Dear children,

With all the joy and motherhood of My Immaculate Heart, I come today again to meet you in this hospital of sick souls so that, under the glory of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, all these consciousnesses, as well as the sick consciousnesses of this world, may receive the Grace of liberation.

I wanted to come back to this place of the mentally ill to teach you, dear children, that humanity suffers this illness throughout time because these souls do not receive love, compassion, or affection soul to soul.

Nowadays, the greater part of humanity is going through serious mental problems due to several spiritual and human factors. 

The first factor that has a great influence on the mental sanity of souls is the lack of love and of daily prayer.

The second factor that affects humanity of this planet is the destruction of mainly the Planet and the Animal Kingdoms; this opens great uncertain doors over the human consciousness, which day after day and without stopping, annihilates millions of animals in the world, generating in these small consciousnesses not only suffering, but also an indescribable horror.

The third factor that affects the human mentality is the lack of consciousness or of attention in daily attitudes, in generating hate, enmity, in material and economic failure; these factors open more doors, which cause humanity to become a primitive civilization, capable of self-destruction through their actions.

The cure for all of this, My children, is communion with Creation and especially with nature.

Your Heavenly Mother comes to the world to help it in the great spiritual and mental disease that it is going through.

It is in this way that My Heart of a Mother has much compassion for those who suffer these difficulties. These souls offered themselves for many others to balance the errors of humanity, but mental difficulties are also the product of human spiritual blindness, of the lack of inner peace, and of a deep grief.

As Mother of all the sick, dear children, I want your consciousnesses to wake up to reality and every day to change a little bit more, to make your paths victorious ones to Christ and to the Father God.

May all of you accept the human mistake and, in wise penance, a greater number of souls of this planet may repair, at least with their prayers, what the majority of consciousnesses commit through actions against the Lower Kingdoms and against humanity itself.

In the name of the Light of God I need you, dear children, to take that step for Me!

As I am the Heavenly Mother, I know that not all humanity will change, and that all the planet experiences today, and what it will experience, is because of carelessness, negligence, and terror.

I ask you, My beloved pilgrims, that your groups of prayer become cells of My Divine Consciousness, that you may carry out your daily and weekly prayers for the whole of the planet, so that the majority of souls acquires the Grace of awakening and of a greater consciousness.

Today, in spite of how I see the world, I leave here more tranquil, because I see a sincere and ardent response from My children of São José do Rio Preto, something that all are invited to live.

I love you, I love you very much and with all the Infinite Love of God, I give you the Graces of My Heart.

Have faith and persevere, unite above you yourselves; be carriers of My Celestial Peace.

I will always be with you until the end of days.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you in the Lord,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the sick


I am the Mother of all peoples, of all races, of all cultures, of all religions, because I am the Mother of each human heart and I am the Womb from which all things come. Nothing is separate from Me, My children. Only moves away from My Heart the one who forgets their filiation with Me and who forgets the unity that must exist between each human heart and God.

Because of this I come to the world and place each nation under My mantle; because of this I make those of My children who are awake true mirrors of My network of light, to illumine the inner and planetary abysses that still darken this world, and, thus, to liberate evil and suffering from the souls.

Children, today My Heart rejoices in Brazil as in Fátima, and My rosary extends beyond the continents, embracing with its beads of prayer all seas, and healing in this way the suffering of the Kingdoms of Nature. Thus uniting Fátima and Aparecida, I make use today of the prayers of My children to accomplish a wider planetary task, that may embrace all the kingdoms and all the hearts.

I wish you would accompany Me with your most sincere prayers, trying to understand the great necessity that this world be bathed in the light of the Most High God and that hearts receive from the Father the awakening that their souls await so much.

Beloved children, terror still exists in many parts of the world – materially and spiritually – submitting many souls. No matter how much you are permanently under My mantle, you must be aware that this protection that I deliver to you is for you to work with Me for Peace and for the redemption of this planet.

On this day, I wish that My children in Fátima, as in Aparecida, were aware of the Mirrors of Light that I have deposited to radiate their prayers to the whole world; nevertheless, children, the truths of Heaven have been told to very few, and these must represent the whole humanity.

I wish My sanctuaries were filled with souls aware of their mission and that, with the mirror of their hearts ignited, they would make of each one of these sanctuaries true plants of transmutation and of redemption for the planet.

Because of this I ask you on this day that those who are most aware of My Call pray with Me for world peace. Clamor for the awakening of the souls and, just today, do not ask anything for yourselves.

Unite to Me in a clamor for the planet, for the seas, for the souls that are in darkness, for those who suffer, for those who sleep, for those who submit their brothers and sisters.

Unite, My children, your rosaries to Mine on this day, and uniting Fátima and Aparecida, we will ignite this luminous network for the planetary consciousness.

Today the Mirrors of Light ignite themselves and emit a divine sound that resonates beyond the universes, in the whole Cosmos, so that God may hear the praying voice of His children.

I thank you, beloved children, for your being aware of the need of this world and for your working with Me for Peace.

I thank all My children from São Paulo and from São José do Rio Preto for reflecting about the need of their neighbor and for helping Me fulfilling My Plans of Peace. My mantle must still embrace many souls and I count on your hearts for this to be possible.

I love you and leave you My Peace. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

I come from Heaven to São José do Rio Preto so that all may get to know Me as the Lady of Liberation and of Peace.

I have the power, after My Son, to purify all your sins through My Virginal Purity.  My Maternal Love has the power to transform lives, and of setting free the moorings that imprison the hearts.  My Celestial Light has the power of healing any evil and of alleviating suffering.

I Am the Mother and the Lady of Liberation because I have the Divine Authority to make you re-emerge from the darkness of life, and to make you fly as high as a bird.  I have the power to absolve your mistakes and to transfigure them in love and truth.

I Am the Universal Mother, that one who has the power to radiate Her Divine Love between the spaces and universes.

I Am the radiating Sun that was born from God and I Am that who gestated on Earth the Firstborn Son.  I have the power to make life be born in a barren womb, because life arises by the action of love.

I have the permission of God to succor you and to liberate you.

For this, that on this day of Jubilation, may you have sufficient strength so that you may be able to surrender all that makes you suffer, and that prevents you from walking towards God.

God has given Me the power of transforming you and of redeeming your life through the Supreme Light of My Heart.  Now, in consciousness and awakening, may you know the presence of the Lady of Liberation because I wish that all My children seek the assistance that they need.

Dear children, today I present Myself for the third time in São José do Rio Preto because your request that I would return was heard in the Heights of Heaven.  I have the power to respond mercifully to the needs of all of My children.

I want that you know that Christ, Your Lord, acts also by means of the Immaculate Love of My Heart.

I hope that each child of Rio Preto will be united to the Redeeming power of Jesus through the Eucharist, because it has the power to forgive and to redeem you; by means of Confession, which has the power to absolve you; and by means of Prayer, that has the power to strengthen you and to prepare you for the path of consecration to God.  

God waits for you to awaken to the liberating power that lives in Heaven, to the power of love that is poured each time that the Lady of Light descends and appears to help you.

Dear children of Mine, your captivity is ending, hold onto My Sacred Mantle because in this way I will elevate you to the Kingdom of Peace.

São José do Rio Preto shall diffuse the devotion to My Immaculate Heart through the groups of prayer; thus you will be able to be Legionaries of Mary for the end of this cycle.

I lovingly leave you a prayer of liberation and of redemption for your lives:

Supreme Mother,
Universal Star,
may Your Powerful Love
liberate the ties.

May the luminous swords
of Your Holy Angels,
cut away involution and
any difficulty.

May the power of Your Healing
reconcile our heart with God and,
united to Your Immaculate Heart,
may we experience the promise of the
victorious return of Christ,
Our Lord.


I thank all My children of São José do Rio Preto for having prepared My arrival with so much love!

Your Mother Mary, Lady of Liberation

Monthly Messages

Children of Mine:

I come today to your encounter as the Mother and Virgin of Perpetual Help because from the Heavens I have contemplated the need for assistance that exists in the world. The Lord listened to the pleadings of the souls that suffer and sorrow in this humanity, and for this He has sent His Savior Servant to assist the poor in spirit and in heart.

My beloveds, this world is already crossing the threshold of a new time and many can feel this change in their own interior.  At the same time Infinite Graces descend from the Heavens; the Lord permits that His children be tried by all means and that from the depths of the interior may emerge all miseries.

But this takes place, My dear ones, because it is at this moment that all the assistance that you may need is available.  For this, as the Mother of Perpetual Help I say to you to not fear to purify yourselves; that you do not resist in the face of the trials that come into your lives, but rather that you clamor for the Celestial assistance and that you cling to all the Graces and the Divine Instructions that the celestial Messengers have brought to the world in recent times

This is a unique moment for all of humanity.  The Voice of God resounds through His Messengers in all corners of the world, so that there will be no one that will not have the opportunity of awakening and of finding help to live this transition that is initiated first in one’s own inner world.

As Queen of Peace I invite you to live the Peace of the Heart of God in your little lives, and to bring this Peace to all those who lack this Divine attribute. The time has come for the peacemakers to raise their voices as the Messengers of God do, and to announce to the world that it is possible to have a life of profound Peace even in times of transition.

In every moment of your lives you ought to know to choose between participating in conflicts and collaborating with evil, and with overcoming the negative currents of the world and living the Peace, thus dissolving all the plans of the enemy.

The world needs Peace and those that come to My encounter receive from My Heart the intense Peace that exists in My Kingdom; they must be capable of persevering in this Peace and of setting the example to the world of how to reach it.

Children of Mine, these are not normal times for this world.  When My eyes turn to Earth I feel in My Heart the suffering of My children and I find in the necessity of the world the valor to return again and again, and unwearied, give an impulse to your little hearts.  Today I ask that you see the world by means of My eyes and that you feel through My heart the pain in which the souls live.  Thus, you shall find the strength that you need to rise as many times as are necessary and attempt, until the end of your lives, manifesting the Plans on Earth.

My beloved, today the Queen of Heaven comes to your encounter and says that God does not contemplate the number of falls of humanity, but rather the capacity of getting up and returning to comply with the Greater Will, independently of your weaknesses and imperfections.

As Mother of Perpetual Help I say to you that I am at your side and that I will be here always, helping you with that which you will need.  All I need is that you call Me and clamor for My assistance, and soon after I will be visible to the eyes of the heart that seeks Me.

Today I place this entire city under My mantle and I embrace with love each one of My Children who with devotion and simplicity generate merits for the Salvation of all souls.

I thank you, My dears, for having responded once again to My call.

I am always in your little lives.

Your Mother, Mary, Holy and Virgin of Perpetual Help


As a Star of Peace I come from the universe to radiate to the world the Great Love that God has for His Creatures.

My dear children,

For the second time I return to San Jose of Rio Preto to consecrate it again to My Immaculate Heart as a spiritual city.

In this time of crisis that My children and the world live I need the prayer of all the souls, those that in simplicity and love may be able to dedicate time to the prayer of the heart.  My Son expects that all the souls respond to the need of prayer that exists for this time in your families and beloved ones.

As a Star of Peace My Maternal Love shines before your hearts and lives.  In deep love I bring you a message of Peace and Hope.

You, My dear and beloved children, know how important it will be that you be formed within My School of Prayer.  As Mother I will wait for you answer and immediate surrender to My Immaculate Heart.

Today I remind you of something urgent: to not forget to live the Sacred Sacraments that My Son has left to you.  Seek the inner communion with My Son.  In this way you will relieve His Sacred Heart from the weight that He receives from the world from the constant offenses.

Seek a life of constant confession.  May it be sincere, repairing and reconciling because My Son is expecting to listen to the clamor of your hearts day and night.  Remember that He is the High Priest. 

Seek now, in this time, the sacrament that the Lord institutes today, that is the sacrament of fraternity.  Only if the souls are fraternal and united will the world be able to heal many things and humanity will be able to achieve a new state of Grace and Mercy.

Dear children, I Am at your side like a radiant Star during the night.  I vigil and accompany the steps of those who open themselves to listen to My Loving Voice.

And today I tell you, My dears, it is time to live in Peace, it is time to Forgive and to Love, it is time to construct a new hope for the world through the praying heart.

For this encounter of today with you, I thank you.

For your sincere answer of faith, I bless you always.

Thank you, San Jose of Rio Preto, for opening the doors of your hearts!

In the Light of Christ,

Your Most Beloved Mother Mary, the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of the Peace


My children,

May the celestial armies open today the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens before your eyes so that you may in this way get to know and recognize the Dwelling to which you must return in this time.

May your hearts be willing to receive the blessings and the Graces that the Lord sends to the world in this time because it is necessary that each consciousness give the consent and send to the Universe a strong and determined yes so that the Light of God may descend upon your lives.

I come to the world in this time to remove from ignorance all of the humanity that lives in the false belief that the world and life are limited to matter, to that which they can see and touch.

My beloved ones, I come today to show you that you know nothing about life on the surface of the Earth and even less about the celestial life.  Until today your souls have lived in this world as children that do not truly know the value of life and many permanently refuse to grow up.  It is time for humanity to mature and to live no longer as a race of youth and adolescents that acts without perceiving the consequences of their own actions.

The time in which the Lord will let humanity known the product of its life and all the fruits of the trees planted throughout human existence must emerge now.

I do not tell you to fear because it is not fear that I bring to your lives.  I only tell you to wake up because maturity will bring pain to many but to others it will bring the joy of knowing a Universe that had been hidden during all the history of humanity.

My beloved ones, as Mother of the World and Universal Mother I must warn you that that the moment has arrived of discovering before you a universal life that has always been here and that you could never find.

My beloved ones, be open to take a great leap as a consciousness and as humanity, but walk with joy, with the same joy of a child that enters a new school, in a new level of learning because it is like this that you are today, entering into a new level of your evolution that for many is greater than that which they would be able to achieve by themselves.  But for this I Am here, to help you to take this leap, to indicate to you the path and to sustain you during all the learning that is the first of many that you will live in Paradise.

My children, understand the importance of these times because the yes that you give on the day of today will represent the answer of all the human consciousness and it will determine the course of evolution of your souls.

As the Mother of each one of you I Am willing to guide your steps and to support them under any circumstances.  I only ask you, if you accept to follow with Me, to be faithful to My instructions because nothing more will be asked to you then a pure and truly open heart to the living of the Sacred and of the Superior, through prayer, service and love for all of the kingdoms of nature.

I thank you for accepting to enter with Me in this path of Redemption.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


The roots of arrogance and of imprudence can be pulled from the soil of your interior through the firm determination of living the Greater Law.

Whoever aspires to be divested from themselves forever, may they seek Me. 

Whoever may want to become unknown as a new being before the eyes of the world, they may call Me with courage and bravery.

All that you live is a response to all that you do.  If you suffer much, the universe wants to teach you something, do not resist any longer.  Do not delay any longer the arrival to your cells of the knowledge of transformation.   All that you think will have a consequence and all that you feel will receive a great power.

Bare your feet before entering into My Temple, I wish to build My Dwelling to the Celestial Light in impure hearts.  If you want to be different from what you live, you can do it.  Will, dedication, and effort will be the doors that will open the space for the new destiny.

Do not get discouraged, surrender yourself to Me and soon liberate yourself from what for so long you have been carrying in your heart.  Control will make you suffer and resistance will strengthen your own ideas.  You know that I Am Divine and Omnipotent, Wise and Loving.  Leave behind all that which oppresses your interior.

Build the base for what is coming and for hope.  Do not delay the steps for anything related to your expectations.  Seek in My Heart the spirit of Humility.

Stand up, those who have fallen.  Walk, those who are imprisoned in themselves, because the time has come for the liberation of the entire life.

Empty yourself from all.  Surrender all to Me, surrender yourself.  Love all, love it with the heart.

The universe wants to be part of you so that you may permit yourself to be part of the universe.  I need you to talk to Me and to tell Me with the heart what you need.  I Am here to help you.  My Mercy will provide everything to you. 

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the Light of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Open your eyes and see cross the sky the Ray of Mercy that the Lord sends to the world.  See the portals of a Sublime Kingdom open themselves, where the most pure and beautiful that exists in creation inhabits.  Open your eyes and see the Celestial Hosts come to the world, to help those who suffer and to rescue those who are lost.

Open the door of the heart and discover the mysterious event that is approaching your life.  Open yourself My child, in consciousness, to a new awakening, to a new life.

My beloveds, a new dawn arises on the horizon of the world and a new sun rises to illuminate the life of all beings and to make them see all that which until this moment was hidden in their lives.  This sun comes to the world to remove the lost souls from illusion and to make them find again the path from which they deviated for so long.

Today I only say to you that you open your eyes, the heart and the consciousness.  This is done with intention and true prayer.  Open yourselves to discover the new possibilities of life that God gives humanity; open yourselves to discover a possibility of living in Peace in a world that agonizes; a possibility of becoming servants and peacemakers of this world.

My beloveds, I invite you today to be healers of this wounded Earth, healers of lost and dying souls, that die in life and surrender to the enemy all their possibilities of Redemption.

Today I call you urgently to awaken to a life of unity that overcomes the frontiers of religions, of races, of beliefs and of nations.  Today I call you to Reconciliation with your fellow human being and with God, so that you do not fear accepting the Divine that is approaching your lives and that offers you nothing more than a life of permanent surrender, of service and of Peace.

I come to the world so that humanity may awaken from the sleep in which it lives and so that is manifested on Earth the archetype of Love that God thought for humanity.

My children, your lives are precious before God and no matter how much has been spoken throughout the centuries, the Greatness of God is unforeseen in your consciousnesses and His Glory is manifested in the conversion of the souls of the world.

This is a time of urgent conversion, because all the Graces have already been poured over the world and many have refused to perceive it.  My presence has come to the world in different forms and I have made Myself visible to many of My children, so that all the beings have had the possibility of being at My side.  God tried to come to His creatures, but they are blind and their hearts are so closed, that they did not want to see and feel this presence.

Do not deny any longer, My children, the help that is being sent to you.  Do not ignore the times that are approaching anymore, because today the awakening comes to you full of Mercy.  My Love touches your hearts calling you to live a life of Peace and strengthening you so that you may reach this Peace in any circumstance.  Tomorrow Justice will come to the world, which will awaken many through suffering and pain, and this will happen by the choice that each soul realized before the opportunities that God offered them.

I do not come to cause you fear, My children, I only come to warn you that other times will come and the consequences of the actions of humanity already are upon the world.

Choose Peace and live prayer.

Pray with fervor and ask Mercy for those who still asleep.

I thank you for accompanying My Mission of Salvation of souls.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


Let Me know your inner world, I Am You Pious Mother, the One who knows the secret corners of your mind and of your heart.

In trust give Me that which you are and that which you have done wrong; accept in return the source of Mercy that My Heart wants to pour as light over your being; in this way, united as only one, I will be able to purify the stains that darken your heart and I will give it the perfect shine of a pure heart.

Seek without delay the Divine Purity, begin day by day to observe your acts, feelings and thoughts.  Permit that the prayer of the heart may renew your cells and atoms.  Permit that the miracle of prayer may occur, which will be to transfigure your mistakes by means of the efforts realized.

The universe is constant harmony and equilibrium, for this seek that prayer may attune you with the greater principles of Heaven, those principles of brotherhood that are beyond this world.  And a way to be able to achieve this is the bridge of prayer, which will rapidly unite you to My Heart, a Heart that waits with joy that you may unite to the fundamental principle of love.

When you can feel true love in your heart, this will be the moment in which you will be able to begin to forgive the mistakes committed against yourself or others.  Love will always bring the praying soul to encounter the path of forgiveness.  For this, the world of today is against the purpose of God, because of the lack of love and of forgiveness.

In this time of crisis for all My children, I come to the aid of all of those who want to accept Me as the Regent of their hearts and of their lives; I come to those who want to accept Me as the Universal Mother.

The world needs urgently to live precious acts of forgiveness and of love, those that are born from the souls that pray to the Celestial Father asking Him and clamoring for Mercy.

No child of Mine will be able to take an important step in consecration and in the emptiness of self, without first living the path that I propose, which is the path of the prayer of the heart.   Prayer will give you enough inner strength to love and forgive as God expects.

I do not want that your hearts offend anymore, but that they love and forgive; this will be the only means that will permit you to seek Grace and Mercy.

The humanity of today is at the edge of the abysses and of the serious mistakes that day by day are accumulating, those that affect that which humanity may follow in the plans of God.  Those who accept the proposal of living in the Celestial Kingdom through sincere prayer, forgiveness and love will be mediators together with Me before the Father for the forgiveness of your mistakes and for Mercy for all My children.

The hour truly indicates changing something in the depths of the consciousness; to those who have been more instructed in the past years it will correspond to sacrifice themselves and to make more effort, for all the brothers and sisters that do not make an effort and that not even live the path of prayer.

And how will all of this end?

In the promise that My Immaculate Heart will bring you to the Greater Kingdom, a place beyond this world, so that just like the Angels you may glorify and serve God.

Now is the moment of greater effort and sacrifice, to the point that you may offer to God your inner suffering for all of humanity that does not sacrifice itself and that only accommodates itself to the modernities.

All must be resolved from your spiritual heart, even the serious global disasters.   For this I say to the children that do not know: we already are in the final time, we already are in the hour of deciding which path to choose.

I will be before the two paths to help you, but the decision and the answer will be in your hearts.

Who thanks you, Who blesses you and Who loves you,

Mother Mary Help of Christians


Today a Great Celestial Rose descends from Heaven and lands lovingly over the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto; this sublime rose is the expression of the Immaculate Love of the Celestial Mother.

By means of the Mystical Rose the children will understand the mysteries and the paths towards the Eternal Father, and these paths will be reopened to those who have closed them. Seek in yourselves the mystical rose of the heart; contemplate in your beings the true essence, that which from the beginning comes from the Source of God. In this way you will recognize your true spiritual identity between Heaven and Earth, because the Divine Angels of the Throne will help you to find the one and only path of return, which will bring you to eternity. This will be possible through your prayers.

The three mystical roses that I carry over My Immaculate Heart aspire to reveal to the world the three principles and attributes that will help in the conversion of humanity and in its forgiveness, forgiveness for all the faults commited before the Father of Love.

The Supreme Truth is the Mystical Rose that will reveal to you the path to follow, a path free of obstacles and interferences.

The Mystical Rose of Pure Love is the conducter of your hearts and it is that which will permit you to see, above all things, the Love of God.

The Mystical Rose of Prayer is the one that constructs and restores that which was damaged in the interior of each being. The Mystical Rose of Prayer is that which opens the new doors and in consequence profoundly heals the life of each soul that is united to this divine mystery.

The three mystical roses of My Heart are shown before your eyes so that you may perceive that the moment to change something in this world has come, and especially so that all My children become collaborators of the Great Plan.

Your Lady of the Mystical Rose today presents Herself before the world and especially before this blessed city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto, with the spiritual and divine end to awaken all those who have been asleep for a long time to the life of the consciousness and of the Supreme Truth.

The Lord has asked Me to call you all because there exists a great need of prayer for this world; if all gave this answer, the entire humanity from North to South and from East to West would reach a time more of peace.

The Lady of the Mystical Rose wants to bring Her children to the precious encounter with Jesus; if many rekindle the love that they have lost for Christ, the Infinite Mercy will dissolve the universal doubts that humanity has generated, and an opportunity of inner healing could arise in the hearts and minds most closed to conversion and redemption.

The Holy Angels from Heaven take part in all of this Redeeming Work, and silently collaborate through the Love of God, so that the world is not immersed in obscurity.

For this, dearest children, it is time to form yourselves as victorious soldiers of light and of prayer. In your daily prayers you will find the consolation that no one upon this world can give you, because to be in prayer is to remain in the plenitude of the Peace of the Lord.

Prayer will definitively be the key that will redeem the Earth.

Beloved children of Sao Jose do Rio Preto:

Today I come from Heaven to call you to walk in a safe way by the path of consecration of all your hearts to My Immaculate Heart.

From now on, your lives and your city can count on the loving intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph so that in this way the new family of peace and good may arise in the end of the times, the family that will reflect the same principles as the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

Dear children: many are the aspirations of My Heart including that you may take the steps. The Lord on this day, by means of My presence, sends you His Love and His Grace for all those present.

Thank you Sao Jose do Rio Preto for opening to Me the door of the trusting heart!

I thank you and I bless you,

Holy Mary, Mystical Rose

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