In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I return to a world in which violence, slavery and annihilation are still lived.

Today I transmit this Message from a place where thought can be elevated through devotion, through the deepest and truest prayer.

Today I transmit this Message from the French Pyrenees, where your Lord is now trying to help France in its process of purification and chaos.

In this way, I also internally help the other European nations that, in these recent times, are living and suffering what they once did in other times.

This is not punishment. Violence, slavery and annihilation is an act of the human being itself.

God thought of very good works for the humanity of the surface of the Earth, but few managed to follow them and fulfill them.

The aspiration of the Heavens is that you live in peace, it is that you practice good, it is that you propagate Mercy and fraternity.

We are at a time when unimaginable things are happening in the world and, as the pandemic advances, humanity is placed, day by day, before the portal of definition, not only of an inner definition, but also of an external definition, of whether or not being adhered to the Plan of God and, above all, to the moment of the Return of your Master and Lord.

Because this moment is approaching, as the end of times is unleashed, also the Consciousness of your Master and Lord, His Solar Consciousness, approaches.

Many will open their eyes when everything has already been already concluded. Many will realize the essence of this Message and of the other Messages when everything has already been concluded. And overnight they will see the Son of God come with His true Face, with His Glorified, Divine and Cosmic Face.

Due to all this, everything you live in these times is not only a definition but also a strengthening of your faith and of your trust in the Eternal Father. Because now I can tell you, companions, that there is no other place where you can look. You can only look toward God and supplicate to Him. Supplicate to Him for this humanity, supplicate for this planet, supplicate for those who are becoming lost, for those who do not believe, for those who suffer, for those who live violence, slavery and annihilation throughout the whole world.

Last month I talked to you about the refugees, it is something you must not forget.

Humanity must be aware that it has to mutually help, because while this does not happen, while there is no inner movement from any of you to serve the other, the fellow being, many situations will not be able to be avoided because the scales of humanity are very imbalanced. Its imbalance is ever greater because greater are the errors, the faults and the omissions, and fewer are the Graces and the Mercies that you can receive at this moment.

My Heart is the Portal for you to be able to reach the Source of God.

France must have resignation and ask for forgiveness for all it has done in other times, just as other European nations. Because still after 500 years, the same consequences are experienced, but with other faces, with other movements that are not just nor evolutionary.

So that blood is no longer shed throughout the cities of the world, they must redeem themselves, they must seek true repentance to be able to find peace and the re-establishment of the balance of humanity.

Each nation in the world knows what it must improve and, again, it is the peoples who pay the consequences of those who decide their future. This is neither a spiritual government nor a material government. We do not speak of justice nor of Mercy.

But you, companions, must not enter this dimension of conflict, of wrath nor of dissatisfaction. Because the destiny of humanity predicts many more events. Humanity wants to force normality, living a common life without responsibilities nor commitments.

Spirituality will never be far from the truth because the truth is spirituality. And when human beings understand they must turn towards the life of the spirit, they will help their higher life and enter the great circuit of cosmic life, where the Laws, the Attributes and the currents of the universe wait to be able to help them.

However, if this resignation of heart and soul does not exist, how will help come? How will blood cease to be shed? How will there be an end to the slavery of people, to the trafficking of children, to the living of social injustice among the peoples and among the nations?

Your hearts only must be united to Mine, at this moment, in order to survive. You must not stay anguished, disturbed nor desperate for what will happen. It is time, companions, for My words to become flesh within you and for you to be able to live them because it is in My Word where you will find the strength for overcoming these critical times.

Although the outlook of humanity is hostile, the doors of transmutation of the universe are open to help you.

At this moment, souls fear to cross their deserts, to live the void of self, and they especially fear to be nothing.

But what I promised you, more than 2,000 years ago, is My Love, and in order to be in My Love and to live in My Love, you have to be empty.

You have to attain being nothing and wanting nothing, because it will be the only way, companions, that the Archangels, in the greatest times of tribulation, will recognize you as instruments and not as personal wills.

And if you are empty instruments, you will be depositaries of the Supreme Source and I, as your Commander and Lord, will be able to avail Myself of your consciousnesses to bring relief to the world, to diffuse peace, although you may undergo purification and transformation.

You should not fear to cross the deserts that I offer to you, certain groups of souls are destined to live and go through this path for all of humanity.

It is the only way that I find, companions, to justify the errors and omissions that many companions of yours have made toward me in these latest months, turning their backs to My Plan without even knowing it in depth.

I am the great intercessor between souls and God, but I am still a being in evolution, and you must surpass Me, you must represent Me, you must definitively be a part of Me, of My Mystical Consciousness.

To follow My steps means determination in these times, discipline, transparency, obedience and solidarity. It will be the only way that I will find, through the instruments of God, through My companions, a way to help the world at this crucial moment. Because My shed Blood must not lose the price it has had since it was deposited upon the soil of this planet.

The blood of the innocent and of the martyrs must not keep on being shed, because humanity will enter more each day into that which is uncertain and hostile, the diversity of uncertain doors that the humanity of this time opens are many. If for a moment you think how many human beings live in this world, you will be able to perceive how many doors are open in a matter of seconds, day by day.

Who transmutes this situation? Have you asked yourselves?

The planet must be your true sacred home, not only your common home, but rather your sacred home.

The human being loses the sensitivity for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the dawn, even for the sound of the sea, because it is hypnotized by technologies, by what is artificial.

The scientific robotics of these times is leading the humans of the surface to be operated by machines, in place of them operating the machines.

You have to know how to discern, you have to know how to think in order to have wisdom in these times and not be confounded nor deceived.

You must be propagators of peace, of Mercy and, above all, of simplicity, because in simplicity you will not lose God nor the connection with the Divine Source, which is what humanity loses, day by day, because of its submerging into technological conquest, and in a conquest of the universe that is not real.

And you still want to reach other planets? To do what? The same that you have done to this world and this Creation that God gave you?

But the true time is now descending, the Real Time is uniting to your chronological time and with the passing of the coming months and of the coming years, those who have not believed anything, they will see. And what will they do when they see and feel?

Love is what will give you the strength to understand all that you will see, which will come from the universe and enter the planet. The doors of mystery will open so that everyone can recognize knowledge and that which, in spite of all this, will be arriving as a gift in these critical times, for all of humanity.

I am in prayer in the French Pyrenees, to help the consciousness of this nation that has not yet understood its path of redemption and penitence.

I come to give you inner strength so that you can sustain these times; so that My disciples, apostles and servers can sustain these times.

I will not impede upon the departure of those who do not want to be by My side. Christic Love does not retain nor control anything. Christic Love transcends, elevates, transmutes and liberates those who are just and true before My Heart.

Therefore, do not make hasty decisions. Do not let your human impulses deceive you. Be intelligent and do not let yourselves be dragged by those who do not want to follow Me and who judge My Works, because I will also return for them, to separate the wheat from the straw. And this will not be symbolic, it will be the moment when great Consciousnesses of the universe will appear to rebuild humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Through the Light of the Mirrors, the sacred Spiritual Hierarchy brings attributes toward the planet that humanity needs to learn in order to take the correct step that will withdraw it from the illusion in which it lives.

The Mirrors, as part of non-material life, represent that state of consciousness in which is established inner communication between the spiritual and the material.

In this time, the Mirrors work far more than before, because humanity is at the moment of finishing going through the last and great cycle.

With them, the Mirrors will bring the spiritual impulse of powerful currents, which will help to transform and reveal that which humanity needs.

At least a part of humanity and the planet, through the Mirrors, will achieve the real time and, little by little, consciousnesses will see this alternate time dissolve before their eyes, because the Mirrors will achieve the spiritual union that will allow the truth of Knowledge to be revealed.

For this reason, this is the time of definition for the whole planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Understand that this is a time of transition and that you are at the doorway of a new time in which the old human being will no longer have the place they always thought they had, because everything will be renewed when I return to the world.

This is the time to be free of the old self, and all are being faced with this time.

It is an event that, until now, nobody has experienced.

The more open the heart is to the changes, the less it will suffer, because all will have the chance to go past that barrier that separates the current time from the Real Time.

But your consciousness must be expanded and, without prejudice, receive the change of cycle as has happened many times, except that this new time that is approaching is not the same or similar to any other.

It is a time in which everything will be reconfigured so that the weight of the errors of humanity will no longer be the obstacle that will get in the way of the elevation of consciousness.

Thus, in this unconditional openness, the Spiritual Hierarchy will be able to help so that consciousnesses which take the step may go forward to meet the new time, without the weight of yesterday nor the guilt of the past.

The new time will bring a very powerful current of healing.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


There are certain mysteries that come from God and that are a part of His Will.

The soul that loves them will one day be able to understand them because, in essence, those mysteries are the revelation of a spiritual destiny for the coming times.

These mysteries, which gradually take form and are established, are safeguarded and protected by the Creator Source so that, when the desire of God is to reveal them and show them, they may be led by the impulses of the original Source. 

There are many Sources of Creation that exist in the Spiritual Universe and all of them serve a Greater Source that is called the Creator Source, from which all the divine and cosmic impulses arrive, which form a sector of the Universe because the other Sources feed and spiritually guide other principles, in other Spheres of the Universe.

The time will come in which the Source of Creation will place the planet Earth within the system of Universal life, which has been expected to happen for quite some real time, and this event will occur as the inner Christs are awakening.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



What is a Light-Community?

A Light-Community, My children, is that space chosen and raised by God, so that there humanity can recover the spiritual principles and values thought of by the Creator in creating human beings.

A Light-Community is built first in the consciousness, then in the spirit, in the soul and in the heart of those who intend to transform themselves so that God may make of their lives instruments of peace.

When this divine principle is established in the consciousness and leads it to transformation, it also reveals other spiritual aspects that had remained hidden.

A Light-Community manifests as a spiritual space in the ethers of the Earth, in places chosen by the Creator to be pillars of peace, transformation and liberation for the planet.

A Light-Community is always sustained by Divine Grace and by His Holy Spirit, and the souls that live in it, although they one day have made the decision of being there, were first summoned by the Father within, because these souls, children, in spite of their errors and wrong paths, have offered their redemption to God, for this is to be the engine of redemption and of transformation for the entire human consciousness.

A Light-Community is the manifestation of God’s Love for His children; the manifestation of His hope that humanity may someday express His Divine Thought. For this, the Creator untiringly sends His blessings, His Light and the Divine Rays that come from His Heart upon the Light-Communities to renew the souls.

So that the Light-Communities may be what God thought, and so that souls may attain this Divine Will, My children, every day you must obey a little more, serve a little more and love a little more.

The Light-Communities, raised by God as pillars upon the world, hold many mysteries, which even those who live within them do not know: mysteries of the Divine Will, mysteries of the untiring presence of God, sustaining the transformation and the effort of His children.

Today, My children, let your souls recognize the Plan and the Love of God for them. Recognize that you were called by the Father to live a miracle of love; recognize that He Himself sustains you, in each day, and that you only have to surrender to this endless Love.

See in your lives the potential principles of the manifestation of a new life; see in the Light-Communities the sun that will shine in the darkness of the Earth and on the horizon of the human consciousness, announcing how the re-emergence of humanity must be, showing the way so that beings may enter a new time: the Eternal Time of God.

I love you and today invite you to seek the spiritual mysteries that sustain and build the Light-Communities: your homes on Earth.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Where there is a heart that cries out for peace, there will be the presence of the Creator, transforming and converting human consciousness from within.

Where there is a heart that cries out for peace, there will be the presence of the Celestial Universe, uniting times and spaces, bringing the reality of the divine dimensions to Earth, preparing hearts for the encounter with their Creator.

In a simple way, children, the Kingdom of God is beginning to inhabit within beings and to consolidate the inner fortitude of souls.

When you pray and cry out for this world, your Lord listens to you, and sometimes in a silent way, sends His Love to the hearts.

God transforms you slowly; He converts your hearts into what they truly are, but cannot express.

If you want to find out the truth about yourselves, cry out for peace and pray for the world.

If you want to awaken the potential of what it is to be a human being as God thought, cry out for peace and pray for the world.

Prayer, when done as a service, takes you out from yourselves and places you in God, and it is in Him that you will start to find out who you truly are. Pray, not to experience God; pray to live in God, to find Him alive within yourselves and in everything.

Pray for the world, placing everything that you are in the clamor of your hearts. Supplicate for a new time and a new life, and thus this Real Time will be revealed within you, and you will know what it is to be in God, even while being in the world.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


This world, in this time, children, is a sea of retrograde stimuli, it is the stage for a spiritual battle of chaos and evil, between the light of the awakening and the darkness of the unconsciousness.

That battle has its roots in the invisible, in a play of forces that stimulate and distract humanity from its true purpose, so that beings never discover who they are or what they came to do in this world. At the same time, the Creator offers you unique spiritual treasures, which give you the impulse to take a leap in evolution and in awakening, if you only make the effort to bring them to  life.

It is a battle between wisdom and ignorance, between love and indifference, between the Temple of God and the illusory temple of the world. And you, in the middle of all this, must experience your definition and take firm steps on the path that you have chosen to follow.

Think about the Purpose of God and seek to love it. Love the path you are called to live and struggle against yourselves to remain on it because this battle, on its more hidden levels, is also fought inside of you. The degenerative stimuli of life on Earth also dwells within beings.

Throughout human evolution, throughout your experiences, your errors, your misconduct, those forces gained their space within beings, and to purify them takes arduous, patient and persevering work.

Above all, children, strengthen your faith, for the one who has faith and trusts in God raises their hands to the Father and receives His assistance. Above all, seek humility, because it defeats all worldly stimuli and leads beings into surrender, which is the doorway for the Creator to be able to act in your lives.

Do not tire of struggling, of walking, of continuing on.

If you sincerely seek a humble heart, you will not so easily get tired, because humility wins the battles through surrender. Humility wins the battle through a meek heart. The one who is humble defeats pride with their simple presence. Thus, children, cultivate this humility within yourselves.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Monthly Messages

Take My hands, My children, and let yourselves be led by My Immaculate Heart to the Origin of Life, to the Place of protection and of Peace where your essences rested before the manifestation of the Divine Thought for your lives.


Take My hands and come with Me to the Original Source of Life, where the deepest Love of your Creator Father dwells, where unity is a living reality because nothing is separate from God.

Although you have trodden a path of evolution and so often feel separate from God, today I come to show you, My children, this Original Space in a time in which there is no past nor future, but only the eternal present in the Heart of your Creator Father.

There, unity is maintained and essences remain safeguarded with their original principles.

Lakes of Light, Fountains of Peace are your true dwellings. There are no forms, only colors, sounds and vibrations. Although the essences resound in their own note, unity manifests itself through melodies that form unique music, which is the song of God, the song of life’s manifestation.

Let your ears hear and let your souls remember this Space of protection in the Womb of Creation. There, My children, where the Feminine Energy protects you, where the truth of what you are makes you pure, there is nothing corrupt, there are no stains, there is no pain, only peace and unity with the Creator.

Let your hearts live the experience of being with Me there, because a part of your consciousness has never left the Fountain of God.

This space that I show to your heart today is the connection with the Divine, this part of your consciousnesses that dwells there, and that will always allow you to return to God and not lose unity with the Father. It is the magnet that attracts you to the Origin, the purity that makes you return to the truth of your existence.

Today, My children, receive the Grace of being in God, of being in Peace, of being in My Immaculate Heart, and I, being in you, show you oneness in life.

May the celestial melody resound in your hearts and rekindle the hope to return to the Source, rekindle the momentum to be pure and to let yourselves purify and renew, so that someday you may find the truth about yourselves again; a truth that is prior to all existence, prior to planets and suns, prior to material life, both in Heaven and on Earth; a truth that dwells in unity with the Divine Consciousness. 

My Grace touches you today, your Divine Origin blesses you and thus, I heal you and love you, renewing your commitments with God so that, after knowing that there is an Origin that waits for you, you can make this superior reality known to the world.

I love you, My children, and that is why I am here.

I embrace you and have all of you in My Immaculate Heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the Doors of Heaven open for your Celestial Mother to come here, the Time of God unites with the time of the world and a superior reality becomes visible, transforming with its presence the layers of illusion of life on the Earth.

I bring with Me the sublime reality of Paradise so that you can feel the Grace of being in God. Each time I approach the planet, the presence of this Celestial Kingdom transforms life upon the Earth a little more and helps humanity find the Truth of higher life and live it.

I come in this time to concretize the spiritual Mission that God granted Me and to manifest the prophecies that were announced throughout human evolution, which must be lived today.

I am awakening the hearts of those who must prepare the Return of Christ to this world through prayer and the unconditional surrender of your lives, because you have come to this planet for this. Your souls, My children, have been preparing for this moment since the beginning of their creation. The time has come to manifest and live the Purpose of God for your lives, and this happens when you definitively awaken and understand the time that you are living as humanity.

I come to concede these same unfathomable Graces for the consciousnesses of nations and for the essence of the planet so that, by the intercession of a few, many may have the opportunity of returning to God.

You already know that each time I come to a nation, it is to extract, with My Holy Hands, the roots of evil, of suffering and of illusion, which for centuries have been entering the consciousnesses of humanity to stimulate them towards evil, to indifference and to the lack of love.

We are in the time of a great spiritual battle, My children, which different from the conflicts of this world, is won through love, through unity, with the heart and with persistence in the fidelity to God and to His Purpose.

This battle is deeper than what was described in the Apocalypse of John and broader than the dimensions of life on Earth. It begins in the depths of the hearts of humanity where the consciousness must struggle with itself to remain in Love and in the Divine Purpose and then, beyond the dimensions of material life, this battle acquires greater and deeper proportions, and to win it, the hearts must attain greater degrees of love, consciousness and awakening.

For this reason, I am here. I am your Celestial Mother, the One who sustained the Redeemer up to the foot of the Cross and Who, washed by His Blood, made the commitment to sustain the cross of each one of His companions until the end of the end of times. I am here, guiding your steps and sustaining your hearts and consciousnesses through My permanence in the world.

Trust in My presence, My children, because what I come to do in your lives is to manifest the Will of God and help you so that you may help this world and beyond; so that you may be predecessors of a new Love, for all Creation.

Today I would like to lead you to a deep awakening so that you may feel the Truth and the Kingdom of God. Therefore, pray with the heart, so that the Kingdom of your Father may descend here and may let you know, not only His Peace but above all His Grace, His Truth, His Wisdom and His awakening.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

I wait for you in prayer.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

May your hearts be in peace, so that in peace you receive the designs of God.

Transcend that which is apparent and commonplace, for your consciousness to enter into the sacred and into what is true.

The Plans of God were already designed for each being, now the creatures need to put their feet on the path traced by the Creator and not the path traced by skills, temptations or difficulties.

To experience a superior reality is a higher decision that each being has to take, within and outside of himself, for it to resonate in your souls and also in your planetary bodies.

How often have we said that there is no more time? How often have we warned that it is time to enter into the Real Time? It is there where Truth inhabits and the illusion becomes visible for you to know how to distinguish the difference between being in the world in God and in being in the world without Him.

Choose, children, every day, the path of the Sacred and the elevation of consciousness. You will thank, in the future, for each renunciation made in the name of the evolution of humanity.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter the time of no-time, what is known as, Real Time, which is the approaching of the Kingdom of God and His Eternity.

Prepare your heart, praying as if it were the last, serving as it were the last, giving and asking for forgiveness, as it were the last time, living fraternity and love as it were the last. 

In the Time of God, the present is the only experience to be lived. In the present, the past is healed and the future is built. Live inside this Time, in which another moment is no longer waited for in order to act, pray, serve and live better.

You must heal from the human consciousness the addiction of losing cycles and putting off the opportunities that the universal conjunctures send to you.

Now is the time to do all things well, with completeness of spirit and heart, building the new life with present acts, and learning to enter into the Real Time, into eternity, through living the present.

I tell you this because this time is now approaching, and within it the cycles and the impulses will rapidly pass through your lives. To receive and experience them fully, it is necessary to always be living from within the heart, and for you to somehow comprehend living each instant as it were the last one.

Thus, children, you will be awakened for the cycles that might come, and for the impulses that the Universe may send you. This way you will be worthy of rebuilding the Earth and of expressing a new life in the Time of God, in the Real Time.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Supreme currents descend from the Heavens in this new cycle, Rays that come directly from the Heart of God, and which are unknown to men and women, vibrations created to dissolve the old time and unite Earth with the Time of God, called the Real Time of the Universe.

The Mirrors of the Cosmos converge their energy into specific points of the planet, which are receptacles of the sacred, they are called Enclosures of Love. Those vibrations will accentuate the purification, both of beings and of the Earth, and everything will move inside and outside of men and women, so that, thus, all become worthy of being called Children of God.

The supreme currents that come from Heaven build the path of return to the Heart of God. Know how to see this moment as a grace and let yourselves be transformed and corrected.

Peace will reign in the hearts of those who trust in God, beyond the tests and appearances. And though your human side you will suffer with everything that will happen in the world, within you will pulsate the certainty of Eternal Life, beyond the Earth, of the life in God.

Pray and strengthen your own faith.

Unite with one another, beyond the difficulties and miseries that you will see emerge in yourselves and in your brothers and sisters. It is the power of unity that will be able to transmute and transform all those things.

True unity, erected on the basis of love and fraternal life, the unity that comes from God and is reflected in you, that is what will sustain you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


As cycles change and accelerate, the alternate and illusory time of Earth begins to fade away. 

As layers of vibrations permeate the planet, the Kingdoms and the different bodies of men, these layers gradually dissolve, giving space to the Time of God, called Real Time of the Universe.

When the Time of God enters the world, My children, it not only causes confusion in the minds and in the hearts of men. The confusion is caused by the disconnection between the human mind and heart and the divine Truth.

When a being is united to God in heart, mind and spirit, it receives the Time of God with gratitude and, with it, the revelation of the Truth, which, little by little, becomes visible to the consciousness so that it may understand where it came from, why and what is the meaning and purpose of human existence, what is its destiny.

Throughout human evolution, the Lord revealed His Truth to men in accordance with what their mind could understand, their heart was capable of receiving and what the very energetic and spiritual condition of the planet was capable of absorbing.

The Universe of God is complex and holds in itself a science that unfolds since the beginning of Creation and that today is inconceivable to the human mind.

For this reason, for it to be revealed to you, it is necessary that you receive it gradually, and that not only your minds, spirits and hearts be ready for this, but all of human and planetary consciousness; because everything you receive, as part of humanity, reaches as an impulse and vibration to all of human consciousness.

As the Truth of God is revealed and the times unite, the laws of the Earth transform and also unite to the universal Laws. Thus, My children, the commitment and the responsibility of beings grows and deepens, because they will no longer respond to the Universe as beings in an evolutionary experience, but rather as consciousnesses that participate in the Truth and in the Plan of God, in a conscious way.

Throughout the last years, prayer awakened and ignited the mirrors of your hearts so that, in this way, they might capture love and understand the history that is written in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, and this begins to mirror itself within you and within your consciousness.

Nothing is separate. Everything is part of a perfect and divine Plan that builds in your hearts a path of return to the Heart of God.

In order to know how to return, you must remember how you arrived here. No one returns home if they do not know the path to it.

I tell you all this, beloved children, so that you may receive the revelations of this time with gratitude and consciousness, knowing that My words are part of the Grace of God, that transforms and prepares you for the new time; in which you will finally know and live the Truth, and life will no longer be a sequence of theories, questionings, and assumptions. You will be able to participate in the revelation of God and live God, consciously and fully, in all of your being.

For this I prepare you, I bless you and thank you for receiving My words with the gratitude of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Second Message

The revelation of the mystery is approaching the human consciousness. This is the moment of knowing the Truth deeply and of being able to penetrate this mystery through the revelation of its divine and cosmic knowledge.

Today I come again from the Sun because this is the universal star that rules and illuminates you, day by day.

In spite of what may happen, and before any event, the Sun, as an essence, gives you life, regeneration and healing.

For this reason, today My Message also comes from this place, from this Sun that governs this solar system and that concentrates many universal and cosmic Laws for the evolution of life and consciousness.

The Sun will be the witness of the events of the end of times on this planet and in its humanity, and in it, all the principles will be poured so that the solar system may be regenerated again and everything may start from scratch.

The Sun that rules you is not only a physical, material or cosmic element; it is an energy that has been placed within this system of life so that all could learn from it throughout the cycles and seasons.

Each element, just as each event, has its place and its hour. The Sun that rules you will enter a new state and a new form through its divine self-purification and that of its laws that are part of this Material Universe; laws that are also part of hundreds of Suns in other regions of the vast Cosmos.

In this Sun, you will find power plants for the regeneration of human essences and of their spiritual counterparts that will still have to live their redemption, purification and, lastly, their rehabilitation.

The waves that it will emit for these times will be intense and decisive. A part of humanity will identify this as a punishment, as a global imbalance, or as part of a universal event; although this is true, the intention and purpose is another, the Universe never stops and has never stopped, it lives in a constant dynamism and a permanent acceleration.

You, as humanity and as a planet, are within this system of life and within this system of evolution that reaches the deepest of your bodies, matter, cells and atoms.

The acceleration of these times is part of the acceleration of the Universe and of this solar system that prepares to enter into a new time that, spiritually, will not be so perceptible to all but that it will be visible in the movement of the laws of material life or, even, in the hands of a clock. Time seems to run and not be enough.

The transition of humanity and the apex of its great purification are approaching in order to enter the real time of the Universe, in which only the eternal present exists.

For this reason, the Hierarchies, throughout times and generations, through all ages and decades, have prepared the preamble for the entrance of this new time; otherwise, humanity would have suffered the acceleration of time too much, within its consciousness and spirit.

Universal assistance comes to the aid of all, the approach of the Hierarchy comes to the aid of all. It will only suffice to live the rules in order to fulfill the Plan and carry it out according to the Divine Purpose.

It will be worthless to do much in humanity if the mission is not based on love and truth, on transparency and obedience, fundamental attributes for the current times, when many spiritual and human manifestations will be presented and will convince the majority that they are real and autonomous.

Following the Hierarchy has a single meaning and a single aim, a single purpose, a single goal, which is to achieve the fusion in brotherhood, unity and with faith; attributes that promote the materialization of the Plan on the surface of this planet and in others.

The humanities of this Universe are offering themselves to help this current humanity, this race that comes from the Adams and the Eves and from a continuity of mistakes and faults that have taken place throughout the times and ages; but the end of the Law of Suffering is drawing near so that the doors to healing and relief of pain may be opened.

The more you cry out for My Mercy and for the Piety of God, the more the doors will open.

The more you demonstrate that you are understanding what We say and what We speak, the more the doors to Mercy will open and each one, in spite of where or how they are, will receive what they need. Trust in what I Tell you.

The Sun, for humanity, represents this spiritual fusion between souls and God, a fundamental principle that once had to be lived in the existence of the Adams and the Eves, but that did not succeed due to many different circumstances.

Now history will be recalculated and the Plan will deepen itself in the human consciousness so that every being on the Surface of this planet may keep clearly in mind what the Will of God means.

Do not fail to open your hearts to the mysteries. Drink from this Nonmaterial Fount that I bring you today so that your lives may be renewed and you may never, never be thirsty; because communion with higher life is possible while one lives this lower life on the surface of the Earth.

The School of the New Christs will be ruled by this master, the Sun of the Local Universe; the one who imparts many more energies and principles for human life, for the planet and the Universe.

From this Solar Fount, the New Time will be born and it will fill all Hierarchies and their disciples, all their servers and collaborators.

Now it is the time to take this leap and this step towards the fulfillment of the last part of the Plan, which is a responsibility of all, which is a responsibility of each one with God and the Universe.

The signature of your spirits has been conceived, the permit has been granted and the time is approaching for this event in which all, congregated in love, will internally prepare the emergence of this New Humanity that will cease to be mental so that it may finally be spiritual and divine, just as the Father has thought it since the Origins, since before the Universe and all of its life existed.

This Marathon means the passage into a new time and into a new spiritual energy conceded by the Hierarchy.

The past will remain in yesterday, the present will begin to be part of the future and the doors will open to a new cycle so that human consciousness may participate in the impulses that will come from the great master Sun.

May My Words be converted, in you, into a source of wisdom and clarity, into a source of discernment, healing and love; because the goal of all of this impulse is a greater goal, based on the Love of God and on the unity with the Supreme Source that rules you, since the origin of your essences in the Material Universe.

So that, finally, companions, you may be this spark of light for the world during the time of darkness and tribulation, so that more veils of the consciousness may fall from the faces of beings and the doors to knowledge and awakening may open.

Receive, then, all the assistance from this Solar Fount that will reveal itself to the world in a short while through its principles and signs, through its higher emanations and energies.

Come with Me to the Fount of the great Sun and let us commune, in essence, with the new life that will be free of errors, suffering and pain.

In the essence, the new being will be born, that will become like a Sun to illuminate the new times.

Receive My blessing and My understanding, My Grace and My Mercy for the times that will come.

Under this Sun that governs this part of the universal life, under the stars of this Universe that are witnesses of many experiences and lives, under the existence of the Material Universe and its powerful currents, attributes, rays and energies that are part of the elevation of consciousness and of the unity with God, I bless you for this new cycle, which will be sustained by your love and faith, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Since you emerged in the Heart of God, until you reached Planet Earth to live an experience of love, a long story has been written in the Universe.

Marked in the Mirrors of the Cosmos, as the record of the learning experience of the creatures of God, your evolution will forever remain stored so that you can learn from the triumphs, as well as from the errors, and not fall again into the same difficulties that have led you into decadence, as beings and as humanity.

Just as the Mirrors of the Cosmos turn to Earth to radiate light and peace, they also place over the human consciousness, My children, the records kept in the Universe about the history and the evolution of each being. It is in this way because the time has come to remember, so that, with the degrees of love and awakening that you live today, you may heal and forgive what you lived in the past.

In the same way, all the positive and evolutionary learning experiences that you have lived as consciousnesses, spirits in evolution, will also be radiated to Earth, because you will need them in this time in order to know how to act before the difficulties that will present themselves.

Nothing that you live on Earth has its roots on the planet. You came here to consolidate a learning experience of love and to heal the records and experiences that need healing, because, although it may not seem like it, children, in this world you have everything you need for this.

As the Time of God draws closer to the time of the Earth, higher realities also gradually become visible, and what was in dimensions that were not accessible to the human consciousness before, in its current condition, begin to be revealed.

This happens, My children, because you have already experienced much in this world, and before you destroy your own lives and life on Earth, due to ignorance and human sleep, your Creator Father begins to awaken you.

The spiritual life and the life of true prayer are the keys to live these times with peace. 

Understand that everything will get out of your control so that you may learn that the only true power is the one which comes from God, and the way to participate in Divine Power and Wisdom is surrendering one’s own arrogance and human control, recognizing that, without the Love of the Father, you are merely nothing.

Do not fear these times; just awaken to the truth that emerges and, before difficulties, just like before grace, keep yourselves in true prayer. Thus, you will not lose peace.

Do not resist the records that emerge from within you, which, radiated by the Mirrors of the Cosmos, reach the Earth; because knowing the truth about yourselves will turn you humble and will draw you closer to God.

If you do not recognize what you must heal and transform, you will always remain in the illusion of human vanity. But if instead, beloved children, you open your hearts to surrender, to forgiveness, to  healing, you will know that the only perfection is to be found in God, and you will draw closer to it to find peace. 

My blessing and My graces will always be upon your lives, you only need to let yourselves be transformed in prayer and in peace, live the impulses that come to the world in this time.

The moment has come to enter the Time of God; do not fear, just pray. And the greater the intensity of the vibrations that descend from the Universe to transform you, the closer you must be to the Heart of the Father, in prayer.

I bless you and thank you for opening from your hearts to the Celestial Instructions.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Pray as if it were the last opportunity to cry out for this world. Forget yourself and focus your heart on those who really suffer and endure without receiving the love they need to get out of the abysses they are in.

Trust humbly in the power of prayer and do not allow your mouth to pronounce empty words in those moments when you are ready to pray. Remember always that this is your greatest service, that without prayer there is no planet, there is no love, there is no Evolutionary Plan that will manifest because for the human being to be worthy of entering the Time of God, they must first surrender and take the first steps in their transformation.

Today I tell you, child, that there is no better path to humility than prayer, which places you surrendered and transparent before God, and that through surpassing the limits of your own needs, reaches the hearts that suffer and do not know love.

Remember today and always that if you want to reach the Father, if you want to fulfill the Will of God for you and for the world, start praying sincerely, and go deeper each day in your prayer, so that it may become more and more real.

It will not do any good, My child, for you to do many things, to think so much about yourself if, in the end, your heart has not surrendered to a greater Plan.

The path to redemption is simpler than you imagine. Prayer itself will teach you to pray, as long as you are sincere and persistent in what is more than a spiritual practice; it is a planetary need.

Pray and I will hear you, and I will unite My Heart with yours so that you may walk this path with faith, and little by little, you may reach God, uplifting your heart and the human heart as a whole to the Creator.

You Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Life passes, ephemeral and simple in what is palpable to you, to reveal an Eternity and a sublime Truth. Every expression of life that is not material does not perish and endures, to demonstrate to humankind where their heart must be.

The memories, the learning experiences, the examples, the teachings, the true feelings of Love, all of this remains alive, inside and outside of humankind and also in the Heart of God and in the Sacred Books, as part of the history of humanity, as part of the history of the renewal of the Heart of the Father.

Life passes so quickly in order to reveal a Truth and a mystery that transcends the body and human understanding: there is a reality that exceeds all the wisdom that humanity has already known; there is a Life that transcends everything that today you understand as life.

See, children, how the Eternal knocks on your door so that you may enter into the Time of no time, into Real Time.

Let this moment not be a loss to you, but rather a link with the Truth, because your instructor on Earth leaves the world to raise you to the Universe. Everything he learned in life, he will elevate to a Greater Life, and the sublime learning experiences that he will live in the Universe will be revealed to your heart, as a higher teaching.

Therefore, embrace this moment as a step towards Infinity. Let this new cycle, of your instructor and master, in this and in many lives, elevate you to new cycles, as Work and as beings in evolution.

The one who accompanies this moment with gratitude will take a step towards Infinity and will place, not only their heart, but a part of the human consciousness, closer to God, in His Eternity.

 Eternity, children, is not death. Eternity is Life revealed.

 Your Father and Friend,

 The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Place your heart in the Heart of God to start a new cycle. Open yourself so that life may manifest for you in a different way.

In these times, child, in which Earth starts to enter into the Real Time of the Universe, you will experience and feel things that are sometimes incomprehensible or inexplicable. Feelings from the past will emerge in your consciousness, at the same time that sensations from the present manifest. In the same way, with intensity, within you will be an aspiration for what you will experience in the future, and suspended in this transition between what you were and what you will be, the only thing you can do is to calm your heart in prayer and place it in the Heart of God.

There is no way of not participating in the tests of the planet. There is no way of not experiencing the consequences of this transition. But, yes, there is a way of experiencing all of this and not losing peace: by placing your heart in the Heart of God and remaining there in prayer.

Let your being become purified and experience what you need to experience within so as to cross this threshold. It will not be so simple to transcend an ancient  retrograde human condition, but always remember to place your heart in the Heart of the Father, because in Him there will be relief, there will be a breathing space, there will be peace.

I bless you, today and always, so that immersed in these so accelerated cycles of continuous transformation, your being dives deeply into these waters and opens to the new, but always finds, in the Heart of God, the space where it can breathe, so as to be in peace in the tests of these times.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Pray so that the Kingdom of God may descend upon the Earth and His Celestial Church may be established and manifested in all the churches of the world, revealing the divine spirituality and renewing the spirits who persevere in the search of a true faith.

Pray to raise your consciences and hearts to the Heart of God and find there the wonders of His Kingdom, in order not to lose the love in your hearts.

Pray for the priests of this world, for those who have lost the Grace of God and who no longer attract His Presence, but who have become instruments of darkness and of perdition, destroying the celestial treasures that the Father has granted them for their redemption and salvation.

Pray for the priests who make an effort to reach the grace to stand firm in their vocation, and which, day and night, are tested not to serve God, but to fall into the temptations of the world.

Pray for the religious of this Earth, consecrated to the Plan of the Creator in the different congregations and true spiritual lineages, hoping to be a light in the darkness of the world so that it is not lost and there can be a day worthy of the presence of the Celestial Kingdom.

Pray, my children, for it is the time for the deepest  sins in the human consciousness to come to the light, and many will succumb into darkness, leaving aside the graces they once received to manifest the Kingdom of God.

It is time to wash yourselves in the pure waters of the end of times, which makes you transparent before God and before the world, so that, recognizing your weaknesses and sins, you repent and return to your paths.

The time has come for the definition of the planet, because soon there will be only two Laws acting on Earth: Justice and Mercy. Justice will be given to those who define themselves for it, and Mercy to those who open to it, surrendered in the truth of their hearts.

Pray for the souls not to be afraid or ashamed of repentance; do not be afraid or ashamed to ask for or to grant forgiveness.

Pray for all to have the courage to see themselves transparent and yet surrender before God, so that He makes you new and renews you in His Grace; so that you may be witnesses of His Piety to the world and, holding in your hearts the Divine Mercy, you multiply it in selfless service to others.

Pray for the Humanitarian Missions and for all those who will open their hearts to the missionary spirit, so that they may receive the opportunity to awaken and to redeem their faults through service. And pray for all those who will be served and who will receive the help of God through their fellow beings, so that they may see the flames of love, hope and faith awakened in their hearts again, which was disappearing from their spirits through suffering and darkness.

Pray, My children, for this planet, so that, despite all purification and all tests, these times may be the preparation of a new time.

As humanity will purify and cleanse themselves to be others, surrendered to God in His Grace, may this planet also purify and cleanse itself, and always count on firm spirits who, in prayer, will sustain it, so that one day it may be worthy to be the cradle of a new life, a life that will express the truth and resemblance to the Kingdom of God.

After all is fulfilled, the Earth will be worthy to receive a new name, reborn in Christ and under the Grace of the Spirit of God. The whole planet will enter the time of eternity, where the hours will not be counted.

When all has passed, My children, and love has triumphed in the hearts of those who persevered, being peacekeepers, this peace will expand beyond their hearts and reach the horizon of the stars, the firmament in the Universe, returning to settle where you did not even know it was lost.

Pray, then, so that souls may have this goal in their hearts and that, in the face of all the tests, do not forget it and do not lose sight of it.

You will see upon the world unbelievable accomplishments and events, but today I will tell you, My children, that even greater than all of this, there will be the triumph of the Plan of God which will succeed these events. Thus have faith, pray and persevere.

As My Voice speaks in the world, I will help you and accompany you always. And by revealing to you the celestial mysteries, I will teach you to attract the Truth to the Earth and to live it.

I bless you and thank you for carrying forward this Plan of Love and of Peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the last drop of Blood of your beloved Lord be poured out as spiritual Light over this planet so that all that was manifested in this humanity becomes completely redeemed.

May the last drop of Blood of the Chalice of the Lord be the end of a cycle and the beginning of another so that souls may perceive that the times have changed.

May the last drop of Blood of your Lord purify all that is manifested, especially what lives on Earth, so that it may receive an opportunity to love and to forgive the past.

To enter into the Time of the Lord is to enter the real time of the Brotherhood, where all the higher projects are carried forward so that consciousnesses may participate in the great moment of awakening.

The more codes that are poured out ,the greater the possibilities that will emerge for a sleeping humanity, and new virtues will awaken and express what consciousnesses in truth came to do.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


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