While chaos expands and human comforts reveal their illusion, souls that have committed themselves to Christ from the beginning look at their own lives, seek meaning, and do not find it.

While the false human fortresses and all the castles built upon sand begin to be overthrown, the souls that have committed themselves to Christ from the beginning look around, searching for how to support themselves, and do not find it.

Thus, they begin to look at their own hearts; thus, their eyes turn towards the High and, within themselves, they find the deep silence of their souls, tired of living lost and empty of real purpose.

And in the Heart of the Infinite, in the center of Creation, they find the luminous Gaze of God, more radiant than a thousand suns, full of an unknown Love, that embraces, supports, awakens and leads to the purpose of their lives.

The Creator is calling souls by their names, by their true and first names, so that they awaken, because it is not in the world and in its illusions that they will find the meaning and the answers to their deepest questions.

Human life, as it manifests today, children, is losing its meaning, and it will only reveal the fragility and ignorance of humanity when they are separated from God and, consequently, separated from themselves, from their inner truth.

Do not fear losing that which has already been lost; do not fear to release that which has already fallen; do not fear to let die that which has never been alive, because it is when you give up the illusions that you find plenitude.

And you will wonder how you have been prisoners for so long within invisible and unreal bars that vanish with one blow.

Souls that listen to the Voice of God are to respond to His call. The time has come.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Nothing will stop My Purpose from being accomplished in Argentina, because if it is the Will of God, it will be done.

When you face some difficulty or delay for Me, be grateful and do not be tired of doing so, because I assure you that you will be very close to me.

It is in the difficult times when I count on My friends and companions the most, because comfortable and rested servers do not please Me.

My wish is that My companions do not cease to burn in their love and service for Me, because this attitude will represent a lot more than walking by My side for years.

My Heart fills with hope and reasons to return to the world when My companions give their all and are not lukewarm nor want to resolve everything quickly.

I am glad when I see how My companions, day after day, make a true effort to accomplish the impossible for Me.

When someone, out of those who are Mine, is thinking too much of themselves or does not have the correct attitude to serve, and only complains all the time, let them reflect if they are truly serving Me and if they are too comfortable in their situation and in their wellbeing.

I called you, one by one, so that you could unconditionally be My warriors of love, capable of going behind Me into the most impenetrable hells of the Earth to help Me redeem and save those who urgently need My Mercy.

Never forget that I called you to this path of sacrifice, full of blessings, of gifts, full of the Love of My Heart, which the majority of humanity does not have.

I thank you for being more aware each day of what you are experiencing and of the time in which you are living!

Who blesses you and thanks you for assuming, one by one, My Words of instruction,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


To those who have already awakened - Part 2

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to sustain the flame of faith for those who do not succeed on their own.

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to confirm yourselves before the Hierarchy every day, so that the impulse of constant renewal may never be lost.

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to respond immediately, knowing that each lovingly offered assistance builds and manifests the Plan.

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to be humble and to empty yourselves a little more each day, so that the fire of service may separate you from convenience and indifference.

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to always say yes, so that all that is in the Heights may descend completely upon the world, without obstacles or interferences.

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to be wardens and guardians of all manifestations, that is, of the Marian Centers and of the Light-Communities, because this will allow the Hierarchy to always be present, since this attitude of care and maintenance of the manifestation will be the reflection of what there is in each inner being.

To those who have already awakened, it is not for you to complain or judge. It is understood that those who have already awakened are considered souls in service and possible Christs of the new time.

To those who have already awakened, it is not up to you to lower your aim, but on the contrary, to maintain the aspiration on the Heights so that the treasures of the Father may continue descending upon humanity.

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to be patient, kind and persevering, and in everything to place the Love taught by Christ.

To those who have already awakened, it is not up to you to omit, lie or influence. A being who has already awakened to the Hierarchy works daily on their inner transparency and their constant purity.

To those who have already awakened, it is up to you to be faithful to the Hierarchy and to eradicate any betrayal. This will help the treasures of the Hierarchy to be in good hands.

To those who have already awakened, God alone is enough and nothing else, for in God you will find all that you need and thus you will be free of self, totally donated and confident that all is in the Hands of God, a sincere expression of His Divine Will.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

How to receive Mercy

My Children,

I come to the world at this time to teach you not only how to cry out for Mercy, but how to generate merits so that you are worthy of the celestial atonement that Divine Mercy brings to your lives and to the world.

I come to warn you of the reality of the planet, which agonizes before the indifferent eyes of most human beings on Earth.

I come to remove you from ignorance because human ignorance and indifference have no nation, no religion and no culture.

Ignorance and indifference are in the human consciousness as deep roots, which have been growing and gaining space throughout your development as humanity.

And today, these roots are fed by the modernities, commodities and facilities that this world offers you, through things that are created at the expense of humanity and the Kingdoms, and by the outrage of the Earth.

Therefore, My children, I arrive at this time to cut these roots, to lead you to a new life, to show you an option that the world does not show you because darkness has taken over the daily life of many human beings.

In order to awaken within your hearts the love that leads you to Truth, I call you to service and to charity, I call you to prayer.

Only the heart that begins to serve can understand what I tell you, and if you do not try for yourselves, you will never drink from the Source of Wisdom, which is born from experience and not from words.

My Words are divine impulses, they are like the Light that brightens a dark room so that you may find the door out of the prison of these times. Therefore, My children, listen today to My call, My Voice that is pronounced by a Divine Will, superior to all things and that transcends human understanding.

Listen to My Voice and follow it.

This world is blind, and your Heavenly Mother comes at the request of God, to bring the Light so that you can again see and bring life to those who died and did not realize it because, day by day, they fall into the abysses of ignorance and indifference.

I come to a Nation that is full of knowledge, filled with sciences and philosophies, with an aspiration to transform, but today I tell you, My children, that not only your own lives should be cared for. This world as a whole is your home, and every being that dwells within it, all the Kingdoms of Nature, are your brothers and sisters and sacred creatures of your Celestial Father.

Today I call you to leave aside the sciences and philosophies, and all the knowledge that fills your minds in these times so that you receive from God the Divine Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom.

And I tell you that there is no other way to receive what the Father offers you if you do not cross the door of humility and, on your knees and in prayer, cry out for Mercy.

It is not the riches of the world that will fill your souls, but the fullness of knowing that you have done everything so that all your brothers and sisters can have an opportunity to feel and experience love and true joy, and the fullness of knowing that you have fulfilled your part to reach the Father, before His Celestial Altar, with a clean and peaceful heart.

Listen, My children, the warnings of your Celestial Mother. Serve, pray and cry out for Mercy.

Go to those who need the most, and let charity work in your hearts, transforming your human condition, cutting the deepest roots of ignorance and indifference. Thus, you will know and understand what I tell you.

I thank you for listening to My words, and for opening yourselves from the heart to the divine impulses that I bring you today.

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstat


Dear children:

Through My presence and the presence of the group that peregrinates with your Heavenly Mother, I am deactivating spiritually what could make half of this city completely disappear, that in its majority is indifferent to the call of God and does not welcome Him.

It is so that your Heavenly Mother and Her missionaries in sacrifice offer themselves to be in the State of São Paulo during the month of October so that the consciousnesses who are here will realize that it is time to leave the point they have reached, time to not remain in their comfort.

Therefore, My children, the Heaven and all that forms the Celestial Universe has its gaze detained in the events that take place in this city of São Paulo; also the Universe observes if the servers of the Most Holy Mother are understanding the importance of keeping alive the house offered for the adoration of the Lord.

It is no longer a time, My beloved ones, to justify yourselves before the urgent need of responding to a call, as well as to the warning, that your most beloved Heavenly Mother makes.

For this reason, a state of permanent transmutation has been installed and some of My missionaries participate and collaborate in this juncture that intends, until the end of October, to leave a seed of greater consciousness.

Therefore all the people from São Paulo, as well as all My children from Brazil and from the world, should have as a goal to collaborate with your Heavenly Mother, for an extraordinary balance and harmony to be installed in the city of São Paulo and for it to be deserving of a greater time of peace.

Your Heavenly Mother invites you to collaborate with the mission to Central America and Mexico in the name of all those who could do it and do not do it.

I want from you a constant operative attitude and not static one. I wish that, as in previous times, the people from São Paulo can come out and help in the maintenance that your house – the beloved Nucleus and island of salvation – performs in the Divine Plan.

I thank you for welcoming each one of My words.

Who waits for you to be more awaken,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The reward of the servant of God is eternal service. The Creator renews His servants in the act of serving, and the certainty of being fulfilled by His Plan nourishes them.

Children, the great school of the Disciples of Christ in these times is eternal renunciation. However, I speak of renunciation of the things of this world, of the conveniences and pleasures that humanity as a whole has efforted much to maintain.

Those who fear renunciation, in truth, have never come to know the grace of serving God, because it is by renouncing all that is temporary that you may find what is eternal and nourishes the soul, body and spirit, making you full in God, beyond the appearances of the world.

Those who want to sustain themselves during their own purification must find their peace in renouncing all results concerning themselves, because they suffer much, those who every day look at their wound and do not allow it to heal due to the power of their thoughts about it.

You must recognize that the wounds are there, but in order for the pain to not torment your life and prevent you from doing whatever you are called to do at this time, you have to take your eyes off of yourselves.

Therefore, children, the greater the degree of consecration, the greater must be the renunciation, because a deep surrender will be demanded and you will be lead to live it beyond your own will; but this is not where your consciousness needs to be, because the Plan of God is manifested by undertaking it and not by thinking about it.

Thus, you should know that the one who gives everything will also receive everything, and the one who puts aside their own process, their purification, and even their needs in order to help others, will be rewarded by God and reach the expression of His Plan without noticing it.

For this reason, today I show you the path of service and transcendence and I thank you for trying to overcome yourselves for love to the Plan of the Creator. In this eternal attempt and true aspiration, the Plan is fulfilled. Go ahead.

Your Father and Companion in the path of ascension,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Beast of the End Times and the Woman of All Times

An imminent sign will precipitate over the world and it will clearly reveal to all that the end times have come.

This sign that will arrive in the world will open the last and great abyss, and the raging beast, which was imprisoned in its hells, will come to the surface. The world will not see a material beast because, with its cunning, it is already conquering many innocent hearts.

This sign, that will come to the world from the Universe, will reveal to all who pray how much the beast has reigned in the main consciousnesses of this planet. Its great ostentation is to lead hearts into constant sin, this is why the beast, which is still in its abyss, is strengthened by the desires that all humankind experiences in this material life.

But the beast does not desire souls that are more aware, but rather, with its cunning, it sows indifference and omission.

It does not give up seeking the bravest, its claws are on the great governments of the world, which, as a result, defeats the dignity of souls and their evolution.

When the beast emerges from its abyss, all capital sins will be greatly and decadently exacerbated. As many know, everything will be allowed, even debauchery and superstition.

The beast feeds upon the failure of its fellow beings, but it does not know that prayer makes souls invisible and disengages them from its claws. The beast develops its fury through conflicts, and all that live in conflict draw to themselves the fury of the beast itself.

On the other hand, the soul that prays builds and elevates itself, it knows how to sustain itself and the planet, and is freed from decay. But the beast already knows it must go in search of the children of the Sun.

Because of this, at this hour, the Woman Clothed of the Sun is running to the desert and signaling to Her beloved children that it is time to work intelligently.

The beast will not only try to keep any Christ from being born, but, with its false power, it will try to destroy everything that a consciousness of the Light has inwardly built. To be protected from these clashes of the beast, you must be attentive and vigilant about all the external stimuli that will cause you to lose true Christic codes.

From where it reigns, the beast manipulates the nations, and, at the same time, their governors. One who is truly not in God will not manage to escape these sharp claws, because the beast creates and recreates itself in the capital sins that, in truth, are the roots of evil and the damnation of millions of souls throughout the world.

Each time a consciousness opens the door of its being to these temptations, even if sporadically, the beast is satisfied by these energies, and this consciousness enters the kingdom of the beast consciously.

The beast that subjugates the world is generated time and again by humankind, and humankind itself receives all its punishment from the beast. But a hopeful Light descends from the universe and the Mother of God, the Woman of all times, battles with the beast in another way in order to dispel it more and more from the consciousness of the planet.

The beast knows that it has little time left, but in the time it has left, it will want to carry to its abyss the greatest number of fallen and non-fallen stars. Because of this, the children of the Blessed Woman must not sleep, because in the face of any sly movement of the beast, the battle could be lost.

May the intelligence of the soldiers be vigilant over their desires and expectations as the beast wallows like a pig within superficial and mediocre things.

To weaken the beast, which humanity itself has created and which is now uncontrollable, it will be necessary to love the Plan of God and live it as if it were the main thing in your lives because the beast does not know the inner love of creatures, it does not know the love that Christ teaches, that love that makes the beast weak and sickens it to the point of making it oftentimes immobile.

If this love were always sufficiently great and true, the beast would no longer have its reign in the Middle East.

May the school of the Love of Christ motivate consciousnesses to abandon illusion because while your consciousnesses are on two paths, you will be opening the door for the beast to enter. Be wise and, by your prayer, may the beast be deactivated.

The Woman of all times again points out and marks the path for you so that the majority of souls do not deviate from the path of Light.

But to defeat the beast, the Woman will have to physically and spiritually count on consecrated soldiers so that, at a universal level, this act of consecration will testify and confirm that the beast will be expelled from the planet.

Humanity itself must generate the conditions for everything to be reversed. While uncontrolled desire and capital sins continue to feed the beast, the planet will have no peace.

Therefore, with more awareness and intelligence than the beast itself, help me defeat it through love and unity, which humanity has not yet experienced.

Take refuge every day in the desert of the Holy Woman in order to be protected, because the beast does not know the emptiness of self, it does not even know what that is.

Because of this, without outer motivations, which are the things that attract the beast to the surface of this planet, work in this time to create evolutionary conditions that are the opposite of the conditions that you have always experienced in this humanity.

May My children at this hour perceive that we are now in another time, and that it is urgent to truly change your behavior, for, in this way, the mask of illusion and blindness will fall from many faces that are still asleep and not able to see the Light of Divine Mercy.

I would like to see My soldiers wide awake and not inert because the beast feeds on and also becomes stationed within convenience and minimal effort; it is repelled by sacrifice.

The beast fears the New Christs.

I thank you for accompanying in consciousness the end and awaited times!

Who guides you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When souls cannot manage to fulfill the purpose they have come to carry out on this plane, this situation is shared among those who, through effort, are able to comply with the other part of the spiritual Purpose of God. Thus, it is so that the scale is imbalanced, because, in truth, every soul must fulfill what they have come to do.

But, dear children, consciousnesses cannot for very long take on the part that another consciousness has failed to meet, because every being has a capacity to cope with their commitment to the Plan. This reality is a chain in constant imbalance and there are consciousnesses that at this time cope with the tasks of others only for love of the Project of God.

Imagine, My children, how many consciousnesses in the world distracted by the innovation and the cunning of My enemy stop fulfilling the service that in reality they came to give. Thus the planetary consciousness counts on very few and true servers to alleviate the current crisis of humanity. Souls will be surprised when they see all that they have failed to do, sometimes by free will, leading the project of the race to a constant decline.

The Celestial Universe works at this time with consciousnesses that truly have a good heart and no longer yearn for anything for themselves. It is in this way, My children, that the realization of the human project is framed within a template of few possibilities, given the great indifference of the human race.

For this reason, everyone is called to permanent and daily prayer so that in this final stretch, the majority can reach the goal of crossing the portal to salvation before all the Doors of Heaven are closed and the complete purification of humanity begins to take place, because at that point there will be no more time.

Dare to leave the point upon which you have placed yourselves, and take on purification and service to the Plan while serving God with complete love and sacrifice. Remember that the life of ease and comfort in the world will be the first thing to be purified by the presence of the crisis of hunger experienced by many, many souls.

As the Mother of Divine Justice, I am trying to bring you to another state of consciousness where changes that have not been seen so far can occur.

I thank you for understanding Me and for participating!

Who prays for all,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I know that the Apparitions of the Divine Messengers are a mystery to many, a mystery that in some, causes growth in faith and in others, the torment of doubt.

This world, children, is full of mysteries. The human consciousness itself is a great mystery both for the cosmos and for you yourselves.

On this planet, you must learn to live through faith; faith in the invisible, in the intangible, in the divine, in wholeness. It is only through the grace of faith that a heart can be before the different situations of life with the necessary clarity and understanding.

I tell you this because, as a group and as humanity, you are before two challenges, which are the two missions you are experiencing. Both situations that need to be unveiled have very deep and unknown roots to everyone. And so that you are not before them in a superficial way, you must open your hearts to the living of faith, for it is in this way, trusting in the invisible and following your hearts in things that may be inexplicable or not very obvious to your minds, you will be whole before those two challenges.

The two situations that beings face today, both in the Middle East and in Chaco, Argentina, needed to become extreme for humanity to look at them, and even so, those brothers and sisters suffer a great deal through indifference, because the human heart still has not opened to defeat its own conveniences and look to the needs of its fellow beings.

Your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness tried to lead a certain part of the planet, especially the Americas, into an evolutive life different from the life of the rest of humanity. They found the Sacred thanks to their reverence, and it was precisely the lack of contact with material creations and the inventions of the human mind that allowed them to find a different evolutive path, based on love and simplicity.

But on a planet where everyone came in order to learn to love, the very tendency of the spirits present on it suffocated the natural expression of the guardians of purity, the original peoples. With the help and the incentive of the enemy of God, you were not able to understand the differences, and over the course of many centuries, tried to impose a form of mental material life, based on competition and struggle for power. Because the natives were not like that and because they had remained in their purity, you made them suffer, and up until today, you influence the minds of the little ones as you can, trying to make them disappear from the Earth, without realizing that with them will disappear love, simplicity, purity and the humility of the heart.

It is the same struggle to impose personal customs and ideas that generates permanent wars and conflicts in the Middle East. And I tell you that the incentive for those wars does not only come from the Middle East, and it is not only with the help of great Western economic powers that they grow and develop. I want you to understand that those evils have deep spiritual roots and one purpose: destroy the Plans of God. It is for this reason that we count more on the spiritual fortitude of a few than on the material resources of many.

One of the ways the enemy has of causing you to lose faith and hope is to place the craving for finding material results in the minds, but that search was what led Judas into suicide, because of not understanding that the victory of the Messiah was on the Cross.

You, who are more aware, must serve without seeking results, transform yourselves without receiving merits, strive without looking for returns or recognition. God has His Eyes on those who are true and faithful to His Plan. He will place His Cross on those, which for some may mean death and failure, but for those whose hearts are open and their consciousnesses awake, it will mean the triumph of God in the entire universe.

Serve every day with the certainty that the true battle is experienced in spirit and must be won there. That which takes place in the matter is a simple reflection of what is multiplied on the Higher Planes.

For this reason, I want to have you understand the events of the world from a broader point of view so that, in light of your service, you do not cling to that which you can do with your hands, but rather, to what is achieved with the heart.

For the discovery of service and the spiritual mission,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



If you want to see fraternity being the premise for the human relationships in the world, elect to be fraternal above all your needs. You already know how to do it and how to be it, but you still have not been willing to come out of your comfort for this.

I know that, for many, it is beautiful to admire the spirit of service and of charity in the other, and it is much easier to think that, for yourself, it will happen in another way, because you will be fraternal and charitable based on your points of view, but not as God calls you to live.

Your consciousness has already a sufficiently resounding voice in your interior to indicate you the path and show you the moment and the situations that need you. Be mature to promptly say “yes” and to assume an act of charity, as simple as it may be, as the most important one.

Learn to be in the present without immaturity, and yes, to take your responsibilities and to watch over the task you have been assigned to, but never ceasing to help the neighbor, when any situation presents itself.

Remember that, before being an entrepreneur of Christ, you are His servant. For this reason, before thinking about the achievement of your own goals, even if they are for the Lord, be humble and a servant of the Christ who inhabits in the interior of your brothers and sisters and who hide Himself in the hidden side of all things. If you proceed like this, you already will see how great goal will achieve the Lord by means of you, who does not only have the appearance, but also the spirit in Christ.

Do not go about observing your brothers and sisters: be yourself unique, different, authentic and true in all things, trying to live what you already know, without expecting the others to do it. Because you also know that everything needs an engine to impel to transformation. Be yourself this living engine, encouraged by the Spirit of Christ.

Give your tiredness to the arms of charity and elect to yourself the eternal rest and not the temporary one. It will no longer be the resting that will nourish your bodies in these times, because it will only be the fullness in the Spirit of God and the experience of the Gospel of Christ that will keep you standing up. Therefore, be as you have studied.

Do not let any indication of your inner world to pass unnoticed to you: respond to the voice of the heart in everything; thus, it will speak each day louder within you.

Your Father and Companion, your Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Do not let your days become mechanical and your life, common, “ordinary” to your heart. Do not let the rhythm make you automatic and the repetition of the actions remove the spontaneity from your being.

Observe yourself so that you do not get used to the chaos and to the internal and external disorder, so that the Armageddon of the planet do not become something normal to you and you lose the sense of your role in the Plan of God, such as many have already lost it.

You know it is human nature to seek adapting itself and accommodating itself to all the situations that present themselves in life, but this accommodation is a fruit of the influence of the forces of the inertia that do not allow the evolution of the consciousness.

Most human beings are, in this moment, trying to get used to violence, to terror and to the current chaos of the planet. Those who are minimally awake should be eager to remove their brothers and sisters from the sleep, because numbness is involving humanity.

Child, I tell you that so that you do not seek a comfortable, easy or “normal” space for yourself in order that your consciousness does not live the typical tension of these times. On the contrary, affirm to your sleepy cells that it is time to awaken and live in Christ each second, as if it were the last one.

It is time to listen to each message as if it were the last one and to seek living them as if it were the last moment to do it, because – in truth – it is.

Do not seek to adapt your bodies to the daily tension as a way not to feel bothered by the harassment of darkness, because from the moment you accommodate yourself in this current planetary scenario, the victory of the chaos will prevail in you.

Child, seek only to find the inner peace. Find your fortress in the divine purpose of the existence of this planetary cycle and be firm to bear all the currents that may descend to the world.

Do not fear to waver and, even, to fall; just stand up each time, because also Your Lord fell more than three times.

For the awakening of the human heart,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order to understand the planetary reality, it is necessary that the soul, the spirit and the material bodies be willing to transform because the untruthful understanding of the reality of the world in which you live is something made up from the mind and sometimes even of the soul that does not want to abandon superfluous and superficial things.

Dear companions and servants of Christ,

The impossibility that many feel towards responding to the urgency of the times with real consciousness of the situation of humanity is caused by the non-adherence of certain aspects of the being to the Divine Purpose.

You must meditate from the heart on what I tell you and seek those spaces of consciousness that still aspire to live their own will and insist on responding to the material life stimuli, for the pleasure and for the convenience that it brings to the bodies.

Seek a path of true holiness, follow the examples already left for the world by those that today guide you in the inner levels of the planet.

I ask you to reflect a little deeper about yourselves and to move towards a definition for all aspects of your consciousnesses.

Find those obscure spaces of your own being that still need to be illuminated by the spirit and, without fear, anguish or preoccupations about what you will find, only move with maturity towards transformation.

You already know what you must stop doing.  If you are in doubt in relation to the steps that you must start to take, do not take those that you know that will lead you to other paths, that are not of God.

Dear ones, know that the Creator counts on very few.  With maturity, assume the responsibility of being a part of those few ones that have the possibility of responding to God and surrender yourselves, without delay, to His Divine Will that is perfect to each one of you.

With few words, I tell you what you need to listen.

May My instructions become alive by means of your hearts, your souls and your spirits.

I leave you My paternal blessing.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The deepest secrets about the destiny of the humanity of today are revealed in the silence of My Maternal Heart. Those secrets are the inner visions of your Heavenly Mother about the Redemptive Plan of Christ for humanity, and about all those who will participate in these final events. 

To know the secrets of My Immaculate Heart is to feel the grief of your Most Holy Mother on seeing the lack of connection on the part of humanity.

Besides there being real prayer groups and good Christians, the awareness that something must change soon must emerge before it is too late. That awareness will demand a complete and total change from everyone so that the spiritual outcome of today’s humanity may be different.

The Celestial Universe knows that only with decisive events, marked by the Law, can this most necessary change be awakened.

In His Heart, the Father feels that the world does not want to abandon comfort to experience a beginning of transformation; it is for this reason that the greater demand will fall on just a few, in the name of sacrifice and surrender to the Plan of God. But this will not be for very long; only until the most severe cycle of the transition on Earth begins.

Those who sacrificed themselves and endured for others will be crowned by the very King of Love, and will be the living testimony of a victory achieved by Christ Himself. It is for the rest of humanity to repent soon, or at least as soon as possible, since the Law of Justice will be decisive and will separate the chaff from the wheat. 

There is no time to lose; let hearts and souls truly repent, confess, and receive forgiveness and absolution so they do not continue to commit the same errors. Let them commune and hold within their hearts a sacred space for when Christ returns; in this way, the Divine and Glorious Light of My Son will become visible in the world. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the true planetary reality,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

With maternal love today I pour the comforting warmth of My Immaculate Heart so that, renewed by the most pure principle of My Divine Conception, all your lives may someday reach the reflection of My consecration.

But the hour of your surrender has already arrived.  Go without delay and prostrate yourselves at the feet of the Cross. My Son, that continues to be martyred, will give you the power of His inner fortress, so that in the end of times you may risk living the sacred apostolate of love.

Without love, the redemption of humanity will not be possible.  Reevaluate in your consciousnesses the path you have chosen to live, near My Heart or far from It and distant from the accomplishment of My requests.

With the bravery and the inner strength that the prayer of the heart gives you, encourage yourselves to remove from your lives the gratification by means of good living or comfort.  It is comfort and the sophisticated life that has brought the whole world to move away from the source of love and charity.

For this, children, serve without delay, God will not abandon you.  The hour of your purification has come, do not fear being that which you have never been; be bearers of My Immaculate Spirit and in this way you will help Me to accomplish the sacred designs of the Creator.

While the world is convinced of that which it lives and that which material life offers to the poor sinful souls, I call you to seek inner happiness in sacrifice and in the absolute surrender to My Beloved Son Jesus.

If anyone answered to My humble requests, it would be the evident proof to God that this original project is worth for all Creation.

Do not deceive yourselves with your illusions, set your eyes in the Passion of the Lord and you will be safe from false offers, from living your own realization distant from the Will of the Most High.

You were born to love.  You live to forgive.  You work to serve permanently.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beloved children,

Once again My Mercy is upon all Argentina and especially upon Buenos Aires, this needy city of the world.

Dear children, today I call you to the awakening of the consciousness in the end of these times by means of the prayer of the heart, because a new cycle is approaching and your hearts must be prepared to receive it. For some, this cycle will be Good News that will change the state of consciousness, but for others it will be deep changes that will lead them to define the path to follow in this time.

For this reason, dear children, you who live the day-to-day in this city of Buenos Aires, as do other souls in different cities of the world, must pray with fervor and from the heart so that the Grace of God and the Mercy of My Son may be propagated in the hearts most in need of love and redemption.

My children from Argentina, yesterday I invited you to pilgrimage to Luján in a different way. This time for a true and selfless service, because you must know that great colonies of souls must also be supported by prayer. For this, it is necessary to have prayer groups that, consecrated to My Maternal Spirit, may persist and walk in the faith of My Son. Each group must begin to exercise fraternity because in this way, in your nuclei of work and service, you will find My Universal Peace.

I want to form, for these times, awakened soldiers, who leave behind all amenities of life and who, as sincere disciples, may be instruments in the Hands of God in this end of times.

You, through prayer, have the key to define the salvation of all humanity. For this reason, now for thirty-one years in Medjugorje, My Maternal Heart has pronounced and cried out for prayer, prayer and prayer! This is what you must take in as a spiritual nourishment in this time, thus allowing My heart to redeem the paths that divert millions of souls, the paths of modernity and comfort.

I am here, dear children, in the name of the Most High, to open your eyes, aspiring as the Mother of Heaven, that your consciousnesses may mature and be able to help humanity itself through prayer.

My children, someone must do something for the world! Because each day it kindles itself in flames from its own actions and those who must act are all My faithful soldiers, the soldiers of My Heart.

Today I arrive at this world to open the Doors of the Heavens to your lives so that hope and Mercy may be cultivated in the greatest number possible of souls.

Dear children, God is listening to you, therefore continue to pray every day. I will be universally thankful.

May this month of November be a preparation for all of you for My next arrival in Buenos Aires, in December.

Thank you for responding to My call for humanity.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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