The Christic life of each being is immortal and always continues to evolve according to their needs for learning and maturing. It is accompanied by the soul, which is what most learns from all the inner and essential life, because it corresponds to the soul to carry out the synthesis of all the experiences it has had here on Earth.

The soul has the mission of carrying all the learning acquired in this school to its higher nuclei and, from there, move forward with an evaluation about the successes achieved and errors committed so that, in the next stage of its lessons, it may assume certain principles it did not live before, nor applied as paramount.

The school of Christic life is based upon the absolute love that a consciousness can widely develop during its incarnation.

In the majority of cases, souls not so awake to the life of the spirit only hold the experience of a very personal love, and when the time comes for them to move on to new schools, the love of those who surround them gives impulse to their spirit so that they may feel encouraged to find ascension and, in this way, definitely unite with the Greater Love that created them.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


What I most love is to be able to guide My sheep and that My sheep accomplish, in obedience and in love, all that I tell them.

That is the principal reason for being here again on Earth. There would not be any other reason, because My life exists because My sheep are present, who I love with all of My Heart, which I contemplate with devotion and reverence so that they always dare to do the good and to live for celestial peace in My Name.

But when My sheep do not listen to Me and do not trust in what I tell them, I can do nothing, only observe and wait.

In this time, I no longer want to see My sheep suffer because of their own mistakes and deceits. I promise you a fertile and fruitful soil to manifest the New Earth.

But in truth I tell you, this is the time of the definition of those who will be with Me or not, and that will depend on the trust and the faith that you give your Master and Lord.

There will no longer be any time to justify yourselves nor to place the responsibility on your brothers and sisters because of your own actions. This is the time of adulthood and of being able to see everything with maturity, without emotions or lamentations.

This is the time to give everything for Me or to retreat. It is no longer the time for the tepid of heart. I need you present in the love that surrenders without conditions nor personal benefits.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

Today we reach the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new stage.

After these last months of retreat, My Maternal Heart has been able to contemplate, with joy, the maturity, seriousness and responsibility with which each praying heart undertook the mission of praying for peace in the nations; and I have also been able to contemplate, My children, the positive and global effect that this daily work lovingly built, in recent times.

For this reason, dear children, it is today that I can say that I love you and that I have always loved you, because I know that within you there are great possibilities of loving God and of helping to express, on the Earth, His Plan of Love and Redemption.

I want to tell the world that I have a strong praying army today, consecrated as Children of Mary, who already understand and live the importance of manifesting the Will of God.

For this reason, My children, never tire of praying and supplicating because prayer opens the doors of the Kingdom of God and the Grace, which is infinite, can be poured upon all of My children.

I invite you to continue spreading this important request.

I invite you, each day more, to open the doors of your groups of prayer so that more souls may be consecrated by the Mercy of God.

My children, keep this loyalty with Me. Let nothing make you doubt or oscillate because within this cycle we are building the triumph of My Immaculate Heart within each being.

Dear children, I encourage you to keep collaborating so that My Plans of peace may be concretized in humanity and all the conflicts may end.

My children, today I pour the power of the Light of God upon your souls so that, strengthened by faith and filled by wisdom, the Celestial Father may grant the world a longer period of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When in service to God through humanitarian missions, those who serve and those who are helped allow the descent of the flow of Divine Mercy, and within a social or humanitarian situation, the service done from the heart transcends material and intellectual boundaries, since it is done for the common good and for the benefit of the equilibrium and harmony of all.

In this time, all forms of service to humanity, no matter how small they may seem, favors the action of spiritual Laws that, through the service of love, counteract future disasters and maladjustments of the nations of the world.

So the service for humanity, which in truth is in the most need, creates new conditions so that the energy of Divine Mercy can intervene for the benefit of all.

Humanitarian service purifies the consciousness that offers to help others. Also, that service done for the love of God awakens a sense of maturity and of personal responsibility in the consciousness in the face of scenes of chaos.

For this reason, service builds the spirit of solidarity and of peace with one's peers.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Humanitarian Missionaries

Daily Messages

My patient Heart is comforted by the young hearts that offer their lives for Me and, although they are not conscious of the value this has for Me, I always give them an impulse for the renewal of their senses and forms.

Within the young lives that consecrate themselves to Me, I deposit My precious codes of ascension and transcendence for them to reach new spheres of consciousness and maturity.

My Heart is comforted because through the younger ones that consecrate themselves to Me completely, I can realize the planes of My Work without obstacles and everything renews itself as many times as necessary.

Through the young ones that consecrate themselves, a portal of consciousness and elevation can always be opened, because in them the Plan of God can gestate without the mind obstructing the Divine Thought.

My Heart is comforted in the young ones because all is possible to be realized within them, even more when there is an opening and they are without resistance.

With this freedom of souls that I reach, I can make prodigies not only in these consciousnesses but also in all of humanity.

My Heart is comforted and rejoices when the youth respond to the call because, in this way, I will always have permission to guide and accompany them.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


The descent of the Celestial Kingdom

My beloveds,

Today I fulfill the promise that I made to your hearts, and I again descend to this world with all My Celestial and Universal Consciousness, entering into one of My Homes on Earth, to bring the Celestial Kingdom.

This Kingdom belongs to all My faithful children, who gather at the Feet of the Eternal Father and at the Feet of My Son the Redeemer, who from the heart are able to live in fidelity to the Love of God, the transparency of that love, the inner freedom of having chosen with the heart to follow the path of the good, of fraternity and of the Mercy that Christ brought to this humanity.

This Celestial Church, which is formed by all the sincere hearts in their love for God, makes no distinction of race, people, religion nor dogmas. It is formed by all who seek the good, light, love and a fraternal life for themselves, for their brothers and sisters of the whole world; who seek respect, consideration and the recognition of all the Kingdoms of Nature, as a precious and fundamental part of life on this planet, the fruits of the Divine Creation of the Father.

This Celestial Church that My Son has assembled as an offering to the Eternal Father today descends and unites with Me, with My Immaculate Heart, so that in this way, I am able to care for, protect, guide and lead it until My Son returns to the world, the only King, the Savior.

As from this new cycle on, My children, everything will be exposed in order to be purified. Nothing will remain hidden from the eyes of humankind, nothing will be held back any longer.

Those who define themselves for the good will have to struggle, every day, to allow their lives to move onto the path that will lead them toward the Love of God, and they will do this with joy, knowing that the thousand years of peace are arriving; they will strive and prepare the Return of Christ with small and large actions. All will see them and know who they are.

Those who deceive themselves and choose to support the false powers of this world will no longer be hidden and they will be seen by all throughout the whole world. They will mock the sincere hearts that seek the good, and their infidelity will be seen and heard by all. They will persecute the good hearts and want to destroy the Celestial Church due to not being able to take it over. But you should fear nothing, because I will be with you and in you, and nothing will be able to make you suffer.

I will keep the true Church of My Son until He returns, placing under My Mantle of protection those who are pure and simple of heart, the faithful and the truthful, the just and obedient to the Laws of Heaven, the charitable and the generous with their peers and with the Kingdoms, the brave who seek love above the pettiness of this world, those who suffer because of the malice of the cruel and the sinners, and the innocent, those who nobody can protect.

And in this way, the Celestial Church of My Son will grow, nation by nation, region by region, continent after continent in this world, and nothing will stop it, because the real love, the real light and the real peace will come to each thirsty soul of this Earth.

Remember that it is My Son Who calls souls within the inner worlds, and it is also My maternal Love that gathers you together to take you to Christ, beyond any action on the surface of the Earth.

Thus, things will happen that you will not be able to understand when the children of the Celestial Church begin to assemble, and from the furthest places of the world, they cry out for the Love of their Heavenly Mother and for their Lord, and when they begin to come to the spaces where the Divine Messengers will descend to bring peace.

The great miracles of light, healing and conversion will begin to manifest throughout the world, because souls will ignite, wherever they may be, responding to the call of their Shepherd.

Evil will want to confuse you, but the redeeming Love of Christ is powerful and unmistakable, and nothing will stop It.

Get ready, beloved children, to travel with Me to those lost places of the world in search of your brothers and sisters, so that they may definitely be a part of this, our Celestial Church.

And so, in this cycle beginning today, the 144,000 will awaken and nothing will stop this. That task that they will accomplish, of preparing the Return of Christ, belongs to each soul committed to the advent of a New Humanity, to each one of those who hear My words with their ears or in their inner worlds.

And it will no longer be only 144,000; there will be many more who, with an ardent love ignited for My Son in their hearts, will walk at His side to live, together with Him, the love and the fraternity that this race was always destined to live.

My beloveds, today My Heart is rejoicing and I come to you as the bride that comes to the altar, to begin the most important stage of her life, a stage in which she will definitely form the great family, the Universal Family, who will fervently wait for the arrival of Her King, the Glorified Christ Jesus.

Today, I descend here, and also upon the surface of the desert of Peru, where within the inner worlds of the planet, the Masters and Ancients of other times and of forever who take care of this world. This is where the White Brotherhood has faithfully followed the Plan of God for this world.

They have unconditionally been united with the Eternal Father and with all His Designs, being the bridge between the Cosmic Universe and the Earth since before Adam and Eve, a task that God gave them and, in spite of all errors, My children of the surface, He allowed us today to still have this blessed planet for taking forward the divine Project.

For this reason, I have also descended into the desert of Chilca, in the same way that My Son descended some years ago, to also bring the Celestial Church to that location, because all of them, as silent lovers of My Son, belong to this gathering of consciousnesses that, from the inner planes, help us to sustain and preserve this beloved planet.

My beloveds, today I lovingly invite you, as Mother, to take a step with your spirits and souls, to enter together with Me into the school of the real knowledge about this civilization, which is you and this planet, a knowledge that belongs to you and that has been hidden from everybody’s consciousnesses.

Now that you are maturing, now that you are reaching spiritual maturity, it is your responsibility to experience the great truths with openness while also holding the hand of your Heavenly Mother, Who will lead you along these new paths with love, taking care of each one of your souls.

This new cycle will be full of revelations that will make you strong and allow you to understand many things that formerly were called “mysteries,” because the time to know about them had still not yet come for all.

My beloveds, today My Heart is rejoicing and I come to you as the bride that comes to the altar, to begin the most important stage of her life, a stage in which she will definitely form the great family, the Universal Family, who will fervently wait for the arrival of Her King, the Glorified Christ Jesus.

I love you, and I bless you on this unforgettable day of rejoicing.

Thank you for accompanying Me today, for being a part of this celestial victory.

Your Mother Mary, the Universal Mother


The path to the New Humanity should not be long, in spite of being very laborious for the current human consciousness.

Looking at human beings of today, many ask themselves: “Where will the New Human Race emerge from? Where is the new world? Will it emerge from one moment to the next, unexpectedly? 


The New Humanity is called “new” because we speak to a human consciousness that is completely unaware of the truth about itself.

From the moment in which humanity was created by God, and this divine and archangelic Project became active, everything was already fulfilled, and perfection was already manifested in matter.

Perfection is hidden, covered by layers and layers of deep illusion, which cause the consciousness to suffer for not being able to find itself in essence, in truth. 

The most illusory suffering of all is that which you experience when you are lost of yourselves because this is now the time for grace, the grace to discover the truth.

Why do you suffer because of your imperfections instead of looking for the essence, the truth?

Why do you fear losing something that has never been yours, in order to finally know that which you are, as children of God?

Many ask themselves how they will experience, in this world and in their so common and human lives, the principles of a Plan that, in reality, is cosmic and universal. Children, those principles are internal. Their expression and manifestation are that which transforms life on Earth.

Do not wait for the planet to change so that you may then find favorable conditions for your own transformation, because it is you that must change the world. And I do not speak to you of an ideologic, political or social project; I speak of small things; I speak of acts of fraternity and true love; I speak of a sincere gaze and gesture towards those who are forgotten; I speak of an act of peace for those who are affected by the chaos of the world; I speak of actions that cut the growing chain of evil on the planet because social projects are as human as everything you have built as humanity up to now.

In order to reach something truly great, spiritually great, transform the small, the simple, the profound. And it is there, with your own example, that you will move the structures of the unbelievers and you will make them reflect, those who are searching for the truth and do not find it.

It is with the example that you will mark the path; it is with love that you will ignite a torch in this world of darkness so that those who walk blindly can find a way out.

I could tell you much more than I have already told you, and renew you through My words, but when the father withdraws, the youth grows and faces life and its difficulties in a more mature way. There is no other way to survive but by practicing that which one has learned.

The fact that the Divine Messengers withdraw from your lives is not to abandon you, but to make you grow, because it is already time, children. And not only society but the whole universe will demand this growth from you so that you can endure what is to come and be a true triumph of God.

In this reparation of fraternity, unity, and love, may you cease one day to repair your own consciousnesses in order to reach the human consciousness, the Kingdoms of Nature and the planet, for there is much to be repaired beyond yourselves.

As a good carpenter and servant of the Lord, I will always accompany you.

Your father and friend, companion of all eras,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Human growth is often difficult and painful. To go through so many stages of physical, emotional, and mental maturing require effort and dedication from those who experience them.

Spiritual growth is similar to human growth: beings experience different evolutive cycles that demand from their consciousnesses an increasingly deep and consolidated maturity.

In physical human life, the being that grows is progressively assuming their role in society, and is responsible for sustaining it and for building its future. In the spiritual life, the being that grows and matures, gradually assumes its responsibility before the Plan of God and recognizes itself as responsible not only for its evolution but also for the evolution of all humanity, the planet, and as a result, of the universe.

This last evolutive cycle of the awakening of new suns sets the threshold between the old and the new humankind. Children, it will be the time to spiritually cross this threshold and face the changes that this will bring about in your lives; to face the resistances and obstacles imposed by yourselves for this maturing, just as a young person who is in the transition to adulthood, and often resists taking that step.

Many want to live a spiritual life; they aspire to know the truth about themselves, about this world and many others, but children, what you must understand now is that this step in the spiritual life that allows you to know the truth about all existence generates a commitment that requires certain effort and transformation.

This is what happens with many youths who want to live by themselves, have their own houses, their own jobs, but they do not understand that independent life will demand immediate mental and emotional growth from them. 

It would not reflect the reality that consciousnesses with a certain degree of instruction did not have the same degree of conscious commitment to the Plan of God. Children, this is the Law of the Universes, of life, of Creation.

So that new worlds may be revealed to your eyes, you must spiritually mature. And as the change of times is urgent right now, and the truth emerges even for those who do not want to see it, the very condition of the planet will demand from all immediate and concrete spiritual growth.

This growth is nothing more than a true transformation in the consciousness, a response to the Creator, with daily examples that you understand the times in which you live and your responsibility to the Plan of God.

Children, I tell you these things because now we are in the last time, and you will not read as many instruction pages as before, because everything has already been said and it is time to put it into practice.

For the spiritual growth of humanity,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Welcome to a new cycle of evolution, a cycle which will charge spiritual maturity from everyone, that will allow you to live in harmony in the times that will come.

This new cycle will be marked by inner tests, in which the consciousnesses will find themselves facing great responsibilities, with little inner experience to take them on. However, it will be the adhesion that each one will present to the Will of God, and their efforts to fulfill it, that will make the grace and mercy that you need to fulfill your mission to descend from the universe.

Children, when facing the challenges to come, always say "yes", even if they seem impossible to be experienced and overcome. When you say "yes", the Creator receives permission to operate true miracles in your consciousnesses and heal all that prevents you from making the leap you need.

The challenges will make you grow and prepare you for the cycles that will come later and that will be major and definitive trials not only for you but for all humanity and for the whole universe.

Do not fear to launch yourselves into the unknown or take the steps that will lead you through paths you do not know where they end. Do not fear losing everything and, above all, losing yourselves because - though painful - this is the goal of humanity. Remember that the emptiness of yourselves leads you to the Truth, to the Archetype, to the Source.

Today I wish you a start cycle filled by God and the universal life. This new time will be marked by the awakening of humanity to this life.

All the sciences will be united spiritually in the universal science and all true religions will find the common meaning in the experience of love. Knowledge and religion will unite to unveil new worlds and universal principles, and they will discover that the greatest science, which is the experience of love, leads to new horizons, to new universes. Thus you will not fear to know the Truth and with the knowledge filled with spirituality, and religion full of wisdom, you will cross the gates towards a new life.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Maturity when you are serving arises from the understanding that a service that is provided responding to a request of God transcends matter and has its true purpose in spirit. When the Creator sends you to serve, you must be conscious that you are mere instruments in His hands, since – in order to balance the great human karma – it is necessary to be the members of humanity themselves the ones acting and interceding in this act of balance.

What do you fear when we send you to serve? Are you, by any chance, thinking that your hands will be the ones to act?

No longer lose time with expectations, anxieties, or even with prides and vanities. Focus on being true, simple, obedient, meek, vigilant, and peaceful. Focus on being united to God and on thinking of Him all the time and not of yourselves.

When you are before an act of service, do not be confused. Confusion comes from the lack of clarity of purpose of your actions. If you focus your attention on God, soon you will see how He will open the paths and will show you a greater necessity, which suddenly will not be that one you were thinking.

Both cases of the Middle East and of Chaco, your brothers and sisters need to be listened to and to find, in you, a bridge to something higher. Donate encouragement, donate hope, donate peace of heart. Do not show yourselves immature, insecure or without a purpose, because you are being closely guided by Our Words as well as by the intuition and by heart, vehicles we always use to conduct you. For this reason, let yourselves be internally guided.

Trust in those who we have elected to coordinate you and direct you in each mission, because to those hearts, we are united in a special way. Do not have great ideas or do not want to accomplish heroic services to tell at the end, because the true mission, which happens in spirit, will be known by few. And it will be admired only by God, because humanity still has not learned to love the life of the spirit and, even though it may know the spiritual facts, it will have little interest if there are not material results.

For this reason, I ask you once more to be more humble and obedient, more united of heart to each other, and all to the Most High God. In this way, the Purpose of God will be fulfilled.

The One who loves you and guides you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

May all those who aspire to be missionaries of the Plan of God listen to these words and learn to serve. Truly attentive spirits never think that I am speaking to others, but rather accept all is directed at them; for this reason, they grow and mature as God expects. 



If you want to see fraternity being the premise for the human relationships in the world, elect to be fraternal above all your needs. You already know how to do it and how to be it, but you still have not been willing to come out of your comfort for this.

I know that, for many, it is beautiful to admire the spirit of service and of charity in the other, and it is much easier to think that, for yourself, it will happen in another way, because you will be fraternal and charitable based on your points of view, but not as God calls you to live.

Your consciousness has already a sufficiently resounding voice in your interior to indicate you the path and show you the moment and the situations that need you. Be mature to promptly say “yes” and to assume an act of charity, as simple as it may be, as the most important one.

Learn to be in the present without immaturity, and yes, to take your responsibilities and to watch over the task you have been assigned to, but never ceasing to help the neighbor, when any situation presents itself.

Remember that, before being an entrepreneur of Christ, you are His servant. For this reason, before thinking about the achievement of your own goals, even if they are for the Lord, be humble and a servant of the Christ who inhabits in the interior of your brothers and sisters and who hide Himself in the hidden side of all things. If you proceed like this, you already will see how great goal will achieve the Lord by means of you, who does not only have the appearance, but also the spirit in Christ.

Do not go about observing your brothers and sisters: be yourself unique, different, authentic and true in all things, trying to live what you already know, without expecting the others to do it. Because you also know that everything needs an engine to impel to transformation. Be yourself this living engine, encouraged by the Spirit of Christ.

Give your tiredness to the arms of charity and elect to yourself the eternal rest and not the temporary one. It will no longer be the resting that will nourish your bodies in these times, because it will only be the fullness in the Spirit of God and the experience of the Gospel of Christ that will keep you standing up. Therefore, be as you have studied.

Do not let any indication of your inner world to pass unnoticed to you: respond to the voice of the heart in everything; thus, it will speak each day louder within you.

Your Father and Companion, your Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions,

Offering Our Hearts to the Celestial Altar as part of this Plan of God, we cry to mankind to establish peace in their lives. We ask that you awaken a little more to the true need of the planet, because in the times that will come you will need to demonstrate a greater awareness and maturity. Those who are blind today in the spirit and heart will seek relief and guidance in those who can be minimally balanced in the face of the planetary situation.

Know, dear ones, that – in the view of the degree of evil and hatred that lives in the hearts of some human beings – the outbreak of a third world war can completely destroy planetary life. The hearts of many rulers are only thirsting to demonstrate power and superiority over others beings in the world. It will be a battle between chaos and evil, because there will be no rules and there will be no mercy. All nations will want to demonstrate their power and they will ally one another to destroy the others according to their beliefs.

Just look at the world around you and be able to see a higher priority than your own lives, because the Plan of God transcends individuals and, if necessary, the Lord will ask for more of those who believe they have already given all, because not just the planet but the universe also needs it.

I ask you to seek to know the truth that is in your hearts, so that you are not taken by the terror that will spread throughout the world. Do not despair in the days to come, for the Spirit of God will sustain you, always when you are His servants and His soldiers of peace and prayer.

I do not tell you that you will suffer nothing; however, all the suffering and all the trials that the Lord places in your paths will be for you to generate merits for the salvation of humanity.

I tell you that from now on you learn to love and to accept differences, because We will ask you to welcome and support beings that are very different from you according to all points of view.

Also on this day, I will beg you to help the missionaries of Mary to reach the Middle East soon, before their doors definitely close and the souls there, seeking a way out, do not find mercy, but only justice.

The service we ask of the missionaries, who are consecrated in spirit and soul to the Plan of God and His Messengers, is not like any other service rendered in the world. Through them, We can enter deeper into the planet and pour out a flow of mercy upon those who would not deserve it in this life.

Therefore, companions of My Chaste Heart, strive every day to be more awake, because We can no longer alert you. The time of change has already arrived.

Your Beloved Father and Friend, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order to understand the planetary reality, it is necessary that the soul, the spirit and the material bodies be willing to transform because the untruthful understanding of the reality of the world in which you live is something made up from the mind and sometimes even of the soul that does not want to abandon superfluous and superficial things.

Dear companions and servants of Christ,

The impossibility that many feel towards responding to the urgency of the times with real consciousness of the situation of humanity is caused by the non-adherence of certain aspects of the being to the Divine Purpose.

You must meditate from the heart on what I tell you and seek those spaces of consciousness that still aspire to live their own will and insist on responding to the material life stimuli, for the pleasure and for the convenience that it brings to the bodies.

Seek a path of true holiness, follow the examples already left for the world by those that today guide you in the inner levels of the planet.

I ask you to reflect a little deeper about yourselves and to move towards a definition for all aspects of your consciousnesses.

Find those obscure spaces of your own being that still need to be illuminated by the spirit and, without fear, anguish or preoccupations about what you will find, only move with maturity towards transformation.

You already know what you must stop doing.  If you are in doubt in relation to the steps that you must start to take, do not take those that you know that will lead you to other paths, that are not of God.

Dear ones, know that the Creator counts on very few.  With maturity, assume the responsibility of being a part of those few ones that have the possibility of responding to God and surrender yourselves, without delay, to His Divine Will that is perfect to each one of you.

With few words, I tell you what you need to listen.

May My instructions become alive by means of your hearts, your souls and your spirits.

I leave you My paternal blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When a soul prays from the heart, it creates the conditions for the approach of the spirit.  When such a spirit is awake, this allows higher laws to permeate matter and guide the events of life according to the divine and universal principles that correspond to the Will of God.

It is only when a being opens to spiritual life and awakens faith in that which they cannot see with their physical eyes that all the realities of the Cosmos can be felt within their heart.

It is when a soul awakens that their personality may feel the imperative need of discovering what is beyond material life.  The soul is what causes the mind and the emotions to not feel satisfied with life on the surface and thus direct the three-dimensional bodies to a higher quest.

While you learn and grow in spirit, the soul struggles constantly with the human aspects that are still deeply rooted in the ways of planetary material life.  It is for this reason that, at the same time that you aspire to launch yourselves into the abyss of the Will of God and to surrender yourselves to the mystery that is living under that Will, another part of your being doubts the existence of that abyss, of this possibility of living the Will of God and, according to your own resistances, you may even doubt Divine Existence.

It is when the spirit approaches matter that the soul is strengthened and its convictions become the truth that rule life.  Doubts and questionings will not cease to exist because while you are in the world there will always be an aspect to be purified; an aspect that does not want to sacrifice itself and prefers to remain in the ordinary life of gratifications and worldly pleasures.  But it will resemble an adult that lives like a child and complains, sometimes more, sometimes less, demanding attention for their will to be done.

Why do I tell you this?

Because you need to stop giving so much attention to this child inside of you who does not want to grow, you must start to act with the consciousness of the spirit, with this spiritual adult that understands the planetary reality and that is willing to live according to higher designs, regardless of circumstances.

Many times the inner child is disguised as a great hero because they are totally willing to change the world, as long as they feature great roles in the end of times; but when one speaks of transformation in the little things of life, they do not give it so much importance and think, for example, “Why would I accept humiliations, live in obedience, silence and sacrifice, when I can do great service in Africa?”

My beloveds, know that I speak to your hearts, but today, I speak, above all, to your consciousnesses, because the time has already come for you to understand that the only way out, so that humanity does not become a dead project in the memory of the Creation, is that everyone may assume their own transformation and live the Principles of God within themselves, placing within the human consciousness the codes of a redeemed race.

If you do not rediscover the life of the spirit and let yourselves be transformed by the power of prayer, you will never discover that the salvation and redemption of the souls of the whole world depend on each one of you.

Again, I tell you, allow the priority of your lives to be prayer for the planet, service and the love that transforms everything.

I love you and guide you in the little details in order for your consciousnesses to awaken to higher life.

Pray and transform yourselves.  Imitate Christ. Follow His steps every day. The world needs it.

Your Beloved Father and Companion,

Saint Joseph


Dear companions,

Today I want tell you that, as the consciousnesses open themselves to live wider degrees of spiritual maturity, God makes known world truths that transcend the physical barbarities that humanity lives in the world.

The great sorrow of God is the suffering of souls that die day by day submersed in the incomprehension and, thus, are not able to leave the states of consciousness that are hells created by chaos and by evil.

You are being called in this moment to be true companions of God and of His Son and, in this way, to share with Him His sorrows and not remain in the stinginess of the your daily lives.

God calls you to maturity, and when His Son leads you to know His constant agony, caused by the world, it is so that, in this way, you may walk fast towards the forgetfulness of self and recognize that exists a Higher Plan, which manifestation depends on the awakening and on the maturing of those who have committed themselves to the Creator in the beginning.

This moment that you live is marking the time of coming out of yourselves and assuming the planetary task that is due to you as a group.

The Lord is making known realities that many are not prepared to face because evil precipitates itself in the world and progresses each time more, making the souls lose faith and hope and enabling the essences to be completely extinguished.

An essence that is extinguished and disintegrated, My beloved ones, is like a part of God that ceases to exist.  Remember that each essence created by Him is a living part of His Divine Consciousness sent to the manifested Creation to fulfill a mission.

Now I ask you to accept this offer that has been delivered to you as a grace to serve God consciously and to no longer lose yourselves in trivial problems of your lives, but let yourselves be transformed and molded by the ray of the divine humility and unite in prayer to the Father for the salvation of the planet.

Each step that you take towards Light is a step of the whole humanity towards a new time.

Mature from the heart and in consciousness, since there is no more time to lose with yourselves anymore.

I love you and lead you to new planetary cycle.

Saint Joseph, the Eternal Servant of God


Be grateful and become worthy of listening to the words of God through His Messengers.

In the simplicity of the heart, thank for not being submersed in the common humanity that ignores the existence of God.

While you are today before My Heart, there are many others that should be by your side, and however, ignore their own commitment to God and to His Plan.

While humanity purifies itself by suffering and by chaos, you purify yourselves by consciousness.

While the world loses itself in the technologies and in the supposed material progress, your spirits try to grow and progress in the fulfillment of a Superior Plan.

The Eyes of God are fixed on the small portion of humanity that will still have a chance to manifest His Purpose, but, for this, you must assume your own transformation with maturity and not with regret.

No longer cry nor ask for forgiveness for the mistakes you have made.  Recognize the Grace that you have received to take news steps and do not miss the opportunity of growing.

The Voice of God always pronounces Itself to lead you to evolution.   Listen with attention to the corrections of life and follow through the path pointed out by the Creator and not through your own paths.

The cure for all ills is in never losing the faith of heart and, with this unbreakable faith, taking the steps towards transformation, without lamenting it, just with profound gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to living the Will of God and to let oneself be shaped by it.  Never lose sight of it.

If you take with seriousness and maturity the goals proposed by the Lord and walk determined to them, all that happens around will accommodate itself, because the Ray of the Will of God will come in aid.

That each one take for oneself all the words that have been said to this day and walk without fear of losing oneself.

For the sake of the spiritual growth of humanity and for the awakening of all beings, I bless you.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant of the Supreme God


Just as the rain, that touches the Earth and makes the fruit grow in arid deserts, so do My Graces, which touch your hearts in order to convert them into the perfect model that God planned for since the beginning.

Children, I know that which must still die and be transcended within you, so that someday the true apostle of redemption may manifest.

Dear children, we are in a time of spiritual battle, and many of My children do not want to realize it; for this I come to ask you for prayer, so that you can realize how distracted the world is and how it affirms, before the Universe, that it is doing everything fine.

I come to demystify what you believe about your lives so that you may recognize the Will of the Celestial Father and so that your own will may die.  Thus, children, you will be worthy of understanding all things.

Now the Universe allows certain events so that all may learn and not repeat the same mistakes again.

Children, I am consistent with you and I will touch you with My Grace, as many times as necessary, because My true purpose is to convert you into that which you are not yet.  Be patient and love transformation, thus, it will be less dificult for those who are willing to know themselves; when this happens, you will be able to be conscious that your very little problems in life are light compared to the great sin of humanity.

Seek fidelity through Christ; do not despair over that which you experience; there are greater planetary problems that encompass regions, peoples and, above all, a project of spiritual evolution.

Purge that which is old, empty yourselves all the time and thus, you will be the new wineskins that will be filled with the Precious Blood of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who purifies, heals and elevates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In order for you to work with maturity and consecration to the Plan of God, I give you the Seven Precious Stones of Salvation:


- To not be ungrateful towards the universe or towards your neighbor

- To believe that everything is possible through Mercy

- To not destroy the Divine Plan by means of false actions

- To be reverent towards others

 - To love the Divine Plan more than your own comfort

- To accept the help that comes from the Heights

- To forgive yourself in order to be forgiven.


With these seven little stones you will be able to truly live the Five Unions with the Celestial Father through:

- Repairing communion

- Healing confession

- Formative instruction

- Renewing reconciliation

- Redeeming conversion.


Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


    Listen to My voice in the silence of your heart and recognize with Me how much you still have to change.  This is not going to be a limitation to reach the goal; this is the first step to a consciousness that matures in the chosen path.

    You are not going to sanctify yourself overnight, but you will find the barriers that leave the soul of each being trapped.  These barriers are the superficial and mental life that does no lead to any result.

    If your aspiration to surrender to My Son is faithful and constant, I assure you that great will be the test, but there will be nothing that may dissolve the sincere union that you have built.  For this I indicate to you new paths for you to traverse in obedience and joy.

    When you say no to My plans, I can do nothing, but only look at you and pray.  The Universe always search for the best option to help you, but when the proposed path is not accepted, it will be in the next round of the universal cycle that something will be able to be resolved.

    When there is no correspondence with what is indicated, the instruction of the hierarchy is wasted.  Although it is time of your purification, certain own wills or personal decisions, can change the spiritual destiny of a consciousness.

    What to do?

    Just wait, God never fails to show the real meaning and reason of His Will, and His Infinite Mercy rearranges all the things and put them in the necessary balance so that His Holy Aspirations can be accomplished.

    There is no longer time to rethink the things; the divine impulse descends to mobilize and liberate structures.  When someone stops this impulse, it is like trying to sustain with the hands a flood of light.

    The Divine Will is not an imposition but it is the spirit of materialization of a Plan that must achieve the highest experience of love and forgiveness.  When a soul opposes this to happen, the same universal science repositions the consciousness on the step of learning it had before being elevated to the Greater Kingdom.

    No one loses their place in the Heart of God, God is Compassion and Justice; and this Justice at this time will be severe, not for being Justice, but because the Law of Divinity Itself will find resistance in many areas of the consciousness.

    For this, dear children, I come to advise you to not suffer unnecessarily the consequences for remaining under human control.  Try to be in the Law and you will be protected from yourselves.  Something greater must be fulfilled in the Thought of God and it is the expression of the New Humanity.

    You are in time to reconsider you own actions and to start again as God says, in harmony and without inner disorder.

    I thank you for answering to My Call!

    Who instructs you through the Wisdom of God,

    Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


    I unite you all by means of My Maternal Heart, and who is truly with Me, in heart and soul, will never separate themselves from this unity.

    Without Christ your lives may not bare much longer the siege of My adversary and perish.  The one who lives the sacred unity is not separated from God and always recognizes His Will in all things.

    In these times, the souls are summoned to the path of the heart and not to the path of the mind; it is with their hearts united to Mine that they will be on the correct path and in the correct place, without leaving behind all that must be converted in Christ and through Him. 

    Seek this sacred unity in your interior and banish your ideas on how to improve everything, because in truth I tell you that God fixes it all and He knows in His humility the moment for each stage of your lives.

    The first step of maturity is the unity of the heart with God and His Divine Will.  If you do not manage to live in simplicity for the sake of a greater aim, greater will be the difficulty to transcend the times.

    The second step of maturity is the purity in all that you do, even if you try it many times, perseverance will strengthen you.

    I thank you for answering to My call!

    Who unifies you,

    Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace


    My children,

    Every 19th day, My Chaste Espouse, opens a universal and celestial door so that the lost souls may rediscover the path to God, the Creator.

    For this Grace to be granted in the heart of the simple and good server, so that each one of you may be a bridge to the Universe of God on the 19th of each month, your Beloved Saint Joseph needs you to love seeking the essence of the humility of the heart so that the codes of self-destruction and illegitimate power, codes that are contrary to My Beloved Son, may be banished from your minds.

    On the 19th of each month, the altars of Saint Joseph receive, through your prayers, lilies of light that are souls redeemed and converted by the loving action of your sacred offer.

    Each lily of light that is placed at the foot of the altar of the Patriarch Saint Joseph, is offered afterwards as a symbol of restoration and peace between humanity and God, thus the Plan manifests itself again month by month in the life of each soul.

    Dear children, all of these redeemed souls merge themselves in the Heart of God and a new Purpose descends over a world that would be already on the edge of a universal collapse.

    Children, do not waist time with your internal realities, be consistent with the Grace of the Humility that Saint Joseph pours to you every month, thus you will drink from the Source of the Humility of Saint Joseph and, as a result, your lives will reach a good redemption.

    Every 19th day, My Immaculate Heart is the most pure and chaste portal for millions of essences of this world to reach the paternity of God and the filiation with God through the Chaste Heart.

    Each novena that is made to the Saint of Humility and to poor Worker of God, is received in the Kingdom of the Heavens as an opportunity to transform your lives.  Do not deceive yourselves, My children, take the hand of simplicity and chastity that My Holy Espouse extends to you with the hope that some day you will reach the path of renunciation and humility.

    Be pure in the heart and you will not lose the infinite Grace of keep being instructed by Saint Joseph.  He is your Father and Guardian; He is the one who after My Ascension, from the universe, assumed your conversion to God.

    Search for the simplest in you and surrender it to the Chaste Instructor of Love, in this way you will be able to learn all the humble things that made possible the glorification of the Sacred Hearts.  Today your Heavenly Mother is here to comfort you and expects that you can grow in the maturity of an evolutive life, simple but full of the humility that will make you similar to My Beloved Son.

    Greetings to all the missionaries of peace and I hope that this same group of souls have the Grace of keep answering to the designs of the Celestial Messengers. Because Our eternal aspiration is your humble holiness, a holiness that will awaken the new humanity.

    I thank you for answering to My call!

    Who takes you to the arms of Saint Joseph,

    Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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