My children, feel My Love and My Peace, because I contemplate your efforts, your difficulties and your deepest abysses, into where My light enters today so that your hearts may find the peace, the forgiveness and the redemption of God.

My children, feel My Grace because, while contemplating your mission and the bravery of your spirits, which day by day stand up from the falls and try not to succumb to the temptations of the world, I pour out a divine atonement upon you. Thus, by means of My Grace, may you find the path to unite to God and may you recover hope to transcend your own miseries and reach the Heart of the Father.

My Heart comes today to the Marian Center of the Child King to send a message to the world, expressing that, to those who strive to transform and transcend, help will come, and much beyond the darkness that dwells within your inner abysses, the light of your essences will shine because God, with His own Hands, will open the paths, will remove the obstacles and will liberate the darkness so that you may recognize that within you there is a truth, which is beyond appearances and illusions.

Everyone is pure to the Eyes of God, and the stains imprinted upon your souls, by the world and by human experiences, will be able to be washed, healed and cleansed by the power of My maternal Love.

Allow My Light to touch you, allow My Peace to heal you, every time it be necessary. May My Love liberate you and reveal to you who you truly are.

You are My children, My little and pure children, essences that arose from My Creator Womb, from the Fount of My Purity. A part of My Immaculate Heart dwells within you. For this reason, let Me reveal Myself within you, as a light that illuminates your souls, as a divine joy that springs forth from your spirits, as a new and divine hope.divine joy that springs forth from your spirits, as a new and divine hope.


Dear children,

After the Meeting of Music yesterday, Amazonia has been prepared so that, through the Grace of the Divine Son, it may receive all the Light of the Universe that it will need in order to go through the end of times, as a Kingdom.

Aside from that, dear children, today your Divine Mother will prepare, by means of the prayers of Her beloved children, to enter into scenes of humanity where the suffering of the most little and innocent ones becomes worst, day by day.

For this reason, the Mother of God, the Sun of Life, will reach all the little and innocent ones, in different parts of the world, to help them and rescue them from this spiritual, mental and material condition in which hunger, persecution from war, exploitation of children and also undue trafficking of organs are carried out by a part of adult humanity that has completely lost the sense of discernment and the value that family represents.

My children, I not only will go towards those who despair, in these conditions of survival, but also, as Mother of the spiritual healing of humanity, I will come to hospitals and institutes where bodily suffering retains the departure of the little innocent souls that cannot manage to be freed from their incarnation.

Today, by a special Grace and by the sincere prayers of all servers of the Earth, I will concede immediate relief for this inhumane situation.

Therefore, My children, your support and participation, by means of the Vigil of Prayer, will contribute to and grant that the most innocent may find the relief and rest they so much need.

I will also come to the inappropriate and hidden spaces where the future mothers decide, by the interference of the enemy, to remove from their wombs the lives and love that God gave to them.

Within the coming and awaited for meeting, in the Marian Center of the Child King, on September 25th, I will come to ask all the collaborators of this Work of Love not to forget to help and serve the children, adolescents and youth that are in the Community of the New Earth, because they are the reflection of this part of humanity that needs healing, love and understanding.


To My beloved Africa

Dear children,

Today we will dedicate this work of prayer for the innocent and poorest souls of Africa so that, after each one of them has gone through the learning of misery, of suffering and of pain, it may receive the grace of being before the celestial glory.

Now, with My first and initial monastery of consecrated nuns in Angola, the entire Work is called by the Mother of God to collaborate in some way toward this mission of charity and of service that has just begun.

Just as My beloved Son asked Mother Teresa of Calcutta to serve and be among the poorest of the poor, today I, as the Lady of the Poor and of the Holy Innocent, ask each child of Mine who listens to Me, to be in Africa with the poorest among the poorest, especially with the most innocent, with My little children, with the orphan children and those abandoned by their own families.

I wish that the entire Work, just as all those who are awakening through it, may have in their prayers My beloved Africa so that the celestial goods that will convert into help and humanitarian service can descend from Heaven to be offered in Africa.

With all of this request, My children, the ardent wish of your Heavenly Mother is to bring love to those who do not have it and relief to those who suffer.

This is the time when injustice and inequality afflict the most innocent and poor, those who have nothing. But also, My children, this is the time of miracles, miracles that your own lives can accomplish through your donation, your support and your service to My little children of Africa.

This Work, blessed by the Celestial Father, has the mission of bringing love in order to heal the pain of the world, not only with an expression of tenderness for the one who has never received it, but also through a gesture of service and love to those poorest among the poor.


Dear children,

On the eve of the beginning of the powerful novena of the Mystery of the Rosary for the families of the world*, I ask you, my children, to bear in mind that, in each new offering of the Mystery of the Rosary that you will perform, I, as Mother of the families of the world, will be there, next to each praying heart that will be responding to My call for love and mercy.

The inner meaning of this next novena will not only be to place the divided and distracted families of the whole world in the Merciful Heart of God, but also to prepare those who pray and the devotees for the day of the sacred Christmas Eve; the moment when the Divine Son will impart His sacerdotal blessing over all from the spiritual plane, specially over the families of the whole world, so that the Attributes of God, those that were in the Holy Family of Nazareth, may be present again in the families of today.

For this reason, My children, have absolute confidence that your prayers will remove the families, who are in danger, from dark and unpleasant situations that affect the support of marriages, as well as the emotional and psychic stability of children.

This next novena will try to be a balm of light and love that will expand through the praying word, through the intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May the graces of unity in the family, strength in the marriages and peace for all the children of each family descend through this loving novena of the Rosary for the families of the whole world so that the guardian angels may safeguard the steps of each family member.

For this response, that all who pray will be giving to the Most Pure Mother of God, I now thank you for responding to My call!

Remember, my children, to recite, only once, after the Mystery of the Holy Rosary, the prayer to the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Who blesses you for this sacred spiritual task,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


*Spiritual exercise to perform in front of the Nativity manger, during nine days, from December 16 to December 24, 2018.


Today I arrive at one of My poorest homes in the world, where the spirit of charity and of reparation are fully lived, where the Grace of God, although it may not seem so, is present there because there are simple hearts, full of love for service and for assisting those most in need.

Today I come with the ardent desire and with great aspiration that My children, who today are visiting this humble home, as well as all the Children of Mary consecrated in Ecuador and in the world, piously help in the manifestation of My first Chapel so that, within it, the first mass of giving thanks may be celebrated for this present from God.

Secondly, I desire the manifestation and the concretion of the house of the religious, and also the rest of the installations so that in a harmonious way all of the spaces can exist that are necessary to carry forward the support of the charity work with the children.

Thirdly, I desire that more collaborators help in the food and nutritional support of the children, as well as in the medical and dental assistance.

My wish is that these children that I am visiting today, as well as the consecrated religious that live here, have all that they need to be able to go through these times in which humanity must learn to live charity and mercy with their fellow beings.

If all this can be fulfilled at the end of this year, your Heavenly Mother promises to return to the Santísima Trinidad Community so that the Power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may bless all the manifestations that were carried out.

Lastly, I want to establish an oratory where the children and their parents may learn to pray the Rosary with the support of all the Children of Mary.

If all this is taken ahead in a spirit of true compromise, I assure you, dear children, that all of these children will someday have spiritual dignity and will be able to be the example for the next stage of humanity.

I am happy to be among the most simple. I am here because I love the littlest ones.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It is the Will of God, dear children, that the Work of Love and Redemption of the Divine Messengers reach, in an ecumenical, fraternal and serviceable way to the youngest ones in the world: to all the children.

After establishing the international agreement of cooperation between all the nations  with the different refugees of the world, and on the eve of the special meeting of Mercy, God is asking you to take one more step, as Work, and this step will now, be planetary.

It is thus that through your mission and humanitarian services, without religion or creed, but yes of a loving and open heart, your Heavenly Mother needs to reach through you, the most unprotected children in the world, those who suffer the wars, the conflicts between nations, poverty, illness and persecution.

Until now, the Planetary Missionary Network was in an ambit of training and preparation. From today, the Planetary Missionary Network will be integrated by the contribution and service of one part of the Work, which is the Planetary Light Network.

In that way, dear children, it is the Aspiration of God that, by means of union and brotherhood with the international organizations, this Work attend, on an international level, to the children of the world in situations of war, of conflicts and disintegration of their families, so that My Maternal and Immaculate Heart intervenes in the rescue of those essences.

From this new cycle, after the last 8th of August, the situation of the service and assistance to humanity by the Whole Work hás changed and has expanded on a world level.

I would like you to understood that, through your hands and your hearts, your Heavenly Mother will try to reach all those suffering souls, the ones that for different circumstances have lost contact with love and hope.

In this phase, the Order founded by My Beloved Son will also perform specific functions within this humanitarian service.

That is why you must be available, because through the international organizations you will be able to attend and serve, for Christ, in nations of the world never concurred or visited by your group, where situations of risk or malnutrition of innocent children unchain.


I will always hold My children in My arms; I will shelter them and I will protect them, even if, crossing the desert of these times, all the beasts stand against them and against Me.

I will always hold My children in My arms, because they are for the Creator the greatest treasure of all of His Creation; they are part of My Womb and the blood that flows in their veins comes from the fount that rises from My Immaculate Heart.

I will always hold My children in My arms, even when this desert passes and we find the New Jerusalem, the promised Land, where the Will of the Creator reigns and where there is no other that triumphs except the Father.

My children, I have you in My arms, crossing the great desert of these times, where assaults persecute the Mother and the children of God. However, My steps of light cannot be overtaken and there will be no darkness capable of stopping Me. Therefore, I will only ask you to keep yourselves in My arms and to not fear.

I have you placed in My Heart, where the love that I feel for souls and for Life defeats any darkness and converts any evil. Let your heads rest on this Heart and only hold yourselves tightly in My arms, because one day the desert will end and then the House of the Father will come, the safe Dwelling Place for the one thousand years of Peace.

While you are in My arms, the cold winds may blow and the night may fall upon us, but the Sun of My Essence is unquenchable and will always illumine the path. That one who is in My arms will not be lost, because I will walk with them and protect them.

Be innocent and surrendered like children; let Me hold you in My arms and show you that without your Celestial Mother there is no life. I sustain you, I protect you and shield you in the desert and beyond it.

There will be days, children, in which you will feel lost, because the desert sometimes seems to have no end, but keep yourselves in My arms, pray with Me and listen to the whisper of My sweet voice in your hearts, saying: "I am here."

My children are the greatest treasure of Creation, it does not matter what error they have committed or how they have deviated from the path, because errors and deviations are the result of the learning process that they experience in this world. Do not mistake what you do with what you are. Seek the truth within yourselves and keep yourselves in My arms.


To close the eyes to superficial life and open the consciousness to non-material life

Dear children,

After having been on pilgrimage through the United States of America, crossing the nation from one end to the other, your Heavenly Mother, by request of the Father, finishes Her pilgrimage in Orlando, a place where illusion and fantasy are the main content of the life of many souls, which we call entertainment.

To close the eyes to superficial life and open the consciousness to non-material life

The Father has sent Me to bring a little consciousness, and in this way, be able to remove from deceit millions of souls that are submerged in this plane, and most of all, who confirm it and believe it.

The children are the main object of the elaboration of gruesome plans, coated with beautiful artistic fantasies that cause all the attention to be placed on the superficial, leaving consciousnesses very hypnotized for quite some time, without reasoning ability or logic and with a lack of discernment.

To close the eyes to superficial life and open the consciousness to non-material life

The Plan of My adversary was well made, because through entertainments, people forget they have a soul which is capable of evolving and of growing spiritually.

In this way, the inner senses of the consciousness are blocked and replaced by external stimuli, filled with fanaticism, desires, and ambitions. All these effects have an impact on the spiritual plan of the soul, especially when a life of prayer does not exist or is not practiced.

To close the eyes to superficial life and open the consciousness to non-material life

The games that the world offers at this present time encourage constant competition and separation among people, leaving great gaps in the space of the consciousness that are used to inseminate codes opposed to love and to truth; for instance, codes of power, of ownership, and of excessive consumption, generating an imbalance in all the planes of consciousness.

Entertainment was a complete deviation from the Purpose, because it was an energy that from the beginning attracted other false needs, capable of controlling and of manipulating the life of people through systems created for this purpose.

To close the eyes to superficial life and open the consciousness to non-material life


When your hearts show themselves as children, I cannot see your faults, because they are erased from the Universe the moment you enter into prayer.

It is for this reason that with that inner youthfulness, the Father loves you more and more, because you manage to express the purity of the heart and this is reflected in the life of each being.

Do not lose time and love being like children in the arms of your Heavenly Mother, because in this way, with your innocence, you will allow the positive action of the Law of Grace to be drawn to you.

In your inner youthfulness there is no error, no evil, and no pain. Yearn every day, dear children, to be together with your Heavenly Mother so that I may teach you to find the path of love and of peace, because as long as you attain this state of an inner child and of innocence before My eyes, you do not need to worry about anything, because your Most Holy Mother will guide you to the Celestial Kingdom.

It is this inner and sublime purity that I hope will be born in you every day, because in this time humanity needs these codes in order to purify itself.

My Beloved Son will always be your example and company to live these sacred attributes of upliftment and of union with the Creator.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who loves you in the original purity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My beloved children,

While the world agonizes and My adversary tries to write a different future for the Earth through the wounds set in the hearts and spirits of the children and youths that live through wars, My maternal Spirit of love tries to bring you into balance and into the reparation of the human heart.

Children, the deep wounds that are being spiritually stamped in the children and youths of today causes hatred and resentment, the eagerness to start new wars, and vengeance to grow in the hearts of My little ones, and extinguishes inside of them the fear of God, the possibility of loving, of finding peace, of expressing harmony, beauty, fraternity, purity, and compassion.

The youths and the children who suffer today due to wars, and who even actively participate in them — forced or led by the resentment in their hearts – are souls that have come to the world to render a service, to express a divine attribute, and to take to the Universe a learning of love and unity.

So that this Plan of the Creator is not lost and is not modified by the hands of the adversary, I call on you to balance, to generate unity, peace, harmony, and fraternity. I call on you to disseminate love, and the possibility of experiencing on Earth a healthy life that is full of God. I call on all the youth of the planet to collaborate in the redemption, not only of their own being, but also to be caretakers of the future of the whole of humanity; caretakers of the divine project whose manifestation will be their responsibility in the coming time.

My Children, the Youth Festival for Peace is not only a meeting of fun for youths, as are so many festivals that take place throughout the world. The Youth Festival for Peace is the seed of a new life that I am planting in the consciousness of those who must carry forward the Plans of the Most High; of those who must transcend themselves and all of the mundane influences and superficialities to express a divine archetype, based on love, on unity, and on fraternity.

Today I call all the youths of the world to unite in heart and in spirit with the Youth Festival for Peace, where they will express themselves through art, song, creativity, spirit, and will speak the language of the heart through the prayer that is found in all these things.


Dear favorite children,

How much joy feels My Maternal Heart, how much gladness and gratitude My Holy spirit receives by seeing you reunited in this house of Mine, a house of prayer for the spiritual world of My consecrated children.

United in My universal oratory, the Lord is able to intercede for the seriously mistaken souls that neither listen to their hearts nor listen to God.

Dear children, through your daily offer, as the Queen of Peace, I can help the world, mainly the most little ones in the East, those which day by day despair for the lack of paternity and care.

Today I come from Heaven to ask you to adopt a child in your prayers, to pray for a child of the East as if they were your child or your brother or sister.  So if each one of you adopts a little child in your prayers, you will help Your Heavenly Mother to be able to intercede and to carry all children in Her arms of peace and maternity.

What makes this world to darken is the lack of love and charity, for this, children, I come to teach you and remind you the Plan of God, which is forgotten and replaced by the modernities of the world.

From My Maternal Spirit I come to gestate in your beings a new gift, the gift of peace and meekness, something that humanity does not live completely.  With you hearts peaceful and meek many calamities may be avoided and it will not be necessary to learn through sorrow.

Children, with the spiritual adoption of a child of the Middle East in your daily prayers, you will allow the guardian angels to intercede for the loneliness and outrage that My most little children suffer.

I wish you will please My Heart with this act of love, in this way you will also make My Immaculate Heart triumph!

I thank you, My children, for cooperating with My call for Peace!

Who loves you and reunites you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I come to the world as Healing Mother, healer of the souls and hearts that suffer the most. I come to say to you that My Love is the cure for all evils, at any level of the bodies, because there is nothing that before God and His infinite piety, that under the intercession of His Servant, cannot be healed.

My beloveds, My presence in the world is the cure for all the faults of humanity; it is the cure for all the kingdoms of nature; it is the cure for the planet itself, that today agonizes permanently.

This love that I bring to you, and which is the perfect remedy for all evils, must be poured over the world, by means of clean, pure, true and simple vessels, that may reflect the Love that I bring to you day by day.

For this I come to My little children in order to form those who will be the mirrors of My Peace and My Mercy, through which I will testify to My presence on Earth.

Those who do not see Me nor feel Me, will see Me and feel Me in the eyes and the heart of those children of Mine who have surrendered their lives completely in My arms, and no longer live for themselves, but for God.

Beloved children, to live the imitation of the Servant of God, and to express on Earth equality with Her, you must first open yourselves truly to live this wonderful fact, and then you must persist eternally on the path of constantly falling and standing up. Because in order that I may live in the hearts and Be in your lives, all of that which is not similar to My Heart must be extirpated and, for many, letting go of what one is not, in order to be empty before God, this is and will be very painful. But do not be afraid and seek to love this purpose of life, because Love itself can act also, and transform that which is ingrained in your consciousnesses.

Do not worry if you are not perfect and if you constantly discover that what was a great and immutable truth to you yesterday, has become a poor illusion today. The eyes that mature are transformed and, for every child it is difficult to abandon the illusions of childhood, but it is still even greater what awaits in the maturity.

Beloved children, you are no longer children in spirit nor in consciousness, and the moment has come to mature and to live in matter what you already know that exists in the silence of the heart. I only ask you to never be discouraged and that you may be able to become malleable creatures in the hands of the Creator.

From the heart of the Universe today I come to your encounter because, in the name of Jesus, my Maternal Soul comes to heal and restore hearts.

For this, dear children, today I invite you again to enter inside of My Immaculate Heart so that your dwellings above all may encounter, see and feel the Omnipotent Presence of God. If only you enter into My Immaculate and Maternal Heart your little lives will be quenching the great thirst that My Son has for all souls.

For this My children, may today your hearts be the fountain that emanates love and devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus. Dear children, may your essences be as the unceasing water that transforms into in rivers of mercy through services, quenching the thirst for love and for peace of all the souls of the world.

As the Mother of the Universe and of the Earth today I come to manifest to you My Love, before a time of great changes in the consciousnesses and in the life of all My children.

Little children, facing the great mistakes that are committed day by day by humanity, today I invite you to consider your lives of prayer as an exercise that repairs the Kingdom of Heaven. For this, may your lives never forget to encounter the inner child, because in this way My Son will pour over you the gifts and graces of Redemption and Mercy.

If the world would only pray a little more the Light of the Highest will be as another fount that will calm the thirst of all of His children. But, meanwhile hearts exist that are closed to my Maternal Call to My Children.

Yet it is only necessary to grow as grows a seed from the inner of the earth. But for this seed there must not be lack of the Water of Life, the unceasing fountain that will cause to emerge the true hearts in the creatures.

My esteemed children, I am here to teach you to walk under the Love of God and so that your eyes do not lose the view of Mercy on the horizon.

Dear children, today I invite you to love the Creation as God has manifested it for all, and this will start through your love of the magnificence of the Kingdoms of the Lord.

Pray with fervor for this world. I call you so that during this day you remain in My Maternal Kingdom of Love, because you will need it, and also humanity. For this today we will invade with love the empty hearts that are without God.

You are on time to change from the heart! For this I am with you!

I thank you for responding to My call!

My Children:

In the advent of the new time for this world, times of changes and learning, today I ask you for more prayer, a prayer that sprouts as a fountain from your hearts, a prayer that will help the world, a prayer that will alleviate the great burden of humanity.

Prayer will always bring clarity to you, wisdom and good discernment for the moments that will arrive to humanity. For this, as your lives are yet living in an unusual time, it is necessary dear children to be with attention and vigilance from the consciousness and from the heart.

Meanwhile the world continues repeating mistakes that have already become irreparable. My Maternal Heart comes to humanity to bring light and mercy.

I know that to you, some of My children judge the truth of My existence and of My apparitions.

For this dear children, today I tell you that the always Blessed Virgin Mary, Universal Mother, and Queen of Peace, has been among you since many years ago.

God gave me the permission to send My saving message to all My children, for this many hearts were participants of My apparitions throughout the entire year.

Dear children, facing the hunger of the humanity, facing the wars that are awakening between the brothers’ and sisters’ hearts, facing the great loss of children and teenagers, facing the changes and the perdition that many younger people are experiencing, and facing many things more that today are unknown to you. I tell you.

Prayer! prayer! prayer! and prayer, as if it was the last time, and recognize from this day on the Celestial Grace that you have received through the loving intercession of My Immaculate Heart.

My children, today you are adults in your life of prayer, for this with maturity and charity serve for peace and for mercy for everywhere in this world.

This is my last and definitive call for humanity:

Pray! pray! and pray! so that more souls may be participants in the presence of the Masters and Savior.

Dear children, you have within your hands and between your lips the path of salvation, of Grace, of Mercy. You have within your lives the infinite power of prayers. You must love prayer and feel it in the depths of your souls.

Dear children, you are in My Heart, for this you are being awakened from the dream of this world, for the Universal Love from the Queen of Peace.

Be in Me.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My Call.

Today I want for all of My children the infinite joy of serving God with the heart and to aspire to live in the Celestial Kingdom of Eternity.

For this reason, dear children, today I invite you to work in the name of peace and in the name of the merciful hope that My Son wants to awaken in your hearts.  Through the sincere prayer of the heart your dwelling will be prepared to receive the advent of the Holy Spirit upon the Earth.

For this My children, the daily prayer is important for this time, because humanity must reconcile itself with God through the deepest praying dialogue that is born from the heart.

Dear children, today also I ask you to remember each one of the passages that Jesus had on this earth, and each one of the simple teachings that He left to you, so that all of you may live the conversion of the heart.

Opening My merciful arms they irradiate to all with My Graces so that My little children may walk in the honesty and in the truth of the heart.

Dear children, you need to be truthful and do not loose time so that in this way you may transform your hearts because Christ Jesus will be approaching your lives to show you the Will of the Lord.

My children, today I call you to open the doors of your hearts and to remain in the Infinite Light of the Creator.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

Today I call you to enter through your hearts into the eternal Light of My Son. Today I call you to live the attribute of the reverence and of the devotion to the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

Dear children, by means of the permanent act of the prayer of the heart you will be able to approach yourselves to the universe of the Love of God. It is through Christ that you will be able to get to God, to Heaven, to the Universe of the Creator.

Christ, dear children, is the celestial door that for this definite time is opened before the reality of all of the souls. When your hearts enter into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ your lives will be able to be partakers of the action of charity and of donation.

My children, in a time that flows quickly in humanity I invite you to live the Heart of Jesus, I invite you to form part of the Heart of Christ and of His loving redeeming path.

Dear children of God, today I am calling you to convert yourselves into new disciples of My Son through the sincere act of prayer because in the strength of prayer and, united as hearts of the Father you will aid, in the name of Peace, the planet and humanity.

My children, for this reason, today is the moment for your consciousness to give the definitive yes for the consecration of your hearts to the Sacred Heart of My Son.

As little children, I Am guiding you. As souls, I am elevating you close to My Son. As hearts in redemption, I am loving you.

Dear children, accept with your heart this important invitation to live definitively in Jesus because in Christ the life of many souls will be able to find a meaning and in this way you will find the loving Will that God has for each one of My children.

Dear children, your prayer counts much so that the Celestial Grace may descent. You are on time!

Pray for all of the religious people.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Through the daily prayer of the Rosary every day more and more, souls will place themselves at the feet of the Lord. The souls will receive the balm of Mercy of My Son and in this way the most subtle faults will be forgiven by the Love of God.

Dear children, for this reason today I call you again to persevere in the purpose of prayer, so that your hearts may distance themselves from the tricks of the enemy. Maintain in your lives a rhythm compatible with a life of prayer. Create indispensible moments of prayer so that you souls may be present at every moment of your lives.

When I invite you to observe a rhythm of prayer, I am calling you to maintain a conscious inner and spiritual task at the end of this time. Your hearts and your lives must feel thirst for prayer and for the discovery of the divine mysteries that faith awakens in your hearts.

My children, for this, search for the fountain of your inner inspiration in Jesus and His Sacred Heart will show you the righteous Path to the redemption and reconciliation in each one of your lives.

It is important, dear children, for you to maintain constancy in prayer so that this will prepared you to face the times that will arrive upon this planet.

My dear children, today I call you to have as a premise this request of mine that will lead you to understand where the victorious essence of the Love and the Forgiveness can be found.

My children, as Divine Mother, I want more and more that all of My children be within the bead of salvation because I know that all should be living in the beauty and the light of the Love in Paradise.

You sincere prayer will create the New Earth of God.

I Thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Maternal Heart comes to your lives to relieve you from all pain, suffering and incomprehension. The Sacred Heart of My Son comes to your lives to redeem you and to lead you to the path of salvation.

Dear children, calling again each of your lives, today the Lord asks you to purify your hearts from any feeling that does not belong to light because if you do this through the exercise of prayer your souls will be helping relieve the great rage that is a part of this humanity. This is a feeling that distances the hearts from the One and Loving Heart of God.

My little ones, may your hearts be hearts of children, pure, crystalline and truthful. Hearts renewed in Jesus that start to love again, creating a bridge of peace between Heaven and Earth, joining the Divine Spirit of God with the little spirit of each of My children.

Dear children, a path in which your hearts can be healed is by imitating the little and divine boy Jesus who, in His purity and innocence, transmitted the essence of true love to humanity. The little boy Jesus left in this world the Spirit of the Love of God through His surrender for each of you.

This is the love that I want My children to cultivate in their hearts, this is the love that the Sacred Heart emanates permanently. This is the love that Jesus donates without rest, the love that is compassionate; He Himself consecrated the essence of love from My Immaculate Heart to each of you.

Dear children, when I talk to you about being little children, it is to purify the rage that lives in the world; if you renew yourselves in the Spirit of Love humanity may receive the Grace of Compassion.

Dear children, as Mediator I ask you to pray for peace in the mind and in the heart of each of My children. Once more I am thankful for your compliance with the plans of the Creator.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

The great suffering that My Maternal Heart observes in this humanity is the lack of love in the heart. For that, dear children, to be in the love of God, to live in the love of God and to work in the love of God is what will allow at the end of time for wisdom to blossom in humanity.

Dear Children: a path to find the love of God is to open your hearts to prayer, because it is the mediator, it is the new light that is arriving to the consciousness of all of My children.

My children, as a Mother I am here among you to teach you to walk in the art of prayer, in the life of prayer that all My little children need to awaken to, and to realize it for these moments.

You can count on My Son Jesus, who is the living expression of prayer of the perpetual union with the God Creator. When I invite you to pray for peace and for light in humanity, I call you so your hearts may become merciful, so it may imitate the way of humility and of the total donation to the Creator.

Dear children, for this walk, walk and do not detain your steps in the life of prayer, because this way, My Immaculate Heart will accompany you, and God will make use of your prayers.

The work of God for this time is the redemption of all the souls, and the prayer that is born from the heart, will be the great key of salvation for the most humble ones as well as for the ones most in  need of peace.

Answer to My call and remember that these are My last words for this cycle in the humanity. Prepare your hearts in the consistency through prayer.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Lady of Light, today I bring you from Heaven the redeeming love of My Son.

Dear children, may you be in Jesus, the Savior, today, may your prayer be the aid for many hearts that need My maternal help.

Dear children, today I invite you to be consciously instructed in My school of prayer and devotion so that in faith the absolute trust in the Will of God is revealed in your lives.

Dear children, yesterday I called you to pray for all the little children in the world; today I call you to pray for all humanity. My children, know that your prayer can lovingly intervene in Heaven and My Maternal Heart gathers each of the prayers to offer them to the Creator, as the love of the heart of each of His children.

Dear children, in a time of emergency I call you to be formed daily in the prayer of the heart so that through it you can be under the merciful guidance of My Son.

Today the world still needs a lot of prayer, active participation of each praying group, so that in this way My Celestial Light can fill each of My children.

As the Immaculate and Divine Mother I tell you again: through the prayer of the heart you have the ultimate decision in your hands. Run without delay to the arms of My Son; as the Good Shepherd of all flocks, He wants to lead you to conversion and forgiveness. He awaits your permission.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this mission of Peace for Rio de Janeiro.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.