Sunday, October 21 of 2018

Daily messages

Write in the mirror of your heart each instant lived with God and with His Messengers. Communicate to the Universe, to all Creation, the history of the redemption of humanity. Live this last cycle of Mercy, seizing each second to strengthen your spirit, to consolidate the union between your heart and the Heart of the Hierarchy.

Write in the mirror of your heart the history of the redemption of humanity, being yourself part of this redemption. Engrave in the depths of your essence the moments when the Doors of the Heavens opened before your heart so that, in the most acute time of the Earth, you may be able to contemplate the mirror within you and remember the purpose of your existence.

Remember, child, that you are part of a Whole that is beyond life on Earth; a Whole that is Divine Creation itself, the Consciousness of God manifested in all life.

The mirror of your heart is like a part of an infinite puzzle, which holds, within itself, the Plan of God; it is the door that leads you to the return of the Origin, that leads you to the Source, in the Heart of the Father.

Exercise contemplating your own essence in the mirror of your heart and, by seeking to know the truth about yourself, may your heart enter into the higher truth of existence, in the truth that is the Divine Consciousness itself.

In the mirror of your heart are concentrated all the graces that you have received throughout your evolution, and you must have these graces available for when the world is in the apex of its trial, because you have received them for this.

You shall pray in union to God and ignite in your chest your inner mirror, igniting a light in the darkness of the world. In silence, in the sincerity of your heart, you shall offer all the Mercy you have received so that, in the time of Justice, souls may receive a new opportunity, and when everything has passed, and life needs a new direction, a new way to rebuild itself, you shall look in the mirror of your heart and find there the patterns of the new life that were deposited within you,   when you were before God and His Fraternity of Light.

Everything that you need is kept in the mirror of your heart, but in order for you to find these keys, you need to know this divine tool, love it and know how to unite to it, so as to find within yourself the universal legacy that the Creator stored in the mirror of your heart.

Pray and contemplate your inner mirror. Through it, feel yourself part of the Universe, part of an infinite Creation. May the principle of Unity permeate your being and lead you to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph