Sunday, August 25 of 2013

Special Message

My children,

In My Heart, seek to rest in your lives, so that in it, you may be renewed in the face of all the tests. I am the Source of vitality, of life for the spirit and of Love for souls. Through Me, you will untiringly walk toward My Son.

I am She who gives you to drink when you cross the desert, so that you may cross the threshold of maturing and reach the Consciousness of God.

The mysteries of My Presence are held in the universe of prayer. One who prays and is silent finds in Me the keys to know the Infinity of God.

For this reason, today I tell you to try and discover the science of prayer, a science that encompasses more than simple words attentively pronounced.

Today I want you to take another step on this path of consecration to a life of prayer, and this is achieved when you allow yourselves to pray with all of your consciousness, with your heart, with your feeling, with the mind, soul and spirit. In this way, the concentration opens doors so that the words may come alive, and each verb pronounced becomes like a doorway that will take you to an unknown universe.

If you do as I tell you to today, going deeper in your prayers, you will discover that the simple act of prayer holds within it, great mysteries of salvation and of evolution for all of humanity.

As Mother of the World and Universal Mother, little by little I lead you to those universes that are held in the silence of each prayer given to you.

Many times you have probably asked yourselves why the Messengers of God give you so many spiritual practices and so many different prayers, and today, I am telling you that the spiritual reason for this fact is that each prayer, when pronounced fully, will open different doors in the consciousness, to lead you to different Universes of God. Also, each practice and each prayer connects your hearts with different divine codes that the Creator aspires to imprint in His creatures.

In this way, never miss the opportunity of praying with the heart and with the spirit. You must be more than concentrated on each word; plunge into each one of them and allow yourselves to be uplifted by the angels sent by God. In a short time, you will discover what I am telling you today if you put My instructions into practice with sincerity and purity.

Do not seek to reach any state of stupor while you pray, because what I am telling you today is a profound spiritual instruction.

If you pray with love and give your permission to go deeper into this universe that is to pray, God Himself, through His angels and Messengers, will open the door to you and will lead you to where each heart belongs.

Little by little, you will discover that praying is more than praying, and that you know very little about this divine practice.

Simply pray, always pray.

I thank you for responding to My call and for having come to My meeting.

Mary, Universal Mother and Queen of Peace