new flower has blossomed, a flower that has emanated an aroma as that of a lovely fruit created by God.  And this aroma of Piety and Love has been radiated to all the world through all of those who said yes to the great challenges that My Father gave them out of love for your conversion.

And this flower that today has bloomed, is the flower of the Immaculate Heart, the one that was gestated in the essence of each one of the children of God.

To sow this new seed has meant several challenges for the consciousnesses; in the end after the trials, the transcendences and most important, after that donation, a part of the Plan of God has been accomplished.

And this flower gave good seeds, those that were expanded in many hearts that were closed to God, in hearts distant from God and in hearts that were not redeemed by the love of God.

Through the perseverance, the love, the faith and the service surrendered by the children of My Holy Mother, a new light for the world was born; after so many months, the Saving Portal of Christ and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was born.

Among confirmations, decisions and the overcoming on the part of the soldiers of the Virgin Mary, something very important was constructed among the consciousnesses: Love for the Divine Purpose of God. This love placed by each one of the children, was true and simple, this love touched in the deep of the Heart of God and He, one more time, poured His Grace and His Piety through the sacred presence at your side of the Universal Mother, of the Queen of the World for this world.

She in Her maternal sweetness and in silence, walked at the side of Her children, who without knowing why, said yes to Her blessed and important call.  And for these fruits of effort and love that the soldiers of the Most Holy Virgin have placed, other suns and other stars now shine in the universal firmament; new souls that were in the dark lit up again by only observing the light of the Great Immaculate Portal.

In all of this work that your Blessed Mother had, a great mystery was revealed before your eyes, the mystery of selfless and surrendered love, the same that I lived for you on the Cross.


My dears:

An important universal and celestial movement is happening today because  six consecutive months are completed in which My Sacerdotal Consciousness has descended from the Heaven of My Father to daily encounter with you, My little and beloved flock in redemption.

For this reason today I am mercifully present together with My first representative on the Earth and the ambassador of Peace: the Apostle Saint Peter. Today I want that, after these six months of infinite mercies each one of My companions meditate and reflect from the consciousness on the mature steps of surrender and faith that you have been able to take towards My Sacred Heart. I want that you meditate on your beloved interest for My daily Instructions. Within the six next months, during which you will once again see My Beloved Presence, this last cycle will be fulfilled.

After your inner study of consciousness I want that you comprehend and perceive what is it that has happened in each one of you and what were the true fruits that were born in your hearts. Today I do not call your attention but I call you to the awakening of spiritual maturity.

You know, My friends, that the world is going through a grave spiritual crisis; that each day that passes has repercussions in all of the beings and in the definitive decisions of life. It is a path to the great Universal Judgment that will come for all humanity. A judgment is Mercy and Grace because through the cause of pity and service for which you work, many will achieve Mercy.

In this way today I reveal to you My Heart in pain for the great sins of the world, those which grow more rapidly than the quantity of prayers that are offered.

After these six months of daily messages I am removing My children from the garden and I am bringing them to the firsts steps of maturity and of the true wisdom for your spirits.

On this day may your consciousness detain itself to meditate on this important Christic call to cross the portal with maturity towards My Sacred Heart.  God hopes that His children grow up in faith, in hope, so that you may awake reverence in your beings each time that you pray together with Me at three in the afternoon. 


I want My voice to be conducted to each space of this world.

I want My message to be diffused as the wind that permeates everything.

I want you to breathe the air of My Mercy, so that My Peace reigns in your lives.

I want My words to be the guiding star of your hearts, the only breath of your souls, the Source of Redemption and Faith for your spirits.

I come in Spirit, in Divine consciousness, to announce that it is near the day in which My feet will touch the Earth and all that live in the world will have knowledge of My Presence.

I hope that today, while I come in Spirit and My Fire transforms your hearts little by little, each one of you can prepare yourselves to receive Me.

Prepare in truth a dwelling place for Me in your hearts. Clean your spirits and cleanse your souls, because today My Mercy touches you and tomorrow My Divine Fire will touch you. This way nothing will be hidden from the eyes of the great Master.

Confess today your hearts with Me, surrender yourselves to the Universal Love that flows from My Divine Essence. I Am the Shepherd for your souls and I aspire to prepare My Flock to cross the portal that will take you to the Infinite.

My Companions must bare their feet, surrendering whatever ties them to the material world. Place before the King of the Universe everything that today you are not able to understand.

Aspire with fervor to be ready so that your eyes meet with My Living Glance and that your hearts at last merge themselves with the Heart of the Master.

Walk tirelessly towards My Mercy. My Arms open for each one that searches for Me, My Heart welcomes the ones that arrive before Me, and I knock tirelessly at the doors of the ones who do not listen to Me.

Come to Me, enter in My Ocean of Redemption and Peace.

I want to conduct you to the Eternal Encounter with My Father, the Creator.

Purify your interior, be capable of looking with sincerity at yourselves and when facing everything you are in virtue and in misery, strip yourselves of what you see and say in reverence: "Master, I trust in You."

I thank you for listening to My Words with the heart and for coming to My Encounter.

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of souls.


Meditate on the essence of life. Close your eyes and, with deep breaths, enter into the depth of your being, within your heart. Imagine your physical body, your cells and atoms, the systems that, with perfection, give you life.

Enter into what you are, starting with the expression of your soul in the matter of your body. Begin to penetrate more deeply into your heart and discover that, beyond matter, there is life.

Find within you the door to your own soul, to your spirit, to your essence. Contemplate, in the deepest level of your heart, a bright and pure light, a divine essence, and remain silent before it. Feel its purity and its crystalline light, which shines independently of what is around it.

Enter into this light inside of you and see how it is formed by many other small and similar lights, but of an unknown purity. Its brightness does not have a color that you can distinguish because there is nothing in nature or in the imagination of men that resembles it.

Enter more deeply into this light, made of little lights, and see your consciousness submerged in it, as if you were immersed into a deep light that dazzles your eyes, but fills your heart.

Enter this endless light and perceive that the little lights which form it gradually become large when compared to your consciousness. See that between them a space of a deep blue color, like the sky at night,  gradually opens. The little lights that form your essence begin to spread throughout this infinity. Contemplate the suns, galaxies, and planets that appear before your interior.

See, child, this is what you are: a principle of an infinite Creation. Within your interior is kept the door to the Cosmos. You dwell in God, and He dwells in you. And if you find this truth, you will feel no more emptiness or loneliness, because nothing will be separate.

Life is within you and you are within life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



When I talk to you about universal life, many look around and see an abysmal distance that exists between what I say and what you live as humanity.

The approach to the universal life must be first in consciousness because I tell you that, for many, from one day to another the barriers of illusion will fall to the ground and Truth will become visible to the human eye. Those who always ignored it will fear and will think they are crazy; those who had a mere idea about it will fear and will not enter the portals that will open in front of their eyes; and those who know it and live it will wait for it and, anxious for finding it, will recognize it before their eyes and will cross without fear the portals that will lead them to a new life.

Believe that what I tell you, children, is not a tale or fantasy. Blessed are those who launch themselves with their hearts into the unveiling of the celestial mysteries and who, in humility, empty their own interior to become the vessels of the universal Truth.

Be attentive to the celestial guide and try with dedication and hope to live what we tell you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter into the Heart of God and find there the possibility to overcome obstacles and limits and to live that which today seems impossible and unthinkable to you.

Children, this is the time not only of miracles, but also of truths. It is the time in which the human consciousness must approach what it really is and no longer be linked to limitations that are imposed by ignorance and blindness from this world.

In many cycles and in many eras, humanity got near Truth, but showed to the Universe that it had not yet reached a degree of sufficient love to be able to remember the past, the origin, and with this, to remember everything that must be healed and redeemed in the depth of each being.

After the example given by My Son Jesus and, after His Spirit of Love continued awakening and teaching, each heart that opened itself to love and to forgive, at least a part of the human consciousness is already minimally ready to find Truth.

In order not to get confused and to commit the same mistakes of the past, - when the Creator tried to reveal the universal life to you -, you must be humble in mind, emotions, intentions, heart, soul and spirit. And this humility does not come from carelessness with yourselves or with a self-martyrdom.

The humility of which I talk to you is the simple act of recognizing that you have always been asleep in this world and, even though what you are – in truth, in spirit – seems to be larger and full of power, know that there is no greater power than the Power of God and that every power that tries to impose itself to the Divine Power is simple human force, that – with a blow from the Highest – transforms itself into dust, into nothing.

To enter into the universal life, you must first feel it, let yourself be permeated by it as children that are before a new world. Do not want to know and do not think you already know. Do not want to be and do not think you are something. Only be before the Portals for the Cosmos, knowing that the only necessary thing in this moment is the humility of the heart and the certainty that to cross these portals you must have within yourselves the experience of love, of true love, that transcends one’s own needs and that even transcend one’s own life.



God will not always speak to your ear and heart because there will come a moment in which His Voice will become silence and life within you.

You will no longer hear from the Lord His Words, as you hear them now, and this will dictate the moment of being One with the Father and that His Voice may not be pronounced from the outside inward, but within you for the whole world.

When the Creator silences and only observes the world, will be the time for the voices of His creatures to resound. It will be the moment to live the unity with God, so that from the being itself emerges the guidance for humanity.

The last test of the human heart will be the absolute solitude, solitude in which it will find itself spiritually as race and as consciousness. It will be the solitude of humanity with itself. And, in this moment, child, it will be only up to the human heart to find the exit to live love and truth.

Those who build unity with the Father will not hesitate or fear because their thought, feeling and action will be One with the Thought, Felling and Action of God. And those who do not know the Creator and never searched for Him will live the test of trusting their brothers and sisters in order not to get lost.

Those who claimed to be self-assured will see themselves facing an abyss and will want to turn back, without having where to go. The brave and trustful of God – and not of themselves – will launch themselves without fear and will enter the portals that lead to a new time, to the real time.

Child, among symbols and literalities, I make you know a part of truth. The only certainty you can have, before My words, is that whoever builds now a unity with the Father in their spirit will not get lost – but only from themselves.

Therefore, before wanting to know exactly what I say to you, search for the essence of My teaching and unite yourself, without delay, to the Creator, so that when your time comes of experiencing solitude, God will be with you, because He will be in you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.