Sunday, September 13 of 2015

Daily messages

In order to understand the planetary reality, it is necessary that the soul, the spirit and the material bodies be willing to transformation, because the non-truthful understanding of the reality of the world in which you live is an artifice of the mind and, sometimes, of the soul that does not want to abandon the superfluous and superficial things.

Dear companions and servants of Christ, the impossibility, that many feel of responding to the urgency of times with a real consciousness of the situation of humanity is caused by the non-adherence of certain aspects of the being to the Divine Purpose.

You must meditate from the heart in what I tell you and seek those spaces of consciousness that still aspire to live their own will and insist on responding to the material life stimuli, for the pleasure and for the convenience that it brings to the bodies.

Seek a path of true holiness, follow the examples already left to the world by those that today guide you in the inner levels of the planet.

I ask you to reflect a little deeper about yourselves and to move towards a definition in all aspects of the consciousness.

Find those obscure spaces of your own being that still need to be illuminated by the spirit and, without fear, anguish or preoccupations about what you will find, only move with maturity towards transformation.

You already know what you must stop doing.  If you are in doubt in relation to the steps that you must start to take, so, do not take those that you know that will lead you to other paths that are not the ones of God.

Know, dears, that the Creator counts on very few ones.  With maturity, assume the responsibility of doing part of these few ones that have the possibility of responding to God and surrender yourselves without delay to His Divine Will that is perfect to each one of you.

With few words, I tell you what you need to listen.

May My instructions become alive by means of your hearts, your souls and your spirits.

I leave you My paternal blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph