Wednesday, September 9 of 2015

Daily messages

When a soul prays from the heart, it creates the conditions for the approach of the spirit.  When such spirit is awake, this allows higher laws to permeate matter and to guide the events of life, according to the divine and universals principles, that correspond to the Will of God.

It is only when a being opens itself to the spiritual life and awakens faith in what it cannot see with its physical eyes that everything that is a reality in the Cosmos can make itself be felt in its heart.

It is when a soul awakens that the personality feels the imperative need of discovering what is beyond the material life.  The Soul is the one who makes the mind and the emotions not be in accordance with the life in the surface and thus, dispose the three-dimensional bodies to a higher quest.

While you learn and grow in spirit, the soul struggles constantly with the human aspects that are still deeply rooted in the trends of the planetary material life.  It is for this reason that – at the same time that you aspire to launch yourselves into the abyss of the Will of God and to surrender yourselves to the mystery that is living under that Will – other part of the being doubts the existence of that abyss, of this possibility of living the Will of God and, according to your own resistances, may even doubt of the Divine Existence.

It is when the spirit approaches matter that the soul is strengthened and its convictions become the truth that rules life.  Doubts and questionings will not cease to exist, because as long as  you are in the world, there will always be an aspect to be purified; an aspect that does not want to sacrifice itself and that prefers to remain in the ordinary life of gratifications and worldly pleasures.  But it will be like to be an adult and live as child who complains, sometimes more, sometimes less, demanding attention for their will to be done.

Why do I tell you that?

Because you need to stop giving so much attention to this child inside of you who does not want to grow; you must start to act with the consciousness of the spirit, with this spiritual adult that understands the planetary reality and that is willing to live according to higher designs, no matter the circumstances.

Many inner children are disguised as great heroes because they are totally willing to change the world, always when they feature great roles in the end of times; but when one speaks of transforming themselves in the little things of life, they do not give it so much importance and think, for instance: “Why to accept humiliations, live in obedience, silence and sacrifice when I can do a great service in Africa?”

Know, My beloved ones, that I speak to your hearts, but today I speak above all to your consciousnesses, because time has already come for you to understand that the only way out in order that humanity may not be a dead project in the memory of the Creation is that each one may assume their own transformation and live in themselves the Principles of God, depositing in the human consciousness the codes of a redeemed race.

If you do not rediscover the life of spirit and let yourselves be transformed by the power of praying, you will never discover that the salvation and the redemption of the souls of the whole world depend on each one of you.

Again I tell you to allow that the priority of your lives be the prayer for the planet, service and the love that transforms everything.

I love you and guide you in the little details in order that your consciousnesses awake to the higher life.

Pray and transform yourselves.  Imitate Christ every day; follow His steps. The world needs it to be in this way.

Your Beloved Father and Companion, Saint Joseph