Thursday, July 21 of 2016

Daily messages

Enter into the Heart of God and find there the possibility to overcome obstacles and limits and to live that which today seems impossible and unthinkable to you.

Children, this is the time not only of miracles, but also of truths. It is the time in which the human consciousness must approach what it really is and no longer be linked to limitations that are imposed by ignorance and blindness from this world.

In many cycles and in many eras, humanity got near Truth, but showed to the Universe that it had not yet reached a degree of sufficient love to be able to remember the past, the origin, and with this, to remember everything that must be healed and redeemed in the depth of each being.

After the example given by My Son Jesus and, after His Spirit of Love continued awakening and teaching, each heart that opened itself to love and to forgive, at least a part of the human consciousness is already minimally ready to find Truth.

In order not to get confused and to commit the same mistakes of the past, - when the Creator tried to reveal the universal life to you -, you must be humble in mind, emotions, intentions, heart, soul and spirit. And this humility does not come from carelessness with yourselves or with a self-martyrdom.

The humility of which I talk to you is the simple act of recognizing that you have always been asleep in this world and, even though what you are – in truth, in spirit – seems to be larger and full of power, know that there is no greater power than the Power of God and that every power that tries to impose itself to the Divine Power is simple human force, that – with a blow from the Highest – transforms itself into dust, into nothing.

To enter into the universal life, you must first feel it, let yourself be permeated by it as children that are before a new world. Do not want to know and do not think you already know. Do not want to be and do not think you are something. Only be before the Portals for the Cosmos, knowing that the only necessary thing in this moment is the humility of the heart and the certainty that to cross these portals you must have within yourselves the experience of love, of true love, that transcends one’s own needs and that even transcend one’s own life.

Place the spirit before the Cosmos, the Universe, the Origin and ask the Father for the grace to be humble and to learn and live true love. Because the time is coming to return and to consecrate this world to truth, overthrowing the false kingdoms built on Earth with the Power of the Divine Light.

Children, this is the last hour to build, within yourselves, that fortress that will cross the portals and the dimensions; that will recognize the past, the origin, the mistakes made; that will accept redemption; that will ask for forgiveness and that will surrender to the Cosmos – in the crystal of the heart – the experience of love as a symbol of absolute adhesion to the Divine Will and, as a visible sign for the universe, that the thousand years of peace have begun.

Today keep My Words in the heart and let them approach you a little to Truth because, even if only little by little, it is time to remember.

Your Father and Friend of all eras and of all cycles,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph