Monday, August 27 of 2018

Daily messages

The Faith of Jesus was not based on spiritual arguments or justifications.

The Faith of Jesus came from a true conviction that knowledge arose and was born of the Love granted by God to each inner core; that made His Faith simple, humble, and true as knowledge.

This Faith was given impulse by an absolute trust in the Celestial Father, this strengthened it in and of itself. It was not a Faith that would appropriate anything, not even spiritual or non-material.

Jesus fed His Faith through the Love that His own Heart had for the Divine Will. It was that Love what strengthened His Faith and granted everybody the revelation of the divine and cosmic mystery.

Through His Faith, Jesus brought the realization of the divine mandate, which allowed a change in the course of events and straightened the inner deviation of consciousnesses.

The Love and the Faith in Jesus were inseparable, one could not prevail without the other; since those inner virtues, in perfect equilibrium and harmony, were what granted the miracles.

The Faith of Jesus had nothing rational or even scientific about it. Although it was based on the lines of knowledge of the Supreme Law, His Faith was completely filled by Love, which made of Him a Being full of wisdom and understanding.

This Faith that lived in Jesus is the same Faith that Christ tried to awaken and place in the depths of the hearts of humankind.

Because, in essence, the Faith of Jesus demonstrates to surface beings that they are capable of moving beyond themselves, in order to live and to experience the reason for their existence, their purpose, and their goal, captured in the inviolable mystery of the Divine Will.

If souls imitated the Faith of Jesus, the tests that the Universe grants them would not be problems or obstacles.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not be self-willed, it is to have a heart available to love any consciousness, in any situation; it is to say "yes" when one is called upon to give more of oneself than one could.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not be afraid of recognizing mistakes and of trying and amend them with transparency so as to not make them again.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to believe that beyond oneself there is Something higher and divine that governs us, that we have a purpose to fulfill, and an unknown Will to embrace and love with all our strength.

To imitate the Faith of Jesus is to not fear falling and getting up as many times as necessary to affirm our union with the Eternal Father.

I thank you for imitating the Faith of Jesus!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus