Friday, June 28 of 2019

Daily messages

This world, in this time, children, is a sea of retrograde stimuli, it is the stage for a spiritual battle of chaos and evil, between the light of the awakening and the darkness of the unconsciousness.

That battle has its roots in the invisible, in a play of forces that stimulate and distract humanity from its true purpose, so that beings never discover who they are or what they came to do in this world. At the same time, the Creator offers you unique spiritual treasures, which give you the impulse to take a leap in evolution and in awakening, if you only make the effort to bring them to  life.

It is a battle between wisdom and ignorance, between love and indifference, between the Temple of God and the illusory temple of the world. And you, in the middle of all this, must experience your definition and take firm steps on the path that you have chosen to follow.

Think about the Purpose of God and seek to love it. Love the path you are called to live and struggle against yourselves to remain on it because this battle, on its more hidden levels, is also fought inside of you. The degenerative stimuli of life on Earth also dwells within beings.

Throughout human evolution, throughout your experiences, your errors, your misconduct, those forces gained their space within beings, and to purify them takes arduous, patient and persevering work.

Above all, children, strengthen your faith, for the one who has faith and trusts in God raises their hands to the Father and receives His assistance. Above all, seek humility, because it defeats all worldly stimuli and leads beings into surrender, which is the doorway for the Creator to be able to act in your lives.

Do not tire of struggling, of walking, of continuing on.

If you sincerely seek a humble heart, you will not so easily get tired, because humility wins the battles through surrender. Humility wins the battle through a meek heart. The one who is humble defeats pride with their simple presence. Thus, children, cultivate this humility within yourselves.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph