Tuesday, November 10 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear companions and servants of Christ,

My Chaste Heart returns to the world, each day, because I trust in the potential of love of the human beings. I trust in the potential that you have to transform yourselves and all things, because you can be united in essence to the One who created everything and who has the power to transform all.

Unite every day with the true essence of what you are. Remember of your filiation with God and assume thus the responsibility of forming part of the project that has had as a result, the King of Universe, Christ the Redeemer.

I ask you to be a little more peaceful in your lives and to opt for being in silence rather than to create conflicts and to wear yourself out. Be more peaceful also with yourselves and, thus, you will have the necessary patience to transit in the current times.

The urgency of times induces the consciousness to demand, from themselves and from the neighbor, things that you may not be able to give from one day to another. For this reason, it is necessary to be with a peaceful heart to discern in the best way in the situations that present themselves in your lives.

With a peaceful heart you will be able find in your own interior the resources to overcome a spiritual test, but if instead of that you are demanding of yourselves and forcing your consciousnesses to take steps with the rigidity of your minds, you will run the risk of believing that you are progressing and, however, you will count on false inner resources, fruit of the creation of your own minds, to relieve tension in which you live, and later on you will find the same test, over and over again. Only the peaceful heart can find the inner source of the Love of God and it is there that the true virtues are fostered.

Never forget that the pressure of the forces of opposition caused by the chaos of the world will be enough for your consciousnesses to be in a tension that will overcome your limits. That pressure cannot come from your own consciousnesses, because – for the days that will come – you will need to be in peace with yourselves and with the planet.

If today you get scared and irritated with the mistakes of the neighbor and lose peace when you see the imperfections of others, you will not be able to stand what will come.

Pacify yourselves! Pacify yourselves all the time.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, peacemaker of the Heart of God