Friday, May 15 of 2020

Daily messages

A soul that was treading its path of surrender to God, one day, experiencing a profound moment of inner definition, tempted by the forces of the world, thought about abandoning everything and throwing itself into the pleasures and illusions of the world. That soul was tempted to think and to feel that their surrender had no meaning, that it made no difference to the evolution of life and that, in spite of so much effort, they were standing still; so it would be better to leave this path and launch into the world.

Upon inwardly planning the setting aside of their spiritual path, they felt they could not do it and that something held them to God. With a mixture of fear and of indignation, they began to question the Lord, saying: "Tell me, Lord, why do you hold me to Your Heart? What difference do I make for You if I am always the same invisible and imperfect soul in the infinity of Your Creation? Why do you not allow me, God, to abandon this path and that, surrendered to the world, I can learn to find You through other ways that are not this one?"

And with a smile on His Face, showing His celestial compassion, the Lord responded to it:  "Can an organ decide for itself to live outside of the body and leave it? As much as it wants to be independent within that body and create illnesses and imbalances, that organ cannot leave on its own. And if one day, after so many illnesses, it were to be removed from that body, do you believe, little soul, that it would survive on its own?

This is what souls are like that have committed to Me. All the souls I created are cells of My Mystical and infinite Body, but those that committed to Me are organs inside of Me that have a fundamental role in the evolution of life, and even though they do not perceive it, they are part of an infinite Work that does not begin nor end in this world. This being so, beloved soul, it is not I who holds you to My Heart and does not allow you to follow other paths; it is your own life and your condition of union with Me that makes you feel this, in spite of all the temptations, you cannot do it.

But for you, this moment is not the expression of your purest thought. You are going through a moment of blindness and ignorance, in which clouds cover your face and your heart, and you cannot see nor feel the truth. For this truth to be revealed to you, do not distance yourself from My Love and do not stop crying out for My Mercy. Even though you are in the desert, I will give you the strength to persist. And even in the inner dryness, you will feel My Fount that, in the very depths of the depths, rises again within you. In a time of confusion, do not stop seeking Me and I will give you peace."

In this dialogue with God, children, may the souls that today are blind find the strength to seek the light and cry out for Mercy.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph