My children,

On the day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, festivity of the first missionaries of Christ, I have come to Geneva in the name of peace and of unity to confirm the ecumenical alliance among all Christians.

This is the reason why the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of the Church, has asked on this day, June 29th, for a special meeting in Geneva, headquarters of many state institutions, in order to unite all the believers of Christ in the inner planes, by means of the ecumenism shared among His servers. 

The mission of each Christian is to love the Purpose of God and to carrying it forward by means of equality of conditions and under the sacred spirit of understanding of the different Christian manifestations of faith.

In this twenty-first century, in which the world faces great challenges, and also social and global inequalities, may the Flame of the Love of Christ be the point of union among all Christians, based on the principle of faith and in the Sacred Gospel of Christ.

As the Mother of the Church and of humanity, My Son sends Me to grant the deep Grace of understanding, of knowledge and of wisdom so that all of those who open their heart to the call of ecumenism may together, and in unity, solve and respond to the urgent needs of humanity, of all the People of God.

This inter-religious ecumenism will allow all Christians, under the same goal and supported by Divine Grace, to reach the complete vision of the different lacks and needs of humanity, knowing that it is urgent and immediate to dissolve together the evil, the wars and the conflicts that embrace many peoples in the world, and rescue from these very hard abysses those who suffer the most: the innocent.

By means of ecumenical and Christian unity, Christ will work more widely, because His disciples of these times must be witnesses of the Gospel in all the places, in order to sow the seeds of faith, of love and of unity in the most arid soils of this world.

And Christ, the Living Water, will be the One who will water and cultivate what His kin will accomplish in the world.


My dear children of the city of São Paulo and of the world,

Today your Heavenly Mother, in the presence of Christ and of Saint Joseph, comes to renew Her call to the adoration of the Most Holy and Eucharistic Body of My Son, as a spiritual task for each one of you in the sustaining of the planet, and especially this city, where souls must definitively have this mission as a priority in the end of times.

My dear children, your Heavenly Mother still remains in vigil, waiting above all for those souls who have committed to collaborating in Her work in this time, and thus to be able to concretize the spiritual mission to Central America and Mexico.

Also, children, I have come on this day with the aspiration that you assume this call, not only to sustain this city of São Paulo, but also to consecrate yourselves as spiritual collaborators in the Plan that the Celestial Father is foreseeing for this time.

I would like to tell you, My beloved children, that in this hour it is necessary to cross the threshold of human inertia, of material and spiritual convenience. I wish a permanent impulse of living this call may be born in your hearts, and that in spite of it being unknown, you are able to follow it with the freedom of your souls.

Today I re-open the doors of this house of adoration with the purpose of the whole mystery of the Universe also being able to be lived through the portal of the adorers of the Most Holy and Favorite Eucharistic Body of Christ. In Him you will always find the liberation from self and from all the forces of material life.

From the portal of the adorers, you will find the strength of faith, the trust and the love that will always fulfill you.

Children, the cycle has once again changed; feel in your hearts the voice of the Handmaiden of God and of the Servant of God, Saint Joseph.

Believe always in what we tell you. We have chosen you and have called you so that you at last may be the example of the transcendence and of the love that understands all and that can do all things.

I leave you My Peace and the vows that you will in truth fulfill My call, a call for your salvation and for the peace of the planet.

I thank you for responding and for collaborating in the work of the Divine Messengers.

Who loves you above all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

Through My presence and the presence of the group that peregrinates with your Heavenly Mother, I am deactivating spiritually what could make half of this city completely disappear, that in its majority is indifferent to the call of God and does not welcome Him.

It is so that your Heavenly Mother and Her missionaries in sacrifice offer themselves to be in the State of São Paulo during the month of October so that the consciousnesses who are here will realize that it is time to leave the point they have reached, time to not remain in their comfort.

Therefore, My children, the Heaven and all that forms the Celestial Universe has its gaze detained in the events that take place in this city of São Paulo; also the Universe observes if the servers of the Most Holy Mother are understanding the importance of keeping alive the house offered for the adoration of the Lord.

It is no longer a time, My beloved ones, to justify yourselves before the urgent need of responding to a call, as well as to the warning, that your most beloved Heavenly Mother makes.

For this reason, a state of permanent transmutation has been installed and some of My missionaries participate and collaborate in this juncture that intends, until the end of October, to leave a seed of greater consciousness.

Therefore all the people from São Paulo, as well as all My children from Brazil and from the world, should have as a goal to collaborate with your Heavenly Mother, for an extraordinary balance and harmony to be installed in the city of São Paulo and for it to be deserving of a greater time of peace.

Your Heavenly Mother invites you to collaborate with the mission to Central America and Mexico in the name of all those who could do it and do not do it.

I want from you a constant operative attitude and not static one. I wish that, as in previous times, the people from São Paulo can come out and help in the maintenance that your house – the beloved Nucleus and island of salvation – performs in the Divine Plan.

I thank you for welcoming each one of My words.

Who waits for you to be more awaken,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of all peoples, of all races, of all cultures, of all religions, because I am the Mother of each human heart and I am the Womb from which all things come. Nothing is separate from Me, My children. Only moves away from My Heart the one who forgets their filiation with Me and who forgets the unity that must exist between each human heart and God.

Because of this I come to the world and place each nation under My mantle; because of this I make those of My children who are awake true mirrors of My network of light, to illumine the inner and planetary abysses that still darken this world, and, thus, to liberate evil and suffering from the souls.

Children, today My Heart rejoices in Brazil as in Fátima, and My rosary extends beyond the continents, embracing with its beads of prayer all seas, and healing in this way the suffering of the Kingdoms of Nature. Thus uniting Fátima and Aparecida, I make use today of the prayers of My children to accomplish a wider planetary task, that may embrace all the kingdoms and all the hearts.

I wish you would accompany Me with your most sincere prayers, trying to understand the great necessity that this world be bathed in the light of the Most High God and that hearts receive from the Father the awakening that their souls await so much.

Beloved children, terror still exists in many parts of the world – materially and spiritually – submitting many souls. No matter how much you are permanently under My mantle, you must be aware that this protection that I deliver to you is for you to work with Me for Peace and for the redemption of this planet.

On this day, I wish that My children in Fátima, as in Aparecida, were aware of the Mirrors of Light that I have deposited to radiate their prayers to the whole world; nevertheless, children, the truths of Heaven have been told to very few, and these must represent the whole humanity.

I wish My sanctuaries were filled with souls aware of their mission and that, with the mirror of their hearts ignited, they would make of each one of these sanctuaries true plants of transmutation and of redemption for the planet.

Because of this I ask you on this day that those who are most aware of My Call pray with Me for world peace. Clamor for the awakening of the souls and, just today, do not ask anything for yourselves.


I am still present, dear children of São Paulo, amidst your prayers and in your hearts, to now give you impulse in the collaboration with My Marian work and for peace in the world.

In these moments, your Heavenly Mother accompanies the meeting of prayer of Mercy and hopes that the flame of faith of your hearts motivates you to an awakening of the consciousness and to live peace.

While My Son sends Me to announce My designs to you, on the other hand, Your Heavenly Mother prays with all the fervor of Her Immaculate Heart in hopes that some consciousness completes the works needed so as to carry out the mission to Central America.

It is on this day that I bring you the spirit of responsibility before the Plan of God, so that you can live it and assume it as a priority in this time when everything is permitted.

I wish to see in your hearts the strength of this enduring inner confirmation, because it will be in this way that your Mother will have room and space to be able to develop Her work in humanity and in the world.

On this day of Mercy, may your lives join My call, because it is now time to concretize it and the whole planet needs it.

I am with you and I pray for you so that you may awaken to God, to the Greater Love.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

On this day I come from Heaven and, still being over the State of Sao Paulo, I expect the hearts of all of My children to feel moved, so that one day the spirit of charity, cooperation and good will be awakened in them.

In this beloved Brazil of Mine I find highly devoted hearts and lives that can truly contribute with My Plan of salvation in the world.

It is for this reason, dear children, that your Heavenly Mother will be in vigil and prayer during the month of October over the city of Sao Paulo, just as I was during all the Agony, Passion, Death and Resurrection of My Son, but this time I will be on My knees waiting for some consciousnesses to awake and take account of the importance of collaborating with this mission of peace to Central America and Mexico.

Why, dear children, do I manifest this to you?

It is not a threat or a greater pressure that I impose to you, it is a reality that goes beyond your understanding and consciousnesses, I try to approach you everyday to My plan of co-redemption that is established through the celestial command of Christ.

I hope that during this month of October, in which we will celebrate Aparecida, the Patron of Brazil, My little children will manage, with determination and faith, to accept this call of fraternal and mutual collaboration with the divine Plans of your Most Holy Mother.

My Beloved Son prepares Himself from Heaven to descend and carry out an important task all over the State of Sao Paulo.

It is for this cause that as of now your Heavenly Mother prepares you for this moment so that your hearts and not your minds may be receptive for the Sacred Words of Christ.

I need in these days that your lives sacrifice something so that My Plan may be fulfilled. I invite the children of Mary that have been consecrated with the heavenly mantle to make this exercise of sacrifice and austerity for the planet and for the Most Holy Son of the Universe.

I will thank you in advance for your most sincere effort.

I thank you for accompanying Me in the realization of My work of peace for the world!

Who unifies you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


If My Son allowed Himself to die for you to be able to save you and for you to have eternal life, act and fact realized for love, why would you not forgive those who have betrayed you so many times?

Love is an act only for the ones heroic of heart, because this is the form to transcend the mistake, which is human and indifferent.

Therefore I invite you to love those who are indifferent, who omit themselves and are evil; pray for them because in them God is not completely realized and they are unhappy because they make so often the same mistakes without being able to liberate themselves from them.

The Christic love is gestated in transparency, in renunciation and in sacrifice for all those who are not transparent, for those who do not renounce and for those who do not sacrifice themselves and accommodate themselves according to their earthly expectations.

My Son still works for all of those because behind the hard rock there is a precious crystal that has not been found yet by their own consciousness.

Be in this life like Saint Paul, who having done all the evils of the world, touched by the Light of Christ converted himself into a faithful follower of Your Lord.

Above all indifference that you receive, do the goodness you cannot live and banish the evil of separation and omission from one another.

What will you gain?

Help the world to conquer its redemption; for this, first be this manifested redemption through a true transformation.

Your real aspiration must be surrender to afterwards live renunciation and at last humiliation for those who do not humiliate themselves for lack of conscious love.

Dear children, My Son drank this bitter sip of negation and, knowing that this was unfair, love came in first place.

As Our Lady of Piety I still have in My arms those who for several reasons distanced themselves from My Heart; in piety I contemplate and hope for your prompt rehabilitation.

Let us pray for those who lost the path for them to find again the light that used to lead them.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Before the moment of the Apparition Mary manifested something important about this region.

When the Virgin was descending from Heaven, twelve doves of fire were also descending which were placed over the house forming a circle.  Each of the twelve doves was radiating a ray of different light, which manifested as rays of different colors and shades.  These rays of colors were coming from the universe and were descending directly over the twelve doves.

At this moment we perceived that it was something spiritual that was happening in our consciousnesses.

Also the Virgin Mary, through this event was gathering in the inner levels the brothers and sisters from the different groups of prayer that today could not be present here.

When Our Lady appeared above us, at first Her arms of light appeared opening themselves toward us, after appeared Her hands and while She was opening them, out came a celestial light from Her palms.  Then after appeared Her silhouette of light and in the end the Virgin Mary appeared so clear, so clear.  That which called our attention the most was the brightness of Her celestial turquoise eyes, very luminous.

She looked at us with attention, in silence, with much love of a Mother.  After the Divine Mother begin to shed Her light upon this house and She expressed joy and happiness at the same time as She was serene; it was a pleasure for Her to be here with us today.

Each time that She transmitted to us this feeling Her clothing became illuminated by a clear and transparent light.  Today She appeared dressed with a white veil - there was visible part of Her brushed hair with a part in the middle.  She had a celestial mantle, a pink tunic and a golden belt.  All of the time She had Her arms extended towards us.  Her face was light pink and Her turquoise eyes were very brilliant.


Dear children of Mine:

I come from Heaven to your encounter with the purpose that you may love much more than you have loved till now.  I come to teach you every day to walk in the faith of the heart, so that through the presence of My Son, you may be My apostles of truth, of charity and of peace.


In the dawning hours of the 16th of February I come from Heaven so that, before My presence, your hearts will be healed and redeemed under the Love of God.

I want on this night to show to the world that one of the stars of the universe, the most humble and sovereign, descends from the firmament so that, through the Divine Word and the Eternal Love, She may illuminate the paths of those who say yes to God and of those who deny and dismiss Him.

My Sacred and Immaculate Heart is made present, in the beloved city of Manaus, to pour special Graces over the hearts that seek the relief and the healing for their profound inner wounds.

The Sovereign Queen of Peace approaches the most simple and humble, to show all Her Love and Gratitude for the answer given to this important call.

And despite the fact that two of My messengers of Earth, Mother Shimani and Friar Elias, today are not present among you so that they may resonate My sweet voice in the four corners of the Earth, the always Virgin Mary, the Sovereign Star of Peace, through the power that God has given Her will bring to this place both hearts, so that you may feel that My Work is accomplished in omnipresence and prayer.

The Sovereign Queen of Peace wants to ask of you prayer for the visionaries and for all the good Christians that follow in the whole world My Work in the Americas.  But the most important is that My Son Jesus has asked Me in Heaven to return to the Amazon as I have been doing continuously, through the Sacred Face of the Lady of the Rosary and Peace, to other children of Mine from this precious region.

I want that your consciousness may be united with My greatness and love for all, principally in the devotion of all of you for the wise mysteries of God; in this way I want you to know that My Sacred Maternal Heart appears in Glory to different children of Mine.

My dear children from Manaus, the Lord is joyful in His Mercy and Piety for your inner opening, for this I want that those children who have never known Me, may get to know Me.

During one of My last Apparitions to the visionary Friar Elías, I asked him that on the day of the Apparition in Manaus that there be on the altar, that honors My Sacred Maternal Consciousness, an image of the Lady of Guadaloupe.  I want and I wish to leave through this the Guadaloupean message of union among the races and the hearts, as it was in the past through Juan Diego.

Today guard in your beings the Immaculate Love of My Heart and in trust call, through prayer, the inner presence of God.

Dear children, may this day of Sunday be dedicated through prayer to the reparation of the Heart of the Lord. In this exercise of the prayer of the heart will be revealed the attributes that will help all of you for this time, attributes such as faith, love, forgiveness, mercy and redemption.

Dear children, as the Mother of humanity I ask you to pray so that My Son may intercede and alleviate the pain in many hearts.

Each sincere offer that is born from your hearts, day by day, will permit the planes of the Highest to be accomplished in the life of all souls.

My children, in love and in devotion I ask all of My children in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil to look direct their eyes to the Merciful Kingdom of God so that may be practiced in your lives the maternal teachings that My Heart has poured during this last year.

Through the exercise of the adoration of the Sacred Heart of My Son, all My children of Sao Paulo will be in consequence united to My Immaculate Heart.

For this dear children, today God has asked you to grow in consciousness from the heart and to unite your souls with the different states that prayer will irradiate to you. States such as unity, love, and fraternity.

For this month of the Sacred Rosary, may your hearts may discover in each Mystery the keys of salvation.

I give thanks to My children of Sao Paulo for answering to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Dear children today I call you to prepare again and with joy My merciful coming to the city of São Paulo. You, My children, can help Me in this mission of peace through the sincere act of prayer.

I want from you a greater opening so that as instruments of My Maternal Light, My Immaculate Heart reaches spaces of this city that need much compassion and love. Still, dear children, few are the servers of Christ who, looking to their sides, are able to see with clarity the great need for prayer for your fellow men who are poor and sick.

For this dear children, as praying souls who will receive the grace of My visit once more, I ask you to prepare your hearts in prayer and, in this exercise, to raise your hands to beg God for the grace of conversion for many of My children in Brazil.

I love with a special love this nation that welcomed Me as the Only Mother for everybody, but still a little bit more effort, love and dedication is necessary for the most destitute and forlorn of God.

You know that there are infinite ways of being servants of Christ. Today I invite you to be constant guardians of prayer so that it never lacks in your homes. The times that will come and were described to My daughter Lucy of Fatima are close. But all depends on the attitude of the souls in the simple life of prayer that I ask you to live as something essential.

Your hearts are already enveloped by My maternal joy for one more visit to this city of São Paulo that needs it. May this be for you a new reason to meet the Only King of Life, of Truth and of the New Paths: My Son Jesus, the High Priest.

I thank you all for your answer!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of Divine Conception of the Trinity.


My most pure channel of Mercy has been opened in this place, so that all the thirsty souls may come here and drink from My Sacred Source of Graces.

I come to this place by means of My Glory and not of My Justice and although many souls may blaspheme the Name of God, My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy is poured over the lost souls of this city, hoping that someday they may reach redemption.

Today My Sacerdotal and Merciful Spirit gathers you again so that each one of My prayerful ones may once more confirm themselves in the consecration to My Sacred Heart.

In Grace and Piety I descend to the world together with the Hosts of the Archangel Michael, to remove the spirits that disturb the souls of God.  In this way, My Sovereign Power liberates you, transmutes you and takes away from you the ties that do not allow you to walk in confidence towards My Most Sacred Heart.

But through the constancy of the Adorers of My Eucharistic Body, you, My companions, have received the Grace of My Holy inner and spiritual Presence.

Thus, I congregate you again and again around My Table, so that you may always remember that I will be waiting for you, so that every day of your lives you may commune of My Body and of My Blood.

The whole humanity faces in this 21st century the first moment of the Divine Justice, but every day at 3 pm, when the clock strikes the time of My Death on the Cross, I pour from the Universe, the Source of Salvation and of Redemption.

Now that you have already been formed as soldiers of prayer, I hope in the silence that you walk among darkness, and that you do not fear to face the old self, to whom time to die has come so that the Light of the Creator may be born in all of you.

While millions of living souls all over the Earth are facing the planetary transition, in the Humility of God and in the name of love, I bow before My ones so that they may ascend to the Eternal Father through the stairway to Heaven which today I internally show to all.

I hope that you love more each day, because in truth I tell you, it will be the love of the heart that will defeat all evil and will resurrect the dead, as well as I once resurrected many in the past.

For this reason and for an infinite purpose, I descend in light in this place and in this city, so that in time, the souls may recognize My call to live redemption, penance and the reconciliation through the Ecumenical Communion.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.