Wednesday, May 20 of 2015

Daily messages

​​As the breath of the Holy Spirit over the apostles of Christ, today this divine breath fills your spirits so that, by living the cycle of internal rehabilitation, you may confirm now your union with Christ, Our Lord.

Thus My Son will find apostles that are willing to serve Him above all because in truth, your purification is the preamble to enter into the state of the Divine Conciseness.

Between your earthly beings and the soul of each child of Mine cannot exist any abyss that separates you from the Purpose and from the fulfillment of the task that My Son has entrusted you since the beginning.

Now, this divine breath will lead you to the discovery of everything that has to die so that, by crossing the portal towards the Heavens, your cells may be divinized in Christ, the Lord.

Between one cycle and another you will find the abysses of the consciousness, abysses that must be illuminated by the power of love and unity among the souls.  This is the key that will open to you the door to the liberation of oneself, to be able to believe from now on that you must let yourself be loved and abandon the cavalry that, due to incomprehension, you are living in yourselves.

Your souls must be in constant unification and fraternity, the views and concrete ideas can no longer reign in the collective thinking of the souls.  Your source of renovation must be the Love of God, Love that bears everything, forgives and understands everything.

In this way you will be free from looking all the time at the imperfection and then you will be able to awaken the virtues of unity and love that My Son has taught you.  You are in time, children, to reflect about your actions and prevent the ideas of My adversary to invade your consciousness.

The spiritual battle of the end of times has already begun, bringing an accelerated and intense purification that many will deal with in order to afterwards be able to enter into the Kingdom of God.

During the battle you must be more united than ever so that the divine breath of wisdom may always place you on the right path.   In this way, you will be able to collaborate and help others to place themselves on the right path, all those who will get lost due to ignorance or deception.

Be witnesses of the entire divine legacy that has been given; nothing is by chance, this legacy will be your strength and your knowledge, as Our Sacred Hearts will also be.

I thank you for answering in consciousness to My call for Peace, before the spiritual battle of the end of times.

Who gathers you in the Luminous Heart of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace