In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear sons and dear daughters of Mine,

Listen, at this moment, to the winter winds that embrace the north of the planet.

Feel the light of this lake that reveals everything. Unite with the nature of your being and commune with God so that today you may renew your vows in the name of humanity and the planet, in the name of the Original Project of God and of all that still must be done here upon the surface of the Earth.

Feel the breeze of these winter winds of Canada and open the doors of your consciousness to the new in order to discover the sacred knowledge that is held upon this planet and in many Inner Enclaves of the Brotherhood.

Receive this winter breeze of Canada as a moment of introspection and withdrawal, to discover within your being that which really exists, rather than only what seems to be, that which once emerged from the Source to live and experience the awakening of consciousness, the evolution of love and the great moment that you are living in the redemption offered to you by this planet and this creation that is found here; absolutely thought of, meditated upon and contemplated by the Eternal Father for each one of His children.

It is from this setting, in Canada, that today I send My message for each Child of Mary, for each child of Mine consecrated to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart.

An important moment in which you may renew your lives and consciousnesses in the aspiration of fulfilling the Plan of God, as armies of the Mother of the World, which attract to Earth all that is in the Heavens so that souls may ignite in light within themselves and find God beyond all that may happen or take place.

Walk toward the encounter with the new humanity. You are the transition of something that will arrive and that will soon emerge. This is the hardest and most difficult moment, but it is not the only one. After everything happens, the Light will come, the Light of Christ, the Light of My Son, to illuminate you again in the same way that the Holy Spirit illuminated the apostles.

Follow the path that you are building in your lives and do not allow yourselves to be intimidated nor disturbed.

A Child of Mary is one who is reborn every day and who, beyond themselves, fulfills that which God so much expects in the simple things of life, in the gestures of love, in charity and in the good.

Allow service to be the torch of the Children of Mary, that prayer always be the fire that lights up your hearts in order to find peace, the peace so urgent in these times, the peace you can reflect with the example of your lives and your surrender.

Today I speak to you from the frozen country of Canada and, opening My arms and stretching out My hands toward you, dear children, I expand the light of the Mirrors of the Universe upon the Earth so that today your souls may be filled with more attributes and principles, and you can thus continue walking in the evolution of love and consciousness, in a vaster and deeper opening, so as to understand the Mysteries of God and, in this way, live His Plan on the surface of the Earth.

Today I send you this message from Canada as part of a trajectory of the Spiritual Hierarchy which moves through certain places of the Earth in order to prepare your consciousnesses and your brothers and sisters for what will come.

This is why knowledge in your lives is indispensable, so that you may apply it and move forward with it in your daily lives and, in this way, you may imitate other peoples and consciousness that have also passed through the Earth and that lived a great awakening.

Today it makes Me happy to see you gathered together in the name of the Love of God, which is the first thing you must experience in your lives. Today it makes Me happy that you are gathered together in the name of My Son and, lastly, in the name of the Love of your Heavenly Mother, who stretches out Her mantle to protect you, to safeguard you and wrap you in the Grace of God.

This Divine Grace that is inextinguishable and undeniable, a Grace that I have brought especially for each consecrated child so that they may awaken to their personal mission and may perceive that it is the time and the moment of the great encounter, of the great service for humanity and for the planet as well as the Kingdoms of Nature.

This is why I am here today, from the great lakes of Canada, I send My message of Love, of Peace and of re-consecration for each child of Mine consecrated to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart.

Never lose sight of the truth of what you are and the Divine Existence that once formed and created you. In this way, you will learn to overcome appearances and obstacles, which will renew your lives in daily loving prayer that will unite you with God and all the Universe.

May the potency and power of the Mirrors of the Universe illuminate your consciousnesses and all your brothers and sisters so that, in the face of a new step of re-consecration, each one may take their place and their moment of great planetary service, for a definitive time approaches and it is not far away, My children. That will be the time and the hour of doing everything for this planet and for its humanity, so that everything may begin again as is foreseen.

From My Heart, receive the light of the Graces and Mercy of the Father. Filled by My maternal spirit, reaffirm your vows and renew your consciousnesses, for there is still much to do and serve.

May prayer in your lives continue to be this bridge that unites you with My Heart and carries you to Heaven in spirit every day.

On this day of renewal, may all the Children of Mary stand up and, as an army, affirm the commitment of fidelity and union with their Heavenly Mother, the Universal Mother.

With joy and rejoicing, I receive your appeals and intentions so that, in this year 2020, you may continue to grow inwardly and take form as apostles of Christ on Earth.

From the Great Mirror of the Universe, I send to all the Light that you and the planet need, so that this human civilization can again find the meaning of experiencing this Project of Creation that is still to be accomplished, and you will prepare this accomplishment with the Return of Christ.

Be happy and smile at the Mother of God, because Divine Grace has touched your hearts and lives forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the Presence of the Mother of God, Who brings us inner healing and renewal, before Her Presence on this day, which fills our lives and hearts, through Her Grace, all together we renew our vows to the Immaculate and Maternal Heart of Mary, for the triumph of Her Heart on this planet and in this humanity. And so that Her divine and sacred attributes may continue to descend into our souls and into our brothers and sisters, and within this scenery of the great lakes of Canada, being embraced by the winds of this great winter and before Her Great Mirror, the Mirror of the Universal Mother, we will together say the prayer of the Universal Mother three times so that Her attributes may continue to work upon and consecrate the souls of this world.

Prayer: Universal Mother (three times).

And now, My children, listen again to the movement of the Mirrors, by means of this winter wind that embraces you and the movement of the water of this great lake, and how it is possible for the synthesis of Creation to manifest in all of nature and within you; and thus, return to your origins, to your truth and to your essences, to be there in God, and to fulfill His Will for Him.

I thank you for having gathered together with Me today!

And under the authority granted to Me by My Son, I absolve you and re-consecrate you as My children, the children of the Celestial Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Special Messages

I bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

It is in the silence of the inner worlds and in the stillness of the souls where the Mysteries of God can be revealed and shown. This part of the Mysteries that are held in the great consciousness of the planet, in the soul of the planet, throughout the entire orbit of this humanity.

That is where I want to take you today, to share with you this part of the mysteries that God knows and is aware of, concerning the whole human existence.

In previous days, we spoke to you about the sacred civilizations of the Earth that inhabited this planet and that coexisted, in harmony and peace, with all of nature, achieving high levels of contact and consciousness with the Divine, Cosmic and Inner Universe, as well as with a very pure and profound union with each of the Kingdoms of Nature.

And it is on this path that I want to take you today, as a preparation for this next Marathon of Divine Mercy in which, as a group of souls, as a group of essences, as My apostles, you must continue to pray with all the conviction of your hearts, just as you have done until now, to attract toward humanity the Divine Attributes that are kept in the Sacred Books of God, and that are reflected toward the inner worlds of the great consciousness of humanity.

It is for this reason, companions, that today I hold in My Hands the Sacred Book of God, one of the many books that hold the records of the history of this humanity, bringing continuity to sacred knowledge and revelations that you need, at this time, to be able to take the steps toward the Heart of God. This is why today I bring you these impulses so that your hearts may ignite even more in the Love of God and His Divine Presence.

It is in this recollection where the Truth is shown, it is where your consciousnesses can be enriched by the knowledge that comes from the Universe, but that also comes from the planet, from ancient times, from very ancient moments, when humanity experienced such a true and profound moment in its process of contact with Creation, something that does not happen in this time, but that has only taken place in a minority of this humanity incarnated upon the surface of the Earth.

This impulse, like the previous impulses, comes to place every being of this planet, everyone who prays and every consciousness that trusts in Me, upon the path of return to the sacred Creator Project of the Celestial Father.

I bring you the opportunity to find the way back to your origins, not only to the place from where you once emerged from the Sacred Lakes of the Universe, where your essences prevailed and showed the truth of the original purity and of the original love that God conceived in you as consciousnesses before you departed to the schools of the Universe and to these schools of life on Earth.

In this book, which today I hold in My Hands, can be found the origin of a civilization, of a sacred people that inhabited this region of Canada. Very close to the Arctic Circle, they were in the greatest solitude, finding deep union with God, listening to the Word of God that came through His Messengers of the Cosmos and consciously receiving the impulses that opened up the space and path so that the humanity before, long before the people of Israel existed, could experience contact with that which is higher, cosmic and Divine.

In this way, companions, you will be able to understand what I am talking about at this time, and, from where this sacred information comes, which emerged spontaneously upon this planet, long after Adam and Eve; that civilization, which was in North America, found the path spontaneously and naturally to live this permanent encounter with the Universe and Creation.

It was this people of North America, prior to the great indigenous civilization, who inhabited the far lands of Canada. This people lived the Project of God, fulfilled it, carried it out, step by step, following the guidance that came directly from the Universe through the Messengers of the Cosmos.

In this process, they evolved and achieved the seventh degree of evolution of consciousness.

In this way, understand that which happened in that time and how humanity today has not been aware of this history, but, the Eternal Father, since the beginning, has known everything.

These consciousnesses, which evolved naturally because of their inner and spiritual condition, opened in those times a great doorway so that the following generations of humanity, the next peoples and civilizations, would also have the opportunity and the Grace to become aware of the invisible and superior reality that surrounds them.

And so, the Father entrusted one of His Archangels to closely follow that people and that civilization. The Archangel Uriel sent one of his sublime and eternal aspects to the material dimension of the planet.

In a state of spiritual, soul and divine consciousness, He approached this people to bring a message and a revelation, since this people was not fully aware of all that existed beyond its material universe.

The governors of the different civilizations, of the different peoples, always existed to guide all toward the path of realization of the Plan of God, and, in this case, in this people of North America, who lived and remained close to the Arctic Polar Circle, there was a special governor, a wise but also humble man, uninterested in power, in authority or in conquest, because these energies did not exist in him, nor in his people.

The protection of that people was their union with nature and with the Universe, although they did not know everything.

Their sensitivity awakened high degrees of love and allowed them to expand their consciousness in reciprocal and compassionate service among brothers and sisters.

It was a people that witnessed the coming of this great Celestial Messenger, the Archangel Uriel. In this people, and in its future generations, He cultivated the fundamental principle for inner worlds, which is the fortitude of spirit. This people achieved fortitude of spirit and learned how to sustain this inner fortitude through a great and unique key, which was faith. By this faith, the people awakened trust in the unknown and they were not afraid to open up to discover, to know and to understand what was beyond the limits of their material consciousness.

This governor was a consciousness who was present with this people, but who in spirit had come from the Universe. One of the important Masters who still accompanies humanity to this day, and who guided that people, in the likeness to a patriarch.

In reality, the lineage of the patriarch began at that moment for humanity so that later the following patriarchs could come to this world to guide it and govern it with loyalty and without human power.

In that people as well as in this great patriarch of the civilization of North America, in the Arctic Polar Circle, there was no interference, there were no limits, there were no obstacles, impediments, because the purity that came from their hearts was so simple and so profound, that it made them humble in the Eyes of God.

That people was one of the main reasons why the Father and all that is under Him, within His Law of Hierarchy, could trust in His creatures, in His children, and continue with the Project that failed in Adam and Eve.

And, thus, miraculously and without explanation, that people had no temptation, deceit nor deviation, and so the group of souls of that people lived their first experience on this planet as human beings.

 They emerged from sacred lakes and came to the Earth in a very high original condition of purity, similar to that which Mary, My Mother, incarnated.

The great archangels, in ancient times on Earth, accompanied the project of humanity, because they knew the value and the importance of its meaning.

In this current time, the archangels will approach humanity to be able to protect and take care of a part of the Project of the Eternal Father, even though humanity has deviated completely from the path and the Law.

But today, to all those who listen:

Beyond your spiritual, inner or material condition, beyond your purification, your mistakes or your tests, beyond everything, beyond any condition or situation that may seem unachievable for you, and, through this Marathon of Divine Mercy, with this impulse for your consciousnesses, hearts and lives, I come to have you recognize and value that which you truly are so that the obstacles, interference or the deviations may dissolve into the powerful energy of Love-Wisdom, coming from My Christic Consciousness.

I bring you this history, that you had not known, and through which today you can awaken to elevate your consciousnesses in ardent aspiration, an aspiration for someday finding this path, for living this purity and this very perfect union with the Creator, just as this people lived it in the past.

It is in this way, through this history and this revelation, that today I mirror and reflect the same principles that this sacred people of North America lived, for the entire group life of the Light-Communities, for all those who are participants and followers of the redemptive Work of your Lord, Jesus Christ.

Let your hearts be tabernacles of the sacred knowledge which once existed on Earth, because not everything was error or evil on Earth.

Opening your hearts to this knowledge, commune of the Holy Spirit and the Source of Its Gifts so that, renewed by the Grace that comes from the Universe and from the Source, you may stand and continue onward, just as I did for you up to the Cross, up to the last breath, until I closed My Eyes, for each one of you, and surrendered My Spirit into the Hands of God; just as I give your spirits and lives into the Hands of the Father.

Reaffirm this commitment with faith.

Express this same faith that this sacred people had, and bring continuity to this history, which must be re-written for the redemption and transformation of your lives and for all of humanity, so that more consciousnesses and souls may be participants on the path of redemption and Mercy.

Receive the balm of this sacred knowledge and be blessed by it so that within you may awaken this same impulse that awakened in that people, in the simplicity of spirit and the purity of soul.

Let the Love of God govern within you.

Let the Love of God make you participants in Divine Life, and, in Divine Life, may the doors open to Universal Truth, in which all beings will find not only their origins but also the synthesis of their existences and the reason for having come here, to this planet, to experience this school of forgiveness.

With these words, I prepare you for merciful prayer so that, through this merciful prayer, you may receive the impulses of Light that comes through knowledge and from the Source.

Believe that nobody will cause you to lose this connection with what is superior, as long as you protect it from yourselves. Open your hearts and your consciousnesses will expand in the Universe, and, in this way, you will be filled with Peace.

Trust, because redemption is close at hand for those who open to live it inwardly; it will not be difficult to achieve it, it will not be an obstacle to be able to approach this redemption, it will be a Grace, an impulse, a blessing, an opportunity, which My Heart will bring for all when I return to the world.

I bless you and I give you the Light of this knowledge so that this current race of humanity may bring continuity to the Work of Christ upon the surface of the Earth, for the triumph of love, of peace and of unity among souls.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


On this day, I return, carrying the flag of Colombia as a Mantle of Light, causing its stars to shine so that the attributes of God may awaken in the souls that seek peace and Mercy.

Today I come with the Mantle of the flag of Colombia to say that I trust in this dear people, which expresses its devotion to the holy Mother of God and which, in these times, must always remember that it should live reconciliation, so that all may be in harmony.

I come with the Mantle of the flag of Colombia because I want to remind the Colombian people of their commitment to the Plan of God and so that, through the inner experience of this commitment, the nation may fulfill the spiritual mission that is its responsibility, which is to prepare the bases for the expression of Andean communities that again may become the contact between Heaven and Earth.

The Colombian people have the duty of protecting this spiritual task and mission for, in this way, it will keep the doors open so that divine values of the Source may inspire and motivate everyone to achieve the manifestation of this Plan, which is waiting to be concretized upon the surface of Colombia.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


There are certain mysteries that come from God and that are a part of His Will.

The soul that loves them will one day be able to understand them because, in essence, those mysteries are the revelation of a spiritual destiny for the coming times.

These mysteries, which gradually take form and are established, are safeguarded and protected by the Creator Source so that, when the desire of God is to reveal them and show them, they may be led by the impulses of the original Source. 

There are many Sources of Creation that exist in the Spiritual Universe and all of them serve a Greater Source that is called the Creator Source, from which all the divine and cosmic impulses arrive, which form a sector of the Universe because the other Sources feed and spiritually guide other principles, in other Spheres of the Universe.

The time will come in which the Source of Creation will place the planet Earth within the system of Universal life, which has been expected to happen for quite some real time, and this event will occur as the inner Christs are awakening.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Contemplate the Eucharistic Heart of your Lord and within it find relief for your heart and for your consciousness.

In the Eucharist, contemplate the constant surrender of the Son of God for you. Know that you are not simply looking at a piece of bread but rather, child, at an eternal sacrifice, which lasted beyond the Cross and which is renewed every day so that your spirit always has a new opportunity for redemption and forgiveness.

The Eucharist is the fruit of the Mercy of God. In it is to be found His universal Mystery, the key for the renewal of His Divine Love, the key to constantly overcoming, to the emptiness of self and to a wholeness in God so that, in spite of the solitude, the discouragement and the agony experienced by the one who carries the cross of these times, Love may always speak louder, forgiveness may always be alive and Mercy may renew itself constantly, beyond human errors and outrages.

Today, child, contemplate before you the Eucharistic Heart of your Lord and renew your heart, recognizing the Love of God in the Eucharist.

Your Creator calls on you to sacrifice and surrender, to renunciation, to the void and many times, to solitude; but He also lives this for you, every day, in each instant of your existence. That surrender is consummated in all the altars consecrated to God, in all the Shrines of the world.

So, when you feel the weight of the cross of these times upon your heart and your consciousness, come before the Eucharist and be thankful to your Lord for the Grace that He grants you in sharing with Him, not only His Cross but, above all, the revelation of His Love.

The Love of God is revealing itself in the hidden part of your heart and, as much as you sometimes only feel sorrow and emptiness, the time will come in which the tree of sacrifice will yield its fruits, and that will be the Love of God within you. Then you will no longer contemplate the Eucharist with your eyes, but instead you will find it alive in your heart.

You have My blessing for this. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Happy are those who, aspiring to deeply know the Universe and the Creation of God, do not fear to know themselves and enter the depths of their human condition to transform it.

Happy are those who recognize the grandeur of Creation, and thirsting for its mysteries, know that, in order to enter the infinite Cosmos, they must first enter into themselves in order to transform it.

Happy are those who show themselves to be firm before the world, fearless and faithful before God, but who, above all, use this virtue to transform themselves, so as to not fall into their own traps, to not succumb to the errors they already know they must overcome.

Happy are those who aspire to the new human being and to the new time and do not look for it in their fellow being, but rather within themselves.

Happy are those who know that the renewal of love begins within themselves and love this mystery enough to surrender to God everything that, in themselves, does not know love and refuses to love.

Happy are those who are willing to be instruments of God, rather than of themselves; those who want to build the Celestial Kingdom on Earth, rather than the human kingdom, and know that the first who must learn to be servants of God are themselves.

Happy are those who find their joy in service, in sacrifice, and in self-transformation, for these will be worthy, until the end, of being called companions of Christ. In their surrender, the Love of God will be renewed; in their void, the New Church of Christ will rise; in their nothingness, the grandeur of the Creator will be revealed to the world.

Choose to be happy before God and full of His Spirit. Thus, you will know peace, even in times of transition.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When God, the Almighty and Powerful, made Himself small and fragile within the Womb of the Most Holy Mary, He was not only paving the way to seal a new and eternal covenant with humanity, the Creator was revealing a mystery and making Truth alive, which had always been spiritual and that, at that moment, manifested as something physical and palpable for humanity.

God was revealing His presence within humanity. He was revealing that, through His Spirit, He could awaken within beings a new human being, which renews and revives humanity, which had died, even though it was alive. God was revealing the possibility of a second birth, a spiritual birth, in which those who are aware of the presence of His Spirit allow Him to manifest Himself.

Through the Birth of Jesus, the Creator awakened, revealed and gave humanity the possibility of experiencing Truth. Those who are pure of heart, humble and willing to be instruments of God, willing to fulfill His Will, above all things, are worthy of expressing within themselves the presence of the Holy Spirit and, this way, they may little by little reach the true potential of humankind.

The Creator did not create you to express what you live on Earth today. This life is the faithful mirror of the ignorance of human beings, but those who open themselves to Truth and are willing to be reborn in spirit, expressing in life the perfection of the Spirit of God, will be able to receive and live the revelation of the Truth about themselves, even if they never know for sure what it is that lives within them. 

Children, open to rebirth in the Spirit of God, that you may be reborn in Him, and He, as a divine response, may awaken within you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Faith of Jesus was not based on spiritual arguments or justifications.

The Faith of Jesus came from a true conviction that knowledge arose and was born of the Love granted by God to each inner core; that made His Faith simple, humble, and true as knowledge.

This Faith was given impulse by an absolute trust in the Celestial Father, this strengthened it in and of itself. It was not a Faith that would appropriate anything, not even spiritual or non-material.

Jesus fed His Faith through the Love that His own Heart had for the Divine Will. It was that Love what strengthened His Faith and granted everybody the revelation of the divine and cosmic mystery.

Through His Faith, Jesus brought the realization of the divine mandate, which allowed a change in the course of events and straightened the inner deviation of consciousnesses.

The Love and the Faith in Jesus were inseparable, one could not prevail without the other; since those inner virtues, in perfect equilibrium and harmony, were what granted the miracles.

The Faith of Jesus had nothing rational or even scientific about it. Although it was based on the lines of knowledge of the Supreme Law, His Faith was completely filled by Love, which made of Him a Being full of wisdom and understanding.

This Faith that lived in Jesus is the same Faith that Christ tried to awaken and place in the depths of the hearts of humankind.

Because, in essence, the Faith of Jesus demonstrates to surface beings that they are capable of moving beyond themselves, in order to live and to experience the reason for their existence, their purpose, and their goal, captured in the inviolable mystery of the Divine Will.

If souls imitated the Faith of Jesus, the tests that the Universe grants them would not be problems or obstacles.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not be self-willed, it is to have a heart available to love any consciousness, in any situation; it is to say "yes" when one is called upon to give more of oneself than one could.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not be afraid of recognizing mistakes and of trying and amend them with transparency so as to not make them again.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to believe that beyond oneself there is Something higher and divine that governs us, that we have a purpose to fulfill, and an unknown Will to embrace and love with all our strength.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not fear falling and getting up as many times as necessary to affirm our union with the Eternal Father.

I thank you for imitating the Faith of Jesus!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

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