Dear children of Brazil,

As your Heavenly Mother, I hope that the humble but profound words sent by the Holy Father, to each one of you, comfort your souls and relieve your hearts of this very hard and difficult moment, that you are all going through.

In South America, Brazil is the Heart of the Heavenly Mother. A Heart tired of suffering and enduring, together with Her children, but a Heart that works and fights silently for the salvation and conversion of souls.

Dear children of Brazil, I am here, and I am your Mother, the Mother who will never abandon you. I ask that you all turn your gaze towards God and trust in the power of His Mercy.

My Son died for you, for all of you. He arrived exhausted at the Cross, and kept His promise. May each life, each child of Brazil place their forehead upon the ground for all those who stepped out of the Law and for those who were unjustly punished by the pandemic.

My children, do not forget My Heart. In this coming month of May, may your hearts enter My Heart so that God, the Eternal Father, can comfort you.

Beloved children, I need you more prayerful than ever. Brazil faces the first steps of its unknown Armageddon, but Brazil will never lose its inner seed that one day will germinate within hearts, redeemed and surrendered before Christ, Our Lord.

I pray for you. I accompany your daily events. Take My hand and I will give you My embrace of Peace.

May all innocent and non-innocent souls be raised up to Heaven.

This is the time for the life of each child of Mine to be the Rosary itself.

I bless you and thank you for listening from the heart,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

From the highest point of the Universe, on the plane of the spirit, today your Heavenly Mother is holding Her hands toward the planet so that the Light of Grace may completely fill it, and all that was created upon it may receive this extraordinary Grace of God, so that consciousnesses may participate in the spiritual redemption of these times.

In the same way, the nations of South America are today filled by the Light of the Love that emerges like a flame from the Heart of the Divine Mother, so that those who govern the nations not only be deserving of Divine Mercy, but that they may also be illuminated by wisdom and discernment so that they can make coherent and beneficial decisions for the peoples, and that a healthy justice may harmonize and pacify the hearts that experience conflicts.

It is thus that the planet is today filled, from the plane of the spirit, by a special Light that comes from the most pure Fount of God, so that all may have the Grace of being redeemed and rescued; and the expansion of this special Light will occur through the prayers of all the children that unite their word, mind and heart with the Divine Consciousness of the Heavenly Mother, for in this way, the armies of Peace will bring to Earth all the help that, in this cycle, is urgent and necessary.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


On this May 13th, may your souls ask God for a Grace: the redemption of hearts, the liberation of this world, so that souls may find peace.

Today do penance and pray for the Light of Fatima to expand toward those places most in need.

Unite your voices to the divine voice of your Heavenly Mother. Unite your rosaries to Her Rosary of Light and cry out with the potency of your essences, which makes you worthy children of God.

Ignite in your hearts what makes you similar to your Creator and pray, children. Vigil, in prayer, for this world to be redeemed.

Unite to the universal and divine conditions in which Greater Laws are congregated by the prayers of all beings who, in different nations, unite to the Heart of Our Lady of Fatima.

With the mirrors of your hearts ignited and united to the Greater Mirror of your Divine Mother, allow a Supreme Grace to be established and to give the world an opportunity of liberation, redemption and peace.

Today, pray for peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


A Good Mother - Part II


I wish you could remember the moment when you were in the arms of your earthly mother in an act so similar, like when the little Jesus was in My Arms.

What a treasure God gives us through you, when once when you were little, you could be in the arms of your mother!

What a special and intimate moment God granted us, that you could feel the maternal warmth of your mother, and your mother could feel the unconditional surrender of her little child!

In this relationship, of mother and child, is built the true spirit of the family and it is this spirit that allows, in later experiences, to build love and solidarity among beings.

Today, as Mother of all mothers, I come with this example because we are facing a humanity that completely lost the spiritual values of motherhood.

But if by means of prayer, today and the days to come, all the mothers of the world unite to Me, under the feminine spirit of the Holy Motherhood, they will allow the great Mother, among all the mothers, to intercede for the young mothers who today gestate their children and are tempted by the adversary to get rid of life.

If together, as spiritual mothers and mothers of all our children, we unite in this perfect alliance of mothers of God, one day we will generate that consciousness so necessary to respect, love and protect the new life that is arriving.

Today I only ask for mothers to remember their first delivery and the preparation for that moment.

How important it is for the Creation to bring life to the world, just as I brought Jesus as a light for humanity!

May today, be born again, that blessed spirit of motherhood that God conceived in each feminine being and that in these crucial times will be indispensable, because many more hearts will seek the comfort and affection of a mother on Earth.

I invite you, dear mothers, to the renewal of that intimate feminine principle of Creation.

A good mother keeps in her interior the purpose of the life she once gestated, and she is the keeper and guardian for this purpose to be fulfilled in the soul that she once brought into the world.

The spiritual mission of mothers, united to God, is a broad mission, more than it seems, because a good mother is that intermediary consciousness between her children and God. God granted that authority to the Virgin Mary and, consequently, to all mothers who are sincerely united to Her Maternal Heart.

In these times, all children of God must remember the mission that each earthly mother has fulfilled before the Universe when she brought her own child into the world.

This is reason to rekindle in souls the spirit of Motherhood, which will protect the children from the attacks of the adversary.

I want to leave you, to finish, the words that little Jesus once expressed to Me in His first years of life, words that affirmed in My interior that I should, as Mother of all, do what is possible and impossible to save My children from perdition.

And Jesus, once, being a child declared to Me the following words as a simple prayer:

Oh sweet Mother!
tender Comforter of those who are afflicted.
Tireless servant who donated and delivered
Your Most Pure Virgin Womb to Creation.

Oh kind Mother!
Who welcomes those who suffer,
Who perseveres in Your pure Faith,
Who does not rest until You can have
the last of Your children in your arms.

Oh Mother of charity!
Who does good wherever You go,
Who performs miracles and grants
graces to all of Your children.

From now, Purest Mother,
You will be the Queen and the Lady of all mothers,
so that in this humanity
all learn, one day,
for the work of Your Grace, to truly love,
just as You love us unconditionally.

With these words I thank you for responding to My maternal call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Enter into My Heart of Peace so that your steps to God may be safe.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that I lead you to that perfect Will that the Creator emanated by thinking of your little heart.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that there is peace in your little life, and the conflicts, obstacles and difficulties are dissolved.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I teach you to be a peacemaker on Earth.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I transform you into an announcer of the Presence of Christ in this world, a living witness of His Eternal Presence, and of His coming return.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I may teach you, in My silence, many things and may My Love supply you and nourish your spirit, so that you do not seek in the world or outside of yourself, what only God can give you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a sincere prayer, in a true prayer, in a confession between Mother and child, because, as your Universal Heavenly Mother, here I am to listen to you, to understand you, to correct you and to shelter you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a true dialogue with Me, because I love you, My child, and I hope that your heart returns to the safe harbor of My Spirit, where I can sustain you, so that you, in a permanent service and in donation, sustain others, who could not manage and did not know how to reach Me.

Do not forget to enter into My Immaculate Heart of Peace, do not forget to be in Me. In My silence, I have the answer and the encouragement for all of your doubts and difficulties; in My embrace, I have comfort for your spirit and renewal for your soul.

Do not remain in the world hopeless and without peace if you have a Heavenly Mother who has been given to you by God, at the Cross of His Son, at the height of His Love and His Mercy.

My Child, when everything seemed lost to the companions of Christ, who saw Him suffer on the Cross, He gave them an eternal and kind Mother, and in the same way, He does it again, when souls are lost for forgetting that they have a Celestial Mother who will support them whenever they elevate their eyes to the Heavens, and their hearts to God.

I simply wait for you to call Me and pray with Me.

The world, My child, will go through greater difficulties and tests that will seem insurmountable. Thus, learn today to enter into My Heart of Peace; build today the path that leads to My Mantle, and when this world is most in need, you will be a guide for lost souls, for you will know the way to find Me.

With love in My Heart and Grace in My arms, I extend them into the world to speak directly to the heart of each one of My children: enter into My Heart of Peace and find Me there, so that I may tell you what I most want from you in this time, and help you to fulfill your mission.

On this day I bless you, and thank you for listening to My Words and entering without fear into My Heart of Peace.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly Messages

May the Purity that springs from the Fount of the Heart of God inundate souls and renew them. 

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God permeate beings and awaken them.

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God fill hearts and reveal Peace to them, reveal Love to them, and reveal Grace to them.

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God reach all souls and lead them to the Truth, hidden until today, of the perfect union between their Celestial Mother and God.

May Purity, children, dissolve ignorance from the human consciousness, and above all, the pride that prevents it from reaching Divine Mysteries for believing that in its smallness all knowledge, all wisdo.m, and all truth can be kept.

May Purity open your eyes and cleanse them so that they may see the world and life always as if for the first time, like someone who is facing something that is completely unknown to them.

May Purity allow you to see everything as if for the first time and may the interest for that which is new open the doors to the Mysteries of God for you

Blessed is the heart that contemplating its Divine and Celestial Mother, discovers Divine Motherhood in Her.

Contemplate the Son of God, but also contemplate the First Tabernacle that held Him, and discover that as it is on Earth, so it is in Heaven.

Know and recognize the Greatness of your Divine Mother every day, with the simple gratitude of being before Her Immaculate Heart, for Her silence talks greatly to the heart that knows how to listen beyond words.

Contemplate the first and eternal Tabernacle of Creation, which is the Womb and the Heart of Mary, that held within Herself not only the Son of God, but also everything that was created by the Father.

May the Purity that springs from the Heart of God reveal to you this and many other mysteries that are in Heaven as on Earth.

Be eternally grateful, and in simple gratitude, you will see the Heavens open before your hearts for revelations that humanity must know and that are not to be found in the Sacred Books.

This is the time of the new revelations.

May hearts open to the Truth and may the Purity that springs from the Heart of God grant you the Grace of Awakening.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Weekly Message of Mary, Immaculate Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to the visionary Sister Lucía

I call My soldiers those who persevere in the Will of the Lord and fulfill it far beyond their small wills.

I call My companions those who continue by My side under any circumstance and say 'yes' to My Plan of Love and rescue of souls, even though they do not know what this Plan is and how it will be carried out.

I call beloved children those who revere God above all things and who, within their imperfection, surrender to the unknown Universe of the Celestial Father.

Today, I assemble hearts so that they become consecrated to the Greater Will, for the times will no longer be easy for consciousnesses, and souls will be tested by the enemy as never before.

Today, I assemble you so you may consecrate your lives, your souls and your spirits, so you may renew the commitment you sealed with Me since the beginning and you came to consummate in this time.

To those who follow Me, I offer sacrifice, and the reward you receive is the salvation of souls.

To those who follow Me, I offer renunciation, and what you receive in exchange is the purity of the world, which will be rescued by the small works of these hearts.

I do not place great material treasures on the table of those who follow Me; I will not offer you comfort nor rest, not in this life or in another.

But there is something on this table that is not on any other; something that transcends weariness, something that transcends the riches of the Earth, something that transcends matter, something that is not of this world.

This that I offer you is unique,  simple, invisible, cannot be touched and it is also immutable.

This that I offer you opens the doors of the universe and fills worlds, stars, spirits and consciousnesses.

To those who consecrate themselves today to My Heart, I offer you Love, and I present you to My Son so He may be your King for all eternity.

My little children, today I only tell you that I gathered you under My Mantle to place My Love in your hearts and to tell you, very close to your hearts, that you must never forget I am here, and even though I offered you sacrifice, I also offer you My arms, toward which you should eternally walk.

Who loves you,

Mary, Queen of Peace


Come and retreat into My Heart when fear knocks at your door. There is no safer port than My Mantle, and under it, you will be safe from all evil.

Come into My maternal arms when your feet no longer have the strength for walking. As a good Mother, I will carry you in My celestial lap to meet the Creator, just as I did with the Child Jesus in the Temple.

Count on the science of My Kingdom and the understanding of My Consciousness when your small mind cannot encompass the mysteries of Heaven.

Count on the voice of your heart and on the certainty of your spirit to trust in My Presence.

Count on the power of prayer and the action of fasting so that your steps are long and easy, accompanying the steps of My Son.

Every day count on the Words of Jesus because He reads the true need of your soul in your heart and leads you with sweet words to the Celestial Kingdom.

Count on the greatness of My Presence so that everything else becomes small.

Count on the Eternity in the universe so as to perceive that everything on Earth is transitory.

Hold on tight to the Love of My Heart to dissolve your fears.

Do not be overwhelmed by any darkness, for the Light that is before you today is so great.

I am the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother. In My celestial womb, I gestated each soul of this Earth; you are all My blessed children, whom I come today to lead again to My Kingdom.

Come, My son, come, My daughter, it is now time to return to your Celestial Home and discover the great essence of the universe in your small heart.

Do not fear meeting the unknown, do not fear to be different today than you were yesterday.

I come to bring you the new, which in truth, is what is most ancient that sleeps in the universe, but which the eyes and the hearts of My children refused to see for so long.

Walk today toward My immense Heart and leave your small heart in My arms; trust in My motherhood, for I will know to guide you.

If My Presence is unknown to your heart, and your mind does not trust My Voice, simply open to the Truth, and for a small instant, let My Spirit enter your life; enter into prayer and I will show you what is most sacred in the world. An unknown Peace will permeate your spirit, and in that instant, your small soul will glorify the Lord. Hold in your memory this feeling of change, this is My greatest miracle, a miracle of love.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, your Divine Mother and Queen of Peace


My children,

In My Heart, seek to rest in your lives, so that in it, you may be renewed in the face of all the tests. I am the Source of vitality, of life for the spirit and of Love for souls. Through Me, you will untiringly walk toward My Son.

I am She who gives you to drink when you cross the desert, so that you may cross the threshold of maturing and reach the Consciousness of God.

The mysteries of My Presence are held in the universe of prayer. One who prays and is silent finds in Me the keys to know the Infinity of God.

For this reason, today I tell you to try and discover the science of prayer, a science that encompasses more than simple words attentively pronounced.

Today I want you to take another step on this path of consecration to a life of prayer, and this is achieved when you allow yourselves to pray with all of your consciousness, with your heart, with your feeling, with the mind, soul and spirit. In this way, the concentration opens doors so that the words may come alive, and each verb pronounced becomes like a doorway that will take you to an unknown universe.

If you do as I tell you to today, going deeper in your prayers, you will discover that the simple act of prayer holds within it, great mysteries of salvation and of evolution for all of humanity.

As Mother of the World and Universal Mother, little by little I lead you to those universes that are held in the silence of each prayer given to you.

Many times you have probably asked yourselves why the Messengers of God give you so many spiritual practices and so many different prayers, and today, I am telling you that the spiritual reason for this fact is that each prayer, when pronounced fully, will open different doors in the consciousness, to lead you to different Universes of God. Also, each practice and each prayer connects your hearts with different divine codes that the Creator aspires to imprint in His creatures.

In this way, never miss the opportunity of praying with the heart and with the spirit. You must be more than concentrated on each word; plunge into each one of them and allow yourselves to be uplifted by the angels sent by God. In a short time, you will discover what I am telling you today if you put My instructions into practice with sincerity and purity.

Do not seek to reach any state of stupor while you pray, because what I am telling you today is a profound spiritual instruction.

If you pray with love and give your permission to go deeper into this universe that is to pray, God Himself, through His angels and Messengers, will open the door to you and will lead you to where each heart belongs.

Little by little, you will discover that praying is more than praying, and that you know very little about this divine practice.

Simply pray, always pray.

I thank you for responding to My call and for having come to My meeting.

Mary, Universal Mother and Queen of Peace

Message for the apparition of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, trasmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the visionary Sister Lucía

Enter into My Peace to discover the truths of Heaven and to know the most ancient mysteries of the heart.

Enter into My Peace, so that your heart may become quiet and find a secure path to follow towards My Son.

Enter into My Peace, so that your consciousness may understand My Presence and your heart recognize My Spirit.

Enter into My Peace, so that your souls may draw near, and your spirits may live united to your heart, helping you to consolidate the steps of consciousness.

Enter into My Peace, because only within it you will know God and His Celestial Kingdom.

Enter into My Peace, because within it you will be free from all tribulations of the world, and your heart will not get involved with what lives outside My Heart.

Enter into My Peace to be under My Mantle and, from there, to be the intercessor of the souls most in need.

Enter into My Peace to know silence. Enter into silence to know My Peace.

Enter into My Peace, the one that My Presence deposits in the hearts and radiates throughout the world.

To be in My Peace, you must be in My Presence and, to attract My Presence, you must be in perpetual prayer.

Be in My Peace by living in prayer. Radiate My Peace by living in prayer. Be My Peace by being the prayer.

My children, to be in peace is a great need in the world, because peace has died in the hearts of human beings and I count on the fingers of My hands those of My Children who today can experience eternal peace, because they experience eternal prayer.

Therefore, pray, pray a lot. Dissolve in prayer the afflictions of your Heart and the afflictions of the world. Remove from your heart the pain through the joy of living in God and fulfilling His Divine Will.

Place at my feet, day by day, that which hinders you from experiencing peace, and through prayer, strengthen this peace in the world and radiate peace to the consciousnesses.

No longer raise conflicts, criticisms, judgments; do not unite with your neighbor to feed evil, to judge, to destroy, to attract discord among the hearts.

Cut the evil impulses that live in the human cells, do not feed the mundane forces that live in the hearts, but rather, as Marian Soldiers, experience the first battle, which is within yourselves, to remove evil and implant peace.

Pray, My dear ones, pray a lot, because the world needs it.

Do not allow yourselves to emit a word that does not build Light, and if the will to do so is greater than the power of peace in your hearts, be silent, be silent and enter into prayer.

It is time to create with consciousness, it is time to experience love among creatures. I invite you to dissolve in My Heart all that you have been until this moment, to experience My universal Purpose of Peace.

As in Fatima, I awaken the hearts of the world so that they may be reborn in My Eternal Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


Within My Heart the hope of a New Aurora shines and, like a green emerald, from My chest emerges a sign that was sent by the Lord, as a response to the request for the healing of souls.

My children, those who on this day should open their hearts will receive special Graces because today the doors of Heaven are particularly open. Today a new cycle is born in the universe, in which you will be able to be renewed in the forgiveness and in the redemption of God.

It is time to definitely let go of the old vestments that no longer fit your body and, without shame, see yourselves naked before God, because when we allow ourselves to be true in the Eyes of the Creator, He can approach us and place upon us His own Mantle to cover our bodies.

My children, these are no longer times for fearing the unknown, for fearing to face that which will come; nor is it time to be indifferent to the revelations that the Lord sends you.

Open your hearts and your spirits so that, in this way, My Heart may receive a permission from humanity so that, from My own lips, revelations may emerge that up until today have been hidden and must be unveiled for the whole world.

My children, the only way the world will come out of the ignorance it is plunged in is to find in other hearts an example of faith and persistence. If each one, with the Will of spirit, decided to be an example for a neighbor, much could change, because My Word can only be emitted if there are hearts willing to hear it, and, even further, lovingly willing to follow it and practicing it in their lives.

If today My Heart celebrates six years of Apparitions with your small beings, know that, in the world, among you, are beings that live My Message, and make it possible for My Heart to renew the commitment with all of humanity.

If just a few hearts, which today live My requests and My instructions, made it possible for Me to be by their side during six years, imagine now how much I could do and where I could reach if other hearts lit up to this purpose of living Peace!

There is still much lacking so that the true Plan of God may be concretized in this world, and My journey on Earth must also be long, but the completeness of this Marian mission depends on the response of human beings.

For this reason, today, on the anniversary of My Apparitions, I ask that you really be renewed with Me and allow yourselves to take a new step toward God.

Do not wait for the example of a neighbor, but rather, through faith, ignite your hearts and each of you be a torch that comes to illuminate the paths of those who are in darkness and do not even know in which direction they should take their first steps.

Come to Me, for I always await you.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and Queen of the New Aurora

Message for the Vigil of Prayer of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, transmitted in the Fortín Santa Rosa, Canelones, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Little children of My Heart,

Today I want to dictate words of encouragement, of hope, of joy to you, so that united with the attributes of My Heart, you are able to move beyond the tests that God sends to your lives.

My beloveds, these are times of much suffering for the world, for all the Kingdoms of My Heart, and those who are willing, in prayer and in peace, to serve all these Kingdoms must grow and become stronger every day in My Maternal Heart.

Many tests are still to come, and they will be ever more intense and deeper, for the Lord aspires to purify the depths of His creatures.

To overcome each test, your hearts cannot lose their joy and the hope of continuing forward. The joy in the hearts of My children will make each fall light and will help them to get back up, always noticing the great need there is in the world, and how necessary it is to learn to fall and get back up every day.

My Heart addresses all the hearts of the world, because each being that lives on this Earth must awaken to be a soldier of My Marian army, that fights for peace through prayer.

All who live on this Earth at this time come from the Heart of God, and to Him you must return, when you have learned to overcome the tests of life through persistence in the Heart of God and through love.

My children, all the hearts of the world - each one within its lessons - experience hard tests in their maturation. Those that do not know Me are submerged in suffering, and become lost in this sea of pain and of darkness that grows in the world; but those who at some point have heard My Voice, must raise their arms and cannot allow themselves to be submerged in suffering.

Know  how to see, My dear ones, the difficulties of life as opportunities for maturing the spirit, of learning and of helping others that are in this same situation.

The warnings of the Messengers of God are always to propel you towards the Celestial Heart of God. So allow yourselves to be shaped by the Hands of the Creator through His Messengers. Be like light vessels to be shaped by the hands of the Potters of God, so that when it is the correct time, the Water of Life may be poured into your hearts and, through you, it may reach all of humanity and all the Kingdoms.

Today I also tell you that in your hearts, greater love and greater understanding for the Kingdoms of Nature must emerge. Through prayer, seek to know the greatness of these Kingdoms, and in them find My Heart, for in the Kingdoms, My Spirit already has an everlasting dwelling place.

My dears, with the heart full of joy, continue forward in spite of all the tiredness, in spite of all the tests, in spite of the feeling that your feet do not move from where they are. Do not worry, for if you just take one step, My Heart will take all the rest toward your hearts, but it is necessary that this first step be taken.

I love you and bless you always; I hold you in My Sacred Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My Heart, on this day, rejoices a little more because of the merciful response of My praying groups. I know of the effort and commitment of each one of the little lights of this network that is being woven upon the Earth.

Today My Heart invites you to take a step on the path of consecration, the consecration to My Heart, and this step is to live My Message of salvation.

My children, especially those who listen to Me for the first time, I invite you to continue walking because if God allowed your hearts to meet My Immaculate Heart it is because your souls have already said yes to My Plan of Peace.

To those who meet me for the first time, from your cities, I invite you to follow this path of prayer traced by My Heart.

My dear ones, My Heart descends to the Earth, in this time, to proclaim Peace and bring to the world the salvation that many souls wait for. If you listen to My Words with the heart, above all those pronounced in recent times, you will be able to feel the Love which descends from the merciful Source of God to fill your lives.

Therefore, I only tell you to open your hearts and spirits and only say yes to My Heart; in this way, I can soon be closer to your hearts and your lives.

I thank you for walking towards My Heart.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Weekly Message of the Most Holy and Pious Virgin Mary, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

About the message:

Before Mary came, before us emerged images of the Passion of Christ, of Mary accompanying Jesus, and lastly, an image emerged from the moment when Jesus was taken down from the Cross and placed in the arms of Mary. Mary stood up with Jesus in Her arms and came toward us; this is how She presented Herself in the room where we were praying. She continued for some time, then disappeared and appeared again as Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity and transmitted Her Message.

As Mother of the Divine Piety, today I bring your small hearts this sign, so that you may experience the Gift of Piety in your hearts.

My children, Piety returned to the world at the moment when My Son Jesus was taken down from the Cross and My arms felt the weight of His Body, which was all a Most Sacred Wound. In My Chest I did not feel pain, but rather the Love that was shed in the Blood of My Son, the Son that was given to Me by God and Who in that moment returned to the Kingdom of His Father.

Piety was born as a doorway to Mercy. The understanding of My Heart and the Pity I felt for all the souls of the world made it possible for Sacred Mercy to continue to be poured out upon the world.

With Jesus in My Arms, I Finally and Definitely Included The Love of God for His Creatures, and In the Scourged and Dead Body of Jesus

Piety, beloved children, is born of Mercy and allows it to expand over the world. So that the Earth may experience some more time of Mercy, it is necessary that hearts know how to experience Piety.

Today I tell you, with the purest Love of My Heart, that Piety emerges from the understanding of the Plan of infinite Love that Our Lord God has for all this humanity.

Dear children, simply love one another, understand the trials of life without judgment, be pious as to accompany the painful transition of each of your brothers and sisters.

In this time of purification, only love will sustain you on this path that leads you to the Kingdom of God, and the search for love will show you the weaknesses of your brothers and sisters so they may be seen with eyes of Piety.

I aspire that My little soldiers be, in the small things of life, faithful to this God that is so good, that always guides them. That faithfulness, My children, is in being what God expects: loving, merciful, pious, understanding, welcoming, helpful.

A soldier of My army fights through love; their weapon is prayer and their field of battle is daily co-existence with their brothers and sisters, because the world no longer knows how to love.

My gaze travels the Earth from the Heavens, and I see that Piety dies day after day in the hearts of My children. For this reason, to those who listen to Me, I ask that out of love for My Heart, you rescue the Piety in the world, living it among you. Cause love to be reborn, by living it. Allow the time of Mercy to be eternal, even during the time of Justice, and that is achieved by being merciful.

Continue being the sweet breath of My Heart, so that I may find refuge in the little hearts of My children, that together with Me, are tireless.

Do not give up, My children, from living love. Do not seek to be perfect in order to experience it; live it in your imperfection, for I descend from the Heavens to tell you that this is possible and that it will be with those who listen to My Voice today, in all parts of the world, that God will accomplish His Plan and manifest His Eternal Glory on Earth.

I love you with all of My Heart of a Mother and I thank you for persisting in responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Weekly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Fortín de Santa Rosa, Canelones, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Enter into My Heart of Light and, in the silence, I will show you the answers that you so seek.

Unite with My Immaculate Heart, and I will carry you into a state of peace that is still unknown to you.

Come to Me in prayer, and I will have you know the powers of a Verb that redeems souls and restores the world.

Through communion with My Son Jesus, allow the sacred Body of Christ to transform your being and your existence, transform the course of your life and re-write your story on Earth and in the Universe of God.

Let your confession to Christ, My child, cleanse your heart, draw forgiveness to the world and, in your being, place the infinite Mercy that the Sacred Heart brings to the Earth.

In the Sacraments find the strength of your life, live in the Sacraments and by the Sacraments. Transform your daily life into a communion with the Divine so that the Sacred may return to this world.

My children, I want to teach you to always be in the Heart of God, I want to show you the path to transformation, I want to lead you to the Sacred, to the Divine and to the True, but I need you all to listen to My call and practice My Words.

Of what use will it be to you to just hear My Voice if you do not follow the instructions I bring?

I have spoken to the world for a long time; from the Heavens, I bring keys for salvation and for an eternal coming together with Christ, but My children do not hear Me, they do not go deeper into My call and do not find the strength in My Heart to respond to the sacred Will of God.

Seek the Words I have pronounced over the years, over the centuries, and you will be able to perceive in your heart that if you fulfill what I ask of you, your lives would not be the same, and the difficulties and miseries of the world would also not be the same.

It is time, My dear ones, for each one to truly accomplish your part, to give your response to the Highest, aware that you are a part of a humanity that is lost in the illusions of the world.

Raise your arms to the Highest and ask for the help of God to transform what you do not reach on your own, but do not wait for God to transform you on His own, but rather take the steps toward transformation.

No longer say, My children, that you do not know how to do it, because for a year, My Heart daily dictated what steps you are to take, and now, in infinite Mercy, My Son descends to the Earth to daily dictate precious instructions on how to achieve the Kingdom of the Heavens.

I need to count on My soldiers, I have need of your steps on the path of My Son, because, My children, the whole world has need of this transformation, and those who say 'yes' and walk, will do so for all.

I thank you for always being with Me.

I love you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Weekly message of Mary, Queen of the Holy Spirit, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay to the visionary Sister Lucía

My children,

When My Heart approaches the Earth, it brings inside of it the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, because today I tell you that the Server of God is One with His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit lives and reigns in My Heart and I am within It eternally. This way, each time you invoke My Immaculate and Most Holy Heart know that you are invoking the Spirit of God, sanctified by His eternal Glory in Heaven and on Earth.

The Holy Spirit became One with Me when the Son of God lived in My womb. I was conceived by the Spirit of God and It was made flesh in My Son through My womb.

My Spirit was born in the very pure Consciousness of God with the mission of being eternally Holy and Immaculate. My Spirit was generated by the Heart of God, because from His Heart would be born in the Heart of the Son of Man, the firstborn Son of God.

It is time for all to glorify this mystery, because I have told you so often that the Holy Spirit would reach your lives and, when I said it, My Spirit was already before your hearts.

The Holy Spirit is omnipresent and wants to make a home in all the hearts of the world. This Holy Spirit was created to manifest the Love of God in all things, and, above all in all of His creatures It would sanctify matter and allow God to be reborn in the human being and the human being in God.

As it manifested in Me, the Holy Spirit should be manifested in all the children of God. Those who are loyal to God, as I was, will open the doors of the heart and the consciousness so that the Holy Spirit may be anchored.

It will not be gestated in the womb of a human being anymore, but in their hearts. It will not be born in the new being, but it will allow the old being to be reborn.

Open your hearts to this most sacred mystery, renew yourselves in the unknown, because this  Blessed Tree will grow in those who open themselves today for these seeds that are being handed to them.

I am the Holy Spirit, and It is within Me.

The Fire of transformation for the souls, the Spirit of God flies over the world, as an Immaculate and Luminous Bird, crowned with stars and clothed with the Sun, to perpetuate Its shelter within the hearts that know how to say "yes".

I bless you and keep you in the Heart of God.

I thank you for opening the doors of the heart to Me.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Blessed will be those who have understood My Presence, those who trust in My Words and those who follow My Heart.

To those who aspire to reach the Kingdom of the Heavens, I say: this is the hour of conversion, of the surrender of all faults to God and to humbly receive the forgiveness He sends.

My children, more than once I have said to you: awake, awake in time to receive the Mercy, which flows from an infinite spring of the Kingdom of God.  Awake in time to see that the Hands of the Lord are extend toward your hands; that the Heart of the Lord is open to receive your hearts; that the Forgiveness of the Lord is ready to definitely erase all the debts that you have with God.

Beloved children, there is still time to make a correct decision in your lives. There is time to be true servers, ready to manifest the Will of God. There is still time to balance the part that is yours to do in this world, through prayer, fasting and a sincere confession to Christ.

When I tell you there is time, it is because there is time to act, to decide to respond now to the call of the Heavens. When I tell you that you are in time, I want to show you the opportunity for reconversion that the Lord places before your lives, so that even those who believe they are awake can truly awaken to the last call of God.

My children, the Lord has already sent all the Graces, has offered you His Son, His Kingdom, His faithful Servant, His hosts of angels. What more are you waiting for to accept the call of God? What more can We do so that the will to awaken be greater than the slumber that you feel?

The world is asleep, dear children, to the existence of a greater life. There are many who chose to not awaken and closed their eyes to the existence of God. There are many who believe they serve the Lord and do not perceive that a long time ago they closed their doors to Him. And there are many who give very little of themselves, when the world needs that each one give everything of oneself.

It is time to give oneself, little children, to give oneself to the Creator of all things. This which Is the very giving of Self, Who gave you life and offers you Eternity.

So immense is the Mercy of God that, to those who are most lacking in Him and forget His existence, He never tires of calling and in every way tries to bring back His children who get lost on the way.

That is why I am here, My children. I am the Mother of your hearts, sent by the Supreme Lord to awaken your consciousnesses, to make them active and prayerful. I am here because it is now time for the rescue, and My soldiers must be ready, for there is much work awaiting them.

If you knew the world as I know it, there would never be complaints in your lives, and once and for all, you would decide to accompany Me.

Thus, My dear ones, place all your difficulties at My feet and allow Me to Guide your lives through permanent prayer. Come with Me, do not fear to follow Me; I have waited for you for a long time. For centuries, humanity has been preparing; it is time to begin to act.

If you want to know where to begin, where to be or what to do, pray, pray and pray. Truly fast, commune with My Son and listen to His daily Words.

Walk, walk, for you are in time.

I thank you for listening to My urgent call with your heart.

Mary, Mother of the World and Queen of Peace

Special Messages
Message for the apparition of the blessed Virgin Mary, transmitted in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía

My children,

Praise be always Our Lord Jesus Christ.

My beloveds, I thank you for responding with promptness to My call. The trust of My children allows My Heart to reach the most distant souls. Each time that your small beings take one more step in the commitment you have to Me, you allow the Lord to open the path for My Heart to be  among you for a longer time.

Therefore, My children, I ask you day and night to trust My Words, My guidance, that you follow without fear the path indicated by My Heart, because you will soon understand where I am taking you with My steps of Pilgrim.

The trust in My Heart will lead you to a total transformation of the heart, mind and spirit. I lead you to the redemption of life and teach you to be intercessors before God, as I am for the souls.

I am forming in your hearts a fortress of faith, for when My feet can no longer rest upon the Earth and My Word will not be so near to your beings.

Through faith you will always find Me in your hearts, and this same faith will lead you to pray for your brothers and sisters, so that, up to the last moment of your lives you will be fighting for the salvation of the most lost souls.

For My Heart to be able to bring to the Heavens even the last of the souls that are in this world, I will need many intercessors with a flame of devotion ignited in the heart. This is built now, when My feet are still on the Earth, when My Word, through My visionaries can directly reach your hearts and your beings.

Build in this time, in which you live so near to Me, the full trust in My Mother's Heart. Trust My Presence and My Words and do not fear to respond to My call, wherever it takes you.

The Lord observes you and, through the answer of your consciousnesses, I may intervene, more or less, for the world and for the souls. Your love, your prayers and your actions dictate My steps. If you understood the importance of these words you would change the course of your lives and you would have the focus of your hearts on My Immaculate Heart.

I leave this simple reflection so your beings may meditate on the actions of your own lives, on the love you are capable of living and on the word you emit. Observe, from the heart, always from the heart, if you are capable of taking the steps in the transformation of your being, for the salvation of souls, of the Kingdoms and of the world.

My Heart accompanies you with Love and will always be beside your beings.

Thanks for listening to My call to the trust of the heart.

Mary, your Mother and Queen of Peace


Dear children,

This morning, I come to announce that My Heart will be amongst you throughout the day, accompanying the vigil and the prayer that you will join together with Me. Therefore I expect from your hearts a total openness to the Lord, so that His Kingdom may come to Earth and remain on it, for the rescue and salvation of souls.

This is a week of special Mercy because the Lord has allowed Me to be even closer to My children and, together with them, work for the salvation of souls.

On this day I gather the offer of everyone, so that you may place at My feet, not only the talents of your hearts but also the miseries. And to find, together with Me and through Me, the path of conversion; I tell you that the shortest path is service, prayer, confession and fasting.

When you pray for souls with the same fervor with which you pray for yourselves, when you cry out for the world with the word that emerges from the depths of your being, the lord turns his eyes to the earth and sends his hosts help, bringers of redemption and Mercy.

When you serve with gratitude, peace and reverence for souls, Divine Mercy finds a space within your hearts so that, through them, it may be poured out to souls.

When you confess to God and to Christ, removing the sin and bitterness of the heart, when you are able to forgive your neighbor and yourselves, you are releasing the sin of the world and are giving an impulse to the souls that are unable to do it.

When you fast with sincerity and feel hungry on behalf of those who truly have nothing to eat, you balance the evil of the world and you give an opportunity to those who have nothing, to receive what they need one day.

It is necessary that you know how to practice what I ask of you with a broader consciousness, with the intention of the benefits that the world will receive, far beyond what each of you may receive.

If you act this way, acting for the good of the world, and may the good of your beings be a consequence, you are taking great strides towards Heaven, and soon you will be by My side.

Count on My Presence, My help and My motherhood.

Listen to My Words with love. I come to instruct you and accompany you, tracing a path of humility for your hearts.

I love each of My children.

Mary, Queen of Peace.


Most beloved children,

This is a day that My Heart has waited for with special joy, because it is the weekly meeting with My Marian groups.

I asked that you meet on Tuesdays, My dears, so that the fire of prayer can be kept alive in your hearts, so that all My Marian groups find a space to be renewed with Me, and through this prayer, in which all can meet, may your hearts be filled and sustained by each other, creating the unity that the Lord has so hoped for from human beings.

This is a month of great impulses; for this reason, My Heart desires to be ever closer to My children.

The Lord observes you with special attention in these times. Thus, My dear ones, offer your lives to the Creator. Place in His merciful Hands all affliction, anguish and misery of all the aspects you may be experiencing in this time. The universe is waiting for this to be the time of the definitive changes in your hearts. This must be the moment in which fervent prayer begins to become flesh in your beings.

It was in this way, through faithful prayer to the Creator, that the Verb was made flesh in Jesus. So much did He rise to the Father that, at a certain moment, the Father was with Him permanently.

This is the true path of prayer, so that you may be with God all the time and thus convert your hearts and your faults.

If you sincerely fast, in a true offering to the Creator, if you are able to confess to My Son, surrendering your miseries without fear into the Hands of the Redeemer, and if you pray daily with Me, My children, you will then find a definitive transformation.

Thus, prayer and persistence are necessary; persisting in the Purpose of God and in the true aspirations of your hearts, those that lead you into the Arms of the Creator.

Be always prayerful and vigilant. In this way, you will be able to perceive My Presence and My help in the moments of need.

I am with My beloved children.

And I thank you for responding to My call to the life of prayer.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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