Monday, September 25 of 2017

Daily Messages

A path to the Heart of God

Dear children,

I come to open a path for you to the Heart of God, because the Consciousness of your Most High Father aspires in this time to reach each human heart, to Himself be the principle of renewal that awakens and transforms you.

So great and so deep is the Love of the Father for His children of the Earth that, while hope is being lost in the hearts that see the growth of pain and of chaos, the Heart of God grows in hope, grows in Love, grows in compassion for His children.

The Creator also learns from humanity and is renewed through His children, from those who follow His footsteps, to those who deny Him, who do not seek Him, and do not know Him, because these children allow a Higher Love to arise in the Heart of God.

The Creator of all things, apparently so distant and hidden to the human heart, waits to be revealed to humanity, as in old times, and even more deeply. This is so, My beloveds, so that hearts may definitely awaken to unity with the Creator.

In the times of the Patriarchs and of the Prophets, God manifested to His children in order to lead them into a new cycle. Humanity of that time needed to stop being so primitive and confused by the small amount of love that existed within its heart.

There the Creator began to build a path for the human heart, because humankind did not know Love, true respect – beyond that which was imposed on them by the human mind – and they did not know compassion, which was only humbly born in the hearts of a very few.

God spoke through His Divine Aspects and also through His Archangels. El Shaddai manifested to the Patriarchs a long time ago, so they would begin a new cycle, a path of coming together with the One God, Who loves, supports and guides all.

Today, My children, El Shaddai again approaches and is revealed to human hearts, so that a new path may be shown to you. Humanity already understands the existence of the One God, Perfect and Merciful, and now it must come to know His Universal Aspects, the cosmic and higher Truth that hides in Eternity, where the time of this world cannot reach, where the clock does not keep track of time, and evolution is what determines the growth of creatures rather than their age.

El Shaddai came to the world so that humanity could awaken to that eternal time, in which souls recognize the path of redemption, and this path is strengthened through knowledge of the higher life, by fraternal life and by the transcendence of the degenerated condition of humanity.

Today I tell you, children, that in this place, God avails Himself of the purity of the children, of the effort of the young, and of the love that is born in the heart of adults, who in spite of their imperfections and difficulties, do not lose hope of being different and of someday expressing what God thought for your souls.

As long as there is this spirit of hope and this fortitude that is based on unity, God will be here, and day after day, will show you the miracles that are possible through His Presence.

Tread this path to the Heart of God with humility and with peace. Do not feel the abandonment of the world, do not become involved in the chaos and in the scarcity of love on the planet. Be a source of the gifting of peace and of hope, because one who is willing to give will always receive what they need from God.

I love you and infinitely thank you for accomplishing your mission and for opening the doors of this House to the Heart of God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace