Saturday, January 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

My children,

May the celestial armies open today the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens before your eyes so that you may in this way get to know and recognize the Dwelling to which you must return in this time.

May your hearts be willing to receive the blessings and the Graces that the Lord sends to the world in this time because it is necessary that each consciousness give the consent and send to the Universe a strong and determined yes so that the Light of God may descend upon your lives.

I come to the world in this time to remove from ignorance all of the humanity that lives in the false belief that the world and life are limited to matter, to that which they can see and touch.

My beloved ones, I come today to show you that you know nothing about life on the surface of the Earth and even less about the celestial life.  Until today your souls have lived in this world as children that do not truly know the value of life and many permanently refuse to grow up.  It is time for humanity to mature and to live no longer as a race of youth and adolescents that acts without perceiving the consequences of their own actions.

The time in which the Lord will let humanity known the product of its life and all the fruits of the trees planted throughout human existence must emerge now.

I do not tell you to fear because it is not fear that I bring to your lives.  I only tell you to wake up because maturity will bring pain to many but to others it will bring the joy of knowing a Universe that had been hidden during all the history of humanity.

My beloved ones, as Mother of the World and Universal Mother I must warn you that that the moment has arrived of discovering before you a universal life that has always been here and that you could never find.

My beloved ones, be open to take a great leap as a consciousness and as humanity, but walk with joy, with the same joy of a child that enters a new school, in a new level of learning because it is like this that you are today, entering into a new level of your evolution that for many is greater than that which they would be able to achieve by themselves.  But for this I Am here, to help you to take this leap, to indicate to you the path and to sustain you during all the learning that is the first of many that you will live in Paradise.

My children, understand the importance of these times because the yes that you give on the day of today will represent the answer of all the human consciousness and it will determine the course of evolution of your souls.

As the Mother of each one of you I Am willing to guide your steps and to support them under any circumstances.  I only ask you, if you accept to follow with Me, to be faithful to My instructions because nothing more will be asked to you then a pure and truly open heart to the living of the Sacred and of the Superior, through prayer, service and love for all of the kingdoms of nature.

I thank you for accepting to enter with Me in this path of Redemption.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace