Friday, January 24 of 2014

Monthly messages

Open your eyes and see cross the sky the Ray of Mercy that the Lord sends to the world.  See the portals of a Sublime Kingdom open themselves, where the most pure and beautiful that exists in creation inhabits.  Open your eyes and see the Celestial Hosts come to the world, to help those who suffer and to rescue those who are lost.

Open the door of the heart and discover the mysterious event that is approaching your life.  Open yourself My child, in consciousness, to a new awakening, to a new life.

My beloveds, a new dawn arises on the horizon of the world and a new sun rises to illuminate the life of all beings and to make them see all that which until this moment was hidden in their lives.  This sun comes to the world to remove the lost souls from illusion and to make them find again the path from which they deviated for so long.

Today I only say to you that you open your eyes, the heart and the consciousness.  This is done with intention and true prayer.  Open yourselves to discover the new possibilities of life that God gives humanity; open yourselves to discover a possibility of living in Peace in a world that agonizes; a possibility of becoming servants and peacemakers of this world.

My beloveds, I invite you today to be healers of this wounded Earth, healers of lost and dying souls, that die in life and surrender to the enemy all their possibilities of Redemption.

Today I call you urgently to awaken to a life of unity that overcomes the frontiers of religions, of races, of beliefs and of nations.  Today I call you to Reconciliation with your fellow human being and with God, so that you do not fear accepting the Divine that is approaching your lives and that offers you nothing more than a life of permanent surrender, of service and of Peace.

I come to the world so that humanity may awaken from the sleep in which it lives and so that is manifested on Earth the archetype of Love that God thought for humanity.

My children, your lives are precious before God and no matter how much has been spoken throughout the centuries, the Greatness of God is unforeseen in your consciousnesses and His Glory is manifested in the conversion of the souls of the world.

This is a time of urgent conversion, because all the Graces have already been poured over the world and many have refused to perceive it.  My presence has come to the world in different forms and I have made Myself visible to many of My children, so that all the beings have had the possibility of being at My side.  God tried to come to His creatures, but they are blind and their hearts are so closed, that they did not want to see and feel this presence.

Do not deny any longer, My children, the help that is being sent to you.  Do not ignore the times that are approaching anymore, because today the awakening comes to you full of Mercy.  My Love touches your hearts calling you to live a life of Peace and strengthening you so that you may reach this Peace in any circumstance.  Tomorrow Justice will come to the world, which will awaken many through suffering and pain, and this will happen by the choice that each soul realized before the opportunities that God offered them.

I do not come to cause you fear, My children, I only come to warn you that other times will come and the consequences of the actions of humanity already are upon the world.

Choose Peace and live prayer.

Pray with fervor and ask Mercy for those who still asleep.

I thank you for accompanying My Mission of Salvation of souls.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace