Saturday, September 12 of 2015

Daily messages

       Today Saint Joseph took long to appear, and when the portals started to open in Heaven, I saw that He was coming from somewhere in the planet.  I saw a destroyed place, a grey color scenario, and Saint Joseph appeared with a young black man in his arms, fainted.  I felt much sadness in His face.  For some time, Saint Joseph showed that He was removing many souls from that place, which I did not know where it was. Until He started to deliver us His daily Message:

      Children of God and companions of My Chaste Heart, today I tell you that My Spirit of Love received from the Father the possibility of interceding for a part of humanity.

Before the Celestials Altars, I deposited at the feet of the Creator, My Heart, as a way of offering Him the purest that exists in My Consciousness, in order to balance, thus, the impurities of humanity.

As a spiritual part of the human heart, I open the doors of the Kingdom of God for all those who will follow My steps, in the hope of finding Christ and merging themselves with Him, into His Resplendent Spirit.

I tell you that, through your prayers, My offer has been accepted by the Most High and in the coming days I will be entering, in Spirit of Divinity, into the Asian and African continents, in order to remain in the inner world of the planet, in vigil and prayer for Peace in the world.

I ask you to accompany Me with your hearts, and never forget that the sorrow and the suffering that humanity causes to God are responsibility of all beings of the world.

By praying together with the Most Holy Mary, also offer the intercession of My Chaste Heart and, as humanity, elevate a request of Mercy every day.  All the offers, as small as they may be, will be accepted, because the urgency is infinite and the need of the planet transcends your understanding.

I only ask you to pray with Me and allow that My Presence make you understand that these are already the acute times of purification of the planet.

Become aware of the superior life, of the spiritual needs, beyond the physical ones.  Know that all that happens in the physical level has a spiritual counterpart, even worst to be healed.

With the consciousness in the Plan of Rescue of Christ, pray from the heart, unite to Me and help Me to intercede for the world.

Peace for all the hearts that suffer.  Forgiveness and redemption for those who have got lost from God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph