Friday, September 11 of 2015

Daily messages

Today I will only ask you to every day try living the Divine Purpose; to try to be meek of heart, pure of intention and truthful within your path.

Try, every day, to live fraternity and love, to recognize the presence of God in others and, thus, be humble before everyone.

I ask you to try thinking a little less about yourselves and each day cease to do something that is a self-priority in order to serve others.

Try to love the kingdoms of nature more, to observe them, even if for a brief moment, every day, allowing your soul to inspire itself through them.

I ask you to try praying from your heart, to talk with God, to come before His Celestial Altar and offer the best there is within you to balance the faults of humanity.

Try to find in those who are most lost a heart in need of peace.

Try to dissolve hatred from your hearts, as well as anger and rancor.  Understand that everybody makes mistakes out of ignorance and that love, forgiveness and reconciliation are capable of healing things that are completely unknown to you.

Try, every day, to forget the past.  Do not be indifferent to all that you have lived nor forget those who accompanied you in other times.  Forget the past in order to free the spirit, for it to live something new.  To forget the past in order to free the mind, the emotions and the heart from all that has happened.  The lessons and memories will remain in the consciousness, but the spirit frees itself in the certainty that what is real still awaits its awakening.

Dear companions, today I ask you to try to be more simple of heart.  To try to accept the corrections of life and immediately straighten your paths, without fear, without rancor, but with much peace and gratitude for taking steps in your lives.

I ask you to try to love the Creation of God more, His Plan and the greatness of His Purpose for this planet.  Try to let yourselves be permeated by the Mercy and by the Love of the Divine Messengers.

If you try every day to live a higher principle, Heaven will listen to your hearts and, with the first step that you take in the right direction, God will be in charge of making you reach His divine goal.  The secret is in never stopping to try and in persevering, every day, even if you fall and get up innumerable times.

Try today to feel My Chaste Heart, and make from the blessing that I deliver to you, every day, the perfect impulse for your elevation and permanent transformation.

I love you and I bless you always.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, in the eternal attempt of taking humanity to the Heart of God